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Alien Anthology (Alien / Aliens / Alien 3 / Alien: Resurrection) [Blu-ray]
Condition: NewFormat: Blu-rayAC-3; Box set; Dolby; DTS Surround Sound; Dubbed; Subtitled; Widescreen
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23 Reddit comments about Alien Anthology (Alien / Aliens / Alien 3 / Alien: Resurrection) [Blu-ray]:

u/JoeAllenD · 9 pointsr/LV426
u/ninjartist · 4 pointsr/dvdcollection

Just to be clear: There's nothing on these discs that aren't on the Alien Anthology, correct? I'm tempted to get these (if only for the booklets/art cards), but I might just wait for the next FoxConnect 50% off sale.

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/funny

I read the first was a masterpiece but nothing about the rest of the films, so I wasn't planning on watching the rest of them.

Do you recommend purchasing this:, or just rent the 2nd?

u/ryanchinndotcom · 3 pointsr/horror

The best type, in my opinion, are the retrospective types of film documentaries ... that way people are real and talk about some of the issues during production.

Alien Anthology (Supplements disc)

2+ hour documentaries for each movie

Prometheus (4 Disc Collector's Edition)

Super long and interesting behind the scenes doc, though all of your story releated questions will npot be answered.

The Psycho Legacy

Based on the Psycho series

Dawn of the Dead (Ultimate Edition)

Includes 2 full length docs

Day of the Dead (Divimax Edition)

Extensive bonus feature

Crystal Lake Memories

Super extensive Friday the 13th documentary

His Name Was Jason

Much shorter version of Crystal Lake Memories

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

Along the lines of His Name Was Jason, except for ANOES

Halloween: 25 Years of Terror

First doc made by the same people as the Jason and Freddy docs. Pre Rob Zombie Halloween era

More Brains!: A Return To The Living Dead - The Definitive Return of the Living Dead Documentary

Covers the first 3 films of the series, but mainly dealing with the 1st.
Halloween (Two-Disc Unrated Collector's Edition)

One of the most extensive documentaries I've ever scene for any movie. Even if you hated it, it's interesting from a film making point of view.

u/TheFatKid4Life · 3 pointsr/dvdcollection

I'm listing sets, because they offer the most bang for the buck.

u/charlesp22 · 2 pointsr/dvdcollection

This is also posted in Beav's Bargains... here is a link that benefits the prize vault

u/DroogyParade · 2 pointsr/dvdcollection

Keep a look out on the Alien Anthology. Picked it up last year for $20, and have seen it go on sale multiple times.

u/lastdigitofpi · 2 pointsr/LV426

also - the blu-ray version says it comes with both versions as well:

Disc 2: ALIENS

1986 Theatrical Version
1991 Special Edition with James Cameron Introduction
Audio Commentary by Director James Cameron, Producer Gale Anne Hurd, Alien Effects Creator Stan Winston
Final Theatrical Isolated Score by James Horner
Composer’s Original Isolated Score by James Horner
Deleted and Extended Scenes
*MU-TH-UR Mode Interactive Experience with Weyland-Yutani Datastream

u/sec713 · 2 pointsr/LV426

I know the Alien Anthology has this going for it. I've got this box set in my collection.

u/Jermseatsbrains · 2 pointsr/horror

Recently bought the Alien quadrilogy to watch. This Image will give you all the movies along with the special and theatrical editions. It has a mode in the special editions that shows which scenes are extra compared to the theatrical releases. I bought mine from bestbuy for $10 which I though was a great deal considering it was all of the Alien movies (except Prometheus) in HD.

This image should get you all the movies along with the special features. What you want to look for in the descriptions is disc 5 and 6. The whole set works like a uh..set in each of the individual movies there is a mode that you can tag the special features you want to watch and when you insert disc 6 it will bring all of your tagged special features to the front. They essenstially took disc 5 and 6 out of the set and sold that as a seperate version.

Both of the quadrilogy Blu rays have the same movies, features, and interface. The first one is just missing disc 5 and 6 with all of the extra special features. Hope that helps.

EDIT: This is the amazon page.Depending on which one your looking to buy you can change the multi-format from October 2010 to October 2014 for the different versions. 2010 being the Anthology with discs 5 and 6, 2014 being the Quadrilogy with only 4 discs.

u/whats_not_in_a_name · 2 pointsr/LV426

Glad I was able to convince you! it really is worth it. i mean the results speak for themselves!

Just one thing though, make sure that this is the box set you get:

And not this one:

The 2014 blu-ray quadrilogy set (not sure why they brought that name back) from what i understand, is just the 4 movies and does not include the two bonus feature disks. so unless you dont want the extras, make sure you get the 2010 antholgy set not the 2014 quadrilogy set. (the disks themselves are the same though, so there is no difference in quality between the movies themselves in these sets)

u/outcastspice · 1 pointr/LV426
u/TheCheshireCody · 1 pointr/movies

As mentioned by /u/hereisatoptip , Prometheus, Avatar and LOTR are positively stuffed with goodies. The Alien Anthology and Star Wars complete saga box sets are amazing, although navigating the bonus material in both is a bit of a PITA. The Star Trek 'classic films' box set actually included some great bonus features, even though the remasters of the films themselves left a bit to be desired. Also, the Blade Runner five-disc Collector's Edition has pretty much everything a BR fanatic could want, including the original workprint and the tremendous 'Strange Days' documentary.

u/endisnear12 · 1 pointr/LowestPrice

Thats the list price (the price it was launched at). It normally goes for $32 these days. Its back up to $33.90 now

The usual price is just an estimation so it is never 100% correct. It just gives you an idea how good a sale it is

u/tehskanksta12 · 1 pointr/dvdcollection

also forgive me if this isn't the right place for this or if this has already been posted but I saw that the Alien Blu-ray anthology dropped down to $49.99 on amazon

u/thatjoshuafrost · 1 pointr/LV426

Alien Anthology (Alien / Aliens / Alien 3 / Alien: Resurrection) [Blu-ray]

u/whatthefuckmane · 1 pointr/LV426

It seems that the DVD version with 9 disks is equivalent to the 6 disk Blu Ray set for around $30. This version has different versions of soundtracks, a theatrical and director's/special cut for each, and audio commentary.

It doesn't have the 2 prequels but I don't like those and you don't seem to care about them either.

Excellent image quality, great audio commentary, etc. If they added in a limited edition facehugger or something they could have sold this for $300 in a massive box set with a coffee table book or something.

I would recommend it 100%.

If you want to know anything specific about the 6 disk Blu Ray set just ask. I have the set in front of me and I can check anything

u/jaundicemanatee · 1 pointr/horror

Found it. It's called the Alien Anthology, not Alien Quadrilogy. That's why it was eluding searches. Since it's Blu-Ray, it doesn't need so many extra discs, so it's just a 6 disc set rather than 9.