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Bundle - 4 Items - Clipper Lighter
Refillable Fluid + Replaceable Flint = Unlimited Life SpanSAFE - Child Resistant Strike WheelSuper Strong Nylon Material That Won't Crack or Explode Like Cheap LightersThe Flint Arm Can Be Used as a Convenient Tobacco Packing ToolThe Exclusive Clipper Pre-set Flame Valve Avoids Burning Risks
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1 Reddit comment about Bundle - 4 Items - Clipper Lighter" Metallic Solid" Collection:

u/KYVX ยท 3 pointsr/ArtOfRolling

Yes! So happy you asked.

The bottom of the lighter is a circle and not an oval, so it's good for packing down a bowl rather than using your fingers and having the bud stick to you. It also helps because it won't pull the weed out if you're trying to get some green back to the top after you've charred a layer.

The side of the lighter has a... I don't know how to describe it, but you can use it for scraping. I usually do this when I grind up some dank and toss that shit on the table.

The chamber around the flame is built up high which makes it wind proof (for the most part, like, you can't blow straight down on it). I've been driving and held it next to an open window where the wind was blasting that shit and it didn't go out. Hella hype.

The flint that sparks the lighter literally comes out of the lighter and you can use that to pack joints, blunts or to move small pieces of bud around in virtually any method of smoking.

Not a use, but they make some really cool looking lighters too. I can personally vouch for their quality and haven't gone back to BIC since I got my first Clipper.