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6 Reddit comments about 1 X WOODEN HERB GRINDER:

u/HighJustice · 4 pointsr/trees

Grinders are amazing there is a wooden one on Amazon for a few bucks it worked well for me till I got a better one and get her some dank and some mid. Mid is way cheaper and will do the job just remove all stems and seeds. With dank it doesn't have seeds smells way stronger. Smokes better. Taste better. And gets you higher faster. I have heard some people tell me mid gives them a headache though but good luck and if you ever get the money a mflb will conserve your weed and also you to reuse it later for edibles.


u/AAjax · 2 pointsr/trees

Same as aluminum. They are soft and most if not all are of questionable manufacturing origin (as in who knows whats in the plastic used, loose bits from the poor mold ect.)

On the economy end of things the wood units with steel or hard metal pins would be a better option IMHO.

Like this

In the end get something solid, they are not expensive and will last you a lifetime if you don't loose them :P

There are plastics and the like that are OK for use in things like vaporizers with no combustion (The Volcano and Herbalaire both use medical grade high temp plastics that I am OK with) But for anything intended to grind or crush anything I would go another route.

u/gwcent · 2 pointsr/trees

Here are the reviews on amazon for it, its 4/5 stars

u/GuitarrasDeAmor · 1 pointr/trees

I read around Reddit this was a good finishing grinder: I ordered it and it should arrive soon, I'm sure it is nowhere near the best (but who knows that could be $50) but waiting to see how it is.

u/_Relaxed · 1 pointr/ArtOfRolling

For joints you do want a cheap grinder that doesn't turn the bud into a powder. I bought this and it works great. Also watch videos on youtube on how to roll joints, they will help you a lot.