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besgrow New Zealand Sphagnum Moss (100 Grams)
Super compact - 100g brick, 8 liters after hydratedVery clean, no sticks or trash70% of product is 100mm+ long, light tan, cream color with some green tipsHarvested from carefully managed, sustainable swamps to guarantee availabilityNaturally air dried to preserve the optimal quality
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9 Reddit comments about besgrow New Zealand Sphagnum Moss (100 Grams):

u/Trogzard · 4 pointsr/houseplants

just make them! it’s WAY cheaper than buying them.

take your bamboo stake and measure how much of the stake will be in the soil (it should hit the bottom of the pot), then from the soil line up start wrapping the pole with gardening wire and adding sphagnum moss under each wrap as you go up the post. once the whole post is covered i use some scissors to give the moss a lil trim to clean it up and that’s it!

definitely use sphagnum. This is the best sphagnum i’ve found.

before starting to wrap the pole in sphagnum moss you must let the moss soak up water to allow it to be workable.

once the moss post is finished, make sure the nodes on your monstera are lined up with the moss post. this is where the aerial roots will start growing into the moss.

if you have any questions let me know. i’ve made a ton of them.

u/Sashoke · 3 pointsr/SavageGarden

Hardware stores usually wont have the stuff you'll want to use, places like Lowes and Home Depot only carry Mosser Lee brand sphagnum which is basically 50% sticks and twigs, not very good stuff. Lowes and Home depot will also never carry unfertilized perlite in my experience. If you have any smaller, specifically plant shops in your town thats where you would want to look, otherwise, it is easy to find on amazon. Here is links to the stuff youll want:

If you cant find anything locally and have to wait on shipping, id reccomend flushing your pot with distilled water after removing all of the fertilizer pellets. When I say flush I mean really flush. Pour a lot of water in and let it run out the bottom, youre trying to rinse out all the possible mineral build up to help your plant live longer until your new soil arrives. Another user also mentioned more sunlight which is also a good idea, they like filtered sun all day if possible, southern facing windows are ideal but western facing windows will do as well.

u/LuminousLynx · 3 pointsr/SavageGarden

Here's a good amazon link:

New Zealand Sphag is the best stuff, that's what you wanna get. They produce Sphagnum in Chile and Wisconson as well I believe, but those varieties usually come with a bunch of sticks and other detritus in my experience. The New Zealand stuff is the softest and most porous.

To hazard a guess I'd say yours is probably Wisconsin sphag, I have some Nepenthes growing in the same right now that I should really change out soon.

Sorry for the long post, I just really love moss....

Oh also, Wisconson sphag isn't necessarily the worst thing to use, but it does break down fairly quickly and isn't the best at staying aerated.

u/jmwint · 2 pointsr/orchids

the roots look great...

I would replace the moss and make sure there is not a moss plug. Below is a very good Orchid grade moss.

Keep track of the date you re-pot

keep using the clear plastic pot (One with air holes on sides and bottom) would be better

use rain water to continue soaking the roots when they look gray or Gray white


u/octo_owl · 2 pointsr/snakes
u/danimakes · 1 pointr/houseplants

I forgot the link! This is my favorite

u/TylerOnCheese · 1 pointr/carnivorousplants

I believe you can. I've definitely seen some at Lowe's. Make sure not get anything from Miracle grow, as they put fertilizer in their products which will kill them. I believe for peat moss this stuff will be good

For the perlite there's a lot of options. Again don't get anything made by miracle grow. If your looking for Long Fibered Sphagnum moss, then you might just want to order some off of amazon. A lot of the stuff at gardening centers is of very low quality. I use this stuff for my Venus Flytraps and it works great, just make sure to water a bit less because it tends to hold waters more than the peat/perlite mix