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Cotton Muslin Bags 3x4 Inch Drawstring 25 Count Pack
Made In America from American Virgin CottonSizes are Approximate see description for detailsGreat for Packaging Crafts / Soaps / Candles / Wedding Favors / AnythingNo Toxic Chemicals Used In Weaving Process Of These Bags So they are certified food safeIf you don't buy from Celestial Gifts... None of these things could be true
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5 Reddit comments about Cotton Muslin Bags 3x4 Inch Drawstring 25 Count Pack:

u/MrM0stly · 6 pointsr/abv

I would do what /u/AIO12 suggests, but with emphasis on using coconut oil. If you want to use butter, I suggest clarifying it first; this way it will keep longer. My method is to put the AVB in a jar, and then cover it with coconut oil (you may have to pre-liquefy the coconut oil if it is not hot in your house).

I fill the crockpot (or slow cooker) about half-way with water, and loosely tighten the top of the jar with the oil and AVB (I do this because some additional decarboxilation occurs, and this releases gas, and I don't want to risk the jar exploding -- although I realize this is highly unlikely). I make sure the water comes up about halfway to 3/4 of the way up the side of the jar of oil and AVB.

I also suspend the jar of AVB and Oil using the rings from canning jars. This way the jar of oil and bud is not touching the ceramic cooking vessel. This way you ensure that your product will never get hotter than ~212 degrees Fahrenheit.

I put other empty canning jars in the slow cooker around the edges so that things don't float or move around. I put the crock pot on high and leave it at that temperature setting for about 6 hours.

Once every hour or so, I will take the jar out and give it a shake, or open it up and give it a stir.

I usually end up adding extra water to top off the ceramic cooking vessel about 3 hours in, but since I keep the glass cover on the slow cooker, most of the water re-condenses and stays in the ceramic cooking vessel. But keep an eye on it! If the water evaporates you might damage your slow cooker (unlikely) or burn your infusion (likely). That would be so sad!

I also throw in a few pinches of fresh bud mixed in with the AVB -- I think this gives a slightly more full-spectrum infusion. Also, I think it tastes good. Also, I will add a couple of whole crushed cocoa beans and maybe half a stick of cinnamon during the infusion. It comes out smelling and tasting pretty damn good! The toastyness of the AVB, the smooth sweetness of the coconut oil, and the richness of the cocoa bean and cinnamon go really well together.

After 6 hours (or more), I remove the jar of oil and AVB. I let it sit for about 20 minutes so it cools down a little, but still stays hot and liquid.

Then, while still liquid, but not so hot as to burn me, I strain the bud and oil through a large cotton muslin bag (like this - which I also use for steeping loose herbal tea and for preparing kava kava). The reason I use these is because I can sinch off the bag, and use all my strength to twist and squeeze every last drop of precious infused oil out of the AVB. There is a LOT of oil that that will stay in the bud otherwise, and I have found this method to be best and quickest at salvaging almost all of it!

You should end up with a a lot of a very potent infusion. My latest batch is so strong... if I eat more than 1 teaspoon, I am practically wasted for the rest of the day. For me and my body, I have found that it takes, on average, TWO hours for the effects to kick in. Surprisingly long. Then the effects stick around and get more intense for a few hours, and then peak, and I am pretty much stoned for about 8 hours. Infused oil using AVB really rocks me. I get so stoned that I don't even feel like smoking pot or drinking alcohol. I am just all set.

One thing I will mention, if you are feeling adventurous or experimental: I want to try this, but haven't had a chance yet -- but I want to try doing the infusion in a pressure cooker. This will increase the temperature to 240 degrees Fahrenheit, which won't burn the bud or oil, and could result in an even more complete extraction of the AVB and infusion of actives into the oil. I have a pressure cooker which I use to sterilize substrate for the purpose of cultivating mushrooms at home, but that is all I use it for, so it would be nice if I could find another use for the pressure cooker. Ideally, my plans are to save up a bunch of AVB, and do 3 or 4 different infusions and then compare them. One theory I have is that the higher temp and pressure in the pressure cooker might be able to achieve an equivalent infusion (or an even BETTER infusion?!) than the slow cooker, but in half or even a quarter of the time. Time will tell...

Finally, another consideration for you might be to invest in something like the "cap-m-quick." This is a little "machine" that holds 00 gelatin or vegetable-based capsules. The oil will not leak through the capsules, as long as your oil is free of all water, and as long as your oil is as cool as possible while remaining a liquid. This is the idea:

It would be nice to have capsules containing even quantities of the oil. It is discreet, pretty much odorless, and perfect for transportation, or for sharing with others. I plan on doing this today actually! I plan on storing the filled capsules in the freezer, for freshness. I will post something to this sub once I give it a try and let you guys know a) how it goes, b) if it seems worth doing, c) how much weight each capsule weighs, d) how consistent each capsule's weight is, and e) how effective they are at doing their job ;)

In any event, please do post your results back here! I for one would love to hear how your end product comes out :)

u/adoptagreyhound · 2 pointsr/preppers

Here ya go. Amazon has them in packs of 25. Drawstring cloth bags

u/Ask_Seek_Knock · 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Things for relaxing: Lavender $15.99, Bath Caddy $14.97, Muslin Bags $7.49 and finally Chocolate $10.48 all items are located on RAoA list

u/pawildernessskills · 1 pointr/Bushcraft

You can use whole coffee beans. It takes longer to brew, but there are zero grounds.

Another way is to use a Muslin bag. I empty, rinse and reuse. You can get a lot of times out of one bag.