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Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] [Region-Free]
Battlestar Galactica - Complete Series - 20-Disc Box Set ( BSG )Battlestar Galactica - Complete Series - 20-Disc Box SetBSG
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28 Reddit comments about Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] [Region-Free]:

u/americanfrancois · 6 pointsr/BSG

This is the set I purchased not too long ago. It ended up being a UK version but it worked fine on all my players (PS4, Xbone, and some at a friend's house)

Came with extended versions of episodes (I recommend watching these over the regular ones!), a bunch of extras such as deleted scenes, concept art, commentary. It had a little pamphlet full of spoilers that I recommend new viewers avoid. It has the miniseries, every episode of the show, and Razor (in standard and extended), but it's missing The Plan.

The packaging was neat and fairly sturdy and will definitely last a while. Doesn't look bad either. The price is terrific too.

As for 4K releases, I'm not sure. BSG is kind of a dead franchise like Stargate. At least for now. BSG came back from the dead once and Star Trek did it twice. The problem with 4K and BSG is I'm not sure how well a lot of the shots and effects would hold up and it might require a bit of investment for Universal to make. There would have to be a pretty substantial show of interest among fans for such a project.

u/Etunimi · 5 pointsr/television

It is $57.80 shipped to U.S. from right now (region-free).

( uses the same accounts as .com, and the price you pay is approx. 17% less than the page shows because they don't charge VAT for U.S. customers)

From my experience Blu-Rays are quite often cheaper on than (just have to keep an eye on the region locking).

edit: apparently this version misses "The Plan" TV movie which the U.S. edition, has, though, but otherwise contains all the same episode content (including the extended episodes), not sure about any extras.

u/Kniles · 5 pointsr/BSG

Get THIS VERSION instead.

It has everything but The Plan.

u/ElegantTobacco · 5 pointsr/BSG

Definitely worth getting on Blu-ray. If you don't mind the rating logos on the box, get this UK set:
It's cheaper than the US, and it's only missing The Plan.

u/HiroProtagonist1984 · 3 pointsr/scifi

Did you find an especially good deal? Just amazon? It's currently $54.00 for the entire series which is damned good, might just scoop that up (because I don't have Hulu.)

u/phaser_on_overload · 3 pointsr/BSG

It looks incredible but one warning, the miniseries and about the first half of the first season are grainy as hell in 1080p. There is even a RDM bit before watching the show saying that this is how it's supposed to look. It's not that bad but sometime during the first season they start toning down the film grain and then the show looks even better (to me). Just thought I'd warn you if you started watching and think there's something wrong.

Also here's a tip, the UK series release works in all regions and is only 40 bucks which is a third the price of the US release. Neither include The Plan so you'll have to get that seperatly if you want it.

u/JoelsonCarl · 3 pointsr/BSG

Here's the US store link.

I can confirm it has everything except The Plan. (It doesn't have Blood and Chrome, but that is a prequel-type thing.)

I bought this and watched it all (for the first time) a few months ago. There were some questions about what players it would work on - all I know is it played fine on my PS3.

I saw some of the reviews commenting on transferring issues/quality issues... I never saw the original airing or the show on DVD, but I thought the quality on blu ray was good and had nothing to complain about.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/BSG

I second Hola! Unblocker. It's simply incredible. In reply to your question: $700 US is way too much. has "The Complete Series for £39.99, which is 876.648 pesos (something like $60USD) according to The set is advertised as region free, although it does also say it's region B further in to the ad, so you might want to ask and make sure. They also ship to Mexico, and state that it takes 7-10 days. From a review: "The Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] DOES NOT CONTAIN:

u/mal5305 · 2 pointsr/BSG

uhm, FYI, at least in the US, the Bluray boxset is now only $65!!!

20 left in stock at time of posting this (10:45PM EST, Sept 4)

u/lostmesa · 2 pointsr/BSG

Box set or streaming services (itunes, amazon). Amazon Video currently has the HD version for $25 a season.

~~If you have Amazon Prime you can purchase the blu-rays from the UK store for only £34 (~$50)

Scratch that no US delivery from this vendor. Others usually do allow US delivery through Prime FYI, it's how I got my set for $40.

u/olbcory55 · 2 pointsr/dvdcollection

Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series [Blu-ray] Packaging may vary

u/S1iceOfPie · 2 pointsr/BSG

I purchased this set for my first watch of the series: Amazon Link. No issues with compatibility that I experienced; good quality.

It's got the mini-series, the complete series including extended versions of some episodes, and Razor. It's missing The Plan, but I think this box set is a pretty good value - it's really decently priced compare to other box sets.

u/Sessamy · 2 pointsr/startrek

Battlestar Galactica (reimagined series) is on Hulu USA at the moment. I'd summarize it as LIKE enterprise - as in trying to be more realistic - but it goes way more back, generally, in tech but it still has some really high tech as well.

It's the best piece of cinema and acting I've ever seen.

Make sure you see the remastered 16x9 version and if you like that, pick up the blu rays for cheap (region free)

The USA version may not be the remastered 16x9 version, plus, it's 3x the cost.

u/xIx_EDGE_xIx · 1 pointr/BSG

I own this version, it's the full series that also comes with optional extended episodes, bonus features, and Razor. Well worth the $60:

u/xelfer · 1 pointr/funny
u/CodingCarpenter · 1 pointr/BSG

The grain was intentional with this show. I got the under 50 dollar box set and it is absolutely phenomenal.

u/Captain_Starkiller · 1 pointr/EliteDangerous

Yeah, what ^ this guy said. BSG is a hell of a ride.

It's 40 bucks now on amazon which is, (in my opinion) well worth your money.

u/TheOutSpokenGamer · 1 pointr/BSG

I concur with the second point. If you can't afford to at the moment but you end up really enjoying the series, i suggest buying the blu-ray of BSG which has a plethora of additional content. It's super worth it. This is the one i bought (and also one of the cheapest, but it's very good quality).

u/Thelonius16 · 1 pointr/BSG

As far as I can tell, the longer versions seem to be only in the Blu-Rays.

But you can get the whole set for as low as $28 (used) on Amazon.

u/zoidbert · 1 pointr/movies

A little OT, but are you in the US or the UK (or elsewhere)? Amazon UK has some spectacular deals on blu-ray sets. (I picked up the full Harry Potter series (fantastic on BD) for about $50 US (now about $45 and the complete Battlestar GALACTICA series (another stunner on BD) for around the same cost a year or so back (it's now about $66 US).

u/GoAvs14 · 1 pointr/BSG

buy it here £30 is more than reasonable

u/Oneinchwalrus · 0 pointsr/television

It used to be on Netflix, guess it's not anymore. Handy website for you is Moreflicks

Or if you're desperate the blu-rays aren't too expensive

Edit - if you can find a working proxy its on Netflix UK