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Attack on Titan: Colossal Edition 1
Attack on Titan Colossal Edition Volume 1
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8 Reddit comments about Attack on Titan: Colossal Edition 1:

u/Overlord3k · 9 pointsr/manga

Some things I feel like mentioning:

The Sword Art Online volume that comes out this month is the manga. The first light novel volume comes out next month. I think I won't get the manga but I will definitely buy the light novel volumes.

The first 3 volumes of Phoenix by Osamu Tezuka are currently available digitally and the 4th volume comes out next week (March 11). You can get it directly from Vizmanga, Amazon Kindle, iBookstore, Nook, and Google Play.

You can buy a Shonen Jump subscription on Rightstuf ($26) and get a free year of their Got Anime Membership.

I noticed most volumes of Attack on Titan are currently around $6-$7 on amazon so it is worth checking it out if you are interested in buying the series. Worth noting that if you don't mind waiting the Attack on Titan Colossal Edition 1 comes out in May and contains the first 5 volumes of the series.

Deadman Wonderland volume 1 which came out last month is still $6 on amazon.

Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer Vol. 1-2 is currently available for preorder comes out in November. I also noticed Noragami, Kokoro Connect, and Ubel Blat are available for preorder (on amazon at least).


This week I had around 8 volumes preordered but I had to cancel most of them. I plan to buy them in the future during a sale. (Really wanted Nijigahara Holograph....waited so long for was even delayed...but I have been spending too much on manga recently so :/ )

Haganai volume 6 just arrived and it seems next volume the manga finally reaches the 2nd season of the anime. Nisekoi volume 2 should get here tomorrow (currently around $6.30 on amazon). Psyren volume 15 has not shipped idea why (currently $5 on amazon).

Those are my orders for this week. I really can't wait for the Gundam volume at the end of this month.


From last month's releases I only remember getting Toradora 6, Dragon Ball Full Color Edition 1, Strike Witches 1, Deadman Wonderland and I think that was it....I did kinda go crazy and spend a bit on some stuff released long ago like Great Teacher Onizuka and Gintama. If anyone is interested on the size of the Dragon Ball color edition volume I can take some pictures next to a regular One Piece volume.

Long post xD

u/earlgrey0 · 7 pointsr/mangaswap

Dude, that seems really high for the cover damage . For $6 more you can get this new on Amazon. Also, someone could get volume 3 new for less.

u/theirisnetwork · 5 pointsr/comicbooks

It's weird, because for me in terms of my nerd collections, outside of video games, manga was my next biggest outlet. If I'm going to be completely honestly, I was too scared to get into comic books back when I was a younger teenager because seeing the individual issues made it very daunting. Manga back then was easier because well, it was numbered, and because of all the volumes, it was all presented very easy and accordingly well for a socially awkward teenager who didn't want to ask advice.

I still remember getting big into them, that was around the time that Civil War was happening. Which was really interesting for me, but then asking friends about trying to read up on it, and how not only did I need to keep up with Civil War the series, I had to also read some issues of Amazing Spider-Man (which was already confusing, there's multiple versions of Spider-Man out?), Fantastic Four and New Avengers, also later on some Iron Man and Punisher as well along with She-Hulk, some Thunderbolts and such.

At that time, Bleach and Naruto were much easier because everything was condensed into just these volumes I needed to read. I wasn't big enough into it to subscribe to Shonen Jump, so I would just patiently wait until a new one would come out. It was a bit annoying using my allowance to pay $10 or so to finish something that would be done in an hour, but I was hooked.

As time went on in high school, I moved less towards manga and more into anime. This was back when Toonami and Adult Swim was in it's glory days. From there, I suddenly understood this concept that manga would usually come up first then followed by the anime, so I wanted to get into this. That meant going into scanlations. So at the peak of me liking anime and manga I was going and watching fansubbed episodes of stuff and constantly waiting for new chapters to come up to read.

College rolled around, and I guess not having cable, in addition to being able to have a much broader group of friends and social life made it so that focusing as much as I could on anime and manga was getting harder. In fact, during this time I think that the only big ones I remember getting into were Death Note and Gurren Lagann and FMA: Brotherhood. I still remember my roommate getting really confused when I bough the box set of Death Note and it came in this massive Amazon box.

But, mostly around this time, anime and manga flew to the wayside for me. It was much harder to keep up with and friends who were dedicated in it had to follow everything almost religiously. Unlike say a TV show or something, anime would be like at a minimum 26 episodes for a series, some 51 (not talking about OVAs or limited runs mind you) which made it hard to do on a college schedule.

It was around senior year that I decided to try to get back into things. For me that was first with comic books. For that it was much easier. If there was storyline you liked, there was either a TPB or a hardcover edition of everything you missed. This you can pick and choose. Oh, I really want to read all of Batman: Year One. Good news, there's a collected version of that. Oh, there's a new series called Saga I want to read? If I can't read every new issue, I'll just wait a bit for the next couple issues to be collected and read it on trade.

For manga that's a lot harder, as least how they package and sell it in the US. You can't just choose storylines, they constantly go by volume. I can't really say easily find an exact storyline of something I like and choose only to read that. Those numbered volumes just keep going and going. In fact, this happened to me one time. I was trying to start to read a bit more of a recent series, 20th Century Boys, and I lost track as to what volume I was at. This was a combination of me buying them and borrowing from friend's. After seeing how there's no real easy way to figure out where to pick up, I just gave up.

I know that they're at least trying though. One recent series I've loved recently is Attack on Titan. After watching the first season on episodes I wanted to read the manga to see the differences between the two and was very happy that they've got a collected "Colossal Edition" that have volumes 1-5 in it.

I really do want to get back into manga, but for someone who's been out of it for a bit, it doesn't really seem that new user friendly as compared to comic books. Which is very odd to say, but nowadays if I go into a comic book store I can talk about how much I love Matt Fraction's stuff and have someone in there recommend to me something else. This all being said, I guess this is moreover an issue that I can't find a reliable manga store in my place, but I feel like this is stressing my original point, that for me to try to get back into it requires a lot more work than I'm used to.

u/H-K_47 · 4 pointsr/ShingekiNoKyojin

From the Sidebar:

> As of episode 25, the anime has reached chapter 33.

Which is the end of Volume 8, so you can start from Volume 9!

As for collections, there is the Colossal Edition, which contains the first 5 volumes. However, if you want to read beyond the anime, you'd have to buy the individual volumes. Volume 15 was the most recent, and Volume 16 comes out in April.

u/Tickleberry · 2 pointsr/graphicnovels

You might like Attack on Titan or Descender. The first is a mature manga and the second is a sci-fi graphic novel. I'm hoping to collect the colossal edition of attack on titan this holiday :)

u/Squill_N · 2 pointsr/manga
u/yunarose84 · 1 pointr/attackontitan

Attack on Titan: Colossal Edition 1

Multiple volumes (1-5) under 40 bucks right now :)

u/shadowdra126 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have wanted to read this for a while! it has been on my list since I saw this edition!