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AC Outlet Portable Charger RAVPower 27000mAh 85W(100W Max) Built in 3-Prong Power Bank Laptop Travel Charger (AC Power Indicator, Type-C Port, Plug Universal, Dual USB iSmart Ports) [Updated Version]
New-and-Improved Version: 3-prong AC output with a power supply on / off switch indicator for any device up to 70W (To turn ON the AC power, hold the power button for 8 seconds)Power Up Three Devices at Once: Benefit from one Type-C output and two USB iSmart ports to charge new ultrabooks and two other devices simultaneously (Type-C port only supports output)Mega 27000mAh Capacity: Charges an iPhone 7 for approximately 7.6 times, a Galaxy S8 for approximately 5 times, and a 12" MacBook approximately 1.4 timesRecharge Faster than Ever: Recharges itself fully in 5.2 hours with the 24V/1A DC input and 8 LED indicators display the power levelIndustry-Leading Heat Dissipation: Built-in air vents with quiet fan keep it cool even when used to its maximum capacity
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52 Reddit comments about AC Outlet Portable Charger RAVPower 27000mAh 85W(100W Max) Built in 3-Prong Power Bank Laptop Travel Charger (AC Power Indicator, Type-C Port, Plug Universal, Dual USB iSmart Ports) [Updated Version]:

u/G2geo94 · 22 pointsr/oldpeoplefacebook

Yeah seriously. If I so very well wished, I could carry two days of battery power for my phone, tablet, even laptop and light, on the lower pockets of them!

u/ilessthanthreemath · 6 pointsr/Surface

Like /u/Akselmusic said, OneNote is going to be your primary tool. I would highly suggest getting the "Desktop" version of it (included in Office 365 if your school offers it for free, or available here under "Windows Desktop"). The built-in Windows 10 version isn't very flexible. Highly suggest you sync everything with OneDrive so that everything you write is synchronized to the cloud and available from any internet-connected machine with OneNote Online.

I set up a template in OneNote 2016 to generate a fresh A4 college-ruled page whenever I wanted (I don't like the "infinite paper" concept), that way I could easily send notes/entire assignments to the on-campus printers and/or easily export them for others to use. Here's an example of my setup.

As for accessories: carry and pair (Bluetooth) an extra pen and keep it in your bag, along with traditional pen and paper. The worst part of using the SP4 for taking notes last year was when my pen would randomly die, or when Windows decided to crash and needed a restart. A smartphone for taking quick snapshots for when instructors write too quickly and erase is useful also. I roll with an OtterBox and a tempered glass screen protector because I'm harsh on my electronics.

>One specific thing I’m looking for as well is an external battery

I use this combined with a SP4-to-DC cable that I spliced using these instructions. If you're uncomfortable with that, this guy will splice a cable for you from an original charger, or you could take a risk and use a knockoff cable from Amazon.

u/enerrotsen · 5 pointsr/Surface

I personally use:
RavPower 23000 mah
QI-Infinity Cable Dc Cable
However, the QI -Infinity 35000mah Includes the above cable and a larger battery pack that supports QC 3.0, and the included rapid charge can also charge a surface pro if you purchase another accessory cable. I am debating selling mine, to get the Qi-infinity version.

u/Difficult_Fig · 4 pointsr/vaporents

No. The mighty requires 12 V @ 3 A (or 3,000 mAh) to charge, so you would need a 3 A source. That cable is only rated for 750 mAh output as it's got a step up converter in it.

You're trying to charge from 5v usb and stepping it up, that's not going to work. You need a direct 12v line, so use a laptop external battery like that has a 12v >3a output.

edit: Just buying a cable will not work, you won't get the amps required from usb because the figure is volts multiplied by amps, if you want to use 5v you'll need a magical USB port that outputs like 10a (which does not exist). Ex: 110v @ 5amp is [about, because I know someone's going to go "OMG it's not exactly the same!] the same energy as 220v @ 2.5a. You're lowering the voltage so you need to increase the amps to a point where USB simply does not provide that much and you'll never charge a mighty from a USB port unless you want to rig something together where you have say a couple 18650 batteries hooked directly but anything else being plugged into it will be fried instantly so that's not something you, or anyone, should ever build.

u/reyomnwahs · 4 pointsr/CPAP

I've got a Respironics System One. I have this unit, which is much cheaper than a purpose-built one. I've actually taken it backcountry camping, and frequently take it for camping on the water on my sailboat.

It's definitely good for two nights for me, but my pressure setting is a bit lower than yours. You will not be able to use a humidifier other than in just passive mode (heat / humidity off but tank full), humidifiers draw a lot of current.

My unit (and probably yours) is 12v DC, 10A (can get this info off your 110v AC power brick) and one of the generic laptop adapters that came with my battery pack worked just fine.

As long as you're willing to do a little homework you can avoid one of those $300-$600 "travel battery packs" that you see on e.g., which as far as I can tell are just a generic battery pack unit identical to the one I have, rebadged and "certified".

I gather ResMed and some others have oddball voltages (18v, IIRC) so finding a battery back that supports that is a bit more rare. Most of the units like the one I have do 6, 9, and 12 volt, which is more typical.

Another route you can go is a jump starter pack like you find at e.g. Harbor Freight, and a 12v cigarette lighter adapter specific to your unit, which you can find on Amazon.

One thing I would avoid is a 110v AC inverter, these are lossy and so you waste a lot of battery hours due to the conversion. I found an inverter on my sailboat gave me about half the working time for my CPAP than I got with a 12v DC adapter.

One other note (and this is pretty common with things like refrigerators and air conditioners as well), I found that my unit had an initial "starting" amperage draw that was higher than rated if I turned it on without the mask actually on my face. This caused the battery to shut off and the unit to turn off, I'm guessing the fan runs harder when it doesn't have any pressure to work against.

I finally figured out not to turn it on until I put the mask on and the battery pack works fine and has served well on several trips.

If you have any other questions feel free to DM me. Obviously this is a long read and you need to know what you're doing, but a little bit of research saved me $500 off a "special" CPAP battery pack, and my unit is light enough to backpack with to boot.

u/georgeMns · 4 pointsr/Surface

1/2 charge? I don't think you know how much 20000 mahs are.

Assuming you have a sp3 then your battery only has 5500 mahs, case you own a sp4 then you have a downgraded 5000 mahs battery.

With 20ah power bank you can fully change your surface almost 4 times(edit:2 times because surface's battery has 2 times the voltage ), so you see this amount of power is mostly suited for a very few use cases like camping or hitchhiking, this directly effects the price through the basic rule of supply and demand making the price look almost predatory compared to normal capacity power banks.


100$ for a power bank on sale feels kinda meh as you can see, its definitely a promising brand so its a good option if you are adamant about the need for that much capacity, if you dont want to spend that much then you are better off making your own bank from 18650 cells given you know your way around electronics, the materials are all out there and are dirt cheap:


Charging cord:

Battery case(edit: not good):

The seller lists the current at 12v as low as 0.5amps but he also lists the max output at 60watts so this makes no sense, you should ask him for a details on the exact output with 6 batteries at 12v.

If he insists that the amperage is that low then look for a similar product, or make your own with the help of a quality buck/constant regulator, just make sure your cells are protected if you going for the diy route

as i said only try this if you have basic knowledge of electronics.

Keep in mind watts=amps*volts

Surface takes 12volts, and has a garbage standard charger at 35 watts that struggles to charge the device unless its turned off so the minimum amps it can take is 2.5.

It also has an option to upgrade to an 70 watt charger so its sure that it can take up to 5 amps.

edit: seller said the power bank case only supports 11w output, that means you gotta make your own case or find a better one.

u/ethicallyethical · 3 pointsr/vandwellers

Here are four different ones from Amazon. They all seem to have pretty good reviews.

Rosewill Plasma Black 18000mAh

ChargeTech 27,000mAh

RAVPower 23000mAh

Lizone® Extra Pro 40000mAh

With the RAVPower and Lizone you have to buy a third party cord to connect a Macbook, but with the Rosewill and ChargeTech you just plug your standard charging brick into them.

u/studdmufin · 3 pointsr/PanasonicG7

let me preface this with: You do this at your own risk, while I haven't had issues does not make me responsible if anything of yours breaks.

The camera technically uses a 7.2v battery even tho the bottom of the camera says it accepts 8.4v. I'm not sure why there is a discrepancy.

Any battery bank with a 9v dc out would work. XTPower 10000 mAh has 4 LEDs on it to indicate power.(There are multiple sizes in that link too) or if you need even more power the RAVPower 23000 mAh has lots of juice, a display for remaining % and voltage options ranging up to 20v which can power some laptops.

u/yrretmi · 2 pointsr/Surface
u/Fildrigar · 2 pointsr/Surface

That's the one I bought. Had to also buy a power cord end for the Surface. It holds enough power for around two full charges.

u/oneDARtech · 2 pointsr/Surface

I'm using the below, not as powerful as the qi-infinity mentioned, but, it easily gets me through the day.

u/ac3boy · 2 pointsr/Cyberpunk

There are also these battery pack uni-chargers for portable std charging.

u/Siigari · 2 pointsr/BuyItForLife

I have been using this one for six months and it still surprises me with how long it lasts between charges. I use it in my truck at work to keep my phone and portable speaker (AC) charged.

u/deetari · 2 pointsr/Surface

Never seen one below $80, and that was only because this one was on discount:

I'd say you should probably expect to spend ~$100 for a good portable battery for your Surface Pro.

u/LongUsername · 2 pointsr/SleepApnea

Look at LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) batteries. Make sure to get something that's rated for deep cycle, not "lead acid equivalent". They tend to have the best weight to power ratio of rechargeable 12v batteries.

Without humidifier and heated hose you're probably looking at ~7Ah@12v a night. Remember you can run the humidifier in "pass over" mode where it doesn't heat the water to get a bit more moisture.

You can get a 12Ah LiFePO4 for around $140, or a 20Ah for around $250.

The Suaoki you list below looks to be about 16Ah @ 12v which isn't a ton but should easily get you 2 nights without a humidifier no problem and would probably get you 3-4.

I've got one of these and it will just get me 2 nights on my PR DS560 powered directly without a humidifier/heated hose and that's technically more capacity than the Suaoki you link.

u/ntxawg · 2 pointsr/SonyAlpha

get something like this,

then a battery pack with dc output like this or this

you will probably need a wire adapter like this also since i'm not sure what comes with the battery pack.

u/Capissen38 · 2 pointsr/thinkpad

That would be correct. You could always get something like this, though.

u/dannysafter · 2 pointsr/Dell

I use the RAVPower 23000mAh Portable Charger 4.5A DC Output External Battery Pack (3-Port, 9V/12V/16V/19V/20V, LCD Display) for Macbook, Laptops, Smartphones It features a multitude of voltage settings which virtually makes it suitable for any gadget out there. Plus it comes with all possible sorts of connectors (DC and USB). I used it on overseas trip and can't say enough praise about it.

u/MacintoshEddie · 1 pointr/Filmmakers

I have one of these. It works pretty well and has a decent regulator on it, and ships with about a dozen adapters. Triplecheck the connector type you need though, because the wiring might not be the same even if the plug fits.

However it might be worth considering more purpose-built options like the Atomos Power Supply that uses NPF batteries.

Lots of people like to get Tracer or TalentCell or HiQ batteries. There's a lot of options out there. Look for compatability with your other gear, like being able to also run your camera and audio recorder on it as well.

u/Jake_doe · 1 pointr/Surface

taking a chance on a like-new one for $45. If I don't like, I'll return and buy one of the ones for $150 (in time).

u/badgeguy · 1 pointr/surface4

This is the combo of devices I picked up:

RAVPower 23000mAh Portable Charger 4.5A DC Output External Battery Pack (3-Port, 9V/12V/16V/19V/20V, LCD Display) for Macbook, Laptops, Smartphones

Surface Pro 4 DC Charging Cable (Fit Intel core i5 / i7 Only), Threeeggs DC Plug Charging Cord Power Supply for Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Intel Core i5 / i7 Tablet Computer (DC Cable) (DC Cable)

Here are a few warnings though:

  1. The battery pack supports a variety of output voltages, including voltages higher than what the Surface wants to accept. If it is set higher than what it should be, it may damage the charging circuits of the Surface, making it unable to accept a charge from the standard power adapter, rendering your device a brick in a very short time (as happened to my Surface 5 days after purchase, but it appeared to have a bad battery in the first place).

  2. The cable does not seem to act like it should, with the light turning on after it has made a connection, but in fact being on as soon as it is plugged into the battery pack. I do not know if this indicates a defective cable or it is just the way this third party cable works.

    I acquired these for an extended trip I was taking, but due to the last minute replacement of my device, I have not since attempted to hook up this combination to my new Surface 4 Pro, even with the voltage set to a proper 12 V. I may one day test this out again, but I am still a bit leary.

    The reviews on Amazon state that these devices work together well with the Surface 4 Pro, so I may have just had a defective original device. You mileage, may, and/or will vary.
u/petedogg · 1 pointr/Surface

I got this one: RAVPower 23000mAh Portable Charger

There are other batteries with higher capacity for the same price but they're from brands I don't recognize.

You'll also need a charging cable like this:

u/Gray_panda · 1 pointr/Surface

I just bought a RavPower and adapter. Need to use it while traveling and can't take anything larger than 100 mAh through TSA security.

Works well.

u/eskimio · 1 pointr/chromeos

That sounds incredibly involved and way beyond the scope of my abilities... I'm just looking to be able to charge my chromebook via some method other than a direct connection to a wall socket. Preferably a powerpack of some sort. Thanks for the idea, though.

For the record...

u/kirillium439 · 1 pointr/thinkpad

I received a RavPower battery bank ( ) which works with many laptops, including thinkpads. It includes the lenovo slim tip, as well as the traditional round connector for older models. It works flawlessly with my t440.

u/bakageta · 1 pointr/geek

I stand corrected, I have two and neither is 35k. I carry the 14k in my purse everywhere, and the 23k in the glovebox. A bit more than the 35k I thought originally, oops.

The 14k is great, and for the price a must have. I get just under 7 charges on it, a galaxy s2 gets right around 6. I imagine modern phones get more like 5, but that still goes a long way.

u/NCC1701G · 1 pointr/18650masterrace

Here's an example of one I could buy off of Amazon -

u/psyche77 · 1 pointr/Surface

>wish the charger had a detachable usb so I could plug it into a power back when traveling to charge.

The Pro series needs a higher voltage. For $99 and 1.2lbs you can solve that problem with a RAVPower 23000mAh Portable Charger and charge your SP4 at least twice for total peace of mind.

Adapter not included.

u/milfydonna · 1 pointr/Surface

This one outputs 4.5 so it will charge surface just fine, you just need to get an extra 10 dollar cord for the surface.

RAVPower 23000mAh Portable Charger Power Bank External Battery Pack(Xtreme Series,3-Port,9V/12V/16V/19V/20V - LCD Display) for Laptops, tablets, iPhones, Android Phones and other devices

u/error404 · 1 pointr/networking

> The only problem I have (which I am mentioning in case anyone has any ideas, but like I said this post is mostly just to confirm my main plan) is power.

Much small network equipment runs on 12V DC power. You may need to build some cables, but it should be easy to power this gear directly from those battery packs designed to charge laptops. E.g. . I have also seen some wireless devices that run on 5V from USB, then you can just use a USB battery pack. I used to have a playing card sized AP that was designed for travel that came with a USB adapter cable to power it.

u/Paulhaus · 1 pointr/vaporents

There's one I was looking at on Amazon last night designed to be a universal laptop batterypack that holds 22000 mAh for $99, this is a 9800 mAh CCTV camera battery pack from Hong Kong. Took three or four weeks shipping but only ran me $30.

Edit: make that 23000, bigger than mine but twice as many balls and more adaptability

u/phrozen087 · 1 pointr/Alienware

You can't charge any of the Alienware's through USB c, but the RavPower 23000mah ( will definitely work for extending the battery. It is the only battery pack I am aware of off hand that will charge it and isn't more than $200. I think there are a few others but they are very expensive and don't have any increased power. I've had the RavPower for over a year tho and it's a great pack.

As for performance, I tested it during work the other day and for light usage it will keep the battery stable and not dropping. If you turn a game on the battery depletes at about half the normal rate. You need to turn the laptop off for the battery to actually charge as it consumes too much power when running for any external pack to keep it running and charge it. But I would highly recommend giving it a shot. If you don't like it you can always return it to amazon!

u/borislab · 1 pointr/mflb

something like this works, usb does not have enough power. You need to connect via DC at >12.6v @+2A, this is not possible via usb. However, I do remember seing someone post something about using 2 USB ports and have them joined together into a DC male connector that then connects to the PA, apparently that worked out but I'm not sure if the user could push the PA all the way up or not. warning, don't try unless you know what you're doing

u/jasauders · 1 pointr/thinkpad

That's some good info. I was looking at it like this... if we can get one charge out of it, that's already worth it for the particular scenario at hand (burning through a night of coffee, dinner, bagels, and more coffee over some research papers), as a full laptop charge + at least one recharge on battery pack would be pretty nice. More than that is a massive bonus.

I guess I'll have to sleep on this and really think about how much this feature means, as the act of going to a Thinkpad 13 over the E470 (for two laptops) makes things a little salty given our budget (yet it's reasonably close enough to remain attractive). I've seen enough good reviews to compel me to really give the Thinkpad 13 a hard consideration. Likewise, I can save some money with my own RAM upgrades. I assume (risky word, I know) if you order with 4GB of RAM it comes 1x4GB, which would allow me to buy two Thinkpad 13's with 4GB each, move all the RAM to laptop A (8GB total @ 2x4GB), and buy 8GB on Amazon for laptop B at a fraction of what it would cost to just have Lenovo ship both of them to me with 8GB.

I'll do some more reading on this. It's interesting to me, but it also seems like new enough technology to have some unknown hurdles that may not be ironed out for a while yet.

EDIT - Something that just caught my eye was this fancy looking gizmo:

23kmAh battery pack that comes with its own power port that you can connect to an adapter that matches your laptop for charging.

Yeah, it's 'another' cable.
No, it's not as handy as a generic USB C cable from Monoprice.
Yeah, it would allow me to go with an E470 and charge it on the fly.

Getting a 1080 screen on a Thinkpad 13 is a $70 bump, while on the E470 it's a $35 bump. Two E470's would save me nearly $300 while getting the same RAM and same processor (RAM I'd bump to 8GB on my own. E470 doesn't come with SSD, but doesn't matter -- I have SSDs on my shelf waiting to be used).

Overall, it's enticing. An E470 would be a monumental upgrade to what we each have. I'll have to sleep on this one.

u/houseoflove · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Thanks for the reply. Do you mean it can't be safely done through USB C with Power Delivery? I've seen some posts of people being able to do it with certain batteries but after reading the power posts they concern me a bit. I also plan on using a battery powered projector.

I've also seen these batteries with AC power but I'd like to remain lighter:

u/epakai · 1 pointr/thinkpad

Here's a couple examples:

I've charged similar devices with the lenovo 90W Slim power adapter since it can use multiple tips. I don't know of any that accept the regular lenovo jacks for input.

u/oridjinn · 1 pointr/techsupport

Something like this portable UPS claims to be for portability and can give X hours on a Desktop PC.

And I just might get it.

But I was hoping for something smaller like this But I cannot find any rated for the 19.5V/9.5A

u/misterhalloween · 1 pointr/techsupport

Thank you! I'm glad I didn't order it yet.

Where did you see the Maxoak is only rated to 3A? The figures at the bottom say 3.3 a few places. And the support person who answered said less than 5A.

Edit: would this work:

u/MrSurly · 1 pointr/AskElectronics

RP3 is recommended to have a 2.5a 5v PSU, which you're not likely to be getting from your LCD controller.

You can power the RPI with a cheap buck converter. These are adjustable -- make sure you set the output voltage to 5.0v before using with the Pi.

Are you sure your LCD controller can be powered directly from a LiPo (12.6 max, 9v when discharged)?

Be sure to use a balancing charger with your LiPo, and a battery alarm, unless you want a fire. Note this just makes a loud noise when the battery is too low. It doesn't prevent overdischarge.

OR, you could get something like this, which appears to be able to provide USB power out and 12Vdc ...

u/subtyler · 1 pointr/craftymighty

I just ordered my mighty today and was looking into this. I like the idea of something like this. Where you can plug anything into it. This one is more of a standard charger that works with laptops and the mighty. Article

u/grindoc · 1 pointr/CPAP

Thanks for the response. It's definitely something for me to look into and might might be the best solution as far as cost and longevity.

As to your final comment/question a marine battery is lead-acid verses a lithium ion so it would have different properties. In general lithium ion have the highest energy density out there (ie energy/weight ratio) and have fast recharge cycles. That's why they're in all of our cell phones, laptops etc. It seems like the commercial CPAP batteries are lithium, but if the marine battery can make it a weekend, it might end up winning.

EDIT- I decided to test this $100 option based on one of the other comments, it's good to have a backup though.

u/Barakred · 1 pointr/electricians

Hi, sorry for not being clear enough, and thanks for the reply.
ill explain the issue again.

The ASUS laptop above has a power adapter which states on it the following specifications:
19.5v, 9.5A, 180W.

The laptop's battery is weak, and it not enough for my needs, therefore I want an external power source, to charge my laptop while I cant plug it in to a standard 220v.
(e.g. this: )

The portable charger can provide enough voltage, but not enough current.

I do understand that even though the laptop adapter states 180W, it doesnt mean the laptop needs 180W constantly.

So heres the issue:
Lets say the laptop is on "PowerSaver Mode" and im not gaming - this means the power consumption is obviously lower than 180W.
Since the voltage is still 19.5, the current will change, depending on the needs of the laptop.

As you stated in your post, there is an issue between the two devices: Will the laptop require more than the max current the battery can provide? which might cause damage to the battery? or will the battery provide what ever it can? (which is, lets say 5A), and by doing so, will the laptop be charged? even if the charging is slower, its still good for me.

I hope things are clear now.

u/nono_le_robot · 1 pointr/france

Gare au voltage.

Ton portable à très probablement besoin de 19V, la plupart des batteries externes sortent du 5V (la tension de l'USB). Vérifie la tension d'entrée de ton PC.
Si c'est bien du 19V, des batteries externes existent mais coûtent cher.

Ça sera peut être plus économique de prendre une seconde batterie de PC.

u/phloating_man · 1 pointr/videography

This might work for you.. just choose the correct voltage and get a dummy battery for your A7S...

  • RAVPower Xtreme 23000mAh (~100 USD)
u/M_Man15 · 1 pointr/batteries
u/snoring_portal · 1 pointr/LifeProTips

Also, it's about the size of a tablet, but this battery pack is the bomb diggity. It can charge 2 USB devices at a time, while also outputting up to 20v for other electronics like laptops. It can even power my desktop replacement laptop. (If your laptop needs 19.5v, the battery bank can be set to either 19v or 20v and it'll work because tolerances.)

u/bluelite · 1 pointr/telescopes

I just bought a RavPower 2300 mAh Power Bank. It has USB ports for charging your i-things and a multi-voltage output for powering your scope. I've run my CPC 1100 mount for three hours and it goes down to only 90%, so I could run it all night on a single charge. It weighs only a couple pounds; rather than a long cord running down to the ground, I attached a basket to the base of the mount itself. Viola! No cord-wrap problems!

Costs more than a PowerTank with a heavy lead acid battery, but much, much lighter!

u/wolfcry0 · 1 pointr/AskElectronics

Gotta go bigger:

However even as large as that is it's still only ~85Wh, so it will charge a laptop once basically.