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Blackstar IDCOREFS11 Footswitch for Core 20 & 40 Guitar Combo Amp, 2W
Designed to expand the functionality of Black star's ID: Core amplifiersRugged two-way footswitch with a metal housingOffers two modes of operation for switching between channels and effects or selecting patchesCountry of Origin: China
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1 Reddit comment about Blackstar IDCOREFS11 Footswitch for Core 20 & 40 Guitar Combo Amp, 2W:

u/Adeno ยท 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Oh wow, working out and being more powerful plus healthier is tough :O Requires extreme discipline :O I hope you keep being motivated to continue even if it's probably one of the toughest things to do in life :D Weight lifting also helps a lot :D If you're feeling better then you're doing very well :D

As for myself, I am improving myself by adding another musical instrument to master to my skills, the guitar :D I'm currently on the third week of learning the guitar (self-learning only though via videos and books, human teachers are expensive lol!) and so far so good :) Still a super beginner, I still haven't even learned all the scales yet, but I can now play melodies on any string :D

The mentality from being a pianist to a guitarist can lead to weirdness :O Sure, the music theory is the same, but the approach and application is what the true challenge is :O For example, I have no problem playing any scale and forming chords on the piano. I even play the piano in the dark or with my eyes closed :D BUT on the guitar, since I'm a super beginner, I don't know how to form those chords, how to play those scales. The theory is there, but the practical application is what I am trying to experience in order to learn :D

My main goal when it comes to the guitar is to master it just like how the piano already feels like an extension of myself. I want to be able to express my soul into the guitar just like how I can make my emotions and intentions be heard on the piano :D I want to be able to play the guitar instinctively as if it's actually a part of me :D I want to be as good as Paul Gilbert, Steve Vai, and Wes Montogomery :D They are the guitarists I look up to (for now because my research has led me to them, maybe I'll discover more) :D

As for an item that will definitely help me on my way to guitar mastery someday, it's the Blackstar Footswitch on my list :D I discovered recently that a normal footswitch only has limited capabilities with my Blackstar amplifier, so I need to get the real Blackstar Footswitch to get full functionality X_X But with this, it would allow me to be able to switch to different effects on the guitar with just the press (or stomp) of a button :D I love jazz as much as I love heavy metal and hard rock, all of them need emotion and soul to play :D With the ability to switch to different effects, such as reverb and even tone, I'll be able to release my musical thoughts and ideas more effectively :D True mastery of an instrument means to be able to speak your feelings and emotions through it, this is my goal :D

Oh and /u/Morthy is a sexy awesome mod, with or without the census <:D

Thanks again hehe :D

(Oh yeah, I've been watching Paul Gilbert's lessons, he's a great teacher on video!)