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Cousin Nylon Jaw Craft and Jewelry Pliers
These nylon jawed pliers have many uses and will not damage soft metal findings like sterlingComfort padded handles and durable double leaf spring constructionReduce the gauge of sterling wire by repeatedly drawing the wire through the jawsThey can also be used to straighten bent wires and pins! Simply draw the wire through the jaws, turn and draw again to take out the kinksOpens to . 75 inches, overall size: 5. 3 in. L x 2 in. W
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u/DaedalusThePolished · 3 pointsr/jewelrymaking

I do some wire wrapping. Take it from me. The best thing you can do is NOT Get crafting grade tools when looking for cutters etc. Go for the stuff like you would find at home Depot. Here's some of the stuff I've found useful and good quality.

Bail making pliers

Chain nose pliers

Nylon tip pliers

Most times you can get away with regular wire cutters, but I bought a set of mini pliers and flush cutters at home Depot which are great for stuff in tight quarters.

These should get you through most things except long coils.

u/Lizlula · 1 pointr/jewelry

You have choices. You can either buy nylon tip pliers made specifically for working with wire you don't want to mark up, wrap the tips of pliers with duct tape to protect the wire, or they sell a coating you can dip your pliers into that will coat the tips. Everything but the acrylic pliers will have to be reapplied occasionally as it wears off with use.

Rubber coating:

Nylon jaw pliers: