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Beck Arnley 039-0077 Thermostat Gasket
Matches OE form, fit, and functionHigh quality rubber or composite material designed to withstand high heat conditionsQuality construction for durabilityPackaged in clear plastic for easy visibility and identification of all componentsApplication specific to ensure a correct fit for your vehicle
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u/kazame ยท 1 pointr/mr2

Depending on what coolant's in the car now, it's a 2 or 3 year change interval, so it's probably due for a change anyway. For the time being though, you can hook a couple of hoses up to those air bleed points, and see if you get bubbles out of it. Depending on how low it is, you can bleed the bubbles out and buy yourself a bit of time until you can get it flushed, refilled, and bled.

While you're at it, you should replace the thermostat and it's gasket too, it's a 40k maintenance item and replacing them requires draining the coolant anyway. Mine was failed open when I replaced it, so the car couldn't warm up to operating temp. Which I suppose was good, because I was also low on coolant...