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3-Year Camera/Camcorder + ADH Plan Under $1750
Accidental damage (drops and spills) and power surge coverage begin day 1. Parts and labor coverage for mechanical and electrical failures begins after your product’s warranty expires.Plan Terms and Conditions sent via email within hours of completing your purchase, please look for an email from “Amazon Support” If you do not receive.Provides nationwide repair support as per the Terms and Conditions. If your product can’t be repaired, an Amazon Gift Card will be provided.Includes free shipping for covered claims, no hidden fees, easy online or over the phone claim process, cancel at any time.See Product Description for details including limitations and what is not covered.
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u/D1rty0n3 · 7 pointsr/photomarket

That's a stretch paying that much for a used camera. With warranty or not.

$1650 brand new

With 3 year plan= $1725

Battery grip $160

total is $1885.00

50 af brand new $230.

Now total is $2115. That means you are selling used equpiment with a partially used warranty for $15 less than buying everything brand new.

Not being a dick, but that is a rip off bud. I just looked on amazon for pretty much everything and didn't even bother looking for the cheapest prices. I bet I could get all of that new for 1900. Might want to check your prices