Reddit Reddit reviews [2 in 1 Pack] Anker USB-C (Male) to Micro USB (Female) Adapter, Allows Micro USB to USB-C Data Transfer, Uses 56K Resistor, Works with Galaxy S9, MacBook, iPad Pro, LG V20 and More

We found 104 Reddit comments about [2 in 1 Pack] Anker USB-C (Male) to Micro USB (Female) Adapter, Allows Micro USB to USB-C Data Transfer, Uses 56K Resistor, Works with Galaxy S9, MacBook, iPad Pro, LG V20 and More. Here are the top ones, ranked by their Reddit score.

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[2 in 1 Pack] Anker USB-C (Male) to Micro USB (Female) Adapter, Allows Micro USB to USB-C Data Transfer, Uses 56K Resistor, Works with Galaxy S9, MacBook, iPad Pro, LG V20 and More
Country of Origin: CHINAPackage Weight: 0.02 kilogramsCompatible devices: google nexus 5xAllows Micro USB to USB-C Data Transfer
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104 Reddit comments about [2 in 1 Pack] Anker USB-C (Male) to Micro USB (Female) Adapter, Allows Micro USB to USB-C Data Transfer, Uses 56K Resistor, Works with Galaxy S9, MacBook, iPad Pro, LG V20 and More:

u/tielknight · 16 pointsr/buildapcsales

Only 2 reviews with the only verified one with wonky english? Pass.

You want a adapter that wont fry your phone? Stick to the stuff Benson has approved of like this one for $6.99

Or this one for $1 less than the Anker :

u/Chirimorin · 12 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

Micro USB is limited to USB 2.0 (at least, the "single plug" micro USB that these adapters use), so transferring speeds will be limited with an adapter. Otherwise, no downsides as far as I'm aware.

Do make sure you get a proper one, tested with a positive review by Benson Leung on Amazon if possible. I personally use the Xiaomi adapter for my Nexus 5x, never had issues so far.
Alternatively, these Anker ones are cheaper and have prime shipping.

Both of the items I linked have been reviewed by Benson Leung as working correctly.

u/Ph0X · 7 pointsr/GooglePixel

I believe I use this one:

It doesn't look too awful and isn't too huge.

u/JediBurrell · 5 pointsr/Android

I reccomend this:

Anker has wonderful support. I called them when my cord broke ( Maybe about 8 months after I bought it. ) to ask about their Powerline+ line, and they asked if there was a reason I was looking for a cord that strong, I said that my previous cord broke.

They asked for the receipt number and told me I could throw away the cord, that they'll send a new one. I didn't have to send it in or anything.

u/uli2000 · 5 pointsr/Axon7

I've bought a couple of sets of the Anker adapters. Never had a problem. They have the Benson Leung seal of approval. He's the Google engineer that fried his Chromebook Pixel with a cheap USB-C cable and has been testing cables on Amazon ever since. I won't buy a cable he hasn't reviewed.

u/3seconds2live · 4 pointsr/Android

Well at work I have to use it frequently. I am constantly taking pictures of equipment and sourcing part replacements in the field and looking up PDFs of manuals for field troubleshooting along with phone calls. My work usage is about 4 hours screen on time at a minimum and then about 2-4 hours after work. My average lte data consumption is about 12 gbs a month. I'm at 6 now with 18 days left on my pay period. That's not counting wifi when I'm near a hotspot. I have a quick charge cable at work, at home, and in my car. I keep one of these in my wallet and if I'm in a jam (its happened one time) I can use anyone's micro usb to buy me some time till I get to my car for 10 min. I have my phone set to go into power save at 15% so I've only once needed to use that adapter. Fast charging has negated large batteries for anyone who lives in a metro area. As I said in another comment I was at my off grid cabin all weekend and a car charger was all I needed for 3 days.

Have an up vote for a solid question... No dick picks though.

u/anom_aly · 4 pointsr/HTC10

Free shipping with prime.

Edit: Forgot link.

u/s0mething_vulgar · 4 pointsr/mildlyinfuriating

These Micro USB to USB-C Adapters are really damn handy. You can keep all your cables+chargers and still use them as Micro USB when needed.

u/TheophilusOmega · 3 pointsr/Ultralight

Last year I bought an Anker 10,000mAh battery bank worked for about 3 charges on my S7 with ageing battery, today I get maybe 2 charges on a Note9. I was able to get a good 10+ days total usage out of my phone with recharges as needed. Make sure to turn on airplane mode and battery saver mode, turn off bluetooth, wifi, NFC, unused applications, etc , and keep the phone switched off at night. I was using my phone frequently to take pictures, or check GPS but not much else. Obviously YMMV


Also bought these adaptors last month to charge my new USB-C phone

u/thehuynher · 3 pointsr/GooglePixel

Yeah, I just use my USB A to C cable when I need to connect to my PC. It helps to have a few adapters laying around until USB C becomes more common.

Oddly enough, the mobo USB C port works flawlessly with my Xiaomi Piston 3 earbuds + USB C to 3.5 mm dongle.

u/Vincen44 · 3 pointsr/GooglePixel

I know this horse has been beat dead, but after scouring different threads and articles I'm still a little confused. For context, I just ordered myself a Pixel XL tonight (hype!) and in preparation I've been researching charging solutions. I'm aware of the amazing list Nathan K. and Venson Leung have for different cables, however I'm not 100% on what I'm looking out for. What am I looking for in power adapters? I know the pixel xl is "rated for 18w" charging, but is that the max before I damage something or maximum efficiency? Am I only worried about wattage? (Of course, P=IV. I know the basics but I know it can get complicated) I know the cable is equally important, but what about adapters? I have a whole bunch of (stock) Samsung charging adapters and cables (5V/2A - Micro USB) lying around and was hoping I could use a MicroUSB to USB-C adapter like this to make use of them. Is this feasible?

Any help is greatly appreciated. I hope this is support-y enough for this thread, otherwise I can make a seperate post about this.

p.s. I've also read throug the "More info on chargers by / u/ Nathan-k" linked in the side bar but it didn't quite clear up my confusion.

u/dafaqqq · 3 pointsr/GalaxyS8

The Anker micro usb to usb c adapter should work with Quick Charge according to the reviews.

u/MSined · 3 pointsr/htc

There nothing wrong with well made adapters

These ones come recommended by Benson Leung (guy from Google who tests all the USB C cables on Amazon)

u/RedrickSSBU · 3 pointsr/smashbros

They should do the trick. If you do some digging you can probably find some decent alternatives that knock a few bucks off the price.

Just to throw out another alternative, you could also consider a Switch stand that has USB ports. It's more expensive, but it's a better idea to get that if you want to charge the Switch while using the GC adapter.

u/vim0823 · 3 pointsr/MechanicalKeyboards

I've used USB-A, Mini and Micro without any problem so far. I'm not sure about the USB C one but u can also use a adapter like this.

u/cardmage7 · 3 pointsr/tmobile
u/blammergeier · 3 pointsr/flashlight

Makes it all better.

I don't dislike USB-C. I dislike that my phone has USB-C, and the hundred other things I have use USB-micro.

u/PurpleK00lAid · 3 pointsr/Axon7

2 for $10 here.

Anker is a well known and respected brand as well.

u/burritohurricane · 3 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

If I'm not mistaken, it was such a problem that Amazon had to start policing the cables to make sure only standards compliant cables were being sold.

I highly recommend cables made by Anker. I've been buying them like crazy because as much as I like USB-C, it's a pain in the ass having the only USB-C device among your friends and family, and I'm constantly finding myself in a situation where I can't just borrow someone's charger for some extra juice.

I also ended up buying a fist full of these things and put one in every vehicle and coat pocket, sprinkling them around in random places.

u/Tollowarn · 2 pointsr/Nokia

I have a couple of these LINK just have to be careful not to lose them as they are very small. I have one living perminatly on my power bank battery. The other in on my incar charger.

u/tolga7t · 2 pointsr/GooglePixel

I had micro USB cables all around (in my car, backpack, by my bed, by my computer, and at work) and I just bought a couple of these:

Seems too good to be true. Am I not taking full advantage of USB-C tech?

u/RegisteredSock · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Is this for a single adapter? Because Anker has a 2 pack for $7.99, free shipping with prime

u/A_Reddit457 · 2 pointsr/Nexus6P

There is the Anker edition, and I feel safer to go with Anker.

u/wwfmike · 2 pointsr/htcone

I just used these adapters

u/tech_leadr · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

I bought these adapters for my MicroUSB cables and they work great.

u/DaBigShawn · 2 pointsr/WeAreTheMusicMakers

So I just bought the new XPS 15 2 in 1 with only USB C ports, and I also use a Scarlett 2i2. I had the same question initially. I ended up buying this hub because it had good reviews as far as read and write speeds and it seemed to have everything I could ever need. There was no noticeable latency when recording audio. Unfortunately, however, there ended up being a ton of latency with my MIDI keyboard, I'm talking at least 2 whole seconds. My brother-in-law had one of these laying around and I plugged my MIDI keyboard into that and there was zero latency. I have no idea why the single adapter worked better than the hub, I've seen in some forums that it has something to do with the absence of DC-in on the adapter vs the hub. It might be worth it to look into hubs that can't charge the laptop.

Hope this helps, and good luck on the hunt!

u/saiyate · 2 pointsr/USBC

For the other connector, I assume you mean a standard printer cable. USB A Male on one end and The B Male connector on the other end.

For this you just need a USB-C to Type A FEMALE port. Turns a female USB-C Port to a Female A port. Makes it so all your old cables work.

ALWAYS buy Benson Leung approved cables and adapters. Here is one.

USB-C to A Female

u/AkzidenzG · 2 pointsr/Nexus6P

Micro USB to Type C Adapter, I'm personally using this and it's apparently Benson approved.

u/telekinetic · 2 pointsr/lgv20

Can you try it out with one of those keychain usb c adapters?

[2 in 1 Pack] Anker USB-C to Micro USB Adapter, Converts USB Type-C input to Micro USB, Uses 56K Resistor, Works with MacBook, ChromeBook Pixel, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, OnePlus 2 and More

u/throwawaysysadmin456 · 2 pointsr/GooglePixel

I have the Anker-branded ones, which have been reviewed by Benson Leung:

They work great. They're a little more expensive, but Anker is generally high quality and has good support.

u/jonjennings · 2 pointsr/GooglePixel

If you're just getting the plain Pixel then my experience is that you'll get the same charging performance from a good quality USB charger as you will from the USB-C charger in the box.

So, assuming this isn't your first Android phone, you've probably got a couple of chargers and cables around already.

For now, buy a pair of microUSB->USB-C convertors (eg and use them with cables & chargers you've already got.

(I suggest this because I found the battery life to be good enough that I no longer need chargers in all the places I used to)

Once you've worked out where you need to charge the most, replace those adaptor-cable-combinations with new full length "USB to USB-C" cables.

u/justhumpinu · 2 pointsr/BlackPeopleTwitter
Best 7 bucks you'll spend. Just keep one in your wallet or purse.

u/tonyf007 · 2 pointsr/GalaxyS8

Getting these adapters so I can continue using my micro USB rapid car chargers.

u/Stroker · 2 pointsr/nexus5x

This kind of scenario has led me to keep one of these in my wallet just in case.

u/Flip86 · 2 pointsr/MotoX4

I've been using my Anker 10 ft micro USB cables and they work just fine. I had to get a couple of these adapters for them. Havn't had any problems and seem to work well for fast charging.

u/kazame23 · 2 pointsr/Nexus6P

The micro USB to USB C adapter might not be up to spec. Here are some that should be safe to use. Usually someone in the reviews will mention if they're safe to use or not. I'd recommend getting at least a USB A to C cable for normal use though. Good luck!

u/danvalour · 2 pointsr/GooglePixel

I recommend using your current magnetic micro-usb cable and getting this USBC adapter:

It's not quite what you're looking for, but it will be safe to use.

Apparently USB-C is a dramatically more complicated design, and easier for a bad cable to create a problem that could fry your device. Call me paranoid, but I'm only using Google's cables and the previously mentioned adapter until the market develops a little more. For example:

"A good cable uses a deep-draw extrusion method that produces a Type C plug that is a single piece of metal and does not have a visible seam on one side of the plug," said Tim North, a senior product manager at Monoprice (which recently had a cable approved by Leung). A folded and stamped connector, North explained, is usually made of zinc tin alloy which is easily broken and may not handle the cable's power requirements."

u/woried · 2 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

Going off your own suggestion you listed, the same company has a Micro USB option, and if you pair that with say the Micro USB to USB C adapters from Anker, that might work as a good enough solution for now until a USB Type-C variant becomes available.

u/vey323 · 2 pointsr/answers

Don't know the answer to that, but you could always get a micro USB to USB C adapter. Or get wireless chargers that still use micro

u/cajunflavoredbob · 2 pointsr/HTC10

It is going to heat up a bit while charging with any version of QC. QC raises the voltage with the amperage to let your phone charge faster. Whether it uses 5, 9, or 12 volts is determined by your phone's specs and what the charger can output.

It doesn't get too hot to pick it up. It gets noticeably warm with internal temperatures reaching around 32-35C or so. Idle temperature, for comparison, is around 28C. When you pick it up, it will feel kind of warm, but not hot. Your phone can take much higher temperatures than what it experiences during charging, so you're not causing any damage.

I have personally used all of the following Benson approved USB type-C items.

u/SoupThatIsTooHot · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I bought these dongles to help me through the hard times. It's been really difficult and I had to take out a loan to buy them. I'm not sure how I'm gonna survive.

u/jrobinson1705 · 1 pointr/Nexus6P

I bought two Anker two-packs of adaptors to put on my existing micro-USB cables ( ). I find that when I plug into the USB-C-to-USB-C cable that came with the phone it says "charging rapidly" when I use the adaptors on a Micro-USB cable on another fast-charger adaptor it just says "charging" and when I plug into my Mac to charge while I'm at work it says "charging slowly" and it's not a lie. It takes all day to charge the phone that way so I gave up on it.

u/delecti · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

You have it backwards. The adapter gives you a USB-A plug (like computers have). There's no way to plug a Micro-USB cable into it the way you're thinking.

You would want something like this adapter, which lets you plug a Micro-USB plug into your Pixel.

u/Zarthol · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

I am a big fan of Anker products. I've bought portable battery packs from them, cables, adapters, without issue.

Here is a usb-c to usb-c cable:

Here is a usb micro to usb-c adapter:

Here is a great car charger that supports fast charging and other usb types:

I've bought all 3 of these products and had no issues (been a few months now). The usb micro to usb-c is nice because now you can re-use all of those cables from your old phone you have laying around.

u/dobosininja · 1 pointr/GalaxyS8

I grabbed a pack of these

I will grab some actually USB C cables later on, but the stock one in the box and these should hold me over for a little while.

u/dunxd · 1 pointr/wileyfox

My observations.

Charging through USB port on computer doesn't deliver enough power to charge the phone. My phone has gone flat overnight while charging via USB 3.0 port on an iMac with the orange USB cable that came with phone.

Charging from an old Samsung phone charger using an Anker Micro-USB to USB C adapter works fine. Adapter outputs 5V at 0.7A (i.e. 3.5 watts). Phone says charging rapidly. Same thing with an old iPad charger using Wileyfox cable.

If my battery is run to flat, when I plug it to charge, led pulses red. Power button does nothing for roughly 10 minutes. After 10 minutes a long hold of power button gets the black and white wileyfox preboot screen followed by battery charging animation showing 2-5% charged. Display turns off after 3 animations, and can be turned on again with short press of power button. LED continues to pulse red.

When display reaches 6%, power button will boot the phone to Orange and white boot screen. Boot is very fast compared to Nougat. Battery page in settings sometimes shows much more than 6% charged after boot - as high as 20%. Led no longer pulses or lights (was stuck on red in Nougat until reboot). Charging continues.

Hope this is helpful, especially for anyone freaking out when phone appears dead after battery runs flat. hi

u/Hopalicious · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

That charger looks great. I chose to keep my existing charging cables and use a micro USB to USB C adapter. This is what I bought.

Between the charger that comes with the Pixel and the coverter cable I have all the dedicated USB C cables I need. I use the converters for my car and my office.

u/doodszzz · 1 pointr/Nexus6P

Haha the HA2 are expensive though, right now I'm looking for something around the 150 to 200 price range.

why not go for these

u/TheMainVeinGiver · 1 pointr/lgv20

Yes, even the adapter for micro-USB to USB-C need a 56k ohm resistor, this is still used to determine power requirements/output. As seen here Anker even states in the article that it uses a 56k ohm resistor in the adapter to meet requirements of USB-C.

u/bombsolomon · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

If you have any extra micro USB cables handy, I'd recommend using a micro to C adapter like these. Been using one in my car and it's been working really great.

u/BATKINSON001 · 1 pointr/lgg5
u/Super_Secret_SFW · 1 pointr/Nexus6P

I've been using these, they work great and are dirt cheap. Sorry for .ca link

u/Sprakle · 1 pointr/nexus5x

I ended up sticking with my old pack and using this:

It work charge very quickly, but it will keep my phone alive!

u/al_kohalik · 1 pointr/gopro
u/Trawetser · 1 pointr/GooglePixel2

I used the same car charger I've been using since I had the Nexus 5 and just put this on it. Works fine for me.

u/youre-a-cat-gatter · 1 pointr/ireland

USB C Adapter, Anker [2 in 1 Pack] USB C (male) to Micro USB Adapter (female), Converts USB Type C input to Micro USB, Uses 56K Resistor, Works with Samsung S8, MacBook, ChromeBook Pixel, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nokia N1, OnePlus 2 and More

u/Takachsin · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

That's awesome, I'm still waiting on my Pixel to get to me. I do have a N5x and when I upgraded I just got these. They work well and it was way easier than rewiring the USB I had to in my car for Android Auto.

u/sPOUStEe · 1 pointr/Moto_Z

FWIW, I just bought these adapters: and they work great with my old cables lying around. I haven't tried file transfer, but sending adb commands worked perfectly, so I think they should be fine.

u/haywire · 1 pointr/PickAnAndroidForMe

Or just you know like buy two cables??

Or get one of these and keep it in your wallet:

More and more phones are going to be USB-C. It's the new standard. This "problem" which isn't even really a problem now even if you have the slightest ability for forward planning, will not be a "problem" in the next few months.

u/Jonthe838 · 1 pointr/MechanicalKeyboards

If they have custom Micro USB cables they could always buy this:

Problem solved until more custom USB C cables arrive..

u/yojimbo124 · 1 pointr/Ultralight

Does anyone know of a female USB C to male Micro USB adapter?

Basically the opposite of this.

u/fsk · 1 pointr/gpdwin

Get one of these (mini USB to C converter)

Then you can use the small mini usb cable that came with your charger (or any other small mini usb cable).

The problem with USB C cables it that the ones I've seen are large.

u/pwnrmasta_01 · 1 pointr/GalaxyS8

I guess that is my only option. What I was looking for was something that has 0 cabling whatsoever! Something like this but EXCLUSIVELY USB Type C, no Micro USB!

u/Elrabin · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

>>Since type-C is a new connector, its backwards compatible with pretty much nothing.

I bought a pack of these for my Galaxy S8+

Now all of my old charging cords/USB cables work fine with it

u/leonce89 · 1 pointr/GalaxyS8

All anker cables like these support fast charging. Sorry, i did not post the usb c ones you are correct. But they will work 100%. Also i have usb to usb c adapters and they still work perfectly .linked them below :)

u/meest · 1 pointr/Ingress

Go to Amazon and buy your cables or adapters. There's plenty of documentation on what cable is acceptable and has the proper resistors.

u/MountainManGuy · 1 pointr/Ultralight
u/saltac · 1 pointr/techsupport

Why not buy a USB A/Micro to C Adapter and then you can use any cable with a USB A end.

I recommend Anker for any USB C products - pretty much guaranteed not to kill your devices unlike other USB C cables out there.

u/Miamidano · 1 pointr/GalaxyS8

Same here, got 3 pack of Aukey USB-C (male) to Micro USB Adapters which when used I would get a slow charging message on my S8+. Returned and replaced with Anker 2 pack work 100% same as supplied Samsung USB-C cable.



u/skeeterou · 1 pointr/gopro

Why can't you just plug the 3.5mm jack into the adapter I posted? I'm confused.

EDIT: OK I see how your adapter works. Is this the adapter you are looking for?

u/gmorel4 · 1 pointr/GooglePixel

I have these ones, same thing, different manufacturer. While they aren't on the Spreadsheet, as the Spreadsheet is only cables and chargers, they are Benson Approved.

u/CBattles6 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

PSA: The Switch's battery is 4,310 mAh, so unless you're going to need more than 4 re-charges at a time, you can save money by getting a smaller charger.

I have an older version of the Anker Powercore+ 10050, and it's a phenomenal charger. It's currently $20 cheaper than the 20100, and should get you at least 2 recharges of the Switch. It's USB to Micro USB, which means you can use it with your phone as well, and you can grab these Micro USB to USB C adapters (approved by Benson) for an extra $7 to recharge the Switch.

u/snake1118 · 1 pointr/lgv20

I use this anker qc 3.0 charger. Since i have around 20 microusb cables, I got Anker Usb-C to MicroUsb adapter and I haven't noticed any issues, charges fast and works well.

u/dbthegimp · 1 pointr/TREZOR

I was using one of these:

Now that I have a cable instead of an adapter it functions properly consistently. I also updated the firmware.

u/k3dubeu · 1 pointr/SwitchHacks

Has anyone gotten a MicroUSB to USBC adapter to work with the Switch for Goldleaf/Payload Injector via TegraRCM?

It does charge the device when plugged into the PC, but the PC does not detect it.

u/Heretic04 · 1 pointr/lgv20

If you want a tight USB-C connection, buy these:

This adapter clicks into the USB-C port and locks into place and they work with any standard Micro USB cable and Quick Charging works with this adapter.

u/OneWithWaves · 1 pointr/AndroidQuestions

They're so cheap you can't buy just one!

Also check the link posted by /u/404_UserNotFound.

u/Cptn_Awesome · 1 pointr/bapcsalescanada

Anker sells some pretty good adapters if you have a bunch of micro-USB cables (i've got over a dozen from all the crap that I've bought over the years).

2 for $11

u/joule_thief · 1 pointr/ProjectFi

Not that it will help you currently, but I keep one of these in my computer bag and luggage. Micro USB is easier to find.

u/Master-of-my-Domain · 1 pointr/Nexus

I would suggest:

combined with these:

Notice, this plugs into a regular USB DAC adapter, do you would need a different adapter than the one it came with.

I currently use this combo with my car charger.

u/Yozora88 · 1 pointr/galaxys10

Or you could also buy adapters if you don't want to replace cables. Something like this

u/gafonid · 1 pointr/nexus5x

oh, for the fast charging diddly? i'd assume so, but if it isnt, you can get two of these

which do indeed work for quick charge and will probably fit in the same silicone keychain thing

u/sublimesed · 1 pointr/htc

To add to this, you can use these to retrofit your cables:

u/houseJr · 1 pointr/SaltLakeCity

Don't know of any at a B&M, but any Anker battery with IQ off Amazon will support fast charging on the Nexus 5X (have the same phone). You can get a USB 2 -> USB-C cable that will work, too. Or you could get one of these adapters.

u/JohnnyRockets911 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

You can get adapters for literally $5 ( ) which allows you to use all your old cables. And most likely people WILL need USB-C in the future anyway as more and more phones adopt it.

u/Hash_driveway · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Well damn, I just considered it a cable. This is what I think of when I hear adapter.

u/mikochu · 1 pointr/oneplus

Good news and bad news...

Bad news first:

u/bacon_butties · 1 pointr/flashlight

You also have the adapters by Anker. I've never used this specific product but I am a massive fan of their other stuff 👍🏼

u/retnuh730 · 0 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

It only asks for 1.5A @ 5V so you can pretty much charge with ANY battery bank at a pretty respectable rate. I went from almost ordering a USB C Bank to just picking up a set of these to use with my existing USB-A bank and microUSB cables.

From the looks of it, that 2.6A @ 15V is only meant for when in docked mode, playing a game, and charging all at the same time, aka the highest possible system draw.

u/Speed3y · 0 pointsr/AndroidQuestions

You could try and source a OPPO VOOP Rapid Charge Bank. Model is V201+.

As One Plus uses OPPO's VOOP tech under the name Dash Charge it will not only charge your phone as rapidly as your factory wall charger, it will also be charged just as rapidly from said wall charger! 6000mAh / 22.8 Wh, fairly compact.

I love mine but it was a pain to source! You'll also need a Mini USB to USB Cable adapter, I used Anker ones with the resistor built in and it works great:

u/Blazefrost97 · 0 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

For people who have a ton of USB Type A to Micro USB cables lying around, those adapters might be a better choice than buying brand new ones.
Micro SD card and Ethernet adapter are quite optional.

u/sadlyuseless · -2 pointsr/gaming

> You probably couldn't making a working dock for $20.

If Nintendo hadn't put DRM on the charging port of all things, yes, yes I could have. I have a dollar store in my town. Everything there is $1 CAD. (1 CAD is 0.74 of a USD) I can buy a Micro-USB dock, a Micro-USB cable and a USB wall plug for $4 total. On Amazon, I can buy a two pack of Micro-USB to USB-C for $12 ( so in total I could absolutely make a working, functioning Switch dock for $16.

u/mattbisonreddit · -3 pointsr/oneplus

Not the link you're looking for but:

$7.50 for two adapters for MICRO USB to USB-C. I've been using them and while they don't dash charge its nice in a pinch