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AmazonBasics Multifunction Come-Apart Kitchen Shears
Multifunction kitchen shears come apart only when you want them toSharp blades make easy work of any cutting taskIdeal for cutting, scaling, peeling, removing caps, and cracking nutsErgonomic non-slip grip for enhanced safetyHand wash only
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3 Reddit comments about AmazonBasics Multifunction Come-Apart Kitchen Shears:

u/groovyfinch · 469 pointsr/BuyItForLife

Okay, I can talk scissors.

These look great for certain purposes, but to me they look like they'd be a nightmare in the kitchen -- hard and time consuming to dry, non-dishwasher friendly. For the kitchen I prefer come apart shears, which you can take completely apart to wash and dry.

For cutting paper, regular Fiskars will never fail you.

If you want to cut fabric, you need a dedicated pair of fabric shears. If you like to do anything fabric-oriented, it's worth having a separate pair because dull scissors will shred, rather than cutting. You can go with Ginghers if you feel like going actual BIFL, but I've used Fiskars for 10 years without a hint of wear on them.

For opening boxes, a simple or classic utility knife/box-cutter will do the job and keep your scissor blades from getting crap on them.

And for heavier-duty cutting (like zip-ties), get a pair of compound snips so you don't mess up the blades of your regular scissors.

Edit: it's hilarious to me that this comment has gotten so much attention. There's a lot of good info and alternate suggestions below. The compound snips especially seem to be overqualified for my uses, although as a person whose hands get tender and finicky, especially in the colder months, it's definitely nice to have something that takes the effort out of cutting those damn zip ties.

u/agoia · 16 pointsr/drunkencookery

That looks awesome as hell. If you use scissors a lot on chicken and raw meat and stuff I HIGHLY recommend getting a pair that can separate like these or these so you can clean them fully. The fixed rivet ones have a higher chance of harboring shit where it cant get well cleaned and potentially cross contaminating stuff.

u/ElleAnn42 · 2 pointsr/Cooking

That's why you buy kitchen shears that come apart.