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9007103 Texsport Adjustable Tent Pole
3/4" diameter Galvanized Steel Construction3' 5" to 7' 10" Ajustable LengthFriction Lock Secures Height and TensionWorks on any Tent,Tarp or Canopy that utilizes grommetsOne pole three pieces system fits into included carry bag
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u/selusa · 4 pointsr/TXRenaissanceFestival

Here are a list of camping tips I have compiled for my group this year.

Sports\Water Cooler

  • Fill it with ice before you leave town and by the time you set up camp you already have cold water and clean ice for drinks. Easy to refill with ice.


  • Always clear away debris from under your tent and use a tarp that is about the same footprint as your tent as a place mat for your tent to sit on. Tuck the excess sides of the tarp back underneath the tent so you don't pool water underneath if it rains.
    If it is going to be freezing cold, put an extra blanket over the tent covering the screen-mesh, followed by another tarp, then the rain fly. This will help keep the hot air from escaping as fast.


  • Always bring earplugs and a facemask/bandanna if you have trouble sleeping in light and noise. If you bring an air mattress that is low to the ground, bring a blanket to put underneath it as well. This will help protect the air mattress even more as well as insulate it from the ground so it doesn't suck all the heat out of the mattress.


  • Bring a roll of toilet paper to be sure you have some in case the porties run out, which they often do. A 5 gallon bucket, waste water treatment, and a bucket toilet seat makes for a quick cheap toilet. I've also heard of people using kitty litter instead of the water and treatment. Just toss the bucket at the end of the weekend if you do that. Baby wipes are great for getting the grime off. There will be showers and will more than likely cost around $5.00 a use but they are not a necessity.

    Wind Proofing

  • Be sure to bring extra rope for guy lines and if possible purchase a package of tarp clips ( so you can fasten the tent/rainfly/tarps down once the wind gets blowing. Adjustable tent extension poles ( are also good for using with tarps.

    Vehicle Safety

  • Always keep your vehicle locked. I generally will keep my wallet and keys in the vehicle with a spare key or two on me/in my tent. Knowing you can get into your vehicle at the end of the weekend is a great relief.

    Tent Prep

  • Be sure to set up your tent at least twice before you go. If you buy a new tent, keep track of how you unroll the tent. Read the instructions and see if it gives you tips on folding it back up and fitting it in the bag. I've seen a lot of people show up to the camp grounds to find out they forgot their tent poles or something similar.


  • Chafing is an issue a lot of people run into walking around in costume or in the sun in general for a long period of time. Baby powder will give some relief afterwards but use a non-chaffing cream or petroleum jelly for a longer lasting preventative measure. As with any new cosmetics on a sensitive area... do a test run of this before you go camping. A few hours away from home is a terrible time to find out your balls are allergic to petroleum jelly. I've been told Monistat soothing non-chafing cream works well.


  • String lights that are battery powered are great for decorating tents and canopies. A decorated tent makes it easier to find when you're lost. They sell balloons with LED lights in them that last for a few days at party stores and those I bet would be great for decorating as well. I've already heard about taking a gallon milk jug and filling it with water and attaching a headstrap light with the light facing the jug to produce a bright lantern for your tent for minimal cost. I also heard to just use an empty jug and put the light on the top facing down into the jug. Extra flash lights are always beneficial. Keep one attached to you at night at all times. Keep one in the tent, one by the bed, etc.


  • There is wifi on the campground but the towers that are out there get so bogged down. I tend to just turn my phone off for the weekend and use a watch or clock for time. Investing in walkie talkies may be a good idea as well, get a good radius, =/> 3 miles.
u/krowdy203 · 1 pointr/camping

These. They're pretty sturdy, but I have issues with the extended portions slipping down so I have to put duck tape around the bottom