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Bean b Clean Cradle Cap Scalp Massaging Brush
Only Product like it on the marketPrevents Cradle CapLessens the severity if Cradle Cap already presentEasy to useMade in the USA
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3 Reddit comments about Bean b Clean Cradle Cap Scalp Massaging Brush:

u/gotta_jibbooo · 2 pointsr/beyondthebump

This happened to my son too when he was about 12 months. We used the Mustela cradle cap shampoo again and I got one of these brushes to lather the soap on his head. I would also put a little coconut oil on his scalp a little while before his bath.

I also stopped washing his hair and wetting his head so much. I went from washing it every other day to just twice a week. It was winter and the dry air seemed to affect his skin and scalp. It cleared up in less than a week and I continue to use soap sparingly.

u/TheJadedRose · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

OK, I purchased this brush, [this shampoo] (
8&keywords=cradle%2Bcap&th=1) and [this balm] (

What I would do was wet her head, add some olive oil (yes plain olive oil) and let it sit for a minute or so. Then I would scrub with the brush for a minute or so ( the brush is super soft, baby seemed to like it), then I would wash off the oil with the shampoo following the instructions(it says to let it sit for a minute or so), then after the bath I would use the balm over her scalp and on her eyebrows (because she also had dryness there). At that point she was getting a bath once or twice a week, the cradle cap would clear up and slowly come back and we would bathe her again.

My LO was a baldie with cradle cap from birth until about 3 months. Her umbilical stump didn't fall off until 8 weeks so she was only getting real baths from that point on and we didn't start treating it until that point. I say it took about a month for it to stop coming back.

u/NoCakeforBreakfast · 1 pointr/beyondthebump

It is so frustrating! What worked for us was: Step 1. coconut oil rub with this brush (
Step 2. Mustela shampoo with that brush again
Repeat daily until managed, then do the coconut oil rub occasionally to keep it at bay
Good luck!