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Benevolent Assimilation: The American Conquest of the Philippines, 1899-1903
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5 Reddit comments about Benevolent Assimilation: The American Conquest of the Philippines, 1899-1903:

u/countercom2 · 11 pointsr/AAdiscussions

>How do you talk about a group that often has individuals that work against AAPI well-being for personal interest, without being offensive?

Make sure to be clear about who is being addressed eg self haters. Do not generalize.


>We cannot override love.

Very wrong. You're assuming these relationships are love. I have facts and proof that very often, it absolutely is not. Do you realize that Af are preferred by sexist, racist, and misogynistic white men? Go read the redpill, hundreds of thousands of white men read that. Here's the latest..


If the Asian community is ever going to improve, they must face the fact that we're being divided and conquered by whites (mostly males). They are the enemy - not each other. See the list of crimes below. ALL done by wm who turn around and 24/7 show images of themselves "saving Af" from "evil Am". All Asians are being brainwashed constantly.


Some research below for support.
>White hegemonic ideologies of masculinity and femininity determine who gets to have sex with whom …We do not make choices of attraction in a vacuum…Hegemonic ideology becomes our commonsense notions.

>Women were painted as perpetually sexually available to white men while Asian American men were constructed as castrated or impotent…

Asian American Sexual Politics: The Construction of Race, Gender, and Sexuality: Rosalind S. Chou


>racialized images can cause Asian American women to believe they will find greater gender equality with white men and can cause white men to believe they will find greater subservience with Asian women. This dynamic promotes Asian American women’s availability to white men and makes them particularly vulnerable to mistreatment.

Asian American Women And Racialized Femininities 'Doing' Gender across Cultural Worlds

>He defines internalized racism as “the ‘subjection’ of the victims of racism to the mystifications of the very racist ideology which imprison and define them” (Hall 1986 - 26).

>it is referred to as “internalized racial oppression,” “internalized racism,” “internalized White supremacy,” “internalized Whiteness,” and the much criticized term “racial self hatred.”

>The dominant group controls the construction of reality through the production of ideologies or “knowledge” (Foucault 1977 [1975]) that circulate throughout society where they inform social norms, organizational practices, bureaucratic procedures, and commonsense knowledge. In this way the interests of the oppressors are presented as reflecting everyone’s best interests, thereby getting oppressed groups to accept the dominant group’s interests as their own

>the subjugated inculcate, seemingly by cultural osmosis, negative stereotypes and ideologies disseminated as taken for granted knowledge.

>individual inculcation of the racist stereotypes, values, images, and ideologies perpetuated by the White dominant society about one’s racial group, leading to feelings of self doubt, disgust, and disrespect for one’s race and or oneself.

>All systems of oppression not thoroughly coerced through brute force and overt repression involve the dominant group’s ability to win consent of the oppressed.

>When the oppressed come to accept these identities as “real,” they are in effect internalizing their subjugated status

>One need not experience discrete, identifiable instances of overt discrimination to internalize racial oppression.

>White racism can infiltrate the world view of the racially oppressed without their conscious consent (Osajima 1993) in a subtle process some refer to as “indoctrination” and “mental colonialization” (hooks 2003).

What is Internalized Racial Oppression and Why Don't We Study it - Acknowledging Racism's Hidden Injuries


The origins of self hate and white worship are the same – racist stereotypes and lies that masquerade as “facts”…

>Even at a young age, the white racial frame that normalizes whiteness affects children.

>A study of sixty-five Asian Americans at an elite university found that respondents spoke more positively about their physical features when they seemed "less Asian" and more "white" or "American."

>Earlier research has shown Asian Americans being ashamed or attempting to hide their race or pass for white.

>At least I didn't have a Korean accent; then it would have probably been even worse.

>It made an impact over time, when all you hear is the negative instead of the positive. I always felt like the outsider and I was teased for just being Asian. They'd pull their eyes down, and they always thought I was Chinese.

>All sixty respondents had memories of being teased and feeling like a racial "other”.

>Asian Americans, especially girls and women, are disturbingly overrepresented with rates of depression and suicide. As recently as spring of 2011, The National Alliance on Mental lllness released a report that Asian American girls have the highest rates of depressive symptoms of any racial/ethnic or gender group.

Asian American Sexual Politics: The Construction of Race, Gender, and Sexuality: Rosalind S. Chou

A sliver of the crimes committed by whites against Asians.


Hiding America’s War Crimes in Laos |




● China’s Rise, Fall, and Re-Emergence as a Global Power |
● USA’s warfare against China ½ |


Asians need to ask themelves....why are they talking about their "progressive afwm relationships" and taking foodie pictures and demonizing Am for their "toxic masculinity" while being TOTALLY SILENT on mass rape, genocide, the white male pedophile epidemic in Asia. I can provide sources for that too if required.


Really, how does the ONE group that commits BY FAR, the most horrific crimes imaginable come out looking like heroes. That's the question everyone should be asking.



>how do you respond when people claim that we don't have a right to complain about discrimination due to the fact that there is racism/sexism within our community?

Ask them if the "tone police" would rather be born Asian than white. Or, you can point out the myriad of wm oppression like 620+ % MORE domestic violence than Am, 297% more raping than Am, etc. Point out their ludicrous "stop white genocide" campaign. Never get gas lighted by white hypocrites. They are absolute experts in bullshitting. I've seen it too many times.

u/notacrackheadofficer · 2 pointsr/conspiracy

I know this book was an amazing, not boring for one second, read.
No one made a doc. No one made a show. But there are many books.
This is a window into raw material exploitation and post slavery slave labor:
'' Full text of "Report of the Philippine commission to the secretary of war ... 1900-1915" ''
There are old free books on google, like but I don't know if they are just propaganda against the ''inhuman heathen gu-gus'' as they called Filipinos in an official capacity. ''gu-gu'' .
I recommended the first book, as they used tons of letters home from soldiers in their research, to try and get a grasp of what was happening on the ground, and something to compare official documents against. Public sentiment, mass media PR, political posturing and others things are also compared. The disconnects to this day regarding the real story are huge.
''We went to liberate them and bring them into our Christian ways''
In reality, raw materials were being looted and pesky ''gu-gus'' were getting in the way. ''Hi Filipinos. Spain just gave your Nation to us in a deal. We own you now. Everyone get to work cutting and hauling lumber and minerals.''
If you want your mind blown, all you have to do is google this sentence in quotes "kill every person over ten" . My job is done here.
We genocided the fuck out of them.

u/lightsareonbut · 2 pointsr/Sino

>>believing this is an unbiased sub.

>I never wrote that.

"This isn't rWorldnews rgeopolitics where one-sided pro-Western propaganda / excuses gets upvoted." "There are plenty of links that criticize China."

>Debunk my counter claims to your insane claims - particularly, that USA does precision strikes. Here let me get you a better reference since you're mentally retarded.


Fine. That article begins by talking about the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. In Yugoslavia, 38,000 sorties were flown, and approximately 1,200 civilians were killed. Debunked.


>A better question to ask is why doesn't Vietnam want USA to die for Vietnam War. Why doesn't the Philippines hate America for

Why don't Belgians hate Germans? Why don't South Africans hate British? Why don't Chinese hate Russians? Why don't Mexicans hate the French?

The world isn't full of haters, that's why. Most people would rather be friends.

u/ehbrums1 · 1 pointr/WesternTerrorism

whoops yeah i found it but forgot to post, its actually a book not an essay but still quite nice