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Buffalo iBuffalo Classic USB Gamepad for PC
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u/PalebloodSky · 855 pointsr/gaming

The setup:

  1. Android phone (GS6) with RetroArch installed off the Google Play store (free). No-intro roms.

  2. USB hub:

  3. USB controllers:

  4. Stand:

  5. Headphone splitter:

    EDIT1: these are the RetroArch 'Cores' I run with this setup: NES: Nestopia, SNES: Snes9x, Genesis: Genesis Plus GX, N64: Mupen64Plus, Arcade: MAME, Doom: PrBoom. Enjoy :)

    EDIT2: rooting is not required, my phone is not rooted it's stock Android.

    EDIT3: this setup is not limited to smartphones. It works on laptops, tablets, or Android TV boxes (e.g. Nexus Player, Mi Box, OUYA, Nvidia Shield, Amazon Fire TV, etc.)

    EDIT4: here's a post I've done on my RetroArch config:
u/LavernicaDeLuca · 209 pointsr/OutOfTheLoop

If you just want to do game emulators, try /r/RetroPie and the official Retro Pie website:

You'll need controllers in addition to the pi if you want to play games, I recommend Buffalo Classic for older games or the Logitech F310 if you want to play anything that requires joysticks (PS1 or N64). Xbox 360 wired controllers work great as well if you already have one.

u/tomku · 23 pointsr/emulation

I'll save you the time, link.

I use mine extensively for NES/SNES emulation and it's superb. Works great for other games that don't need sticks too.

u/Jediglee · 15 pointsr/pics

Getting a OTG cable a USB controller is easy.

The buffalo controller is pretty good if you want a SNES one

u/Crazy_Dragon · 13 pointsr/minines

You could use a tutorial here. It is a lot easier to do than it seems. I will tell you, you need a keyboard, Raspberry Pi 3, and an SD Card. Once you get that, here is where you can download it.. Then, just follow the instructions on Instructable. You really do not have to pay someone, it is a lot easier than it seems. If you want, you can even get a retro case (or normal one like I did) and get a retro controller. PM me if you need more help (I won't charge you if you need help, it is really easy)!

Edit: Ill do yo a bigger favor. Here are the things you will need

Raspberry Pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3 Charger Kit. A powerful phone charger or micro usb adapter should work, but someone can let me know if I am wrong.

SD Card Raspberry Pi 3

Keyboard, though, you probably have one of these at home

Retro Controller, not required, but recommended

You will need at least an 8 GB SD Card, but I recommend 32 GB

u/random_human_being_ · 13 pointsr/emulation

For the love of God Almighty, don't buy a 360 controller for emulation, the dpad is so bad that it'll make you curse in every language known to man.

If you absolutely want an X-Input device that works out-of-the-box go for the Xbox One controller, at least it has a decent dpad. Unless you want to use a wire you'll have to buy a separate wireless adapter, though.

IMHO the best controller for emulation is the Dualshock 4, you can just plug it in and it works like the 360 controller, except it has DirectInput instead of X-Input (which for emulation doesn't make half a difference), or if you want more customization you can download DS4Windows and set the DS4 to act like an Xbox controller (or if you're feeling masochistic you can even use the gyroscope instead of the button). Plus, unlike the Xbox controller it can be used with bluetooth.

If you want to emulate PS2 games you might want to consider a Dualshock 3; it needs a driver which will make it behave like a 360 controller, but in addition it is the only good controller beside the Dualshock 2 to have pressure sensitive buttons, which some PS2 games (most notably the two Metal Gear Solid) require.

Otherwise you might buy an adapter for controllers you already own.

On a last note, I've heard good things about this controller, and I was planning on buying it.

EDIT - I was assuming you're using Windows; if you are on Linux or OSX the Dualshock 3 works without needing a separate driver (if I'm to trust the Arch wiki)

EDIT 2 - grammar

u/CaptainWabbit · 11 pointsr/emulation

If you like the SNES controller do a search for buffalo snes controller.

Or I'll just do it for you:

It's cheap and the d-pad is good.

Alternatively you can buy a cheap Bluetooth dongle and get a DS3 or a DS4 and use SCP toolkit to pair them to your PC and work just like a wireless 360 controller (but the d-pad isn't total shit.)

u/chrono13 · 11 pointsr/emulation

Assuming you are talking about R-Pi, v3b.

All 32 bit and lower works flawlessly. This includes but is not limited to Genisis, GB, GBC, GBA, NES, SNES, PSX.

N64 is the most commonly discussed as it has a large library of great games that are also often 4x multiplayer. Most games work very well (e.g. Mario Kart), while some do not (in particular 007 Goldeneye).


  • Raspberry Pi 3 - $36
  • Samsung EVO 32GB Class 10 Micro SDHC - $11
  • CanaKit 5V 2.5A Raspberry Pi 3 Power Supply - $10
  • Addicore Raspberry Pi Heatsink Set - $5
  • AmazonBasics High-Speed HDMI Cable - 3 Feet - $5
  • Official Raspberry Pi 3 Case - $8

    Total cost so far, $75. You can get a less expensive case that also comes with the heat sinks bringing your cost down to ~$65.

    Cheap right? Well, the one thing that is going to cost you the most in any of these builds is the controllers.

    I like:

  • 8BITDO NES30 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Controller - $49 (x4).

    When I first bought them, they were $36 each, and I love them. They work really well via the Pi's built in Bluetooth.

    Another great option that works really well are the XBOX-360 controllers. Wired ones run you $27 each brand new, and wireless are $34/each, plus one adapter for the set.

    In other words, four good controllers are going to run you $100-$200. Which is the bulk of most builds. In a childs-only build, I am considering either wired XBOX-360 controllers because of their awesome cord break-away feature, or going even less expensive with the $12 SNES clones, though that eliminates the ability to play N64 and PSX.
u/hotfartz · 11 pointsr/snes

I use the Buffalo USB snes controller. I got it off Amazon for around 10 bucks. Feels like I'm playing with an original snes controller.

Edit: Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad for PC

Looks like its 18 now. Still worth it in my opinion.

u/mrwynd · 10 pointsr/gaming

You just need a couple things!

u/Shadic · 9 pointsr/emulation

I'm quite happy with this one. Feels good.

u/wickedcoddah · 9 pointsr/RetroPie

Parts List:

Power Adapter

Raspberry Pi

USB Super Nintendo Controller (This is the best one I have found so far)

HDMI Cable

WiFi Dongle

Other Items you will need:

USB Keyboard

Monitor or TV with HDMI Support

Now you dont have to use these parts exactly, there are plenty of other parts you can use. I am pretty sure that you can play Roms up to Playstation 1.

There is also a new Raspberry Pi 3 that is compatible with the RetroPie software which has WiFi and Bluetooth integrated into the board.

Helpful Video's to tackle technical issues with your RetroPie:

Here is the Case I found on Etsy. There are plenty of other sellers but this guy was great!

u/pdelponte · 8 pointsr/raspberry_pi

I have this one and it works great with EmulationStation/RetroPi

u/tenebrar · 8 pointsr/gadgets

I'd give retropie a shot. It's pretty easy and you end up with something that's a pile of fun. I'll just copy/paste a post I made a while back about it. Though you don't actually need a rpi3, earlier models don't do as well with N64/PSX stuff.

Essentially, you need:

  • a raspberry pi 3
  • a micro sd card, 8gb or larger is a good idea if you want playstation games. Order one that comes with a USB adapter so you can write to it from your PC for the initial setup.
  • a micro usb cell phone charger (almost any cell phone charger.)
  • some sort of hdmi display (likely your television.)
  • a USB gamepad. You can do bluetooth controllers but USB is easier when you're getting started. This buffalo controller works well for anything pre-Playstation.

    You'll also need either a keyboard so you can type in the password for your wifi to move files over, a usb stick to move files over, or an ethernet cable... to move files over. All of the methods are straightforward but I'd just use wifi, as it will automatically share out the directories you'll want to move files into.

    Download the Retropie image and then use Win32diskimager to write it to your micro SD card. Be very careful to point win32diskimager at the micro sd card. If you point it at your hard drive, you'll be reinstalling windows.

    Put the micro sd card into the raspberry pi, plug in the hdmi cable connecting it to your display, plug in the controller, and then plug in the power. Buzz through the retropie setup (youtube will avail you, you're really just selecting a couple menu options and hitting 'go') and then either connect to your wifi or plug in a USB stick to prep for transferring files.

    After that, everything is near enough automatic. You just need the game roms (games,) and the bios files for (some, not all require them) systems you want to run the games on. At that point we're getting into a legal grey area, so I definitely don't recommend you use google to search for them on a site like emuparadise. Telling you to do that would be against the law, and I think also the reddit terms of service.

    Once you have those files, the ones you legally already had, I'm sure, you put them in the appropriate folders (either through wifi, or into the automatically generated folders on the usb stick, which retropie will automatically import after booting.) You hold a button on your controller to configure it, and... that's it, really. Unless you tripped up somewhere a bit, it'll just work.
u/TheeTrashcanMan · 7 pointsr/AndroidMasterRace

The setup:

  1. Android phone (GS6) with RetroArch installed off the Google Play store (free). No-intro roms.

  2. USB hub:

  3. USB controllers:

  4. Stand:

  5. Headphone splitter:
u/dominant_driver · 7 pointsr/RetroPie

I just got a pi 3 and loaded it up for my wife's birthday. She was wanting the nes mini, and I absolutely refuse to pay the $250 asking price for a secondhand one.

Here's what I purchased:

No USB keyboard needed. I loaded a disk image of RetroPie onto the SD card with my notebook. Then I connected the pi to my router via Ethernet cable and used PuTTY to configure the wireless adapter.

u/Sonicbluespeed · 6 pointsr/nintendo

iBuffalo I bought this recently, I did some looking into this, this controller seems to have the best reviews.
I currently love it, it came in a couple days ago and the D-pad feels legit and doesn't feel like it's sticky

u/dingoperson2 · 6 pointsr/neogaming

For anyone wanting to play emulated games without analog sticks (NES, SNES, Sega, some others) I can really recommend the Buffalo classic gamepad. Tried three different types, but this one is perfect in every way. Solid build, great D-pad and buttons.

No-refer link:

u/Grantagonist · 6 pointsr/snes

For an SNES-style USB controller, I highly recommend the iBuffalo pad:

It's a tad lighter than the original SNES pad, and I wish the X/Y buttons were concave, but otherwise it's a great pad, and the price is good.

u/hurleyef · 6 pointsr/raspberry_pi

I think that the Buffalo USB SNES controller is pretty much considered the gold standard for SNES and older emulation. At least as far as wired controllers are concerned. For wireless, check out 8bitdo's offerings.

Buffalo wired SNES:


u/5k3k73k · 6 pointsr/gaming

A RetroPie is a better value. It can play thousands of Atari, NES, SNES, N64, PS1, Amiga, and Dreamcast games. Many games are Netplay capable; you can play Mario Kart 64 with someone on the opposite end of the country!
After you get it configured it is just plug and play. Even includes box art, descriptions, and ratings.

RetroPie : $0

Raspberry Pi 3: $36

Power supply : $10 (or use a spare cell phone charger)

SD Card: $10

Wired SNES controller: $12

Bluetooth SNES/NES/Analog contoller: $37 (optional)

Raspberry Pi case: $7

3D printable NES Raspberry Pi case: $0

3D printable SNES Raspberry Pi case: $0

Total: $75 ($48 if you can print your own case and use your own charger and SD card.)

u/accaris · 5 pointsr/retrogaming

The best one ever made is the Buffalo Classic. It is extremely compatible and very high quaiity, on par with an actual original Super Famicom controller.

u/Unzile · 5 pointsr/raspberry_pi

I'm using these controllers: and I am on Retropie version 3.3, hope that helps! :)

u/BuccoBruce · 5 pointsr/AM2R

I use this controller for all SNES emulation, works very well. I got it for the colorful buttons (growing up I had the purple ones) but found the turbo buttons annoying at first, I'd hit them accidentally.

I also use a retrolink controller for NES emulation, looks like they have a SNES controller as well

u/Roppmaster · 5 pointsr/retrogaming

Finding an original SNES or NES controller and then using a USB adapter is probably your best bet. It's hard to beat the originals in terms of quality and feel.

Personally, I use a Sega Saturn model 2 controller and USB adapter. It's the best controller for 2-D games, in my opinion. The D-pad is amazing, and it has all the buttons needed for fighting games. Here's the USB adapter for it, which also supports PS2 and N64 controllers:

If you don't want to mess with USB adapters, this USB SNES controller will get the job done:

u/the_fascist · 4 pointsr/retrogaming

Congratulations! That game is pretty tough for your first one. I recommend that you give Mega Man a shot next, start with 2, let us know how it goes.

Honestly, emulators are fine if that's what you've got. The biggest thing you're missing is using the OEM controller which is usually the best way to play those games. If you plan on continuing with emulation, I would invest in a NES/SNES to USB adapter.

I've also heard great things about this USB gamepad:

I've never used it, but it's literally the only USB SNES controller with positive reviews.

u/Samen28 · 4 pointsr/raspberry_pi

> Sandisk cards and class 10's

Just chiming in to second this. Not all SD cards are made equal, and getting a class 10 card really makes a difference.

Also, you didn't mention specifics about getting a controller to go with the Pi. Personally, I've been using an old wired Xbox 360 controller and it works fine despite the bad-quality d-pad. Any generic USB controller should work, and I think a PS3 controller will actually bluetooth pair directly to a Pi 3, too. However, this arstechnica article recommends the Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad which looks very good for the price.

u/GoodKingLudericXII · 4 pointsr/Quebec

C'est pas le clone le moins cher, mais le feeling est identique à mes souvenirs. Le D-Pad me fait autant mal au pouce que quand j'étais ti-cul.

u/raygan · 4 pointsr/OpenEmu

That looks like a generic one. Probably ok but not great.

OP, if you decide the d-pad on that is too mushy you should check this one out: iBuffalo Classic USB Gamepad for PC BSGP801GY

And if you want a wireless option these are great too: 8bitdo SNES30 Wireless Bluetooth Controller Dual Classic Joystick for IOS / Android Gamepad - PC Mac Linux

u/ab2650 · 4 pointsr/RetroPie

That's pretty close. I just did a build, so here's some recent prices:

Pi 3 with 5v 2.5A power supply and heat sinks - Was $49.99, now $46.99
32GB MicroSD - Was $9.99, now $11.99
This plain case, which I put custom stickers on - $6.99
Two SNES-style USB gamepads - $12.20 each

I didn't include an HDMI cable because I had several laying around, so your minimum cost is about accurate.

Edit: Oh, and this case to keep it organized while traveling.

u/IceKrabby · 3 pointsr/emulation

Yes, here's the amazon link:

u/BLMdidHarambe · 3 pointsr/gaming
u/brewsan · 3 pointsr/bapcsalescanada

I've got the ones from Buffalo and they've been great.. very well built. Looking at my order history the price is almost twice what I paid for them which is WAY too much (hopefully you can find them much cheaper somewhere else) but they are great controllers.

Buffalo SNES USB controller

u/Rerard · 3 pointsr/raspberry_pi

I'm using this USB SNES style controller and I like it, was very easy to setup.

u/BevoDDS · 3 pointsr/nintendo

Worst case scenario, one of my favorite gift ideas (only costs $25 or so) is a pair of USB NES or SNES controllers, and a USB drive with a collection of ROMs on it. One of my friends in college gave me a CD with something like the top 100 SNES games of all time, and a few years later I found this:

I bought two of them, and I never looked back. I realized it was a cheap and unique (although maybe slightly illegal, but I figured I wasn't selling them) gift idea to give two controllers and a USB as a gift to my gamer friends. Even non-gamer friends grew up playing something, so it always sparked a conversation.

Just an idea in the event that you don't find one for your wife in time!

u/sarcastro · 3 pointsr/raspberry_pi

I've found the Buffalo Classic Gamepad to work pretty well with this:

Or the 8bitdo controller if you want wireless:

u/BoredomCalls · 3 pointsr/RASPBERRY_PI_ZERO

The Pi Zero will work with any controller that works with the Pi 3. You need a USB hub and a micro usb connector to actually hook it up to the Zero. I'm using this controller and it feels great:

u/7U5K3N · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

What i bought for my /r/RetroPie

u/crabbit · 3 pointsr/patientgamers

I really like the Buffalo SNES controller for both NES and SNES games and I have generic Genesis and N64 controller USB adapters that work perfectly with emulators

u/ascagnel · 3 pointsr/Games

You can buy controllers that are almost identical in feel to the original SNES & NES controllers fairly cheaply off of Amazon.

I have this SNES USB wired controller, and there are wireless versions of the SNES, NES, and N64 controllers.

u/officeaj · 3 pointsr/RetroPie

your idea or these
just looking for some unique ways to attempt controllers on a cab.

u/jscythe · 3 pointsr/retrogaming

Depends on how "retro" you're going. If you only want games up to the 16-bit era, you can probably get away with the Buffalo Classic SNES controller. If you want to go up to the Dreamcast and PS2, you'll be better off with either a PS3 or Xbox 360 wired controller. And you can always use an old Wiimote and Nunchuck if you happen to have bluetooth on your PC.

u/ceeker · 3 pointsr/dosgaming

This one isn't bad. Depends how many buttons you want, I guess.

u/Schmeeze · 3 pointsr/raspberry_pi

This is the one I have. It works great!

u/grantflashdance · 3 pointsr/labrats

This SNES emulator with this controller got me through a lot of rough nights in grad school.

u/CareerRejection · 3 pointsr/Games

iBuffalo is about 5.6 feet (little under 2m) and is about ~$20.

u/nathew42 · 3 pointsr/alttpr

A snes to USB adapter might be an option.

I use the ibuffalo and it does the job. I feel like the d-pad is a bit stiff though.

u/Rotzblag · 3 pointsr/de

Ich hab in der Richtung vor ~2 Jahren mal etwas recherchiert, und das hier scheint das beste Modell zu sein:

Ich hab mir den dann gekauft und find den auch toll beim Emu-Zocken. Wie nah er am Original ist, kann ich aber mangels Vergleichsmöglichkeit nicht sagen (ist ja auch schon >2 Jahrzehnte her).

Das Verhalten des Steuerkreuzes ist wohl der wichtigste Aspekt beim Spielgefühl und das scheint mir beim Buffalo gut gelöst.

u/nekoyasha · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

This one?

Would you recommend it?

u/wisebrownmonkey · 3 pointsr/gaming

I like for usb version: amazon
for bluetooth: also amazon

u/thanamesjames · 3 pointsr/ouya

This is a great controller. If you want one and a USB drive, or two controllers you'll have to get a powered USB hub. If you aren't wanting to go this retro, I think the dualshock is the way to go!

u/s3sebastian · 3 pointsr/raspberry_pi

The description says "2. : Works on All Windows (Up to 10) + Linux" so if it there are Linux drivers it will work with the Pi. I've seen this kind of controller used with the Pi many times.

Edit: Oh, I just found out that the Memorial Day weekend will be the next weekend (I'm from Europe so I didn't know that), so it will probably not arrive in time when you buy the one from eBay ("Estimated between Tue. May. 31 and Sat. Jun. 4").
However there is one available at Amazon too, it's more expensive but there are reviews which confirm that it works with RetroPi:

u/ccrowder5 · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

The ones I got feel a bit cheap. I would not order them again, I would get the buffalo snes controllers.

u/infinite-monkey · 2 pointsr/DIY

I can recommend one of these. I've been using it with RetroPie in addition to a wired xbox360 controller for two player action.

Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad for PC

u/CptnKickass · 2 pointsr/Nexus10

There's USB controllers that are the style of generic, N64, NES, SNES, Xbox, PS, or whatever else you want. You can use them via a cheap micro USB to USB adapter. I use the N64 and generic ones myself.

u/DoctorTrogdorMD · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

Can you use the keyboard to get back to the Emulation Station controller setup, then plug in the new controller and configure it that way?

Also, I saw a thread where these were [recommended](

u/Nephroidofdoom · 2 pointsr/gadgets

I've bought 8 of these and they have all been solid so far (about 9 months). The best thing I can say is that I can reliably pull off every Street Fighter move.

Only bummer is that they used to be 12.99 last year and now they've gone up in price.

u/billthedancingpony · 2 pointsr/gadgets

This mf is pretty perfect

u/EnderbyEqualsD · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

I bought a couple of these. Worked out real nice, very minimal setup.

u/TheSecondTier · 2 pointsr/RetroPie

I ordered this exact controller for my RetroPie setup, in the pictures it even says "Buffalo". The controller that I received and everything on it/the packaging says "iBuffalo". Works fantastic, I don't think it really matters.

u/kakashi9104 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Honest Question: Can I use these USB controllers for these games?

u/DavidElg · 2 pointsr/teslamotors

Can confirm this one works:

Compared to an XBox or PS4 controller, it's pretty compact and doesn't take up much space in the center console.

u/compile · 2 pointsr/OpenEmu

If you want a Genesis/Saturn style controller, Sega actually makes official USB versions which you can find on eBay. If you want an SNES controller, the Buffalo classic controller is supposed to be really good. It's made by a Japanese company, as opposed to the Chinese variants that flood the market and are reported to be poor quality.

u/johnnyringo771 · 2 pointsr/RetroPie

Some people have PMed asking for more info, so I may as well put it here.

I used the following:

8inch 28AWG High Speed Male to Female HDMI® Port Saver - Black

For the hdmi port. I also bought another hdmi piece, like a corner basically, it's in some of the early pics, but I didn't use it in the final build.

Tiesto USB Hub 2.0 4-port/4 port hub USB 2.0 Speed Cute Octopus Design - BLACK
I removed the black case on this as well as the black rubber around the usb ports. Then basically hot glued the ports in place against painters tape to make it even and smooth.

Your Cable Store
6 inch USB Micro male to female OTG extension cable

I cut these in half and spliced it into the original Gamecube power switch/button. That way I can leave my pi plugged in and switch it on like a normal console.

Evercool 60x60X10mm 5v Ball Bearing Fan, 3 Pin EC6010M05CA
I set up these fans to run off the main power, so they turn off and on with the pi.

To take apart each Gamecube, i bought this screwdriver.

Also got each person a Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad for PC
And a Retrolink N64 Style Classic Controller For PC

I forgot to mention, I took apart and weighted the buffalo classic usb controllers to be closer to the weight and feel of the original snes controller.
The exact increase in weight is about 10 pennies, but I used 8, 4 on each side, inside the controller, in stacks, glued in, because 8 fit better than 10.

It's a really tiny thing, but if you weight one controller and then hold an unweighted and a weighted one to compare, the unweighted one feels like a toy.

The N64 controller felt decently heavy on it's own. (Plus the rumble pack used to make them super heavy and I wasn't going to try and match that weight.)

Other things, these have in them the pi2 with 1gb of ram. I bought the 2 amp power supplies that are recommended for the pi.

I also bought some other odds and ends: ethernet couplers, each pi has a 16gb sd card in it.

I also replaced the power switch in my final one (the silver one) because I damaged the original switch. I used these switches.

I bought Rust-Oleum metalic base and Dupli-color spray paints.

Tools/materials used:
Bought a dremel, didn't need it.

Used my soldering iron and clamps constantly.

Used a lot of hot glue and gorilla glue.

Mod podge for applying the logos to the top of the cases. I also had some spray sealant from another project I put on the logos, before I applied them to the cases, so the ink wouldn't smear.

I used a fair bit of heat shrink and electrical tape. Also wires with couplers so the entire bottom of the console can unplug from the top if I need to repair something. Basically these though not the same brand.

Much of my job is working with electronics and soldering so this was all fairly easy for me. If you're new to building and soldering, please be careful. I've cut myself and burnt myself quite a few times. Be more careful than me.

u/JonnyAU · 2 pointsr/emulation

I use this for NES, SNES, & Genesis:

I use a gamecube controller with this for N64, Gamecube, & Wii:

And then I use a PS3 controller for PS1 & 2. You would obviously substitute an XBox controller instead though.

u/gabew101 · 2 pointsr/gaming


I also have two OEM NES controllers on the way that I got from Ebay

u/tfsqwlbp · 2 pointsr/emulation

I've never used the 8bitdo, but I have this Buffalo SNES controller, and I've been pretty disappointed by it. The buttons don't feel great and the D-pad feels kinda blocky, as a result I've only ever really used it for a couple of games. It's also the only SNES controller I have so I don't have any positive recommendations to make.

The Buffalo one is really well reviewed on Amazon though, so maybe it's just me?

u/tymbals · 2 pointsr/patientgamers

Personally I would say an XBox 360 controller AND a classic controller will cover all your bases. Playing classic games with an analogue or the Xbox d-pad is complete ass. I'd recommend the buffalo classic USB gamepad.

u/thomasfrank09 · 2 pointsr/Games

I'm using this controller to play the game, and the experience is fantastic (though it's quite a bit more expensive here than in Japan where I got it).

I have to say - this game is amazing. Very hard, at least for me, but amazing.

u/JimWibble · 2 pointsr/Gifts

That sucks! I was hoping to get hold of one but it sounds like I'm going to have to wait a while. If he's into DIY computing you could get him the components to make a RetroPie setup. A raspberry pi kit like this one has what you need except for the controller, but you can use a wired xbox controller if you have one or i'd recommend a classic snes controller. It takes a bit of work to get it set up, but it's not too much trouble if he's computer savvy.

If that's no good, here's some geek/gamer recommendations from my site expertly chosen. Good luck!

u/IWannaBeNumberT · 2 pointsr/lowendgaming

The most solid dpad I've used so far would be on the Buffalo Classic gamepad. It's a USB Super Famicom controller with an improved Dpad and turbo switches. It's heaven in your hands, especially since it fixed the one thing wrong with Super Nintendo controllers: that notoriously stiff dpad that made button combos hell to put in. This thing is super responsive and by far my favorite controller of all time.

If you want a modern controller that's also affordable and compatible with new games, I'd try the Logitech F310. I personally haven't been able to try one yet but it has quite the reputation for $20 controller. Plus, on the back it has a switch it lets you choos between Xinput and Dinput to work with older games.

A wired Xbox 360 controller will do just fine if you have one, even though the dpad's kinda meh. If you have money to burn, the PS4 controller has the best dpad of any licensed console controller.

Though the Xbone controller has a solid dpad, the wired version's a bit of a gamble because the micro USB plugin is very vulnerable to damage if dropped (I speak purely from experience here). Plus, wireless doesn't have as good response time as wired.

u/DeluX042 · 2 pointsr/Quebec
u/RatherNott · 2 pointsr/linux_gaming

The Buffalo USB SNES controllers are known for being high quality, nearly indistinguishable from the originals. They require no driver, and work without issue on Linux. Just plug'n'play. :)

I've never looked into NES controllers, so I'm not sure of a high-quality USB alternative.

u/sekazi · 2 pointsr/nintendo

It is about $16 or $17 for a real SNES controller and even then you will have to clean them unless you like a gunked up controller. Where did you find two real SNES controllers plus USB adapters for $30? This is the only wired USB SNES Controller I recommend to anybody. The rest of the controllers are either the ones I mentioned above or made by 8bitdo.

u/JRD_ · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

For SNES I always use this controller. It feels true to the original and it just feels right using a retro controller such as this on the SNES. There are cheaper options for similar products on Amazon, but the one I linked has lasted me longer than the alternatives.

Hope that's formatted okay--on mobile.

u/centumix · 2 pointsr/newsokuvip

iBUFFALO USBゲームパッド 8ボタン スーパーファミコン風

u/mellow65 · 2 pointsr/RetroPie

I don't have any experience with those so I can't comment one way or another.

Do you have any other controllers that you can try? Or do you know anyone else with a pi you can try your controller on?

This is what I got
Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad for PC

And it works great. The lag, if there is any, is so microscopic that I can't even tell.

u/JestinMask · 2 pointsr/gaming

First chance you get pick up one of these because the controller you get with the Pi is utter crap

u/Trilkhai · 2 pointsr/retrogaming

I've had this iBuffalo gamepad for a couple of years and love it.

u/MachineCitizen · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Technically a Super Famicom controller because I picked it up while in Japan.

Here it is on Amazon:

u/Astr0Jesus · 2 pointsr/ignition

I have the NES30, works fairly well but I'm not too impressed with the navigation arrows. I ended up buying a couple of these- and they are nearly flawless and a fraction of the price (not wireless though).

u/DaFox · 2 pointsr/emulation

The Buffalo SNES controller is the only third party controller that is worth getting over an adapter IMO.

Shoulder buttons are the only real negative of the controller. Thankfully SNES games rarely used them.

u/Ieatplaydo · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

Hello! I am using my RPi as an snes emulator, and these controllers work perfectly, and the top-voted review even includes detailed instructions on how to make use of it on the RPi: Buffalo SNES Controller.
As for the touch-screen, adafruit sells a resistive (versus capacitive, which would be better) touch screen. This one seems to be popular.
Good luck!

u/b4ux1t3 · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

A good choice for controllers would be either some USB Super Nintendo controllers (they have more than enough buttons for most pre-N64 systems) or a Wiimote, which your friend might already have. There are a few good tutorials out there for getting Wiimotes to work over bluetooth, and I think this is the USB SNES controller my buddy got. (Alternatively, he could build his own)

u/CrapInc · 2 pointsr/RetroPie

Had the same issue and clearing the "Turbo" option from the "A" button did it for me. BTW, we're assuming you're talking about this controller.

u/tinktinkdotorg · 2 pointsr/Games
u/rtdzign · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

Raspberry Pi is a series of small cheap basic computers. The latest is the Raspberry Pi 3.

One Retropie distrubution that I've found easy to setup is to use Recallbox. You will need a PC to set it up.

You should probably get a Raspberry Pi 3.

A Case (I just picked the first one that was cheap):

A micro SD card:

One or two USB SNES Controllers. This should cover most 16bit systems and down.

You might need some other things like an HDMI cable and a micro usb charger for the power cord if you don't already have those. You possibly might need a usb keyboard laying around for setup. You are going to have to find your own roms (game images)

u/joleme · 2 pointsr/gaming

ibuffalo snes

they've gone up a little in price since I bought mine at $12 a piece. They work perfectly and are as sturdy as the originals.

u/LLJKCicero · 2 pointsr/Games

Buffalo (yes, the router company Buffalo) makes SNES-style controllers for PC, I have four of them and they're extremely high quality. Button action is great, and I'm pretty picky about that.

u/weird_replies · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

I have these:

Granted they're the SNES kind, but they do have the authentic feel. Worth every penny

u/unibrow4o9 · 2 pointsr/gaming

Buy a Pi 3, they're cheap. You can get a kit easy on Amazon for about 50 bucks, should come with a case, a couple of small heat syncs, power cord, and a micro sd card. Pick up a cheap HDMI cord if you don't already have one. Then go to the retro pie website and just follow the instructions. As long as you're slightly computer literate, you should have no issues getting it going. Once retro pie is installed, ROMs are easily added by dragging and dropping into the appropriate folder.

You'll want a controller (obviously), I suggest either a wired one like this or you can even use a BlueTooth controller, this is the one I use. Setting up the bluetooth controllers just takes an extra step to connect within the menu, not hard to do, the wired one should be plug and play.

u/Lordnerble · 2 pointsr/RetroPie

also depending on where you live and if you have amazon prime, you can get free 2 day shipping and it cost pretty much the same via amazon
thats where i got mine last week

u/UtahJarhead · 2 pointsr/RetroPie

if /u/Biscuits99 is talking about this controller, agreed hands down.

u/sdawg878 · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

Awesome that's the exact information I was looking for. I'll be using these

I appreciate both your guys help too

u/StayingOccupied · 2 pointsr/Steam

Yeah i use the 360 wireless with a USB adapter. For emulators i use this HERE

u/pupetman64 · 2 pointsr/patientgamers

I use this one from iBuffalo

u/-_galaxy_- · 2 pointsr/RetroPie

Just about any SNES USB controller will work well. The Buffalo ones are better than generic Chinese ones and they're 12 bucks :

u/masteroshe · 2 pointsr/BattleNetwork

So you'll need to install an emulator. Visual boy advance is usually the most common and I haven't had any trouble with it. (Pick the top download)

Then you'll need roms. Megaman, Megaman Zero, etc...

Optional: Also here's a link if you are interested in a gaming controller. Just install the drivers once you get it and program the controller onto the VBA controller settings.

u/slappystick · 2 pointsr/AndroidTV

Here's what I use and I love it:

But I primarily retro-game. Get an OTG USB hub and you can connect multiple controllers. Just go USB; Bluetooth will give you headaches.

u/branewalker · 2 pointsr/snes

Then you want this.

It's nearly identical to an original SNES controller. I have only two complaints:

  1. No extra buttons to map things like save/load state or fast forward onto. So I play SNES RPGS on my Xbox controller, when the D-pad doesn't matter. Obviously, if you're playing in front of your computer, keyboard shortcuts are fine as long as you're not lazy. Or if you're playing NES or TG-16/PC-Engine games, you have extra buttons to play with, but that doesn't really help you on Super Metroid.

  2. Right out of the box, the D-pad was a little sharper than I remembered. maybe my old SNES pads were worn down from years of play. I dunno. I used an nail file to round them down a bit, and it's perfect now.
u/a8ksh4 · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

If you're looking for something like an SNES controller, these are great:

u/Car_Key_Logic · 2 pointsr/raspberry_pi

I've just got my RetroPie setup working and it's great! currently using a PS3 controller, which works well plugged in to the USB port, but I've ordered a USB SNES controller for the proper retro feel. I ordered this one, which seems to be the one most people here recommend. We'll see how it is. You can get insanely cheap ones from China on eBay, but who knows what the quality will be like (probably not very good). Might get one though as a cheap player 2 option.

RetroPie itself is really easy to set up. Flash it to an SD card (there are lots of tutorials online for doing this) and plug it in! You need to add the ROMs manually, you'll need to acquire those yourself. Add them via ssh, or I think you can do it with a USB stick. For my RetroPie OS I got a 32 GB SD card, which I'm hoping will be plenty. I'd not go lower than 8 GB, you want plenty room for all your games!

As for what it can run, I've tested out a few consoles - NES, SNES, Megadrive (Genesis), and the GameBoys work well. N64 works, but can be laggy, and that was only at the start of the game. Cutscenes were jumpy at times. PS1 I expect will be similar. I'd wager that PS2 games won't run so well, if at all.

Good luck, and have fun!

EDIT: Also check out the RetroPie subreddit! /r/RetroPie

u/sixth_snes · 2 pointsr/gaming

I'm guessing you're referring to the Buffalo Classic USB ($12 on Amazon). It's a great controller for the price.

u/90099time · 2 pointsr/patientgamers

Buffalo Gamepads [link in japanese] are the only USB gamepads I have found that are as good quality as the original Nintendo ones. You can buy an SNES one off Amazon for $25 including shipping from Japan. Here's the amazon link.

u/Echoj2 · 2 pointsr/RetroPie

My experience with Buffalo was their first run produced back in I believe 2012, which sold very well for retailers due to the Raspberry Pi, and prompted Buffalo to produce more. I believe the old one is THIS listing for Amazon UK. I bought two of those and have one with ghost inputs.

Ghost inputs are where an input randomly fires off during use or is acting like it is being held down. I'm not talking about the auto-fire here, as I understand how to turn that off.

THIS one should be the new model. Also, remember to check it when it arrives if you order it to make sure you were sent the new production.

u/Dementat_Deus · 2 pointsr/RetroPie
  • Pi Zero Kit - $37

  • USB Controller - $17

    Total: $54 + tax

    Round it off to $60 with tax, and I'd say that is around $50 since I didn't pick the absolute cheapest options. I'm certain that the $50 price point is more for people who don't have to pay online tax. This is basically the minimum needed to get going with RetroPie, and unless you are trying to do PSX, you really don't need the Pi3.
u/AuthenticHuman · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

My brother and I used to play Mario Kart Wii online a lot. We would drive horribly just to drive our score down. When we got as close to zero as we could, we'd start playinh seriously and dominate the track. It was always funny to us to show up some people who had thousands and thousands of points. I'm still a kid at heart.

Edit: Forgot my wishlist item. I'd really like to have the XCOM: Enemy Within download for Steam, but I'd also be happy with this USB SNES controller because I'm working towards setting up a Raspberry Pi based retro gaming center in my garage.

u/keepreading · 2 pointsr/emulation

I got one of these a few months back and I really love it.

u/VoomPeng · 2 pointsr/RetroPie

It's a ton of fun, yeah. It's cool to have so many games in one place.

And I couldn't really speak to wireless, I know the Pi 3 has built in bluetooth and that it should work with paired wireless controllers, but I haven't tried it. Only wireless i've done was using a 360 pc dongle and controllers and that was a pain just because it's a janky setup.

I've always heard good things about this brand, and it's really well rated for a reasonable price. I know anything generic branded you should avoid, and only speaking from person experience, i'd say avoid Cirka as well.

Here's a setup guide for bluetooth controllers, it doesn't look hard, just more difficult than plug and play usb ones.

u/jo_berns · 2 pointsr/RetroPie

Well forget about nes controller, they are chinese cheap shit to me, i've bought before and some button werent working OK and the Dpad was not even doing diagonal.I just ordered two buffalo snes controller on amazon because of that .
Here is the link of you havent heard about:

u/porksandwich9113 · 2 pointsr/shittybattlestations

It's actually surprisingly easy. You can install it with a script on top of raspbian install or simply use the Retropie image for a SD card. If your only purpose for the Raspi is retro gaming, I definitely recommend just using the retropie image.

Here is a super awesome guide. They recommend a SD Class 10 or better card.

I went with the iBuffalo controller, It's super quality for the price.

If you want a wireless option, or joysticks I recommend the 8bitdo. You can also use PS3/4 Xbox 360/One controllers as well.

u/ShinDigpay · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I personally use a Buffalo SNES USB, but you can actually wire Original SNES controllers up to a Pi, or just use a SNES USB adapter.

u/mynamesstillnotjason · 2 pointsr/retrogaming

I use this for both SNES, NES, and Genesis games on my Retropie setup.

u/gbugli · 2 pointsr/GPDPocket

Did you happen to get a USB joystick working in retroarch under arch linux? I'm trying to use an ibuffalo snes style controller ( and I'm running stockmind's mint mate 18.3, but retroarch doesn't recognize my controller.. it's weird because it works perfectly in mame.

u/iamhenrychinaski · 2 pointsr/RetroPie

Just ordered this kit as well, along with a pair of these. Everything should be here Wednesday, stoked to finally put my first setup together.

u/ProtonMurphy · 1 pointr/FinalFantasy

Yep, looks good. Pair that with one of these and you're set. If you wanted to add a second controller there's a couple different options, basically would need to either split the USB slot or add on additional ones (not complex, just another part to buy).

If you get the parts and need help setting up things from the software end, give me shout.

u/knowreason · 1 pointr/RetroPie

I use a couple of the Buffalo USB controllers. They feel, look, and work great.

u/realusername42 · 1 pointr/france

Alors j'utilise celles la qui marchent sans aucune config:

u/Kaiminus · 1 pointr/bindingofisaac

I'm gonna add a second question, which controller are you using?
The one I used doesn't work anymore, I can't find another one or a controller that has a good d-pad. Is that one good enough?

u/iammagicmike · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

hey, i got everything set up with 2 x BUFFALO CLASSIC USB GAMEPAD controllers.

  • One problem I'm having is that I can get both controllers operating in the UI, but when I load up a rom, only one controller will recognize. Any idea why this might happen?
  • Also, using only the buffalo controller, is there a way to quit your current rom to load back into the UI?

    EDIT: I configured the controllers in the UI, and that worked like a charm. However when I tried this step:
    > bring up your consol type "cd RetroPie-Setup" then "./" type what's in the quotes.

  • I enter the cd RetroPie-Setup folder, without an issue, but when I type the command "./" I receive this error: -hash: ./ No such file or directory

    I really don't know how to correct this, I'm afraid I don't have much experience in this subject yet. Any idea how to solve this problem?
u/staythepath · 1 pointr/gaming

Yeah, I picked up this one. I hope it doesn't take weeks to arrive like some people are saying. If so I'll just use my ps3 controller in the mean time.

u/Autoimmunity · 1 pointr/pcgaming

Just keep tinkering with DS4Windows, and make sure you have the latest version.

If you're really serious about emulation though, I'd recommend getting some USB controllers for you console of choice. For example, I love SNES, N64, and GameCube games, so I have these:

GameCube Controller

SNES Controller

There are probably some newer & better versions than what I have, and the prices on these things fluctuate a bit as well, so keep an eye on prices for the best deal if you're interested.

u/QuickLightning · 1 pointr/Games

I use this. High quality and very similar to the original SNES controller in feel. Careful, there are a lot of cheapos that look similar to the original SNES but will not last you very long.

u/critters · 1 pointr/battlestations

It's a Buffalo "Classic USB Gamepad for PC" Linky. Hasn't quite got the build quality of the original, but it's close enough and is plug-and-play on PC and can be made to work with RetroPie

u/Spynde · 1 pointr/RetroPie

I have bought two of these controllers and they work amazingly well:

u/djpokeboy · 1 pointr/emulation

For older retro consoles, the Buffalo SNES controller is the best I've used.

Great feeling buttons, works out of the box, and a great price to match. Can't be beaten :)

u/akamurph · 1 pointr/technology

A bit late, I just built one a couple months ago and it's great! As far as the raspberry pi kit/controllers below is what I purchased. Installing retropie was pretty simple as explained in other responses:

CanaKit Raspberry Pi 3 Complete Starter Kit - 32 GB Edition


u/apf6 · 1 pointr/gaming

looks good.. I would say get at least a 16gb card because the OS itself takes something like 2gb. And the cards are so cheap.

Here's the kit I started with, then I got the card, case, and wifi dongle separately:

And this gamepad has been working great:

u/lbizz · 1 pointr/speedrun

I tried to buy an NES USB controller and it was really crappy. This SNES controller has worked out pretty well for me so far. Definitely not as good as playing on the real thing but it's held up well the past few years

u/noir666 · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

Buffalo USB controllers. I found them though Amazon,, though I paid a bit more since I'm in Canada. Linked the US version, and I'm sure they'll have them in other countries too.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 1 pointr/Nexus10


u/socialcm · 1 pointr/RetroPie

I'm using this SNES USB controller

u/derkasan · 1 pointr/gaming

Nice. Perfect for emulators!

Been looking at getting this one for myself:

u/etn8127 · 1 pointr/retrogaming

Maybe it's just Buffalo. Swear I've seen it as iBuffalo too. Here's a link to the one I'm talking about.

u/ostereje · 1 pointr/RetroPie
u/Im-Currently-Working · 1 pointr/Games

I have this USB SNES gamepad.

Came highly recommended on Amazon and it's supposed to work with Retropie no problems. It is a hell of a nice gamepad, so I would rather get it to work than try another one. Like I said, I will probably try the whole thing again soon.

u/Natemiester · 1 pointr/CasualConversation

Honestly, I'd just get one of these and get an emulator. I've used it a fair amount, and it compares quite favorably to a real SNES controller.

u/spitfire9107 · 1 pointr/Piracy

oh ive had experience with them before. I used gameboy emulator which was the best because gameboy only has like 3 controls so its perfect for pc. The only issues with snes emulator is the controls for it. I guess

this would suffice. Yes you're right about saving anywhere. Especially games like contra....

u/Trainsbot · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

You need a usb controller, like This. Emulation station itself will not consider a keyboard a controller.

u/Butter_Is_Life · 1 pointr/ShovelKnight

If you play/emulate a lot on PC, I'd really reccomend a Buffalo SNES USB gamepad.

Most Nintendo-recreated controllers are average to crappy, but this one holds up incredibly well and has great durability and reviews. I love it better than even the Wii/Wii U controllers because of the larger D-Pad size and grooves in the D-Pad, which keep my thumbs from sliding off like they do on the smaller D-Pads Nintendo's put out lately.

u/blunted1 · 1 pointr/RetroPie

Isn't a Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad the same thing and cheaper?

Amazon - Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad

u/nes_cake · 1 pointr/wii

Build a Raspberry Pi 3 and load it with RetroPie. It's really simple to build and you don't need any coding experience or anything like that. It's also CHEAP. There are tons of guides online on how to get up and running.

Download every Genesis/Mega drive game ever made from here (695 MB) :

You can even download every single SNES game ever made (1.7 GB):

Much better for emulation than Wii's VC. The Wii VC doesn't even have EVERY Genesis/SNES game either, unlike the Pi 3 which can.

With the Pi 3, you can use any USB controller you want; just buy a Genesis USB controller or an SNES USB controller and it'll feel JUST like you're playing on the real deal. Unlike the Wii, which doesn't have this option, the closest thing is a classic controller.

You and your GF will be waaaaay more happy, trust me ;)

u/fant0mphr3ak · 1 pointr/nes

I've actually made a few RetroPie rigs. I use these controllers and they work beautifully.

u/PoorSpanaway · 1 pointr/RetroPie

Yeah, I think that building your own is the way to go. It's not really that hard to do if you can follow instructions and can write an image to a micro sd. I recently put one together and you can get away with spending around $100 for a great setup. This was my parts list:

SNES wired controllers x 2 ($16.00 ea):

The case ($27.99) :

Memory card 32 GB ($11.99):

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B ($34.81):

And then these optional luxury controllers - Wireless controllers x 2 ($47.16 ea):

u/Wongy · 1 pointr/Steam
u/Canama · 1 pointr/Metroid

Yeah, I bought one of these four or five years back and it works great. I use it for a lot of emulation stuff.

I also played AM2R on it.

u/straightouttabarnet · 1 pointr/RetroPie
u/machinehead933 · 1 pointr/buildapc

I have one of these, which I used for a Retro Pi and it works well:

u/tk42967 · 1 pointr/techsupportmacgyver

It is if you get a retro USB controller.

I've got an NES & SNES that allow me to play old console games on my PC. Then I have a logitech controller that is like an old school PS/PS2 for newer games.

u/Snypervash · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

Sorry, I don't currently have any inside pictures, its pretty hollow with just the RPI/LCD controller. in there. Here is the monitor in question as well as the controller

u/NTolerance · 1 pointr/nexus6

I like this thread. There's not a lot of in-depth discussion on reddit for which I consider to be the holy grail of gaming - portable 16-bit emulation. I grew up playing the Genesis and SNES, and being able to play those games on a portable device has always been an interest of mine.

Some other non-phone devices that come up in discussion:

  • PSP - too slow for reliable SNES emulation
  • Nvidia Shield - crappy Xbox-style D-Pad

    Since my interest lies with games that are difficult and rely on a good D-pad, anything less than a Nintendo-style cross D-pad is a risk. The D-pad on the Xbox 360 controller is one of the worst ever made. This rules out of a lot of the controllers out there.

    Controllers I have experience with:

  • Moga Hero Power - D-pad is cross style, but is very mushy and unreliable. Sometimes there is a noticeable lag when using its Bluetooth connection. The phone charging feature is nice but why are we even here if we can't play games with quality controls? Requires a special app to be run each time you connect the controller with Bluetooth. Avoid.
  • Sixaxis - D-pad is not cross style, but is decent quality because it's made by Sony. Coupled with this mount and this cable you can get good, reliable control for classic games. No root needed and the Sixaxis is supported natively in Android. Just plug in the cable.
  • Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad - very good cross style D-pad and a very good clone of the original SNES controller. Combined with an OTG cable it's natively supported in Android without root. I use the Sixaxis when I'm out and about due to the phone mount, but since the Buffalo controller doesn't have a mount for it I only use it at home where I can place my phone where I please. The Buffalo controller is a joy to use and is superior to the Sixaxis, but again lack of a mount makes it less than portable. I'm not handy enough with tools to build a homemade mount, but that would be awesome.

    Controllers I'm interested in:

  • iPega 9028 - I've gone through all of the Android controllers available on Amazon and this one seems like it could be a replacement candidate for the Sixaxis since it includes a mount. Cross style D-pad and some of the reviews say that the D-pad is good. Furthermore it has media controls so I guess you can adjust the volume even if your volume keys are obscured by the mount. I've got this on my Christmas list and hope to try it out soon.

    With regards to recommended emulators, ideally I'd love to use a single open-source multi-emulator like Retrorarch, but it's just too buggy (especially the controller support) to use. So you'll need a separate emulator per system. I mainly play SNES, so I can very much recommend SuperRetro16. It has a good interface and good controller support (it's easy to switch between my Sixaxis and the Buffalo controller).
u/HeliosRises · 1 pointr/retrogaming

Nicely done. A small emulator station is going to be my Christmas present to myself.

I'm still debating the Raspberry Pi vs. Odroid dilemma. Did you get to demo any games on your station? I've heard mixed reviews about the playability of some SNES games on a retro pi. Any thoughts?

Thanks for the heads-up about the stickers. I'm certainly going to order a few do decorate whatever case I use.

ps. Buffalo Classic USB Controller is the best USB SNES Clone I've used. Doesn't match up to anything authentic, but it's a fair controller for the price.

u/iloveboardgames · 1 pointr/tablets

Thanks for your reply and suggestion! I dont really plan on using an xbox controller, I am mostly interested in NES/SNES games so I was thinking about getting two of these...

Is there anything else I have to know before purchasing? I will probably go with the HP Stream.

u/PantstheCat · 1 pointr/nidhogg

Use two keyboards? Or better yet, of you can get your hands on two game controllers. Buffalo makes pretty solid USB SNES controllers that are my favourite for Nidhogg.

u/motodoto · 1 pointr/mildlyinteresting

That controller works great with retropie for reference.

u/imthe1nonlyD · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi

If they're going pi0 they'll also need an adapter w/ usb hub. For simplicity I would just go with a pi3 and avoid needing to buy the extra adapters.

  • pi0 $5.37 if you're lucky enough to have a microcenter locally

  • controllers I wouldn't go cheap on them

    That alone puts you at a minimum of $20 plus adapters for micro - usb for a hub(which hasn't even been accounted for yet), mini hdmi-hdmi, and a power cable.

    edit: spelling r tuff
u/papasfritas · 1 pointr/serbia
u/PXGbsh · 1 pointr/Gaming4Gamers

I personally have a few of These Buffalo SFC controllers, I didn't even know about that wireless one. How do the buttons feel? I have a different brand controller at one point that had horrible buttons, and the Buffalo ones are nice.

u/datamonger · 1 pointr/mac

If you plan on doing any gaming through emulators using OpenEmu, I'd highly recommend getting the Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad. It feels almost like a genuine Super Famicom controller and holds up quite well. It might also be available as the iBuffalo Classic USB Gamepad.

u/SubmarineCow925 · 1 pointr/emulators

I use an iBuffalo SNES controller for NES, SNES, GB, GBC, GBA, and NDS games. it works for pretty much everything Nintendo.

u/GlancingArc · 1 pointr/gaming

Id Highly reckomend
I have two of them and they work great.

u/rctm_dmn_nr_kld_hm · 1 pointr/gaming

This is way better than that eBay one. This one has some weight to it and feels like the real thing. The other ones end up being cheap knockoffs.

u/ZedSpot · 1 pointr/gaming

I just got 2 of these and I swear by them: Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad for PC

I prefer using this to the XBox controller for any 2D games. It feels just right.

u/cowscats22 · 1 pointr/gamecollecting
I have this controller and in my opinion, the best usb controller out there. If you dont mind paying extra.

u/zerohere · 1 pointr/gadgets

Here is the complete starter kit with everything you need for $75


You can also buy it on Amazon for a bit less.

The only thing you will need that's not in the kit are the ROMs and controllers. The ROMs you can find practically anywhere online.

For controllers, I splurged on a couple of Buffalo USB SNES controllers for the nostalgia, but any bluetooth or USB controller will work.

u/DerRoger · 1 pointr/emulation

Don't buy cheap ass SNES controllers, buy the only good one that is as good as an original Nintendo SNES controller: The iBuffallo SNES controller

u/Tokyudo · 1 pointr/SBCGaming

If you're interested in just a SNES controller, I highly recommend iBuffalo's USB controller. I have two and they are the closest thing to the original you can get. I would say the only difference is the weight, it's a little lighter. The price for this guy has gone up over the years but IMO there is nothing that compares to the build quality.

Buffalo iBuffalo Classic USB Gamepad for PC

u/MiOdd · 1 pointr/RetroPie

I use this and I am very happy with it, feels sturdy like an original SNES controller.

u/Chaos_Therum · 1 pointr/pokemon

Can't vouche for the quality but here is a SNES and a NES controller



u/OregonViking · 1 pointr/PS4

Either Sony needs to make a knockoff, or just give this controller some basic driver functions.

A throwback that could be used on all the indie games, for me specifically Mercenary Kings. I would buy a 30-40$ Sony licensed copy of that controller for those types of games. The nostalgia of having the old school controller would be a delight.

There is no way that Sony allows this Wiiwand to work on PS4, but I'm sure some hackers will find some fun in it for PC Emulation of the Wii. Still not sure why the Ds4 is needed..

u/kermur · 1 pointr/RetroPie

I highly recommend this controller for emulating NES and SNES (I also used for Genesis). You can find this controller for much cheaper than $35:

u/HAVEANOTHERDRINKRAY · 1 pointr/raspberry_pi
u/PinkyThePig · 1 pointr/linux4noobs

I use this with a normal gamecube controller for dolphin.

Other gamepads I have personally used with no issues:

Logitech PS2-like Gamepad

u/TheComingCurse · 1 pointr/funny

This has been said before, but the Buffalo snes pad is really really good. As good as the original as far as I can remember.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/gaming

I use ZSNES. More compatibility.

Also planning on getting one of these when I have the money.

u/Nerdz · 1 pointr/snes

I'm from Canada as well and paid around $21.00 each earlier this month.

I just received them and played some Killer Instinct to try them and I was able to perform all my combos without any issue.

u/ryty0591 · 1 pointr/RetroPie

Where did you order it from? This is the same controller, right?

u/N04A · 1 pointr/RetroPie


I ordered mine on the 8th and it was supposed to arrive today, but due to weather it will be arriving tomorrow. I plan on using it with a portable RPI that I am making

u/dont_pm_me_cupcakes_ · 1 pointr/OkCupid
u/sip_sigh_repeat · 1 pointr/StreetFighter
u/IntimeforCornFlakes · 0 pointsr/emulation

Buy one. I promise you these controllers feel just like a SNES pad. I bought two just in case!

u/PewPewLaserPewPew · 0 pointsr/technology

I had NES, Genesis, snes, n64, Saturn, Xbox, ps2 onward.

They are bought and sold there same as any collector item. Nothing special about the market friend.

All these consoles are old with worn controllers. The consoles are almost non playable on HDTVs. The game memory saves are sometimes on dead batteries. The consoles all need to be hooked up individually. There are so many problems you're overlooking. Emulators are superior in almost every way. You're living in nostalgia.

Here's what I play with. Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad for PC It's literally a brand new snes controller. You play on HDTV with resolution to match and then enable post processing effects.

I'm not at all a PC enthusiast, but it's objectively better in every way except for nostalgia.

u/JUST_LEVELED_UP · -3 pointsr/Games

Really, I don't understand the need for both touchpads especially after seeing that joystick on the right side. They probably should have just put a joystick/dpad on the right hand side.

Their dpad would probably suck ass anyway. Their last iteration of the Steam controller had 4 round direction buttons, I fucking puked when I saw that. Not that I would even use a Steam controller for emulation or anything when stuff like this is only $13.