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BCW Monster Storage Box, Holds 3,200 Standard Sized Trading Cards, 200 Pound Test Strength (1-Count)
(1-Count) BCW Supplies Monster Storage Box with lid (sold unassembled)Dimensions: Exterior 15-5/8" x 13-1/4" x 4" Interior 14" x 12-3/4" x 3-7/8"Holds 3200 standard sized trading cards and 4560 collectible gaming cardsConstructed of white corrugated paper and have a 200 lb. test strengthUse this box to store and protect collectible trading cards.
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33 Reddit comments about BCW Monster Storage Box, Holds 3,200 Standard Sized Trading Cards, 200 Pound Test Strength (1-Count):

u/pavemnt · 22 pointsr/magicTCG
u/throwing-away-party · 9 pointsr/magicTCG

They totally exist. BCW makes a bunch of different sizes of them. I use one for my cards, 3 rows.

u/creedfeed · 6 pointsr/cardsagainsthumanity

I've been out of box space for a while now with the Crabs Adjust Humidity sets... I ended up buying a three row cardboard box off of Amazon for $9 or something.

Edit>> here's the box I bought. I've got it about 2/3rds full right now with all of the official CAH and Crabs sets that have been released, plus a few of the other promo sets (like PAX East). I can post pictures when I get home if anyone's interested.

u/CD84 · 4 pointsr/magicTCG

I'd recommend something like this.

u/TaquitoBandit · 4 pointsr/Netrunner

I had binders for a while, but got really lazy about keeping it organized. Now I switched to a cardboard box and am much happier. I keep everything sorted by faction and alphabetically and can find things quickly with ease. Since my collection doesn't completely fill up the box, I also store my Lord of the Rings LCG cards in there, too.

u/eyeoftheliger101 · 3 pointsr/boardgames

I purchased a cheap BCW storage box off amazon. It arrives flat and takes about 5 minutes to set up. To help with organizing the cards, I used these dividers from BGG. I printed them on cardstock, then inserted them into sleeves.

Some pics:



The cards in the first column are all the cards from 1 core set, plus all the player cards from an additional core set. The extra scenario cards in the third column are unused. As you can see, there is still plenty of room for expansions.

u/obtusepunubiris · 3 pointsr/dominion

Take two of these, cut one row off of one of them, then put them in one of these. You may want to add a little padding to top and bottom to make sure everything fits snug. It's a little large, but manageable. I've got room for the new expansion and easily two more of the same size.

If you're interested in more info, see my post here.

u/Bath_Time_Kraken · 3 pointsr/Pathfinder_ACG

The “base” box is pretty easy to find, my local comic store has them sometimes but you can also find it here 3200 Count Box

For the small dividers within each row we cannibalized an older box of similar type, though most any other cardboard /box could work. (We had several of these 500 ct Box)

While sleeving is costly, it protects the investment (plus some of us have young kids that like the pictures :p) and also has a nice side effect of having a TON of empty sleeve boxes that make perfect “holders” for stuff.

Have fun making your box!


u/4_jacks · 3 pointsr/playingcards
u/AdamHorton · 2 pointsr/dominion

I'll link my storage solution because maybe someone will get some use out of it ( /u/TLan718 ?) but I'm not sure it will be a great fit for you.

On the other hand, one of the components I use (the cardboard boxes) may work just fine for your needs:

You might not need to order these exact boxes from Amazon. Most local game stores will sell you similar boxes of varying sizes for pretty cheap so this may work out better for you.

u/ford_contour · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Here's the box I got. Don't be tempted by the 5 row version, it is too big. Four rows is a lot of space, and still mostly fits on the a shelf.

You can get fancy with printable dividers online, but I just cut some simple dividers out of card stock, and labeled them in pen.

u/CanadianBacon999 · 2 pointsr/Magicdeckbuilding

I have had over the years several different ways, but the one I use today consists of several portfolio books/binders, three ring binders and ultra pro 9 card pages and two 4k card boxes.

  • In the first small portfolio book like this: Ultra Pro 9-Pocket Black PRO-Binder I keep the true collectors items. These are the special, rare printings or just personally nostalgic cards I've collected over the years. These are NOT for play, I'll proxy the card and play with those. (Ex: Alphas, Betas, Unlimited, Promos, special foils, cards over $100, etc. It's really up to you and what you find meets your collector criteria)
  • In the second small portfolio book (like above) I keep a copy of bench-marking cards. These are cards that I use to compare to others for fakes. I typically try to get two cards of each color, from each set, of those cards that often get proxied and pawned off as real. I take these and a jewelers loupe with me when I am purchasing a collection that I suspect and perform comparisons.
  • In a large portfolio book like this: 12-Pocket Z-Folio LX Trading Card Albums, Black I dedicate to valuable lands (duals, shock, pain, filter, Scars, fetch, strip mine, tron lands, Urza's saga, cabal, man lands, etc etc. you get the idea). I only separate these because I place a high value in collecting lands for every occasion and pride myself on getting a full play set of each.
  • In my three ring binder I have the rest of the rares and valuables I might play with. Example
  • For all other cards, sleeves, counters, dice, etc. I have the 4k bulk card boxes 4 Row I separate by color, artifacts, tokens & gold/multicolor cards, and then divide by commons and uncommons. I keep sections for full art basic lands, foil lands, non-basic lands, etc.
  • I have a 1k Card box for all the basic lands, I try to keep these to a min.
  • I have an old school 1997 multiverse 1k Card box for decks Image, and just expanded in to a second one.

    I no longer maintain a trade binder. I did when I was younger and played more and frequently visited FNM and game nights. But now that I have moved in to more of a collector role I only play with close friends maybe once a month, so I don't really trade anymore (not sure if the kids still do these days). My trade binder disappeared when I really embraced selling off unnecessary items and started using buylists almost exclusively.

    Since these days I do more buying of collections and selling to fund my own collecting I have a great deal of extra boxes, 5k card storage boxes and binders. These are just to organize the sales. Most of the time I sell them with the bulk and replenish with each purchase. From the collections over the years I've acquired a great deal of starter boxes, deck boxes, dividers, stickers, foam inserts, etc that I use in my own collection and to help organize the purchases. These have been some of the most interesting finds, just seeing what other people use to organize is interesting.

    I've also purchased shelving from Home Depot to store my collection and the purchases I have going on. Each shelf is dedicated to shipping materials, empty boxes, my stuff or a purchase.

    What I see mostly from the collections I acquire is that most use three ring binders for rares/mythics and either separate by color or just leave it to utter chaos (the latter being the worst as its usually shoes boxes and random plastic tubes full, which damage cards).
u/theDrWho · 2 pointsr/boardgames
u/Z0na · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

A couple of these will do you good.

u/waflman7 · 2 pointsr/magicTCG

I moved a 30,000 card collection from America to South-East Asia and back using boxes like these:

I used twine to tie the lids on and it didn't cause any issues. Just have to make sure there isn't free space to allow the cards to slide. I used deckboxes and legos to fill in the free space.

u/SaxSoulo · 2 pointsr/boardgames

Aside from the actual boards, you could probably organize almost everything into something like these. The 4-row box will fit on the Kallax shelf nicely. I do this for all of my games that are almost entirely cards. Bag the chits in there with the cards. You could easily fit 4-8 games in one of these boxes as long as it doesn't have any really large components. Write what games you're storing in there on the boxes. Then file all the boards alphabetically with some kind of tab divider.

u/ShrimpyChimp · 2 pointsr/CasualMTG

Making boxes is pretty easy, all you need is a showbox, some cardbox and maybe glue or a stapler for a decent low budget box. Take a shoebox and cut some cardboard stripes as long and high as the shoebox. Attach them them to the ground of the box so that you get lanes that are wide enough to keep Magic cards.

Should look like one of these:

u/spikedzombies · 2 pointsr/pkmntcgcollections

They start as small as like 200 or something and go out to thousands.

u/arkofcovenant · 2 pointsr/dominion
u/MyopicJedi · 1 pointr/playingcards

I'm not sure, but it looks like a baseball card organizer box. Comic book and Baseball Card stores should have them.
Something like this, possibly.
Looks like they have different lengths of one row boxes all the way up to 5 row boxes.

u/DaveLambert · 1 pointr/cardsagainsthumanity

/r/creedfeed, your post was automatically removed by Reddit because you used a URL shortener. The site doesn't allow them, since it can lead ANYwhere while deceiving the user into thinking he's going to a particular other place.

OP, what creedfeed said was, "I bought this box from Amazon and it works great for my sleeved cards." Here's the link using a standard URL, no shorteners:

u/TranquilWyvern · 1 pointr/magicTCG

BCW storage boxes are pretty fantastic when it comes to storing cards. I usually just mark off a row for sleeves and store them by color and manufacturer.

They can be found in a ton of places, but if you want to buy in bulk, their main site is definitely the place to go.

These boxes are cheap, sturdy, stackable, and hold a ton of cards. Also, they come in a lot of sizes.

u/brulosopher · 1 pointr/Homebrewing

After thinking about it, I guess you could organize the hops by using some long, slender containers in the freezer then put labels between each variety. Hmm... now I'm thinking...\

These would probably work great... or this!

u/burgaboo · 1 pointr/magicTCG
u/jawells630 · 1 pointr/boardgames

This one. Just a warning if you order it from Amazon. They ship it unassembled and flat so it arrives in a box that could fit a person, comfortably (not that I would recommend shipping a person in it)

u/xxxJakkxxx · 1 pointr/boardgames

These are pretty helpful for large amounts of cards.

u/Lordburke81 · 1 pointr/magicTCG

My preferred way to store cards is in 4-Row boxes.

Seen here:

I only keep 4 of any given card, aka a ‘playset’. So I sort the cards by card number, which just so happens to be by color. I label the front of the 4-row box and also sort by set by date. I keep all of the commons, uncommons, lands, and tokens separate from the rares and mythics., that way the more valuable stuff is in one place. Therefore, if I need a specific card, I know exactly where it is.

I keep all of my trades that are above $1 in binders, keeping standard cards separate from modern/legacy/commander. I keep all bulk rares, that are not in standard, in a box, as it usually isn’t a good idea to carry around bulk to trade.

u/wantonviolins · 1 pointr/pkmntcgcollections

Well, I use these and fill in the gaps with deck boxes and similarly sized/shaped objects so cards don't fall over or move around too much.
Edit: Oh, and I have about ten of these boxes. I really ought to finish sorting and sell off a lot of my bulk. Nobody needs 32+ copies of Fossil Grimer.

u/minusthebrett · 1 pointr/PokemonTCG

BCW Monster Storage Box, Holds 3,200 Standard Sized Trading Cards | 200 lb. Test Strength | (1-Count )

Big fan of this one. Simple but effective

u/skinslip1 · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My genius storage solution is to use a 4 row card box and removing two dividers. Fits NES, SNES, and N64 cartridges perfectly (width and height for SNES and N64, width only for NES)

u/LH99 · 0 pointsr/marvelchampionslcg

pffft, after sleeving I can barely fit everything in the box if I use dividers with that insert and separate everything out. Not sure why everyone was excited because they "finally made a decent insert". For an LCG, LOL. It's as pointless as buying a one bedroom house before having triplets. And fostering several dogs. While your brother moves in. And you bought a pony.

Gonna go the same route I did for Lord of the Rings: A binder for each aspect and then card boxes for heroes and villains.

[edit] y’all can downvote all you want. The number one most useless thing to a living card game is what kind of insert came in the base box. Its pointless

Lord of the rings. Box is unsleeved. One binder per sphere for sleeved player cards, three cards per insert pouch. Releases werent once per month.

But goddamn that base box ditch insert sucked.

Netrunner complete collection sleeved.

Had same stupid base box ditch insert. I almost care at this point.

But yeah, that marvel champions insert is totally awesome. You guys have convinced me.