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Cement, 5 Lb
Price For: Each Item: Expansion Cement Characteristics: Flows Easily into Place when Mixed with Water to Pourable Consistency Setting Time: Within 15 Minutes (Initial Set) Application: Anchoring Bolts, Buildings, Partitions, Machines, Appliances, Tools, Railings, Hardware and Posts to Concrete, other Masonry Floors and Walls Yield Strength: One Pound Yields 18 3/4 Cubic Inch and 92 Pounds Yields One Cubic FeetSize: 5 lb. Box Country of Origin (subject to change): United States
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u/JanCumin ยท 1 pointr/jewelrymaking

> Rockite

Amazing, thanks, you mean this one?

thanks, looks like a great options in the US, but good lord its expensive in the UK, I'll have a look for an alternative here, really want white....