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College Striped Ties for Men - Woven Necktie - Purple w/Yellow
MEN'S NECKTIE - Scott Allan brings you a professionally crafted, handmade College Striped Microfiber necktie designed for more formal occasions and showing school spirit! Features an embroidered Scott Allan Collection logo to ensure authenticity and quality. Strong double tie loops keep your tie tight and secure for solid all day performance.WOVEN JACQUARD MICROFIBER - Our tie is jacquard woven on high-quality, wrinkle-resistant microfiber that is just as soft as silk and even more durable. Patterns are woven directly into the tie during production, not printed or dyed on top of the fabric, granting sharper contrast and more vivid colors. The high-density microfiber shell and thick interlining ensure strong, long-lasting knots.COLLEGE STRIPED - The thick and bold stripes on our college striped necktie are great for any occasion, but excel in more formal settings. Order our college striped ties in your favorite high school, college, or professional sports team's colors to show your pride! Stripes match well with a wide range of dress shirts and buttoned down shirts, even striped ones!MEASUREMENTS & COLORS - Our neckties measure a standard 59 inches long and 3.3 inches wide, the ideal fit for any body type, dress shirt, and outfit. Available in base colors: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, White, and Black with a complementary colored stripe.SCOTT ALLAN COLLECTION - Scott Allan designs high quality men’s neckties for every occasion. We combine superior materials with professional craftsmanship and deliver our products at an incredible value for our customers. EST 2005, SAC is a small, family run business based in MA. We are proud to have shipped over 1 million ties to date. We stay committed to a simple, but successful formula: deliver top quality products at affordable prices and back it up with dedicated customer service.
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2 Reddit comments about College Striped Ties for Men - Woven Necktie - Purple w/Yellow:

u/JohnDalysBAC · 4 pointsr/minnesotavikings

I'm off to Amazon Prime to find the tie!

edit: I think this is it.