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Abena Abri-Form Comfort Briefs, Medium, M4, 14 Count
The Abena Abri-Form Comfort size M4 fits hips 27.5"-43"; Absorbs up to 122 fl ozOptimal leakage protection provided by plastic-backing and soft, reliable leakage barriers extended right to the edgeHigh quality hook and loop tapes for optimal fit and easy repositioningUnique Top Dry system providing a dry surface and rapid absorptionExcellent absorption provided by long cellulose fibres, super-absorbents and an additional core in the centre
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8 Reddit comments about Abena Abri-Form Comfort Briefs, Medium, M4, 14 Count:

u/BabyBlueCheetah · 6 pointsr/ABDL
u/autieab · 6 pointsr/ABDL

> 2. In the US, I think the only place to buy Plastic Backed Abena M4's would be XP Medical?

XP, Amazon (plus several Marketplace sellers), Northshore, KCK and I'm sure others carry them too. You can still get the plastic backed M4s in large part because of the efforts of the owner of XPMedical who campaigned directly to Abena to keep making them but you can buy them in lots of places still...

u/Throwawaymink · 5 pointsr/ABDL

Some of their products can be bought on, and are fulfilled through, Amazon. For anyone with prime, that basically means free two-day shipping, and $3.99 one-day shipping; it's fucking fantastic if you're trying to get supplies ordered sneakily.

Tranquility ATNs

Abena M4s

Sort of comes off as an advertisement, but, really, these guys plus Amazon are incredibly convenient.

u/lionstories · 4 pointsr/ABDL

Abenas are these:

You order them online. If you're concerned about getting them in the mail and your wife is like, "Honey, what the heck is this?" get a P.O. Box and have them shipped there.

The best you can buy at the store are the Depend Protection w/ Tabs or Walgreens ( I recommend neither, really, unless you're drip incontinence. If you're a "flooder," you're going to leak.

u/PaddedIntrovert · 3 pointsr/malefashionadvice

Some do. It all depends on what you get. I used to use these, but they fall apart easily.

u/TheLittlestCoyote · 2 pointsr/ABDL

Just say no to the department store brands! Even if you're considering them for solely cost purposes, there are so many better options on Amazon for practically the same price. I recommend starting with something like Abena and possibly upgrading from there.

As far as wearing in public, only wearing super thick padding or tight pants over it will give it away visually, assuming you can conceal any potential waddle. Wearing undies over diapers to compress them can help, but may take away from their absorbency.

If you're wetting, both smells and leaks can be a concern. While plastic pants may seem like a steep investment for someone just dabbling in the kink, they're the best insurance that neither will become obvious in public. Along the same lines, I find plastic-backed padding will keep the smell of pee contained far better than cloth-backed can.