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u/RebeccaStilles69 · 3 pointsr/Panties4Sale

White Satin Thong $35#

This XS satiny thong has been buried between my cheeks all day. Soaking up my pussy and butt smells and if that's not enough add ons are available!

  • Worn allll day today (;

  • Free shipping & tracking (US only)

    My Dirty Used Panties#

  • $30 Each With 2 Days Wear

  • Details & Add-ons

  • Album


    I accept Google Wallet, Venmo, Giftrocket, Bitcoin and Amazon for +$5 and +20% on orders $50 and up with Amazon. Giftrocket takes a few days to deposit

    Just got my own subreddit up, please subscribe and check me out. I'll try to make it an equal mix of fun and work. Thanks<3


u/hinchapelotas · 1 pointr/microsoftsoftwareswap

I used the Amazon Gift Card method too, first contact the seller and let him know which key you need, he will send you this link to the Amazon Gift Card page, on that page you choose the amount, then you fill the other info witch your Reddit user name and the seller´s email, the date and you are done, after you do that, reply to the seller that you already did the payment and he will send you the Key, it´s really easy, just follow the instructions and you are good!

Good luck!

u/LunaVixen · 1 pointr/usedpanties

First time seller! Pop my panty selling cherry! < 3

24 year old, Amateur Pale Hispanic Female. 34B-34C "5'1" 100lbs. See more of me here. 3 Victoria's Secret pairs to choose from, one in a matching set with a bra. All are well worn and loved, washed for your choice of wear days.

$25 for two days wear

+$5 per extra wear day

+$5 Masturbation session < 3

Buy all three and I'll do each for a third day free of cost. ($75 for 3 panties with 3-day wear
Shipping through USPS, panties will be ziplocked and mailed in a discreet brown envelope.

Preferred Method of Payment: Amazon Gift Card