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USB Solar Panel Power Charger Tree - $98

Nowadays we use our gadgets a lot and this means we also need a lot of power. But this is not good for the environment and that’s why we’re always looking for environmentally friendly solutions. The USB Solar Panel Power Charger Tree is one of them: its “leaves” collect energy from the sun that can then be used to charge our devices.

But we know this is not the only reason why customers like this awesome gadget: it’s also because it’s beautiful. Let’s be honest, we care about the environment, but we wouldn’t put any kind of solar gadget on our desk. This is why we designed the Solar Panel Charger Tree with so much care and attention so that it will look great in any kind of home or office and even for outdoor use.

The Solar Tree includes 9 solar panels and it’s compatible with Android devices as well as iPhones, iPads, PSPs, MP3 players and more. We provide a power cable with 10 different types of connectors so you probably won’t need to buy an adapter for this device.
Technical details:
Output: 5V, 3000mA
Color: Brown+Black+White
Item size: 20*20.5*20.5cm
Item weight: 281g
Package size: 18.5*11.5*7.5cm
Package weight: 445g
Package including:
1 * Solar Panel Charger Tree
1 * Power Cable