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Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert
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u/Nelom ยท 1 pointr/whiskey

> Cool, have fun with it!

Thanks, I'm sure I will. Perhaps a tad too much fun. It's only been a couple of weeks, but I'm already feeling like perhaps I'm drinking a little too much of it. It's just something about each sip of each type, noticing the flavours, nosing the glass before, during and after...

And it's more than just the drinking of it. These past couple of weeks, the topic of whisky is rarely far from my mind. I keep thinking about what to buy next, reading different articles and reviews, I just ordered a book on the subject, and I'm thinking on getting a few different glasses to complement my Glencairn... Yeah, it's safe to say I'm getting quite hooked.

As someone who usually dives deep and headfirst into new hobbies this is nothing new, and I'm really loving learning new things about a new topic like this. I haven't really been this obsessive since I got into home theatre and DVDs back in the late 90s. Fun stuff.

Thanks again. The reddit whisky subs and everyone in them have been great. It's part of what's made this so much fun so far.