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Augmented Reality Helmet by Skully - $1500

Technology should eliminate distractions. It should remove blindspots. It should provide you direction when you want it, and help you focus your attention back where it belongs – on the road ahead.
The Heads Up Display Helmet by Skullyis the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet. With a blind spot camera and transparent heads up display (HUD), the SKULLY AR-1 not only eliminates blind spots but gives you the most important information right when you need it.

Skully Features
180 Blind Spot Camera
Conventional mirrors show you a thin slice of reality, a blind spot camera shows everything happening around you.
Heads Up Display

Transparent HUD projects a focused display that appears floating in front-right of view
Situational Awareness

Full situational awareness with GPS navigation and a live blindspot camera view

Fully connected with Bluetooth, internet via smartphone and automatic software updates
Intelligent Sound
Intelligent audio system features hands-free calling and music streaming