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AD50VT 50 Watt Modeling amp 1x12
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u/armyofachiliad ยท 3 pointsr/shoegaze

Oh man, that's a question. The guitar is one of those crappy Ibanez GIOs with a fucked up tremolo so I can bend up and down. It's a bitch to keep in tune, ha.

TC Hall of Fame, Z. Vex Fuzz Factory, and a Realistic Electronic Reverb were the only pedals I used for guitar. A lot of the sound was driven by my amp, a Vox AD50VT and the slew of amp models and onboard effects.

The drum machine was an Alesis SR-16 ran through a Hot Rod

Vocals many times were also recorded through the Hall of Fame

There was also a lot of production work in Sonar: organizing loops, reverb, eq, etc. I like the Waves plugins a lot.

I put the Realistic in front of the Hall of Fame in the chain because it acts as a sort of slapback and fuzz, and the modulation from the Hall of Fame reacts really well to it

Mics are crappy MXLs. Guitars, drum machine, and bass were all direct input into a Tascam US-1641

Nothing really nice in the traditional sense, I guess, but I sure love this junk :)