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Age of Empires II, Gold Edition - PC
This game set features Age Of Empires II and the Conquerors Expansion packStart with Age Of Empires II and help William Wallace rise up to defeat the BritishUse your strategic skills to control all kinds of military units as you advance and conquerYou'll also have to be good with diplomacy and spying to keep your empire intactDevelop commerce and encourage trade as you also attempt peaceful expansion
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5 Reddit comments about Age of Empires II, Gold Edition - PC:

u/arachnophilia · 7 pointsr/gaming

yeah, it's really not bad at all.

i can understand the mentality of hating free-to-play. kind of. we have no problems with limited demos that try to sell us a complete game for money. but when we call the game "free" and then do exactly same thing everyone bitches.

it's part false advertising (they said the game was free!) and part entitlement (so we want content for free!) but... games cost money. they always have. some of the F2P games are too expensive, so don't play those. some are the whales-supporting-minnows model. but... all the content for less than $20?

age of empires 2 is the same price on amazon.

u/jengi · 2 pointsr/aoe2

How about Amazon?

u/TMI-nternets · 1 pointr/gaming

there is still time for the christmas season!

Fun fact, my laptop currently lacks an optical drive..

u/spooter · 1 pointr/lanparty