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Cricket Wireless 3-in-1 SIM Card Kit
Enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data access with no annual contracts and monthly taxes & fees includedKeep your current phone number or get a new oneKit includes 3-in-1 SIM Card used to activate your phone on Cricket Wireless nationwide 4G LTE networkReplacing your SIM card is easy, and the SIM Card kit comes with step-by-step instructions on how to replace your old card with oursTo activate your phone, simply visit Not sure if your phone is compatible? Visit
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13 Reddit comments about Cricket Wireless 3-in-1 SIM Card Kit:

u/foscho · 3 pointsr/NoContract

Definitely use the Cricket referrals! I'd recommend making it clear with the admin of the group you're looking to join that you'd like to have that credit applied to what you owe, which really shouldn't be a problem. You should get a confirmation e-mail that will serve as "proof" that you've earned your credits, which should roll in around month 2 or 3 of your Cricket service.

Every group is run a bit differently however, so I'd definitely be explicit before joining.

As for the IMEI problem, I'm pretty sure you can order a SIM from Amazon, and skip the checker:

Also, it's cheaper right now than buying in-store or online!

I'm almost 100% positive that the 5x will work flawlessly on Cricket once you pop in the SIM and activate it, but it'd be great if another Cricket user with one could provide insight.

u/tiwaryrajiv · 2 pointsr/CricketWireless

I think AT&T iphones should work. However, please be careful of sim size. As far as I know idol 3 uses micro-sim whereas iphones use nano-sims. So you may have a problem. The easiest solution is to buy a Cricket sim from Walmart, Target etc. and activate it on your existing line. Amazon is charging $5 for it

Then your micro-sim will quit working and the number will transfer to the nano sim. You will have to do this procedure for each line.

u/ecs0013 · 2 pointsr/CricketWireless

As a few others have said, Amazon also has them on sale:

It looks like a limit of two, and I don't know how Amazon handles international shipping for things like that.

u/pntless · 2 pointsr/NoContract

The port out doesn't finalize until you activate the SIM, but you can also avoid the worry by buying sim card kits through Amazon for cheaper (link below) then activate on cricket website once you have sim cards in hand.

Cricket Wireless Complete Starter Pack: Nano SIM Card with Standard & Micro Adapters

u/kkarmah · 1 pointr/CricketWireless

I did this the other day. Ordered the LG X power, when it came I put the sim in my iphone and activated. Done! I never even put the sim in the LG, I'm keeping that as a backup phone.

I also have 2 bring your own device multi-size sim kits for my kids. I got those on Amazon for $5.

u/notyavgkat · 1 pointr/CricketWireless

NICE !!! So basically I won't need This. I know i'm dumb when it comes to stuff like this .

u/whozdabest · 1 pointr/CricketWireless

If you want to port the number a previously activated SIM card, I think there's a $15 fee for changing your number:

I'd suggest getting another SIM to port if you decide to move to Cricket. Amazon is selling Cricket SIM cards for $2.99.

i don't believe Amazon is selling the new Cricket SIMs (all white) yet, but they should work fine nevertheless. The new SIMs puts you onto AT&T proxy servers from the very beginning of activation as opposed to third party proxies. All the old SIMs will eventually migrate over, as many already have.

u/emanresol · 1 pointr/NoContract

Oh hey, you can get a Cricket SIM for $.99 from Amazon:
You can sign up for a free 30-day trial of Amazon Prime to get free shipping. Read the most helpful reviews to see how to activate it. Looks like there's no activation fee (at least if you do it online) but it looks like you have to insert the SIM in a compatible phone. Also, I don't know whether you have to select a plan and fund the first month. (It wouldn't be worthwhile if you do.)

u/Bookofdrewsus · 1 pointr/NoContract
u/StuffedHobbes · 1 pointr/CricketWireless

I have no clue. I googled it but nothing came up with a satisfactory answer.

You can get a new sim from amazon for $3 though.

u/finewhitelady · 1 pointr/NoContract

Be aware that if you end up buying the sim from a 3rd party, you won't get the port-in credits. I bought my SIM from Amazon but wasn't eligible for port-in at the time. But it's an option at $7 instead of $10.