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u/kittydeadpool 路 2 pointsr/usedpanties

馃崷|| DM: here || 馃崷

馃崷 This pair of purple see thru lace panties are extremely well creamed in (zoom in on the photos!), with 1 hour pure cardio session, masturbated, rubbed all my bits into it. Check the photos for sweat! I dipped them inside me to get that extra luscious scent. These are amazingly scented.

馃崷 I'm told I taste like a cinnamon roll, and my scent is musty copper rose.


馃崷 Price: $40 - includes:

  • Custom made art piece
  • Panties sealed in Ziploc baggie, mailed in an envelope
  • Free shipping + online tracking/delivery estimate

    馃崷 Payment Methods (click to open):

  • Amazon,

  • Home Depot (yep seriously),

  • Sephora,

  • Giftrocket,

  • Squarecash


  • $0 - perfume | lotion | spit

  • $5 - pee | scat

  • $10 - extra masturbation session | workout session | vial of spit
  • $15 - red week (period) | vial of pee
  • $20 - extra day wear | vial of scat
  • $3 a piece - extra custom photos sans face


    馃拫 Kitty

    馃拫 /r/kittydeadpoolpanties to follow the panty trail! Who loves ya baby?? I currently have THREE hugely creamed/scented panties for sale I wore this week.
u/SHARPSHOOTER201 路 2 pointsr/hutcoinsales

Selling Coins $12/100k Accepting Amazon Credit and PSN (USD)


u/RileyRenegade 路 1 pointr/Sexsells

Kik Sexting Sessions###

  • 10 Minutes - $20
  • 20 Minutes - $40
  • 30 Minutes - $60
  • 40 Minutes - $80
  • 60 minutes - $120

    Kik For Later###

    Not into sexting? Just want some hot nudes to fill your spank bank? No Problem! I have

    hundreds of sexy photos/ videos of all kinds that I love to share. Let me know what kind

    you like, teasing, naughty, b/g, stripping, with toys? And Ill send them to you via Kik!

    Kik for Later is a flat rate of $20

    Cock Rating#

    Show me what you are working me and let me tell you how I feel about it. Ill tell you

    what I like about it, and what I would like to do with it!

    Written: Ill write a paragraph and send it to you over reddit. $10

    Topless Video Rating: 2-3 min $15 Via Kik


    All panties are start at $45- I currently only ship in the United States (sorry)

    I smell very strongly so if that is what you are looking for you will not be disappointed.

    I would describe it as sweet with a bit of musk. I really enjoy the way I smell and I hope

    you do too :)

    All panties come discreetly shipped with a handwritten note and 3 digital photos of me in them

    Raid my Panty Drawer HERE##

    Add ons

  • Extra day of wear - +$10 per day
  • Stuffing - +$5
  • Peeing in the pair before shipment - +$10
  • Squirting - +$10
  • 5 minute video of cumming in your pair - +$20 (+$20 to say your name).


    In order of preference

    Google Wallent sent to [email protected]

    Square Cash Sent to $RileyRenegade

    Amazon Giftcards sent to [email protected]

    BitCoin You can send Bitcoins to 1HVxBqSRP4vL4tzjsPU67dYeUUHncc3Ewy

    Gyft Sent to [email protected]

u/alittlekink 路 1 pointr/alittlekink

Whatever shall you do with yourself while I'm away? Here are a few ideas...

Buy my clips

u/maritzarose 路 1 pointr/usedpanties

Price: $40


Order Includes:


楼 Custom letter:


楼 Panties sealed in Ziploc baggie, mailed in discreet envelope


楼 Free shipping



Payment Methods (click to open):


楼 [Amazon] (, (Email to: [email protected])


楼 [Amazon] (, (Email to: [email protected])


楼 [Squarecash] ($MaritzaRose69)





楼 $0 - perfume | lotion | spit


楼 $5 - pee | scat


楼 $10 - masturbation session | workout session | vial of spit


楼 $15 - video | vial of pee


楼 $20 - extra day wear


楼 $2 a piece - extra custom photos sans face


Additional add-ons are always considered.

u/lunadelrey666 路 1 pointr/Kiksnapsales

My Snapchat story is free to follow: lunadelrey666
If you want my uncensored Snapchat nudes (includes both pics & vids, showing my face, masturbation, etc), the ability to message me directly on Snapchat, and make snap requests.. upgrade to "Premium"!

Premium Info:

  • Premium is a one time fee and your membership does not expire
  • I'll add you to my Snapchat friendlist & message you with nude content nearly every day
  • Screenshots are ok for personal use
  • No dick/nude pics or explicit dirty talk please!
  • I can't reply to every message, but feel free to let me know what you like about my snaps, and make snap suggestions!

    Payment: $20 USD (price changes to $40 on June 1st) via e-transfer, Gift Card, or Gift Rocket
u/Lachenalia 路 1 pointr/Advice

It's just best to call me gullible, but I met him from Steam.
Anyhow, I think it's just best to think that the money I would give him, I'd still just be wasting on games. So, I'm just taking a chance that he would use the gift card to feed himself.

I didn't see the E-gift option available for Subway, so I'm considering buying Amazon's gift card which he can add to his account to purchase the gift card and have it sent to him instead.

Excuse the long link, but this is what I intend to use.

u/tielknight 路 1 pointr/buildapcsales

You sending one of these?

Try hitting "add to cart" and then proceed to checkout and you should see the $10 credit message window.

u/fckinginfishnets 路 0 pointsr/fckinginfishnets

Hi lovelies! My birthday is coming up soon, and I'm really excited. If you want to buy me something, I'd be super happy, and give you sexy thanks.

Espionage Cosmetics Giftcard

Gyft Cards (Can be bought with paypal)

Amazon gift cards

Lush Giftcards

u/GayCashGod 路 0 pointsr/fetish

I can't relate. Guys who give me money are pathetic and not powerful. If you give away your money it's because you don't deserve it. In my line of profession you sir are considered a cash pig. You work to give more deserving people your money. We are Gods and Goddesses who you need to pledge your money too. It's a turn on for you but a norm for us.
For example: Go to Amazon right now and tribute to me for spending my valuable time explaining what a worthless person you are. Send it to [email protected]

It's called financial domination. You're welcome.