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AR-15 Complete Assembly Guide
Guides the reader through every operation required to assemble an AR-15.
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u/ElBomberoLoco · 5 pointsr/Firearms

I hate to give a generic answer.....but to be completely honest......I poked around this forum as well as /r/ar15 for advice & tutorials...coupled with buying The AR-15 Complete Assembly Guide of Amazon.

I'm a total amateur...and this was my first build...but it was very easy.

u/trapartist · 2 pointsr/guns

I suggest you pickup a book and read about it. Videos are nice, but it's better to read through the text, and think about everything.

I had great success with this book:

I did my first AR assembly a year ago w/o watching any videos, and only reading this book.

u/PNut_Buttr_Panda · 2 pointsr/Firearms

Youtube is a vast resource for almost any gun these days.

Four basic rules of gun safety:

Basic range safety and ettiquette:

How to operate an AR15:

How to zero it:

How to shoot it (like a boss):

How to maintain it:

How it works:



Development history:

Early development and current ongoing modernization


Army approved camouflaging methods:

Things you should consider if your going to involve yourself in gun ownership and the greater gun community:

Literature (for your library of badassery):

Owners guide:

Builders guide:

DOD technical manual (vintage repro) A1:

DOD technical manual A2/M4:

Another manual:

Collectors guide (early rifles):

Collectors guide (modernized rifles & carbines):

Wiki page:

If you decide to get into gun ownership taking a firearms safety course and getting what you need to participate in an Appleseed marksmanship clinic are good first steps into getting some hands on experience with firearms and the history of the 2nd amendment. Safety courses are held all over the place some googling will find you one in your area pretty easily they are usually fairly inexpensive. Appleseed clinics are scheduled events that are at predetermined ranges. Beyond that if you choose to get an AR15 there are a lot of schools that host "Introductory Carbine Classes" designed around the AR15. They are good ways to get some hands on training but they usually require you to bring your own rifle, mags, some basic load bearing kit, and ammo. If you can afford to get into an entry level carbine class they are usually worth it. Watching youtube videos and reading some text on the stuff can be greatly useful but there is a limit to how much you can learn without getting hands on experience.

u/lathesand · 2 pointsr/ar15

This is actually a good guide for what tools you'll need:

u/sanph · 1 pointr/pics

Not to mention, "The AR-15 Complete Assembly Guide" was written literally decades ago and gets updated every once in a while with new edition re-prints. It's still considered the authoritative beginners manual and was around long before the internet was a "thing".

You can buy it on

You can build a fully-functional AR-15 rifle with pretty good quality parts for less than it costs to build a low-end gaming PC.

u/stealthboy · 1 pointr/guns

I put an AR-15 lower together using a book and it wasn't that difficult at all. You must buy a few special tools, however (punches). You'll be amazed at how simple it really is.

I think this is the book I used: