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Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart, and Carrying Case
Bands included: Yellow (2-4 lbs.), blue (4-6 lbs.), green (10-12 lbs.), black (15-20 lbs.) and Red (25-30 lbs.). All bands are 48 inches in lengthThis stackable set of resistance bands can produce up to 75 lbsFeatures a metal clipping System on bands for attachment to soft-grip handles or ankle strapsIncludes a door anchor, exercise chart, carrying bag, ankle strap and starter guideAll Black Mountain Products come with a manufacturer's Lifetime Warranty
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66 Reddit comments about Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart, and Carrying Case:

u/CrazyFoFo 路 7 pointsr/bodyweightfitness
u/VoyeurOfBliss 路 6 pointsr/twinks

I gained a lot of weight at my last job (photo gallery from that time), so I had to drop 30 pounds of fat, and gained 10 pounds of muscle (current photo gallery). I cut back to two meals a day permanently, and every other day I have a fruit smoothie blended from frozen fresh fruit as my first meal. Only supplement I add is fiber. Maybe three times a week I'll splurge on a normal meal at dinner or lunch but otherwise I'll always order small or half portions of any typical American restaurant meal. I drink ridiculous amounts of water and always have a bottle with me now. I work in IT and am not really active, porn is only supplemental to my day job.

I used to work out every other day but now do almost every day by splitting my routine in half, each half a day. First is floor exercises which includes three types of push ups and three types of sit ups with a medicine ball. I do reps until I can't do them anymore due to hernia patch sensitivity.

Second day is elliptical on 10/12 setting, which I've worked up to from 1/10 a year ago. I do shoulder exercises with rubber cords while running, three different types. I'll do pull up type arm exercises with both feet on one pedal to rest my legs. Lastly I'll do reverse pull ups on one pedal to work my back.

I've fully upgraded to trimming all my body hair, bar cuter on the Bodygroom. I was very hesitant on the legs but now I'd never go back.

I only wear tight jeans in public, as well as muscle shirts and thin sport fitted tshirts. I also have a younger haircut, picked out by my wife (sorry guys 馃槥), also all clothes picked out or approved by my wife. Embrace the #TwinkLife

u/CATS_ARE_FABULOUS 路 6 pointsr/Fitness

I recommend elastic bands.

Every time I go on vacation I pack these with me and I can still get an awesome workout literally anywhere.They're affordable, easy to transport and I get a great workout when I use them.

The only downside to elastic bands is that eccentric-concentric ratio is a bit off because elastic tension is less when the band is shortened (eccentric phase).

u/garbageaccount97 路 6 pointsr/xxfitness

~40-50 minutes, and that's because my bands and band combos are set up, and I superset. When it's time to add resistance, it takes a few extra minutes of messing around to feel it out. It took me a bit longer to set things up the first few times, when I was figuring things out - how much resistance to start with, switching accessories, etc. Buying extra accessories (and bands) helped, because now I've got some band combos ready to go.

But, I'm doing this at home, so there's no commute etc. (I do wear some kind of pant or legging because otherwise, the bands are kind of abrasive, not great to do this in undies, unfortunately :/)

My warmups are longish, because that's when I do some physio exercises - 5-20 minutes, depending. Sometimes I regress if I feel like I need it; sometimes I ditch something because it's covered by another exercise. (e.g. don't have to do ankle stands for balance as much now, bc i'm doing kickbacks and standing hip abductions without holding on to anything for 3x15. That's another thing about band / bodyweight stuff, I think it really helps with balance, coordination, proprioception - especially the open chain movements.)

Let's say I'm good to go, though - I do 4 minutes of basically GPP - two rounds of this, 20 seconds per exercise, 10 seconds rest.

  • low step-ups

  • modified burpees

  • low jumping jacks

  • squat + kick, or roundhouse kicks

    Stole most of that sequence from Adrian Bryant

    Those movements cover the major muscle groups. I don't rush through it to get reps in or to get a major sweat on, it's just to get me and my blood moving. (Though if I do feel like adding a cardio component to the workout, I throw in another set of 2 rounds between supersets, which adds to the time, obviously.)


    I bought a few extra handles, cabiners, and door anchors. Also had (have) to buy extra bands - I have these; long, flat unlooped bands; and pullup bands that I use for deadlifts and hip thrusts. (Snapped bands end up small looped bands, lol.)

    The combos I like to have ready to go: 2 handles + certain bands for e.g. rows, overhead presses, crossovers, etc; door loop + bands + ankle cuff for kickbacks, donkey kicks, hip abductions, etc. For hip thrusts, I use this band looped around the feet of my bedframe, on the short end. (The band isn't long enough, so I daisy-chained a few nylon "door" anchors and looped them through the band and then around the feet of the frame. There's probably a better way to do it, but that's what I had around.)

    edit: the length is also partly due to the fact that i usually include at least two unilateral movements for lower body.
u/husker_who 路 5 pointsr/P90X

I had the same problem. I've used these bands instead of the pull up bar:

I like that with these you can use more than one type at the same time. And they didn't break at the end of the first month, either. I got them back in February and they're still going strong. Good luck!

u/he_could_get_it 路 5 pointsr/Fitness

Hi there... I'm handicapped and looking to do something for working out my arms and possibly my residual limb. Any advice is appreciated. I'm looking at purchasing this:

Which has a door anchor, in hopes that I can use it from my wheelchair. I also have a ten lb dumbbell to start off with.

Does the linked resistance band set seem legit?

u/spikebaylor 路 5 pointsr/bodyweightfitness

I'm sure there is a park somewhere near you with pull up bars.

Start with negatives. Hold the bar and jump up, hold yourself up for a second and slowly let yourself down. These will help. When I started last year I could maybe do 3 pullups. Doing pullups 2-3 times a week for 3 months and I had easily progressed to 10-15 as a max.

If that isn't an option and you can spare ~$35 then you could always buy a pullup bar for your house. Or if you want something that will help in a different way (and give you many other exercises to do at home) you could go for a set of resistance bands that have a door anchor

u/killswitchendave 路 3 pointsr/P90X

I've done both. I started p90x in 2010 to lose weight to join the military. I started doing 4 push ups. 0 pull ups around 210 lbs. Followed the diet and workouts religiously. Got down to 170. Could bust out 50 push ups and 10 pull ups no problem. Loved p90x. Changed my life. Fast forward a few years. In the Marines, still in great shape although I added some belly fat (can still run 3 miles in around 20:00 minutes and do 20 pull ups) and got p90x3. Dropped from 200 lbs to 180. Much easier diet routine to follow and 30 minute workouts are fast and really effective. I got in even better shape. If I wanted more, I combined two workouts. Did an upper routine then lower, or weightlifting and cardio. (Doing 2 workouts is still only an hour) Tony talks a lot, sometimes I'd do 5 burpees in between sets. There is a lot you can do. Only complaint is no dedicated arm day. I felt like I got in better overall shape, but my arms were looking a little smaller than I liked. Today I dabble in it all, X,X3, traditional weightlifting, crossfit type stuff. Keeps me in great shape. Wouldn't be where I am fitness-wise without both programs. Now on to what you asked... I'd go X3. Easier to commit to 30 minutes and equally effective. Also, you can make needed adjustments for pull ups. If you have a pull up bar you can use resistance bands to assist you. You can use just bands as an alternative. Or you can use a pull up bar and a chair. (They advertise pull up assist device that is unnecessary. Regular bands will work for half the price). Bands I bought are off Amazon here...

Hope this helped. PM any questions.

u/snowsilk 路 3 pointsr/xxfitness
u/armchairingpro 路 3 pointsr/xxfitness

I bought these bands from Amazon that let you stick them through various parts of your closed door for lat pull downs, face pulls, leg kick backs, etc.

I also have some adjustable dumbbells I've semi-permanently borrowed from my brother. That really seems enough. I also have a pull up bar that when not being used to air dry laundry, is used for negatives as I'm not able to do real pull ups.

u/EdiblesDidmeDirty 路 3 pointsr/Fitness
u/jtiseo 路 3 pointsr/P90X

I'm using Black Mountain Products. They are great and have great customer service. They also have a heavier band than the bodylastics.

u/broscientologist 路 3 pointsr/crossfit

I just got these for Christmas. They are way sturdier and quality manufactured than i expected. And like $25

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart,...

u/the_oogie_boogie_man 路 3 pointsr/Fitness

If possible, spend the extra to invest in one that you can hang from the ceiling, and if you aren't that handy have someone install it for you. Depending what you're doing, the free standing ones can be good, but if it's to increase the strength of your punches, a real heavy bag is pretty much where it's at.

A trick I learned from my old Sifu (Master) for if you don't have a punching bag, get yourself some cheap exercise bands, and stand on the middle just like you would for doing curls with it. Get into your fight stance and shadow box away! It pulls down as well as back so you get lots of extra resistance, it adds a lot of speed/strength to punches.

u/downanddoubt 路 3 pointsr/homegym

It was a combo of amazon, walmart and craigslist.

  • Fitness Reality 810XLT power cage - $199 on walmart
  • Fitness Reality 1000 Bench - $105 on walmart
  • Iron Grip weights - $1 per lb on craigslist (got 45s, 35s, and 25s)
  • XMark rubber coated weights - $85 on amazon (got 10s, 5s, and 2.5s)
  • Generic Oly bar (allegedly 700lb, feels good) - $80 craigslist
  • CAP curl bar and dumbbell handles - $63 on walmart (These feel very cheap and will not last long- the bar is a little thin too)
  • CAP dumbbell set with stand - $150 on walmart (These look and feel great)
  • Barbell collars - $14 per set on amazon (these are awesome)
  • Schwinn 420 Elliptical - $125 on craigslist (score!)
  • HemingWeigh situp mat - $23 on amazon
  • Black Mountain Resistance Bands - $20 on amazon
  • WOSS strap trainers - $29 on amazon
  • Golds gym puzzle mats - $18 per pack x4 on walmart

    The only thing I would have done differently is buy horse stall mats instead of the floor tiles. These these are OK but they are too soft and I can tell they wont hold up long. I was in an online ordering mind set and tractor supply shipping is out of this world. Later I realized I could find a local feed supply place and go pick up the stall mats. There's a place a few miles from me that sells them for $55 each. Im going to keep the puzzle mats for a bit and replace them with stall mats later.
u/KeithO 路 3 pointsr/Fitness

Coincidentally I just started looking for some bands for travel.
Amazon didn't have many brands but these were well reviewed.

u/Whatshouldibecalled 路 2 pointsr/bodyweightfitness

Might be relevant might be not, but i would recommend adding a bit to the equipment section aswell.

-Recommendations for foam rollers/lacross balls

-A few rings recommendations for diffrent needs (cheap, roof mounted etc) Also the ring recommendation site is not working (at least for me). Here you can also add something about pull up bars (door mounted, wall mounted etc)

-Things such as bands (i dont know if they have another name but search thera bands) Imo i would recommend something like [this] (

-Maybe a few recommendations on powertowers and you can also add how to build your own in that section (although i know its in the sidebar)

-Jump rope is really such a great tool to have for conditioning and i would recommend it.

However these are just suggestions so you don't have to follow up on them and are just my opinions so any criticism is welcome

u/somewhereoneday 路 2 pointsr/PelvicFloor

Coffee tends to be a problem for many men experiencing chronic pelvic pain or non bacterial prostatitis, coffee in general makes people pee more and for people with pelvic pain, the nerves to the bladder are already irritated creating urinary frequency. It's up to you if you feel like coffee doesn't make much of a difference then you can probably keep it. These are the bands, or you want something like them, you don't have to buy these exact ones if shipping takes forever. You don't want straps. You want the cable, to hook around your thigh and groin muscles and let the tension work. You might have to attach 2-3 bands to get more tension to the adductor muscles. To learn more about how you can use the bands, on Instagram find Donnie Thompson, & David Weck. Donnie Thompson uses real heavy duty straps to decompress his back. David Weck uses a a metal ring to address the muscles. But the straps like this are perfect for the adductors and opening up the front of the hips.

u/Yst 路 2 pointsr/BDSMcommunity

> Some sort of trick to get them to put on restraints in a believable way. "It's a strength-test" or something.

The obvious choice would seem to be resistance bands, which are sold both as a fitness item and a bondage toy. They usually come with ankle and wrist straps (usually, when they're being sold for isometric exercises; always, when they're being sold as a sex toy).

Love the scenario, by the way. Admittedly clich茅, in gay porn terms, but the classics become clich茅 because they're so much loved, after all.

u/NotSurprised999 路 2 pointsr/Fitness

I have this set I got from Amazon and no complaints . The straps are nice and let you use the bands on a closed door. You can find tons of resistance band exercises on YouTube.

u/Steveesmuyguapo 路 2 pointsr/kettlebell

try some heat, epson salt may help and then try some mobility.

These things are pretty good for building some stability in the shoulders and getting a good stretch. They are a lot cheaper than then Crossover symmetry and does the same thing.

Just be careful smashing a beat up muscle to much.

u/metalgamer 路 2 pointsr/P90X

These are the ones I got. I usually use the top weights for most things. A little less for triceps. For pull-ups I double up several bands to get as much weight as possible. For pull-ups leaning is key so that your arms are at the same angle as a real pull-up. My one complaint with them is that they don't come with another handle it would be helpful to have two sets to not switch out every time.

u/IllConceivedIdeas 路 2 pointsr/keto

I've found that these things have been really useful for me, because I also don't really have time to get to the gym. If you get a feel for them there's a fair bit you can do with them and you can just slap em on a door near a tv or monitor and do stuff while you watch a movie/tv/anime whatever. They're terrible for a lot of leg and core stuff sadly, but if you're overweight leg stuff is not a huge issue. (this in't a referral link I also do not make money from this)

u/Coffinspire15 路 2 pointsr/homefitness

I've been working out at home for 6 months now with, IMO, significant improvements. I'll mention that my goal is to gain muscle, not lose weight, but you should still be able to take away something from my advice. I get a lot of my cardio from the youtube channel fitness blenders. They are super nice, easy to follow, and they have a ton of videos. I owe my budding ab definition to their videos. Secondly, I use resistance bands for all sorts of different exercises. I bought these specific ones for $25 and they're still going strong. You can double them up for added resistance as you progress. Lastly, I wound up buying adjustable dumbbells recently. They are costly, but are compact and I can change the weight in a flash. These may not be needed right away. I personally waited to get this 5 months in to make sure I was persistent with working out, so I didn't waste the money. I hope some of this helps! Good luck!

u/FrauKoko 路 2 pointsr/pelotoncycle

I've had these since 2015 and they are still in good shape.

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart, and Carrying Case

u/Toast- 路 2 pointsr/bodyweightfitness

These are the bands I use, I believe they are the same ones recommended by Ido and/or Antranik. I have no complaints about them whatsoever, they're great.

Otherwise yeah bands alone can do full body, it just might not be optimal. If you have any questions on specific exercises or ways to adapt certain movements we could help out with that.

u/Quanteriffic 路 2 pointsr/StrongCurves

I would use resistance bands. Either loops, or the kind with handles, you can attach them to a door and it's just like cable weights. I have this set and I love it.

You could easy do substitutes for all of those exercises with these. For extra weight, double or triple up the bands. Watch that little video on the Amazon page, they show how to use them.

u/howiegroove 路 2 pointsr/progresspics

Here are a couple products that look good and have good reviews. I have had friends use these when they go out of town for business. The deal is, you can combine the bands to get more resistance. So you would hold a red AND yellow at the same time and its much more difficult to lift. You can literally do just about every excersize with these. Squats, deadlifts, bench press, curl, back exercises, just about anything. Of course, nothing beats old fashioned iron, but this will get you going.

Other than these, try to get in cardio in some way. The best way to get in cardio in a short amount of time. HIIT is great. 20-25 minutes is the equivalent of 60 minutes of regular training.

Here is an excerpt from (which I posted the link to the article below as well...

Minutes 1-4 (Warm-Up)
Jog at about 50% effort
Minute 5 (Workout Interval 1)
Sprint 30 seconds at maximum effort Jog/Walk 30 seconds
Minute 6 (Workout Interval 2)
Sprint 30 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 30 seconds
Minute 7 (Workout Interval 3)
Sprint 30 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 30 seconds
Minute 8 (Workout Interval 4)
Sprint 30 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 30 seconds
Minutes 9-12 (Cool-Down)
Jog at about 50% effort
After every two workout sessions, one can increase the number of "workout" intervals they do each time up until about 10 total "workout" intervals. This will allow for a steady progression of fitness levels, and help one realize the full potential and results of interval training.

> While it's definitely possible to perform this training using a variety of methods like with a Stairmaster, bike, or treadmill, it's more beneficial to apply a simple unassisted running technique. Because sprinting causes a greater peak in oxygen consumption, it is most ideal for HIIT workouts.

> It's been shown that the closer one gets to their maximum oxygen intake (or VO2max) while exercising dictates how much fat will be used for energy afterward. So the use of sprints conforms best to our goal of losing adipose tissue.

> However, the option of sprinting is not always convenient for those who want to reduce the stress on their joints. For such individuals, a bike or elliptical machine may be the perfect solution. These types of machines might also want to be used once in a while just to provide a different stimulus for the body, and to prevent adaptation and plateaus. But for the most part, it's highly recommended to stick with the alternation of sprinting and jogging for HIIT.

> For those who have progressed through the previous workout that was outlined and are still seeking new challenges, the following HIIT workout might do the trick. It's certainly not easy and might be the closest to being "the best" one can do for a HIIT workout in terms of intensity.

Minutes 1-4 (Warm-Up)
Jog at about 50% effort
Minute 5 First-Half (Workout Interval 1)
Sprint 20 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 10 seconds
Minute 5 Last-Half (Workout Interval 2)
Sprint 20 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 10 seconds
Minute 6 First-Half (Workout Interval 3)
Sprint 20 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 10 seconds
Minute 6 Last-Half (Workout Interval 4)
Sprint 20 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 10 seconds
Minute 7 First-Half (Workout Interval 5)
Sprint 20 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 10 seconds
Minute 7 Last-Half (Workout Interval 6)
Sprint 20 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 10 seconds
Minute 8 First-Half (Workout Interval 7)
Sprint 20 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 10 seconds
Minute 8 Last-Half (Workout Interval 8)
Sprint 20 seconds at maximum effort
Jog/Walk 10 seconds
Minutes 9-12 (Cool-Down)
Jog at about 50% effort
Using these 12 minutes as planned, for 3 times a week, will no doubt have anyone reaping the benefits of new leanness and more within 8 weeks. To help stay on track for the duration of the program it is be best to monitor heart rate during exercise in order to ensure that the desired intensity levels are reached.*

u/EvilMrMe 路 2 pointsr/Trucking

I have resistance bands in my truck. Most vehicles have plenty of places you can attach them to. You can even set them up inside the tractor like attaching them to the seats for a light one arm at a time upper body work out. Way better than kettle bells or dumb bells.

u/rowinit 路 2 pointsr/Rowing

Agreed on the biking, swimming, and running for cardio (do be careful with running though, it's the one cardio activity I've ever gotten injured from).

Also though I'd throw in a good number of circuits to improve strength. Even without a gym there are TONS of bodyweight workouts you can do that will utterly kill you (jumpies, 8-counts, all sorts of ab exercises, pullups if you can find a place to hang from, pushups, and all sorts of variations/combinations of those). Google bodyweight workouts to find some, or if you have a bit of money you can buy some bands for resistance workouts.

edit: and by kill you I mean in a good way. In that you'll be exhausted afterward and get in great shape.

u/Cool_Spot 路 2 pointsr/BDSMcommunity

I'm a proponent of flexible rubber tubing - for example, exercise bands or pull up bands - very, very stingy, and they won't break the skin. Pretty colors, and you won't break them. Also, they multitask! Nothing more fun than some flagellation after a workout...especially a forced workout.

u/MCubb 路 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oooo check out this set of exercise resistance bands! You can use em anywhere and they've got a bunch of great reviews!

I don't think you have the willpower

u/nmp12 路 2 pointsr/aspergers

Ok, I'm 5'9" and 160, and I've been at 175. Are you calling me fat? Because I've not once considered myself fat.

I've considered myself a little overweight at times, but never fat.

That brings us to step one for every problem I've encountered in life: be honest with yourself. Don't hype up your problems so you can give yourself a pity party-- that's some bullshit that depression, social anxiety, and a host of other mental conditions use to thrive in your mind. Dig through the bullshit within your head to come to the truth: yeah, you're probably overweight, but the only thing keeping you that way is you. Is that depressing? A little.

Know what's more depressing? Not doing anything about it. You are capable of changing your physical appearance, quite dramatically in fact.

Summer is coming up. Set a date once school is out. Buy a calendar now and get hyped for it. Circle that date with a big red marker. What is that date? It's the date you start a new daily routine.

Invest $30 in a set of workout bands ( the set I use ) off of amazon. I'd also suggest buying a pull up bar, as bands are annoying for those kinds of exercises. Get yourself a solid pair of athletic shorts, some protein powder, some creatine powder, and a whole shitton of powdered gatorade.

I advise you to buy this because I'm someone who needs a routine to accomplish anything, and having the proper equipment and supplements is like lubricant for my resistance to change routines.

Now that you have everything, you're going to acquire the P90X videos, plans, and diet guide PDFs. Yes, you know how to do this without money because the internet is magical, though if you have the cash to buy them go for it. You don't even need P90X, there are plenty of amazing workout routines. Insanity is another popular set of instructions.

I don't care what stigma you've attached to people who do P90X or Insanity or whatever else. If you're posting on this forum, imma assume you score on the AS. If you score on the AS, chances are you like your routines, as do a lot of other people. Video workouts-- in my experience-- are outrageously useful because it's a prepackaged, professionally planned routine that you can follow or strive for. Follow the diet, too, ESPECIALLY for the first three weeks-- after that you can add in a little wiggle room. If it helps, get your parents in on it. Chances are they'll be your cheerleaders and buy you a bunch of awesomely delicious, but still healthy food.

So now we have the date marked on the calendar, we have all of our equipment, and we have a routine ready to be followed. The hardest part is holding yourself to it.

Wake up every morning, get yourself a good, light breakfast, and hit the routine. Follow the diet as closely as you can, counting calories and changing the kinds of meals you eat. If you can't do the day's full workout (god knows I couldn't) don't get down on yourself. Instead, put that energy towards making sure you do better the next day, even if it's just one more pushup. Record your results. Once you break past the three week barrier, you'll find your routine on auto-mode. You'll wake up looking forward to completing the workout, and getting to that beautiful last stretch in the cool down where a bead of well deserved sweat trickles off your nose, and you hit the shower.

Take a picture of yourself every fucking day. Get a full length mirror, mark where your feet go on the floor, and rest your camera in the same position each time. If you need motivation after the first two weeks, scroll throw those pictures and you can literally watch your body change. After the first month, you'll have enough pictures to see how quickly the change happens. After two months, you'll look forward to taking that fucking picture and comparing it with the one last week.

After the summer is over and you've completed whatever routine you stuck with, you'll notice some things: you won't feel uncomfortable when people are physically close to you. Smiling becomes easier. Most importantly, when you stand up straight, you'll realize what a confidence boost it really is to hold yourself high. Your teeshirt won't be poking out from a belly, but with newly minted pecs and abs.

And at the end, when all is said and done, you will realize what a huge effort those "attractive people" go through to keep looking that way. You'll also realize what a huge social advantage it is to take the time and effort to invest in your personal appears. Go to Goodwill and buy yourself a couple casual button downs and some tight tee shirts and you'll have more than you can handle.

Once you understand "them," your hate will start to dissolve. Additionally, you'll probably be a stud. So there's that.

u/Junigole 路 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

I have a problem. I am OBSESSED with aerial arts. Here's yours truly doing some very basic tricks. I have never really trained or done anything to get in shape, so I have hit a wall and can't really spend more money on aerial lessons until I get myself a little more into shape. So, I am working really hard to get into shape, and I have a goal of being able to show off a bit by December.

These would REALLY enable my obsession, and probably get me back into lessons a month earlier.

Thanks for holding this very generous contest! You're awesome.

u/odd_affiliate_link 路 1 pointr/loseit

I really like resistance bands; they easier to store and transport than weights. The workout is very different than free weights as well. There is a constant resistance as opposed to being able to use inertia to cheat and 'push' the weight up with a strong initial effort. It is kind of difficult to describe but you will know what I mean if you use them.

I used to have a cheap set that I got a wal-mart but the handles cracked and they got dry-rotted from sitting outside (back porch) in the sun. I picked up this set from Amazon and they have been going strong. So, don't get the cheap wal-mart ones and don't let them sit in the sun too long.

As far as routines, most sets come with a little card that tells you different exercises to try. Most any routine you can do with free weights can be done with these, and if you have a door mount, you can do pull-down exercises too.

u/ghoulmaster 路 1 pointr/P90X

I can't help much with 1 & 2 but I think the FAQ over at /r/fitness has some info on it

EDIT: Here is some info on macros and calories:

3) Jump right into it! some people repeat the first week so they can get accustomed to the workouts but I just kept going.

4) I workout in my dorm room for all of the workouts. I use these two products for everything:

I would have got a door hanging pullup bar but the doors at my college have no door frames so I wouldnt be able to use them!

Just stick with it! Flex your abs and arms while doing Kenpo X, do pushups every time during yoga (you will understand what I mean when you do it), do you best and forget the rest!

u/feedcookiez 路 1 pointr/Fitness

I bought a set of those resistence bands about a year ago for when I travel and can't find a gym. They give a surprisingly good workout even for the most experienced lifters.

u/zoomdaddy 路 1 pointr/flexibility

I wish I could help more. I'm just now getting into flexibility myself. I do feel more qualified to speak about general fitness though. Are you able to order from amazon? I'll assume not(if you did you could order a set of these) but maybe you have access to something like bungee cords? You could attach them with solid anchors and use that for stretching and exercises. Either way, you can always lose weight (I know it's hard!) even without working out if you start counting calories.

My wife also tells me she's 108lb (3 lbs is apparently a big difference when you're 5'1") but she's also small framed. Just used her as an example that you can do it, shes 38 with three kids and she hasn't even started an exercise program yet. It's a long road but it's very possible! I'm rooting for you!

u/imperial_rectitude 路 1 pointr/P90X

Do you have the capability of ripping the DVDs to video files? I did that and they take up 7 GB of hard drive space. Can you really not spare 7 gigs? Or maybe you're on a Chromebook or something. Either way, you can pick up a cheap USB thumb drive that will hold them. You can also play with the video quality during the rip to lower the overall file size. That should cover the videos themselves.

And get a set of bands, as others suggested. This is the set I take on the road. It's inexpensive and versatile.

u/skymelissaler 路 1 pointr/xxfitness

Yes definitely they are. There are many resistance bands available in the market like:

  1. Black Mountain
  2. Rogue Fitness
  3. Booty Bands
  4. Walmart

    You should try one of these. They are the best in the market.
u/CrunchyGum 路 1 pointr/progresspics

Congrats!! I also could not afford weights, so I went with the alternative bands and they are AMAZING!

Even better is that I can bring them anywhere, even when I'm traveling for business or vacation.

u/shorthairtotallycare 路 1 pointr/ehlersdanlos

That's a challenge, sorry I didn't address that. I just would strongly, strongly advise not rushing into some mad plyometrics or anything like that. I wish I could tell past me the same thing, it's so hard to heal after injury :/

I have IBS - I manage it with diet, but have seen that some use psyllium fiber supplements to help. If (like many here) you have IBS also, maybe that would assist with it? Because, psyllium fiber also apparently expands in the stomach. Which might cause some bloating but might also help you feel more full.

Can you get any protein into your carbs at all? Any protein would help with hunger. I sometimes have eggs with rice and a bit of soy sauce. Fried, but you could mix them in so they're less noticeable. Could do something similar with pasta. Greek yogurt? Cheese?

When I resistance bands, I use these bands. As well as bands like this, for squatting and hip hingeing movements, like this.

I had a ton of PT before I got into bands, and I really recommend it if you can find someone good. Having that guidance is helpful, especially if you have injuries.

For example, before I could really do a proper row, I had to understand how to engage my scapula, and do things like internal and external shoulder rotations. Before I could properly squat, I had to strengthen my quads and hamstrings in less challenging, more isolated movements.

Most people can get away just starting any program without that stuff, but prehab (and rehab, if applicable, as it always is for me) helps to activate stabilizers and is (imo) essential for people with hypermobility. One thing I've learned is that I just can't afford to do just any off the shelf program, without tailoring it to my needs and preparing for it. And being very careful about recovery, listening to my body.

I also found these videos from the EDNF helpful

u/Kr1ggs 路 1 pointr/Fitness

Elastic bands got me to a level where the people where complimenting me even when I had long sleeves, can work out while watching Youtube, or in the breaks of writing a paper.

For routines I started with this guide and kept looking on the other exercises with cables and dumbbell and adapting for the bands.

On an important side note, did you checked your spine for deviations? Your alignment seems a lot like the younger me, and I'm really glad I started tackling the spine curves problem when I was young.

u/katzpe 路 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

This resistance band set for the days when I can't make it to the gym or a pair of good walking shoes because I've been doing a lot of walking around the city lately with shoes that don't have much support and it hurts :(

u/hugeffect 路 1 pointr/climbing

I had the same issue but have strengthened my shoulder stability using [these] ( There's a door anchor in the bag so you don't have to DIY anything.

u/benmeyer78 路 1 pointr/P90X

I use this one. It has an attachment that you close the door on and it works fantastic. As long as your door can latch close, loose hinges won't be a problem.

u/Peckerwood17 路 1 pointr/Fitness

If I'm abroad for a long period of time I prefer to take these. Great for getting a pre-beach pump in without being that guy who travels with dumbbells.

u/cyber_dildonics 路 1 pointr/ChronicPain

these are fantastic. I use them at my computer when ever I feel like it for arms and legs.

u/pallo1234 路 1 pointr/xxfitness

Oh that sucks! My gym has a velcro ankle wrap attachment (also good for cable kickbacks)... I think ankle attachments like that are cheap; maybe you could ask the manager to get one? Or maybe pick one up yourself and take it with you (if you think you'd get use out of it)? Resistance bands are a great substitute, imo - I have some for use at home for this and many, many other exercises. (I use them for donkey kicks, hip thrusts - for this I attach them to the feet of my bed, with shoulders on the bed.) For hip thrusts, in a month, I went through (this)[ and this (looping bands around twice for some things, and tying them), need a pullup band setup now. But I use the bands for a million things, they're worth the small investment, imo.

u/vagabondjames 路 1 pointr/P90X

Like many others have mentioned, I'd also recommend the resistance bands. I used them for a while and found them convenient for travel. I've since loaned them out to a friend who now uses them. I believe these are the bands I purchased.

u/decosting 路 1 pointr/travel

I did p90x while travelling, using these.
Even if you're not doing that program, these are a great way to strength train on the go. Weigh just a couple of pounds, and take up about as much room as a toiletries bag.
I'm still travelling with them, and am running every other day, working out with these every other day. I like it to the point where I will probably keep that pattern going when the travels are through.

u/ferrar1 路 1 pointr/P90X

I use the pull up bar which does hang from the door frame, however you can buy pull up bars which fit in between the door frame, hence aren't hanging from the top part, I personally haven't used these kinds before, but might be worth a try to get you started.
Or you can invest in some sort of power tower, however these may take up space you don't have.
But if you are fairly unfit/don't have much of a back, then resistant bands could work to get you started, these can just be jammed into a closed door.

u/CaveGiant 路 1 pointr/P90X

Do p90x3 (30 minute workouts) with resistance bands.

u/adamantiumvibranium 路 1 pointr/flexibility

I personally like the ones with handles

Black Mountain Products Resistance Band Set with Door Anchor, Ankle Strap, Exercise Chart, and Resistance Band

u/Coltonamos 路 1 pointr/Fitness

I find it hard to believe that you weigh that much and have low body fat and can't do one chin up.

P90x is a workout program by Beachbody and Tony Horton

Workout bands

u/j_e85 路 1 pointr/Fitness

Not a solution for right now, but for future traveling. These are great bands that can substitute a gym when you are on the go. Might not be as flashy or nice as a fully gym (obviously) but if you want to at least maintain, these will help tremendously.

u/Spaceman4u 路 1 pointr/Fitness

For just a month... there's no need to add any paperwork to your life.

I'd focus on cardio, doing HIIT cycles of bodyweight. Jump Rope and using [these] (

There are other gyms that allow 1 month memberships like Planet Fitness. Just notify them before the month is out that you're leaving.

I hope this helps.

u/Jonylve 路 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting