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u/Tigertemprr · 30 pointsr/comicbooks
u/xkjeku · 10 pointsr/DCcomics

This is the reading order for a modern Barry Allen. If you're interested in the best of the best Flash stories and the greater Flash mythos, Flash in the 90's to mid 2000's is the best era of the Flash. Mark Waid's Flash currently has 1 trade out with trade 2 coming out May 2nd. The first trade is an origin story about Wally West, the second trade is a story called "The Return of Barry Allen" which is the best Flash story of all time. Waid's run is the best Flash run of all time and the third trade is coming out in the Fall. Grant Morrison and Mark Millar wrote a short zany run in the middle of Waid's run. It's one trade long and worth the read. Lastly, Geoff Johns Flash run is phenomenal. It's the second best of the three and there are currently three trades out. It's a bit more serialized than Waid's run, which is a plus. Waid writes Wally a lot better than Johns but what Johns has over Waid is phenomenal and relatable villains.

Flash Rebirth brings Bary up to speed with the world and shows him dealing with being a man out of time.

The Flash Dastardly Death of The Rogues is the best Barry Allen story, it is a must read

Flash: Road to Flashpoint. This story is pretty alright, the collected version has a lot of interesting one shots and such and it directly leads into Flashpoint. This doesn't get recommended often, but I enjoyed it and I think it should be at least mentioned

Flashpoint kicks off the New 52 and is a decently written Barry Allen story. This leads into the New 52 series

The Flash New 52 Vol 1-4 Collected in this omnibus. This has absolutely stunning art and it's the same art team that did Dastardly Death of the Rogues, the artists also double as the writers and they capture a good Barry Allen in my opinion. This run is great but everything after is pretty mediocre

DC Universe Rebirth is a great story and Barry and a certain other speedster are very relevant to the story

The Flash Rebirth (2016) is the current ongoing, you can digitally purchase it or buy the issues individually from Midtown Comics (The website) or your LCBS. I'm linking the first volume of this run.

u/BaraBatman · 6 pointsr/DCcomics

First of all, there are two ways of reading comics:

  • Single issues: This ones are found on the local comicbook shops near you and are released every week at $2.99, being each a part of a whole storyarc. This are numbered and most series are now around the #20s.

  • Trade paperbacks: This books comeout once every a few months and contain lots of singles compiled in one easy to get book. You can find them on the bookstores or comicbook shops.

    Where to start? Indeed the best place to start is Rebirth!

  • Go and read DC Universe Rebirth

  • Pick a character or team, anyone you want, and read his rebirth series. If you go the single issues route, you have to pick up the rebirth special and then the start of the series while if you go the trade route (this is what I recommend) you can just buy the vol 1 of whomever you want


    Finally, a personal recommendation. You will probably enjoy a lot more the Titans series. You may feel lost at first, yes, but it is, to me, one of the best Rebirth reads overall
u/BladePocok · 5 pointsr/DCcomics

So what happened in New 52 is continued through Rebirth up until now and on. But there is a thing: at the end of New 52, a combined Superman story just happened: Final days of Superman (yep you can guess what it means) then DC Universe: Rebirth came then came the new Rebirth Superman title and the Action Comics. If you wanna get the full experience, you can start with New 52 OR just skip that, read ATLEAST Final Days of Superman then move forward into Rebirth. There is another strange storyline called Superman:Reborn that messed things again, won't spoiler anything else rather than the title. As u/colonyofcells mentioned, Men of Steel mini-series (6 issues) is coming at the end of May, if you wanna skip a lot of Superman stories (and Action Comics) then start there and move forward.

Edit: Also there was a story about Lois Lane and Clark just before the Final Days that is important regarding the continuity (if you're interested that much)


  1. New 52 altogether

  2. Superman: Lois and Clark

  3. Final Days of Superman

  4. DC Universe: Rebirth

  5. Rebirth Superman/Action Comics

  6. Halfway there Superman: Reborn (google it up after when it happened)

  7. Finish Rebirth and start Man of Steel (coming end of May)
u/vivvav · 5 pointsr/comicbooks

The first "Flash: Rebirth" you linked is about Barry Allen coming back to life in the pre-reboot continuity. Unless you plan on getting him a bunch of surrounding comics, it's kinda confusing.

The second thing you've listed is the current series. That's where you wanna start. You should also pick up "DC Universe Rebirth #1", which has some important prologue stuff to the current series.

If he's interested in stuff besides the Flash, I'd recommend getting him the DC Rebirth Omnibus, which includes DC Universe Rebirth #1, plus a bunch of prologue issues for all of DC's other books going on right now. These serve as introductory issues for the current runs of all the different books the characters are in right now, see if anything sparks his interest.

u/Austounded · 3 pointsr/theflash

I wasn't sure if you wanted to read digital, in trades, or in floppies so here are the links to the trade paperbacks.

Flash: Rebirth (2009)

u/mogar01 · 2 pointsr/comicbooks

Introduction to Comics

How to Get Into Comic Books (13:40) | Patrick Willems

Consider your intent/commitment. Think about your favorite shows, movies, books, etc. Reading primarily for enjoyment or encyclopedic knowledge? Collecting? Have the time/resources to read 50 or 500 comics per character?

Don’t try to read everything at once. There’s too much. Forget about catching up, continuity, universes, etc. for now. Older comics can be an acquired taste for modern audiences, so they aren’t necessarily ideal starting points. Writers change often, characters get re-worked, and origins are re-told. Remember, there are many great characters, creators, publishers, etc. to explore.

Pick an interesting character/team and seek their most popular/acclaimed stories. Focus on self-contained, complete stories in one corner of the universe. There will be unexplained references/characters, just persevere or Wiki. Don’t let the tangled web of shared-universe comics overwhelm you. Think of it like solving a jigsaw puzzle one small piece at a time until you finally see the big picture.

Discover your preferences and let them guide you. Don’t get stuck preparing/over-analyzing, just start reading. Do you like/dislike old/new comics? Specific writers/genres? Cartoony/realistic art? Familiar/weird concepts? References/self-contained? All-ages/mature content? Follow these instincts. Didn’t understand a reference? Maybe read that next.

Acquire/Buy comics:

u/Mild111 · 2 pointsr/DCcomics

[Amazon - DC Universe: Rebirth Deluxe Edition (DC Universe Event)] (

Although I read your question as asking about what stories are between The Flash: Rebirth to DC Rebirth: The Flash...

Which would be:

  • Dastardly Death of The Rogues

  • Road to Flashpoint

  • Flashpoint (and any tie-ins you care to read)

  • The entirety of New52: The Flash (9 volumes in tpb format)

  • Then DC Universe Rebirth Special

  • And back to DC Universe Rebirth: The Flash

u/bossman-CT · 2 pointsr/DCcomics

Whats the difference between that comic and this one

u/Hipster223 · 2 pointsr/DCcomics
  1. The Trinity leaves in issue 7 of infinite crisis, which you said you read.

  2. All of the changes to booster gold's character happened in 52 and Geoff John's Run. It contains Issues 1-6 > issue 0 > issue 7-10 > issue 1,000,000. He was still a great charcter during JLI, but this is where the Time Master stuff mostly comes from. Basically, he uses his reputation as an unknown, useless hero as a cover so he can maintain and protect the timestream.

  3. You have it mixed up there. At the end of Crisis on Infinite Earths the remaining living 5 earths were merged into a single earth called "New Earth". This was the only earth existing from 1987 all the way to 2004 when Infinite Crisis Happened. In Infinite Crisis, The multiverse was reborn, but it was just assumed to be another unlimited multiverse with infinite earths. Like I said, in 52, they revealed that there was actually a limited 52 amount of earths.

  4. Oops, yea infinite crisis...

  5. Uhhh... kinda blanking on the super powered Alfred thing, but pretty much Lex Luthor just created his own personal team of Super"Heroes" to do his bidding. Please Read 52. I promise you won't regret it.

  6. The Black Adam storyline was one of my favorite parts of 52!!!!!! Trust me, it will make you fall in love with the Black Marvel Family. It will give you the feels!!!!

  7. Lol

  8. Yup. It really killed Barry as a character. Silver Age didn't have much characterization, so most of Barry's character was developed after his death. He was basically the perfect hero that Wally admired, respected and looked up to, who actually appeared to Wally in the 3 worst days of his life. Barry knew he was going to die during Crisis, so he time-traveled to visit and help Wally during those 3 bad days, then went to go die in the events of Crisis.

  9. I don't think you understand. I love both Flash and Green Lanterns, been reading and collected anything with them since Crisis on Infinite Earths. I'm positive I own every single issue that contains Kyle Rayner in it, including team books like JLA. Every appearance he has ever made. I love Lanterns. Trust me. I said that because you originally were asking about the DCU as a whole. But I did include a reading list for Johns' Green Lantern for you to follow when you get the chance.

  10. Haha. Trust, All there is, is 52, and the first 12 issues of Booster Gold as I listed above in #2. 52 you can get in 2 trades, but booster gold you'll have to get digitally or hunt the individual issues down.

  11. Oh, so you've just watched the movie? Don't bother reading the event unless you really want to.

  12. I think I've already given you the workaround on Booster Gold above. Also to point out, trust me when I say this: Reading the wiki's is not as effective as reading the source material. Not even close. If you really wanna catch up from where you left off in 2006, here's a reading order, that is not too long or expensive:

  • Re-read infinite Crisis. You might want to read Identity Crisis before though. Not completely necessary, but it's events are fixed and referenced throughout Infinite, Final, and Blackest Night.

  • 52

  • Final Crisis

  • Re-watch Flashpoint Movie, I assume you have a way.

  • Darkseid War, collected in two trades: Justice League New 52 Volumes 7 & 8

  • DC Universe Rebirth #1. I think you might be able to find a second, third, fourth, or fifth printing of this one-shot at your local comic store, or you can buy the deluxe edition which is a few dollars more right here. OH! Or you could just pay the $3 online right here to read it digitally

    Now I think you're pretty much caught up!
u/alsott · 1 pointr/comicbooks
u/Adamant-Adam · 1 pointr/DCcomics

If you want the complete history of Barry Allen, then I'd suggest: