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3 Reddit comments about Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4: Graveyard Shift:

u/centipededamascus · 1 pointr/comicbooks

The current run, which launched in October last year, is only nine issues in. The first collection will be out in April: Amazing Spider-Man: Worldwide, vol. 1.

For the previous run, which ran from 2014 to 2015, there are five collections:

u/jmonumber3 · 1 pointr/donaldglover

I believe it is Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 4 by Dan Slott.

u/REC_Blobkat · 1 pointr/Spiderman

Oh yeah, I'm definitely picking up Superior. I honestly bought the first volume thinking it was a stand-alone universe, and read about halfway through it before switching to Ultimate. I really loved what I read, but at the time I was more interested in reading about Peter Parker. Still super cool looking back and putting the pieces together realizing Superior is a part of the Amazing run. And I definitely want to try to stick to chronological order over anything, so I'll get to Spider-Verse in due time.

As for the Champions series with Miles, I kinda saw the titles, but ultimately I think I'm going to stay away from it. I honestly think I prefer just reading mainly about the individual stories rather than what they get into as teams (unless maybe it was like a 1-shot sort of team-up volume like Spider-Men).

Just for shigs, I'm gonna lay out my current understanding of the storyline and if you could interject anything that you think I'm missing out on or if I've got the order out of wack:

For the Miles Line -- Ultimate Miles books 1-3 (includes Spider-Men vol1, as well as 3 issues of Cataclysm in the 3rd book---should I still pick up Cataclysm as a standalone book?) > Edge of Spider-Verse > Spider-Verse > Secret Wars Prelude > Secret Wars > Ultimate End > Spider-Man Miles Morales Vol 1 then continue through to vol 4 (is Civil War 2 worth reading after volume 1? - I see some stuff recommending it as a big tie-in event) > Spider-Men II > Secret Empire > then another Miles Morales Spider-Man vol1 which I believe picks up currently??

For the Peter Parker line, I found a general "how to" guide that references Dan Slott's run, but I don't know if there are other author tie-ins or who picks it up after the end of Slott -- Spider-Man Big Time 1 > sneaking Spider-Island into the middle of the Big Time issues because it looks like it's only briefly touched on in Big Time > Big Time 2-4 > Superior vol 1&2 > Amazing Spider-Man: The Parker Luck > Edge of Spider-Verse > Spider-Verse > Amazing SM: Graveyard Shift > Amazing SM: Spiral > Amazing SM Worldwide 1-4 > Amazing SM: Clone Conspiracy > World Wide 5-7 > Amazing SM: Venon INC is this one a good read or ok to skip? > Word Wide 8&9 > then red goblin, then Spider-geddon (as per suggested by you haha; and I believe Spider-geddon runs up to current status?)

Separate from that, I guess I'd pick up the new Superior Octopus & Superior Spider after Clone Conspiracy & Spider-geddon respectively (probably once it's in a collected format), & maybe check out Spider-Gwen's run, and I also had the owner of the comic shop mention a separate Amazing SM line where it's Peter, MJ, and their daughter all with powers? (I can't remember the title for the life of me though).