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5.11 Tactical TDU1 3/4
Non-metallic, low profile plastic buckleHeavy duty 1.75" nylon webbingThree colorsSizes small to 3XL
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1 Reddit comment about 5.11 Tactical TDU1 3/4" Belt, M, Black:

u/Srysbsns ยท 5 pointsr/FashionReps

So the buckle itself is actually just rebranded version of the Stubai Click Fix Xl #971605. Stubai doesn't do retail, but I was able to find the buckle for sale here (the pictures aren't exactly right, but the part number is.) I ordered one a few days ago.

There's also webbed nylon tactical belts all over amazon that could be used with this. Here's one with the correct width.