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u/peas_ · 5 pointsr/Parenting

Some UK-based picture book recommendations:

Animalia by Graeme Base is an alphabet book with tons of intricate drawings that'll keep kids occupied for hours.

The Dark by Lemony Snicket and Jon Klassen is very stylistically interesting.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea by Judith Kerr is a classic here in the UK.

Gorilla by Anthony Browne is a favourite of the children I teach, of all ages.

You Choose and Just Imagine by Pippa Goodhart and Nick Sharratt are brilliant to get children talking about all sorts of things.

I've got recommendations for older readers too, if you're interested.

Edit: I can't do hyperlinks.

u/Ratman_84 · 5 pointsr/ArtPorn

Animalia by Graeme Base?

u/master_jeb · 2 pointsr/Art

Several of these remind me of Animalia by Graeme Base:

u/barnes80 · 2 pointsr/doctorwho

Yes! This is it!

Thank you. You are right though, I don't think it has any other references though.

u/PrettyOddish · 2 pointsr/tipofmytongue

Maybe Animalia by Graeme Base?

u/mourningreaper00 · 1 pointr/books

I remember as a kid pouring over the beauty of Animalia.

u/WalterPPK · 1 pointr/tipofmytongue