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u/[deleted] · 164 pointsr/atheism
u/CY4N · 6 pointsr/dubstep

Christian Dubstep

Yes this is an actual release, I would not listen to myself seeing as there is no artist tags and it has "Dubstep Remix" on the titles. Gave me a good laugh though.

u/WorkingMouse · 5 pointsr/atheism
u/derpotologist · 3 pointsr/crappymusic

FREE on Amazon Prime!! And if you don't have Amazon Prime you can still listen to the samples... and let's be honest, even the samples are too long.

u/mileylols · 2 pointsr/AskReddit
u/Caprious · 2 pointsr/DJsCirclejerk

You're too late:

Edit: Sad thing is, some of the tunes aren't that bad. Take out the gospel, and they'd be tolerable.

u/AvoidingStalkers · 1 pointr/AskReddit