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American Philosophy: A Love Story
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u/Stormblessed117 · 2 pointsr/Cosmere

If you guys are fans of jewelry there is a site that sells cosmere related items. For example, me and my best friend got the adolin and dalinar shardblade necklaces because we relate to those two characters. There are also mistborn rings you can inscribe with your own message/word, and some other cool pieces. Other gifts Ive gotten and loved included other fantasy books I hadn’t read yet. I’ve heard great things about the king killer chronicle and intend to give those a try. I’m certain others on this thread can give great recommendations as well. I also received some money for the cosmere tattoo I had wanted for about a year, which was a wonderful surprise from my sister. Whatever his favorite metal, order, rune, or element from a Sanderson book, I’m sure there’s a way to give him a personal and meaningful token of that thing. Another book that isn’t related to sanderson but are philosophical pieces are “American philosophy: a love story” and “hiking with Nietzsche” both authored by John Kaag, whom was a college professor of mine. Both books are wonderful stories about love from a philosophical viewpoint, sharing the undertones of many Sanderson books. Both are great reads that taught me a lot if your husband enjoys philosophy/the deeper meanings to sandersons books. If you’re interested in other recommendations, feel free to pm me. Good luck!

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Kingkiller chronicle:
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