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General Chemistry
Science & Math
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Company; 7 edition (July 1, 2007)Language: EnglishHardcover: 1056 pagesSteven S. Zumdahl (Author), Susan A. Zumdahl (Author)Shipping Weight: 5.5 pounds
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u/njraymondi · 668 pointsr/pics

Here are all 4 books for less than $170 total

u/captaincaed · 6 pointsr/chemistry

I'd recommend Zumdahl's Chemistry ( as a good introductory text. It's relatively straightforward for someone approaching the subject outside of class.

I'd ask you to remember also, Chemistry is a messy subject, it just isn't as concise as mathematics by nature. If the text isn't to your taste it is probably a reflection on the haphazard nature of the subject, not the author.

That said, if you want the original gangster, old school text, Pauling's Chemistry is the die that all modern chem texts have been cast from, and it's cheap, printed by Dover in their classic style (

u/rocketracer · 2 pointsr/UCSC

You can definitely get the book cheaper on Amazon, used. That listing on the bookstore's site is for a "bundle" which includes the physical textbook, pdf of the book, and online homework code. Looks like CHEM1P is doing a trial online homework website this quarter. That will be completely separate from the textbook. As for the textbook, Randa's syllabus does state to get the 7th edition, although there may be some leniency, as we were allowed to use the 6th edition last fall quarter. However, if you're going to complete the gen chem series (CHEM 1A, 1B, 1C) it may be worth the investment.

u/alpastortacos · 2 pointsr/pics

Found all these books for less than 250, don't buy books at the bookstore
first, second, third, fourth

u/wombocombo087 · 1 pointr/pics

"Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering" by Fogler (4th edition) sells on Amazon for $87.64. (

"Physical Chemistry" by Atkins, 8th edition sells for $31.50 on Amazon. (

"Separation Process Principles" (I think 3rd edition if my image enhancer is working properly) sells on Amazon for $65.

"Chemistry" by Zumdahl (I think 7th edition) sells on Amazon for $25.77. (

So $209.91 less shipping fees but these would mail via USPS Media Mail which runs like, at most $3.75 per book so take that out and you're left with $194.91.

u/ParticleCannon · 1 pointr/pics

Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering, $135 new

Physical Chemistry, 9th edition (newer), $74 used (out of print)

Separation Process Principles, $121 new

I have a hard time believing that basic Chemistry book is $670

edit: someone beat me to it, the chemistry book is not $670, its $50

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u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/chemistry

Yes, this should be a great book to start, and it will be sufficient enough to cover all of high school chemistry. You can buy it used starting from $7.

Another option would be this one, however it may be a tiny bit harder than the previous book for self teaching, but it's the same in content.

Those books are both the standard for introduction to general chemistry, and they cover all of AP Chemistry taught in high school, and more.

For organic chemistry, you should buy an organic text to compliment your general chemistry textbook, (however you should at least finish the chaper on quantum mechanics and bonding in those textbooks before you start organic). This is a great book for introduction to organic.

I don't know how fast you can self study, however once you have read those, you can buy another textbook of greater difficulty (usually they are calculus based). There is Chemical Principles by Atkins, and Principles of Modern Chemistry by Oxtoby. If you finish those too, you should be at the chemistry olympiad level and also first year university level.

u/AsianDoctor · 1 pointr/chemistry
u/horatiowilliams · 0 pointsr/politics

A standard chemistry textbook runs you about $300. Multiply that by four or five classes students usually take, and take into account many professors require two or three books. That's easily $2,000 in a semester, just for textbooks.

People have this idea that textbooks are cheap. They are not.