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Dave Ramsey's Complete Guide To Money
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3 Reddit comments about Dave Ramsey's Complete Guide To Money:

u/helaughsinhidden · 12 pointsr/askMRP

> No major debts except a mortgage, but I'm a complete newb with money.

You're doing fine, keep it up!

This is a great starter:

Most people borrow too much and use credit cards they can't pay off the same month and get buried. Just don't do that and you're 15 years ahead of most people.

For insurance and investments, there are SO MANY to pick from it's dumb to take advice from people who don't know your goals, background, history, etc.

u/Purpoise · 3 pointsr/Louisville

I have a small amount of CC debt but I was able to get a consolidation loan, this made my payments more manageable and the pay-off date and overall cost are now way lower than they would have been. This could be done through some third party lender but I would start with where you know first for options. If you have a bank I would start by there, they may even have someone that specializes in this kind of financial assistance. If you have access to a credit union they may even be more help than a bank's financial advisers. You can always call the credit card company directly and discuss debt management options. It may also be helpful to look at some debt relief programs or reference materials. I've always found Dave Ramsey's plans for financial planning to be straight-forward and effective. Here's a link to a Ramsey book that covers debt-relief and saving/investment, his main concept for debt relief is a "snowball" plan - pay off the small stuff first and once paid off use that extra many for the next largest balance and so on.

Good Luck!

u/csreech · 1 pointr/suggestmeabook

Thanks for the recommendation! Are you referring to this book?