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Death Note Complete Box Set: Volumes 1-13 with Premium: Volumes 1 - 13
EntertainmentHeight: 11.00 in. Width: 5.00 in.Manufactured by: Simon & SchusterSeller SKU: 201800000125Death Note Box Set (Volume 01-13) Graphic Novel
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8 Reddit comments about Death Note Complete Box Set: Volumes 1-13 with Premium: Volumes 1 - 13:

u/trieu26 · 6 pointsr/mangaswap

A brand new box set is currently $66.93USD on amazon. I would reconsider.

u/Mongobly · 4 pointsr/movies

Or you know... The Manga

u/Furuichi · 2 pointsr/manga
u/Lovemesometoasts · 2 pointsr/CasualConversation


Yay, a fellow prequelmemer :D That's my favorite sub on Reddit. It turned me from a serial lurker, jumping from one sub to another, to someone who actually contribute back to the community. Although my posts lean more towards sithpostings rather than actual high quality OCs :p

>I am an avid amateur writer, and I have a huge investment in the study of languages. I can read in just about any Romance language to a pretty decent level.

Wow, that's a lot of languages that you're good at. It's really impressive and definitely a worthwhile hobby, nevermind what others say :) I read the link you gave me, and there's a table about writing systems. I thought learning about the language itself is challenging enough, now complete with various ways of writing/pronouncing it, I admire you so much!

>East Asian languages are a bit out of my range

Why do I get the feeling that once you get started on it, it'd actually come by pretty easy for you :p I agree, that is super cool! To be able to watch anime/read manga without having to rely on the translations would be satisfying af. Heck, when I read and understand (like really simple, common) words in katakana/hiragana, it felt like a big achievement to me xD

>Do you do much anime or video games?

Anime/manga is a pretty big part of my childhood especially being Asian, I've been reading translated manga since I was little. What about you? Is there any particular anime/manga that you love? When I buy it here, it's pretty cheap but when I went to the states during my undergrad, I was shocked because they are so freaking expensive like this one. On amazon at least it's discounted, but at B&N everything is list price. I guess the licensing plays a big part in that.

>If you ever get bored and need something different to listen to, there's a lot of stuff by Nobuo Uematsu that fills that gap nicely.

Thanks for the rec! I'll give it a listen. Japanese video games and anime have good soundtrack so it's always a win when I find more :)

>I'll let you know how it goes when I finally get there.

Please do! I don't read crime thriller much so I'll wait to hear your thoughts on it first before starting xD

>Little pricey for a digital copy

I checked it on google play myself and it's EXPENSIVE. Hell, even the paperback version is much cheaper. Probably better if you use the money to buy books that you're used to reading, I'd hate it if you were to be disappointed especially after spending so much money on it :(

>I still miss my grandma's piano some days, and I haven't seen it in years...

Awww.... :')

>It doesn't help that, as often as I use alternate tunings, it's sometimes really impractical to play the ones I do know.

In a way this kinda makes sense to me because you have you own style/way of playing and others have theirs, there's nothing wrong with that ;)

>I have recently learned this one

I'll be honest, this is a kind of genre I wouldn't have listened to by myself since it's a huge leap from my usual, but from what I’ve heard I like it. I love his voice in particular but since we’re talking about you playing the song using guitar, I’m probably missing the point here xD

Turn Back Time is definitely more of my style of music, I love Future Bass, and I think Flume is genius (although now he's experimenting in other forms of EDM which is perfectly fine). This song kinda has a Mazde vibe to it and I’m digging it. I've added it to my playlist, it's a fun one :D

>I love, love, love jazz as a style, and I'm actually pretty good at jazz on the saxophone

Oh god, are you like this multi-talented person irl but only few people are actually aware of it? Forgive my imagination for a while here but I'm having major flashbacks to Parks & Rec when Ron Swanson/Duke Silver came out of nowhere and played amazing saxophone at the festival in front of the whole town.

Back to the main point, yeah I was wondering how that'd work because the type of jazz I listen to usually doesn't have guitar mixed in but I'm sure there's a whole genre for that. You're right! It is sexy~ My favorite part is at 1:30 (which you would've already expected) definitely a mix between groovy and smooth jazz.

Gotg yes, it's brilliant!! For a while there I was obsessed with Ooh Child because of that movie. Although I prefer the first movie compared to the second one, what do you think? I know we're already talking about a lot of topics as it is, but are you a fan of Marvel movies? :D

Oh. my. god. I love it!! Thanks for bringing it to my attention <3 I've listened to it like 3 times now and I've added it to my playlist, right now I'm listening to The Ink Spots other songs.

I wholeheartedly agree, I love developers who take the time to design soundtracks and create the right atmosphere for their game, and Bethesda is one of them. Take this for example, I actually prefer this version than the original 1918 song xD

Do you play video games? What kind do you usually play if you do? :)

u/Razzuh · 2 pointsr/manga

A Naruto Box Set. ~26 27 Volumes I think.

Bought one for Death Note soon after (:

Edit: Added links.
Also have my eye on this.

u/Evilknightz · 1 pointr/manga

Death note has all 13 volumes for a decently reasonable price of 70 bucks ATM. I own the set myself

u/PandiReddits · -1 pointsr/mangaswap

Bakuman box set for $112

Deathnote box set for $67