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AWS Series Digital Pocket Weight Scale 1kg x 0.1g, (Black), AWS-1KG-BLK
Portable Scale: This digital food scale measures 5" x 3" x 0.8", so it's the perfect size for measuring on the go. Use it to measure food, coffee, spices, or medication.Durable & Compact: This mini kitchen scale is perfect for travel and can fit in your bag. Plus, it easily converts between grams, ounces, troy ounces, pennyweights.LCD Screen: The digital scale's backlit LCD Screen makes numbers viewable and easy to read — even in dim lighting. Thanks to high-precision sensors, you'll get an accurate measurement every time.Built-in Cover: Keep your electronic food scale safe with the built-in durable cover. It will keep your scale looking like new and protect it from scratches, bumps, and everyday wear and tear.Stainless Steel: Our digital kitchen scale has a stainless-steel surface that's easy to clean. Place your items directly onto the Stainless Steel or place them in a tray or container for measuring.
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83 Reddit comments about AWS Series Digital Pocket Weight Scale 1kg x 0.1g, (Black), AWS-1KG-BLK:

u/JohnnyBsGirl · 13 pointsr/loseit

I got this one. I can keep it in my purse and use it at work or wherever. No excuses!

u/concretebox · 7 pointsr/saplings
u/enkrypt0r · 6 pointsr/Silverbugs

For me, I've found the best value in having two scales. I have this one for smaller items. It goes to the nearest tenth of a gram, so that's good enough for me for smaller quantities. This is good for jewelery, small coins, etc.

For weighing a whole stack or something, I also have one of these. It's only accurate to the nearest gram, so the small one is better for small quantities, but this one supports up to eleven pounds and is definitely the best you'll find for the price. I also measure stuff other than my stack on it as well, so this is a decent multipurpose scale.

u/SparklingLimeade · 6 pointsr/soylent

Scale, accurate to at least one more digit than what you're measuring. Something like this. Containers to measure with and potentially store prepared powder or oil in. Blender is generally unnecessary. Just get something to shake it up in. Blender bottles and similar protein shake paraphernalia are popular but just about anything will do.

u/sinoth · 6 pointsr/soylent

Do you understand why people don't use volume measurements, though? 1 tbsp of packed vitamin powder could easily be 2 tbsp of unpacked powder. Do you really want to risk an overdose because you scooped your ingredients out with too much force?

This is $8:

Just get a scale and do it properly. It isn't that difficult. Once you better understand your components and preparation method you can take shortcuts like volume measurement.

u/_mycelia · 5 pointsr/shrooms

Because it's by far one of the best scales for the price. If you want something more accurate or precise, buy a nicer scale that weighs out to the thousandths of a gram. You barely even need a scale that goes out to the tenth of a gram for weighing mushrooms, let alone a hundredth. I personally use this one that weighs to the 0.1g for most things since the capacity (1kg) is so much higher. I got it for six dollars and it's much more convenient than weighing out 100g at a time.

What makes you say it's shitty and what scale would you suggest instead?

u/uRabbit · 5 pointsr/Coffee

AeroPress, for sure. Here is probably the cheapest setup you can do, and still get the best flavour/experience.

Aerobie AeroPress + Able DISK Fine - $40 (I strongly suggest the DISK Fine over paper filters, but the AeroPress does come with a bunch of filters.)

Pocket Scale - $7

Carafe - $7 (so you press straight into this, and measure yield, as most mugs will not fit on the scale; also great for serving two)

Hario Slim burr grinder - $34 (if you'd rather go electric, the Bodum Bistro burr is a great buy and can be had for $120 new or under $100 used/refurbished)

Bonavita Gooseneck kettle - $50 (You do not need a gooseneck for the AeroPress, but you do for any type of pour over, so why not?)

Good luck, and have fun! Give my video a gander to see how to prepare with the AeroPress. It is fun! Almost as fun as an espresso machine. Ha! Yeah, right! But definitely worth the small coin.

u/ejchristian86 · 3 pointsr/knitting

I use this one for both business and personal yarn. You probably don't need 1/10ths of a gram for general knitting purposes but I needed it for measuring dye so... yeah. I definitely recommend digital since you can zero and calibrate it pretty easily, and it's a lot more accurate than a standard scale. If you do go standard, I'd recommend one that has a little slider as opposed to just a dial. They're more accurate and less likely to break.

u/Nu_Recovery_ · 3 pointsr/kratom

Gram scales are really cheap online but get kind of expensive when you buy in person. A kitchen scale usually won't measure gram doses very accurately so the one I linked is what I would suggest. I've had it for over a year and it works great. You can get them at smoke shops but they're usually over $20 so I would definitely buy online.

u/redpandaflying93 · 3 pointsr/tea

I use this AWS scale from Amazon

Nothing fancy, but it gets the job done at a fair price

u/tnfootball16 · 3 pointsr/saplings
Have had it for 4 years now and it still weighs perfectly

u/pimaniac · 3 pointsr/Coffee

Here's my kit:

u/bojee · 3 pointsr/keto

The secret? Buy a food scale (this one goes for less than $7 on amazon).

Reading food labels and measuring all of your precooked food, will allow you to keep track (Myfitnesspal app, Loseit app are two popular apps) of exactly how many calories you're eating.

  • For example, I ate a spinach and bacon omelette with cheese (3 eggs, 4 slices of bacon, 4 ounces of shredded mild cheddar, 141 grams of frozen spinach). Total calories - 1,050 (5g net carbs/73 g fat/82 g protein).

    If you go out to eat, you should be able to find out the calorie amounts for different fast-food or restaurants in the tracking apps as well.
u/pockified · 3 pointsr/tea

This AWS 1kg x 0.1g scale would be the perfect addition.

If you travel and don't already have one, a nice thermos could also be valuable. Zojirushi makes my favorite.

Personally, I haven't had too much success buying teas from Amazon.

u/DubbuhDubbuh · 3 pointsr/trees

One of the best investments I've ever made.

u/Reddit-Hivemind · 3 pointsr/Coffee

$50 seems like a ton for a scale. The scale I got off amazon is 1000g max, 0.1g accuracy and cost $9.

I can even put my french press on it (about 400g w/ grounds), tare it, then add 700g of water so I know what my coffee:water ratio is.

There are other good, cheap scales on amazon too I think you can take your pick for sub $20. The only thing I would change about mine is to get a slightly larger one-- the small scale size works good for measuring coffee, but may not seat the chemex or french press well enough. I end up using like a coaster to raise the scale bed.

u/TommyTeaMorrow · 2 pointsr/tea

I have the same one and I bought it a little over a year ago and I still use it every day. think its the exact same one but well that's the one I got.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/trees
I bought this nice scale for $10 from amazon, qualifies for free prime shipping too (I have a .edu email)

u/whiffypants · 2 pointsr/kratom

Can confirm re: calibration weights.

That particular one doesn't come with a calibration weight, unfortunately. But -- I've tried more than one scale and I got really tired of the calibration hassle, so with the $10 or so I saved on that scale from another I was looking at, I bought a simple set of calibration weights -- and have ended up using them far more frequently than I thought I might.

But for those who don't have a calibration weight, to me it's bonus that the scale actually arrived perfectly calibrated.

I also have a AWS Gemini 20 milligram scale -- great if you're looking for milligrams and very precise -- but far too difficult to use regularly for kratom, IMO, not least because the scale can't use a regular cup, even a plastic condiment cup.

But even if I'd had to pay the convenience store price you mentioned, which was double what I did pay, I couldn't be happier with the scale I bought. As I told my partner at the time, it's the scale that all the others wish they were. :D

u/dis0riented · 2 pointsr/trees

just trust me, i got ripped off by my old dealer but wasnt sure (id buy a gram and he'd give me .7 or.8) but with my scale, never again. This one works fantastic.

u/BurnAccount1974 · 2 pointsr/ketorecipes

I used this recipe for crack slaw, but I made a few changes.

How I modified the recipe:
I doubled everything except the sesame oil, which got quadrupled (it smelled so good I forgot to stop adding! Which actually helped up the calorie macro, which I needed because I do IF), and I used Marketside Angel Hair Cole Slaw from Wal-Mart instead of the slaw mix, to reduce carbs from carrots. I also opted not to add Sriracha sauce (because I'm a big, wussy baby), and opted for just a dash of chili powder instead. Instead of two Splenda packets I used one Truvia packet (so I used 3g vs 2g), and didn't notice any cooling or terrible sweetness. For the ginger and garlic I used pastes for both (also at Walmart in the produce aisle, brand Gourmet Garden).

How I portioned it:
I got EXACTLY nine 6-oz portions (I used this as a meal prep recipe), and weighed them out using this scale. Since 6 oz is 168 grams, I put a bowl on the scale, turned it on, so it set to zero, weighed out 118 grams, turned the scale off, turned it back on, and weighed 50 grams. I have a 2-lb tiny scale that's analog, but I trust digital more. Each 6-oz portion went into a plastic bag and into the freezer.

To serve:
In order to reach my specific calorie macros for the day (and it still took an Isopure Zero Carb protein shake and about 6 oz of an Americano with heavy cream from Starbucks to get there), I split the portion roughly evenly between two Mission Carb Balance burrito-sized tortillas (the brown ones).

Edited to add I don't know why MFP did the math wrong, but three 10-oz bags of coleslaw should be 15.75 cups, not 16.5. When I updated the information, it didn't change the displayed macros.

u/BlackWind13 · 2 pointsr/saplings
u/the1osu · 2 pointsr/trees

I would get this one
I've got it and a bunch of my friends have it and it works just like it should.

u/ShatteringFast · 2 pointsr/vaporents

My typo definitely kept the post from being clear, thanks for pointing that out.

I have that scale and it just doesn't seem to accurately measure very small amounts, like anything under a couple grams, even though it displays .01 and all. I should probably try and get another scale. Oh well, maybe later.

u/binderclips · 2 pointsr/keto

I have this one, works very well. I basically went to Amazon and searched for lots of consistently high reviews <$10.

u/ketonesser · 2 pointsr/xxketo

I have this one at work.

And I'm thinking of either getting another of the same, just for travel or maybe trying this one, instead.

u/alexandrovic · 2 pointsr/trees

awesome!! and i use mine to make sure i dont get ripped off... something ilke this works perfectly

u/segasean · 2 pointsr/Coffee

To answer your question, the strength of your coffee is mostly influenced by how much coffee you're using versus how much water. For a strong cup with your Keurig, go with the setting with the smallest amount of water. The Keurig is by no means the "best" method to make coffee, but it will make coffee. If you decide to get a manual brewer (French press, Aeropress, Kalita Wave, etc.) the brew time has some leeway, but I'd recommend just using more coffee than trying to push the recommended brew time too far. Coffee can/should be strong without being bitter, and keeping the water and coffee together too long will create bitterness.

What follows is everything you need to know about making great coffee. Warning, this may be overwhelming:

  1. Freshly ground coffee is going to taste better. Consider coffee like bread. A loaf left on the counter will get stale faster if you slice it up. Freshly roasted is better, but it might be more expensive/harder for you to find and you might not want to dive that deep yet.
  2. Conical burr grinders are better than blade grinders. The problem is that a decent automatic burr grinder is going to be ~$100 and that's a steep price for someone just getting into coffee. Many people will recommend the mini mill, Skerton, or something along those lines that is hand-crank. (Good non-name brand options: 1 and 2) Those are your best bet. Although I wouldn't necessarily recommend it, you can get an automatic blade grinder if you might have an issue with manual grinding/don't want to drop a lot of money. I will mention that darker roasts are easier to grind manually so there's less worry for your wrist. The problem with blade grinders is you get a bunch of differently sized bits, which makes it more difficult to get consistency and figure out a grind size/brew time you like.
  3. Each method of brewing calls for a differently sized grind. This is pretty important. If it's too small, you'll get a bitter cup. If it's too big, you'll get a sour cup. The same goes for brew time. Too long will make a bitter cup, and too short will make a sour cup. However, there's some leeway on both of these to your taste.
  4. There are a bunch of ways to make coffee that change how it tastes. Methods that involve filtering through paper make a cleaner cup, but you lose most of the oils in the coffee. Metal filters leave in these oils, but can also leave a lot of sediment/mud in the bottom of your cup. You might drink this if you drink that last sip, and it isn't really nice.
  5. Weighing your coffee is much more accurate if you want to make a consistent cup. A tablespoon of a darker roast might be 5 grams while a tablespoon of a lighter roast might be 7 grams.
  6. You'll need something to boil water in. If you have a kettle, great. If you don't, you can use a pan or you can buy a kettle. It doesn't need to be a fancy/expensive gooseneck-style one (1 and 2), but you might want one of those if you get into pourover methods.

    I would recommend a French press (1 2 3 4) or Aeropress for someone just getting into coffee. They're much more forgiving than pour-over methods, meaning you're less likely to make a bitter cup. They each have their own drawbacks, too. An Aeropress is easier to clean up, but can only make one cup at a time. A French press takes more time to clean, but can make about 3 cups at a time. (By cups I mean a standard 12-ounce mug.) Definitely get a grinder, too (see above). A scale (1 and 2) is optional but recommended. For beans, seek out a local roaster/coffee shop, but there are tons of online options available, too.

    Welcome to the wonderful (and sometimes crazy) world of coffee!
u/tuskman22 · 2 pointsr/Fitness

hmm I'd weigh it out. You only have to do it a few times before you can eyeball it for the future. If you don't have a scale, buy one from Amazon, they are pretty cheap and totally worth it. I own this one, and it's never steered me wrong.

u/CrunchyPoem · 2 pointsr/kratom

You need a scale more like this, it's similar to the one that I use. The one that you have is a kitchen scale, and isn't as sensitive and isn't particularly a scale for measuring milligrams.

It's worth the money to get one like the link I posted.

Also if you use a spoon or something, you can set it on the scale before turning it on.. And it will calibrate so that the spoon measures at 0, so you can scoop some Kratom on the spoon and set it on the scale and it will act as though the spoon isn't a factor in the total weight. That way you won't need to make such a mess when measuring😜

u/saltyteabag · 2 pointsr/tea

This is just about what I was going to suggest as well. I have a 120ml gaiwan that I use mostly for brewing oolongs, and I do about 6-8 grams. My goal is for the expanded tea to just about fill the gaiwan.

I would highly recommend a scale, as 1 teaspoon can vary wildly as to the actual amount of tea in it. I've been using this scale lately, and it works great. If you're a coffee drinker too, it has a wide enough range that you can use it for that too.

u/Almaytan · 2 pointsr/kratom

2 years daily use , stored in my garage in freezing temps , always work sensitively , just changed the batteries it came with ! (2xAAA)

u/frankzzz · 2 pointsr/soylent

Nothing beats a good scale.

When some of the ingredients can cause health problems if you get too little or too much, and some can even be potentially deadly if you get way too much, too often, you definitely don't want to ever approximate them.

u/dragonbubbles · 2 pointsr/kratom
u/NO_NotAgain · 2 pointsr/Coffee

I don't know how much disposable income you have, but I sincerely doubt it's less than what I have as a student. If you're in the US and have access to Amazon, this scale from American Weigh Systems is only $9.00...and measures to tenths of a gram. It's what I use and has stood up for 6+ months so far.

u/evilbadro · 2 pointsr/Coffee

Look under scientific or lab scales on Amazon. There are scales with .1g increments for under $10.

u/yunolisten · 2 pointsr/trees

You shouldn't judge weight by appearance.

Get a scale, they aren't that expensive.

u/rygy3 · 1 pointr/kratom

I'm in a similar living situation and am close to you in age. My parents know about me using kratom, but they're not fans of it, and as such I try to dose discreetly. This scale I have is rather cheap, and is as precise as you'll ever need for kratom measuring. It also will fit in your pocket. Go to your local Dairy Queen, get yourself a blizzard, and get a Gatorade from the convenience store down the road. Drink your Gatorade and eat your Blizzard, and keep both the spoon and bottle. DQ's spoons are small, and Gatorade bottles have large mouths; this is important.

Now the next time you dose, put your spoon and scale in one pocket, empty Gatorade bottle in the other, and baggy of kratom in your underpants, and walk yourself to the bathroom, where you can fill bottle with warm water. Then put your kratom into the bottle and shake it and consume in bathroom.

20-30 grams is a problem; I think you know that though. Atleast with a scale though you can watch yourself continue a bad habit, or taper down without guessing how much you're taking. Good luck

u/iloqin · 1 pointr/keto

Escali, I have one since 2009 and it works well, search Amazon for :
Primo Digital Kitchen Scale 11Lb/5Kg

For electrolytes and powder caffeine that need hundredths I use:

u/Oranges13 · 1 pointr/100DaysofKeto

The one linked in the OP is SUPER accurate ( Unfortunately it's very small.

My best suggestion is just to read reviews. They're all going to have the pros and cons. I like being able to measure up to .1g of whatever it is though.

u/irritable_sophist · 1 pointr/tea

I think you should drop a few $$ on a scale and quit guessing. A decent scale is now about the price of a couple of ounces of cheap tea.

u/DClawdude · 1 pointr/keto

Very happy to help!

For tracking apps - Carb Manager and Cronometer are the best for accurate data

For scales - I have two:

I don't get any money from these links, just showing what I bought in the past :)

u/chrisbair · 1 pointr/soylent

here's the new scale that I'm using:

u/mcpancakes · 1 pointr/soylent

For a scale, I just used this scale for the first time the other day and it worked very well. I think I read /u/chrisbair has and likes this one as well.

u/nullperson · 1 pointr/Silverbugs

You can buy a nice scale for under $10 on amazon

u/peterlcole · 1 pointr/wicked_edge

I picked up this scale to help me identify razors. Based on the weight and this page, I concluded that my Rocket is an HD.

u/nezia · 1 pointr/Stronglifts5x5

I got this scale, when I started logging my meals:
It's small (passport size) and can be easily carried around (to the office etc.).
1000g of max. weight should be enough for most ingredients. Make sure to just place a light plastic bowl on it and tare it beforehand, as the scale is small.

The slow carb diet is a great starting point for eating veggies. If you have got a slow cooker (crockpot) you can't go wrong. There are tons of chili- or curry-like recipes that have a reduced amount of carbs and consist of only meat and veggies of all kinds. Those dishes taste amazing, don't actually require a carb-rich side dish (rice etc.) and you can sneak in a ton of veggies.

Once a week I prepare something I call "veggie and protein cake". I take a round glass casserole and fill it with 1lbs leafy spinach, bunch of spring onion, paprika, chili, cauliflower or broccoli add some bacon cubes and feta cheese, while layering the ingredients. I cover it with some grated cheese and stir 6-8 eggs, which I then pour all over the veggies to fill the whole casserole. Put it in the oven for 30min. at 320°F and you made your self a delicious veggie cake that will last you at least a week.

Regarding your cardio training intensity: I see nothing wrong with the cardio. Keep it up as long as your body allows it. I did that myself with running and hid a roadblock as soon as I reached 1x-bodyweight levels on my squat. My legs were just too sore to run 3x/week. Now I'm running once or twice a week and am back to some indoorcycling after my workout.

I'd recommend you to stick to the 3x/w 5x5 SL protocol. Your body needs to get used to the rhythm of a weight lifting break on the weekends. I had serious issues on my friday workouts, when my squats reached 260lbs and more. The two day recovery is often times more than needed and can make a huge difference for the next week.

I know it's addictive and it can be tempting to do more, but you'd be better off to throw in a stretching routine or some extensive mobility work or light cardio on Sundays.


u/theboylilikoi · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I need a scale, preferably this one! I'm a budding chef (going to culinary school next spring!) and need a more accurate scale to complete a bunch of recipes! I was going to be buying one really soon actually because I'm hosting a dinner party soon and need a more accurate scale for my crafty turtle molecular gastronomy recipes! :)

u/YellowCrazyAnt · 1 pointr/espresso

If you are only weighing basket
American Weigh Scales Signature Series Black AWS-1KG-BLK Digital Pocket Scale, 1000 by 0.1 G

If you rea weighing portafilter + basket
American Weigh Scales AMW-SC-501 Digital Pocket Scale, 500 by 0.01 G

u/vaorca · 1 pointr/Coffee

This is the one I use. I use the hopper lid to weigh out the beans before grinding. The same scale also fits under the portafilter with a small cup on it to weigh the output as you pull the shot.

American Weigh Scales Signature Series Digital Precision Pocket Weight Scale, Black 1000G x 0.1G

u/NikButter · 1 pointr/trees

Yo bro, I got you!

First Rolling Papers

Second thing for sure is Filters

Now you need a grinder and there's a lot of good ones out there, this is the one I went with a few years back and I still use it all of the time, plus it came with a pollen press but... It's a bit pricey!

I'm gonna give you the rest of my typical setup that are less used by others and just the "little things"

  • A hand needle or an long/avg size but THIN screw/nail (anything). This really is a must, what I use is this guy

  • I have an average sized RAW (hemp) tray, however I've noticed I keep using it less and less. You'll be fine without one just use a book or something but it's something to consider.
    *Get yourself a magnifying glass man. One of my all time favorite activities while I'm high with friends or even by myself is to just check out this dank skunk beautiful in front of me y'know? I went a step further and just recently bought a full on microscope.

  • This scale will be just fine give it a nice wipe every once n awhile and it will be fine.

  • HEMP WICK!! you'll want one it really is nice to have a kind of controlled flame. A typical bic lighter is actually making your trees too hot! You burnin away all of that deliciousness bro, gotta get a hemp wick. My preference is humboldt's hemp wick, they have been nothing but amazing for me constantly giving me random fun stuff for free and their product is solid.

  • Smell Proof Bags There's plenty of cheaper options that are probably just as good I just use these and haven't changed.

  • Check this Jar out! You want to be an ent, that's good, that's real good. This jar is the perfect representation of a proud and happy ent, just keep it filled!

    Alright so that's the basic shiznit my man. On a side note I'd recommend just giving vaporizers a try if you have the resources. I just recently made the switch to a PAX2 from a grav water pipe. Let me tell you the transition has been beautiful. Anyways, I hope this was helpful. Toke care, pal.
u/Thunderhalk89 · 1 pointr/tea

The scale I got

There is a version that measures in .01g increments as well. As for measuring tea by weight, it makes more sense than doing it by volume (teaspoon/tablespoon) because of leaf size or if it's compressed/rolled.

TeaDB did a great video that demonstrated this (granted, it is about puerh, but can be applied to non-compressed teas)

I could have sworn that their was an image demonstrating this as well, but can't seem to find it right now.

u/keidian · 1 pointr/ketochow

I picked up for a scale. Looks like would be the same basic model for US.

Pretty cheap :)

u/thisismyherbsona · 1 pointr/trees

I've been happy with this guy (and I see I'm the 3rd person to post it):

I've seen a lot of other people post pics with this one:

Just watch the specs when you order, those above measure max 100 grams, and are precise to 0.01g. There are models that look identical but have different specs. This one looks like #1 above but does 1000 grams x 0.1g, so less precision, but can weigh more at once.

u/A_true_gENTleman · 1 pointr/trees
u/baristalab · 1 pointr/Coffee

I made a video on this with the almost exact same title a few months back, but it was more focused on the "lazy" aspect haha. But I don't think you need to spend $100 for personal (single cup) use, you can get an Aeropress for $25, a
Hario Skerton for ~$40 OR a Hario Mini Mill for ~$30, and
a scale that measures grams for $10 (American Weigh Systems makes cheap digital scales)

All on Amazon-- but the scale is really only important until you get enough practice, and you'll start to eyeball everything. That's basically all you need other than the coffee. Specialty coffee is tough to get under $20/bag, maybe cheaper with a subscription. With the coffee, it's less than $100, albeit not by much.

For what it's worth even if you don't use specialty/single origin coffee, you can still get better coffee out of an Aeropress and a Skerton using fresh ground whole bean bulk coffee from say, Wholefoods, than you could with a Mr. Coffee machine and some Folgers.

Completely agree with /u/milehighmischief 's comment though, if you're using old or burned coffee, you're gonna have a bad time.

u/booze_clues · 1 pointr/bodybuilding

American Weigh Scales AWS 1KG Digital Pocket Scale

Only had it for 2 months but no problems yet, bout $8. Does grams, ounces, and 2 other measurements that I don't know what they are.

u/Zaylin · 1 pointr/electronic_cigarette

Yeah thanks, actually spent a couple of hours browsing the DIY subreddit and I felt my wallet start to itch. Definitely quite a few clone recipes I'd love to try out. I think next month I might place a few orders. I don't think I'd jump right into making my own juice, I figure that will come, if ever, after getting a feel for what the actual flavorings taste like.

Quick question if you don't mind though! Seen a lot of people recommending scales in the $30-40 price range, but what's wrong with something like this?

u/treeofeternity · 1 pointr/shrooms

I have something similar to these because it can weigh very small amounts

But I guess any accurate kitchen scales would do.

u/fuzzyaces · 1 pointr/MolecularGastronomy

I would look at this website This will have a lot of the ingredients. However, I agree with the rest. Things like an anova, a whipping siphon, or thermometer (thermapen) are extremely helpful but outside your budget. The other extremely important tool I'd invest in is a good scale, since some ingredients are sensitive to 0.1g differences (a la this

u/lightscarred · 1 pointr/Ultralight

Depends on the tent I think. Most UL tents are trekking pole supported and single wall, which firmly puts them under the 2lb range. My scale's precision is up to 0.1g/0.01oz, and has a max capacity of 1kg or 2.2lb. I'm able to weigh all my gear on it, framed packs and tents included.

u/fermion72 · 1 pointr/Coffee

This is the one I bought from Amazon. It measures in 0.1g increments, and seems to be accurate from my tests. The downsides are that it has a relatively small platform (my French Press sits over the edge), and it only goes up to 1000g, which means it can't measure a liter of water in a French Press. Otherwise, it's great, and the price ($8.50 shipped) certainly was right.

u/crysys · 1 pointr/guns

Just find a cheap digital scale online that can measure in grams and print out a conversion chart to grains.

Here's one for $9.

Whoops, wrong one. Here it is at $12.

Or you can buy the same scale that displays grains directly for a significant markup.

u/BomNomNom · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Happy birthday! hope you have a wonderful day! a gift day at that!

I would love love LOVE to have This to help me portion out specific ingredients when it comes to my job at the bakery or when I'm trying to eat healthier and portion my meals!

u/ballsackcancer · 1 pointr/AdviceAnimals

Yep, I bought this last year for school and it has been well worth it. I see these fools spending $3 for a red bull when you could get the equivalent from this for around a cent. All you need to do is mix it in your cereal or drink or just take it straight, and you're good to go. 250g is definitely enough for a lifetime. I would recommend pairing it with a centigram scale if you don't have one already like this.

u/tarrosion · 1 pointr/Baking

I have this one. I've never owned another precision scale, so I can't give comparisons, but I haven't had any problems thus far. I use this scale only intermittently, for measure spices, salt, yeast, xanthan, etc., but as far as I can tell, it works flawlessly. Do note the dimensions: it's extremely small - the weighing surface is about the size of a pinch bowl.

u/parogen · 1 pointr/Coffee

I use this one:

It is tiny, but I also have the hario scale/timer and it kind of doesn't detect the weight until you have at least 5g or something. So I usually use this one to weigh the beans, but I also bring this one to work without the hario with me to make aeropress at work (I use the hario at home for pourover and timing).

u/aroomacanvas · 0 pointsr/Drugs

I bought this one off of amazon for dirt cheap and it works great.

u/gekorm · 0 pointsr/Coffee

Don't get that scale! Only 0.5g resolution? Such a ripoff!

For that money you can get a microgram scale. Look at American Weight Scales. I recommend the one I have, 1000 by 0.1g. I also have the Gemini pro which cost as much as the one in your cart but is accurate down to 0.001g