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Aura Clean Toothrush System - $130

Our road to the creation of the World’s Cleanest Toothbrush wasn’t an easy one.

We worked at TAO Clean to refocus on the purpose of the toothbrush; delivering sonic cleanliness when in use and keeping it clean and ready when not.

Keeping the Aura Clean Toothbrush in first class condition takes place within the Aura Clean Base Station core using. The Aura Clean UV-C Halo. The Halo is a ring of germ killing light that attacks pathogens from all angles. The Aura Clean Base Station keeps the brush head protected, clean and away from environmental contaminants and also dries the brush head whilst charging – allowing the brush ready for use when you are.

Put simply, the development of the Aura Clean System emphasizes our unique approach to delivering… “The Art of Clean”.
Key features of the Aura Clean Cleaning Station

• Brush protection

• 3600 Aura Clean Halo Lamp

• Pathogen removal kills over 99.9% of germs