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Body Wrappers Ripstop Pants - 701 (Black, Small)
Versatile design for dance, hiking, and working outUnisex styles are based on women's sizing, please order accordingly. Perfect for men too!Comfortable and easy to move in, Body Wrappers Ripstop Pants are great for warming up for class!XS (2),S (4-6), M (8), L(10-12), XL (14) size shown as a guide only, not a guarantee100 % Nylon Pant has an elastic waist and ankle.
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10 Reddit comments about Body Wrappers Ripstop Pants - 701 (Black, Small):

u/bosun120 · 14 pointsr/Ultralight

Get these instead:

Sizing chart here:

~3 oz, <$20, relaxed fit to layer over tights, dries super quick.

Wind pants > rain pants for most 3-season conditions because the heat generated by your legs hiking needs to vent somewhere, otherwise you're going to sweat & wet out anyways. Plus getting wet on your legs doesn't matter as much as your body core for warmth.

u/jkd760 · 11 pointsr/Ultralight

Tent: Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo

You and I are the same build, this is a very inexpensive, light, one pole setup and roomy tent, you + gear no problem, if bought off of during their 20% off sale it’s like $170-180

Wind pants:


$20, 3.5 oz, you’ll want the medium

Trekking Poles: Cascade Mountain Tech Carbon Cork, $45 shipped on amazon

Torso warmth: Walmart> Climate right Cuddlduds fleece set $20 plus a down jacket from Uniqlo.

Pack is super personal, but anything from a 2016 Osprey Exos/ Sierra Designs Flex Capacitor/ ULA pack to a fancier Superior Wilderness Designs Long Haul 40 (definitely recommend based off of reviews here) or HMG (heard mixed things) will do the job.

These are amazing budget options, if you want to upgrade from here feel free but this stuff will handle the JMT no problem.

u/KCrobble · 6 pointsr/ULgeartrade

These are great for the price, they might be 3 oz. in small (my XL are 3.4 oz IIRC)

u/xrobin · 6 pointsr/Ultralight

For wind pants, Body Wrapper dance pants are a great budget option.

Montbell Dynamo pants are a bit nicer, as they have zippers on the ankles to take them on and off without having to take your shoes off.

u/mrntoomany · 5 pointsr/running

If anyone is still lurking here: wind stopping nylon pants for the race commute. Ultralight, packable, cheap.

Body Wrappers Ripstop Pants (Black, Small) - 701

A shoe string budget tip from r/ultralight

No insulation, just windbreaking.

u/whammy8667 · 3 pointsr/Ultralight

Size reference - I'm 5'9" 140lb (women's pant size 4), the small fits great and the x-small would have easily worked too

u/chrisbenson · 3 pointsr/Ultralight

You're welcome! Yeah, the place I linked to for those bottles- they also sell a lot of other small bottles that are great for repackaging other stuff, as well as odds and ends that can save you weight in other places.

Yeah, those are the pants I was talking about. You can get them at Amazon too. I know the waist looks goofy in the pics but it's a normal waist you'd find on any other wind pants, it's just tailored to ride high so a lot of people double it over a few times so it's not around your belly button. It's lightweight material so I don't think it would be too bad with a waist belt but I'm beltless so I can't say for sure.

I use a small xlite too in addition to the thinlight. When the ground is pokey the thinlight can protect the xlite. When it's cold I put the thinlight on top and it helps boost the warmth of the xlite. Sometimes I use the thinlight under my feet.

u/leilei67 · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

I'm a female in the bay as well and about your size.

I love my REI Flash 45! I just got it about a month ago and have taken it on one trip but I'm in love. Definitely check it out in the store and throw some of their weights in it. The price is nice as well!

These TNF shorts rock. I can't say enough good things about them. I think my thighs/butt are standard/athletic and the medium size that I have is definitely too big. They go up to XXL and they have short/regular/long inseam choices.

I carry the amazon dance pants as an emergency layer for hiking and for layering with my base layers at camp if it's chilly. Medium fits with room to spare.

Camp sandals! I just bought some Xero Shoes DIY Sandals. You will measure your feet to order the right size. I'm a size 8 normally. I cut the soles to size since I have less wide feet. I did a slightly heftier lace pattern. Total weight ended up being 148g. I'm pretty pleased with that. I haven't put them to the test yet though.

u/swag_on_the_deep · 2 pointsr/PacificCrestTrail

A different perspective: if you like wearing shorts but you also need protection for your legs, there are good options for individual problems:



If you are just worried about sun protection, get some cheep cotton pajamas, bar non the best, most comfortable sun protection. Just dont expect these to provide warmth or dry fast. Also slow drying cotton is great for getting wet at a water source to keep you cool for you next miles.

Sun Protection in the Desert: $12.00

WIND: $18.00

Enlightened Equipment and Montbell make good ones too.


Leggings/tights/long underwear. Pretty self explanatory, many many brands available. $25.00

If your worried about scratchies / are doing a decent amount of bushwacking then your going to want some hiking pants like the author listed.

u/d00d3r1n022 · 2 pointsr/Ultralight

I run hot so shorts are a must for me. Bring a pair of [these] ( to throw on as needed. only 4 oz and keep me warm down to the forties without a base layer.