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Dell 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop (6th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5-6300HQ Processor up to 3.2GHz, 8GB DDR3, 256GB SSD, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M, Windows 10)
Intel i5-6300HQ 2.3 GHz Quad-Core (6M Cache, Turbo up to 3.2 GHz)NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB GDDR58 GB DDR3L / 256 GB Solid-State Drive15.6-Inch FHD IPS, Wide-Angle, Anti Glare Screen.Windows 10 Home
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376 Reddit comments about Dell 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop (6th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5-6300HQ Processor up to 3.2GHz, 8GB DDR3, 256GB SSD, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M, Windows 10):

u/BA1969 · 47 pointsr/NoMansSkyTheGame

To play the game, you would need something like this: or

These 2 would be the bare minimum for the game when it comes to the graphic processor (GTX 960m). They will as far as we know now, handle the game, but most likely at minimum settings.

A lot better would be something like this:

But... laptops aren't so good for gaming, not even gaming laptops. Graphics cards produce a lot of heat and laptops don't cope too well with heat. For laptops graphic processors to work well in a laptop, the make them slower and less powerfull then a desktop one. This way the consumer less power and produce less heat. Laptops aren't build for gaming.

For less money you can buy a desktop, the handle heat well and don't need to take power consumation into consideration, since they don't have a battery. Something like this or this both will run circles around the laptop when it comes to gaming. They will run NMS very comfortably. You would of course still need a monitor.

Then there's the PS4.... for half the money, you can get a PS4. It has everything you need to run the game, no worries, no hassle. You don't need to worry about drivers, settings or if your laptop/pc will run the game. Whatever game is released for the PS4, always runs well on the PS4.


I'm a pc gamer and pc gaming has a number of advantages over PS4 gaming, I've owned a PS4 as well as a gaming PC. Seriously, if all you care about is this game, then do yourself a huge favour and save yourself a lot of money and hassle and get the ps4.

u/ryios · 40 pointsr/personalfinance

Get a laptop, finance it if you have to, like this one:

Teach yourself how to build websites. Learn all things web development.

Start with just basic knowledge of windows and computers:

Now, start learning a platform to write some code:

Also refer to knowledge dump sites like

Can't afford internet? Ok, camp out at a McDonalds (they are everywhere, and have free wifi).

Even if you end up homeless with nothing but this laptop, you can find a McDonalds with an ac outlet and wifi to continue learning.

Teach yourself, is your friend ( sometimes too). Ask question on

There are online resources to learn everything you need to know for free.

And eventually, you'll be building websites.

Now, try to get into freelance work:

Once you feel confident, start applying to development jobs.

I linked all MS and C# resources above, because well, that's the easiest kind of web development job to land at entry level (or internship) that's in high demand and pays really freaking well.

E.g. Enterprise Level .Net developers make 6 figures, easy (I'm one of them and almost to 6 figures).

I mention this, because this is a mental job that requires your brain, not your body. You don't do any physical labor, not an ounce of it, in software development.

After you've learned all this and you want to get hired somewhere:

  • Contribute to, consistently, build rep there.
  • Make a LinkedIn profile. Connect with anyone you do freelance work for. They'll endorse your skills.
  • Start a tech blog and blog about code, techniques you've developed, cool things you've made.
  • Check in things you've made to (online source control)

    Build rep, connect with other professionals on LinkedIn, blog, and get your code in the public eye.

    Now when you apply somewhere, you can site your source code on github, your linkedin endorsements, your stack rep (user name), and your blog.

    Talk passionately about code and what you've done and learned. Make them think you love the stuff. Be confident, don't doubt yourself, and you will sell yourself well.

    Web Dev jobs now days don't give a damn if you've got a college degree. They just want someone who knows how to do it and the above resources are find for showing them that, as long as you can pass their questions in the interview. They'll ask you thinks like:

  • I've got a class in Dll 1 I want to reference in Dll 2, but Dll references a different class in Dll 1, will this work?

    No, it'll create a circular dependency between dll 1 and dll 2, to resolve this, refactor with Dll 3 so classes common between Dll 1 and Dll 2 are in Dll 3. Reference Dll 3 in Dll 1 and Dll 3 in Dll 2.

  • I want to add a record to the database in MS Sql Server, but if it already exists I want to update that instead, how should I do that?

    Use MS Sql Server's Merge command, it's designed specifically for that, as opposed to the old way of doing it with an IF ELSE block which is less efficient.

    So this simply means that you need to be well read. Don't just learn to code a little, really dive down into your chosen platform and read change logs for new releases, read other professionals blogs, follow the creators of your platform (Microsoft, Oracle, Python, etc etc). Be reading something tech related all the time.

    Got a Phone? Install FlipBoard and subscribe to topics related to what you are learning. Read that crap everytime you take a shit.
u/dragonfleas · 13 pointsr/buildapcsales
u/nrbrt10 · 13 pointsr/gadgets
u/angelxwinds · 10 pointsr/buildapcsales

I think the one off of Amazon is a much better deal if you're willing to pay at 799.99 since it has a 256GB SSD instead of the 1TB HDD.

u/ingo2020 · 10 pointsr/buildapc


Pros: Assuming you mean this laptop, then there are quite a few. This is coming from someone who has a high-end dekstop (980Ti, i7 3770k, 16GB RAM, 1TB of SSD storage/3TB of HDD storage) and a mid-range gaming notebook (i7 4720hq, 960m, 12GB RAM, 1TB SSD)

  • The laptop can run most games at medium/high settings, GTA V played at 45fps on a mixture of high/medium. Rome Total War 2 was 45fps on medium. Arma 3 got up to 60fps on ultra in singleplayer, but MP performance basically wont be affected by anything higher end.

  • It's not terribly heavy, or big. It's very middle-of-the-road in it's form factor and weight.

  • The model I linked comes with a 256GB m.2 SSD with an expansion slot for a 2.5" drive to go alongside it. That coupled with a 1-screw backplate make this the most upgrade-able unit in it's price range.

  • According to LTT's video, the laptop has a decent battery, screen, touchpad, and keyboard. (with backlight!)

  • Overall it's looks aren't too flashy, which is not a common trait of gaming laptops.


  • The main components (CPU/GPU) are not upgrade-able. You will find yourself running games at lower and lower settings/framerates as the years go on.

  • Unless you buy an accidental damage plan, you are SOL if you physically break the laptop. You will have to handle the machine with extreme car

  • If you ever have to send it out under MFG warranty, your options are limited.

  • You will need to be near a power outlet to play games. Period. It throttles too much and has too short of a battery life otherwise.

  • Although this is always true, it's still an issue to consider; Nvidia will be releasing the 1060 supposedly this fall, with pascal-laptops probably coming soon after. If you can wait that long, do it, and save more for something better.

  • Webcam/Mic aren't great.

  • Although the speakers are decent, you will need headphones in public (unless you want to be a jackass).


    That's about the laptop.

    You also have to ask yourself:

    Do I have time to play games when I'm constantly out and about?

    Do I really want to use that time to play video games?

    Will I be in a place that's comfortable and has room for my gear? (Mouse, backpack, charger, you will basically be taking up a lot of space

    Do I want to have the distraction of being able to play games while I need to study?

    If you answer no to any of those questions, reconsider your options.


    I bought my laptop for the same reason - to use at college. It was, in my opinion, a mistake. I should have gotten either a Chromebook or a mid-range ultrabook. But my use case was a bit more different and YMMV.
u/Kashiroo · 8 pointsr/ffxiv

If you can spare another 100 bucks you should seriously consider this laptop:

I don't think you can find another laptop with similar specs for that price.

u/Choxie808 · 8 pointsr/Guildwars2

If you can save another $100 I'd check this one out

Has an SSD for quick load times, the i5 should be hefty enough, and a 960m is great for most games nowdays.

On the other hand, you could really build a decent desktop with that money.

u/drmcclassy · 7 pointsr/windows

Those are some pretty demanding requirements. My first thought is an XPS 15, but the price is really cutting it close for the i5 configuration (don't forget the coupon code 10%OFFXPS), and significantly over if you want the SSD included. You could always get a HDD configuration though and swap the SSD yourself.

Doing some quick searches if you want it to stay cheaper, this Dell looks pretty nice. Or this Acer Aspire V Nitro.

I don't think you're going to find a 15.6" laptop that weighs much less than 5 lb, unfortunately.

u/obi5683 · 7 pointsr/ffxiv

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series is $800 (US) on Amazon and has a Skylake i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, and an NVIDIA GTX 960 w/4GB GDDR5.

u/edit1754 · 7 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

This is my go-to choice for games under $1000:

NVIDIA GTX 960M, 15.6" 1920x1080 IPS display (The MSI and ASUS laptops with this GPU for this price use low-quality TN displays), and 256GB SSD (not a 1TB HDD unfortunately, that's the only thing)

EDIT: There's also this for $794 with an 960M and IPS display Not sure how long the deal will last.

EDIT2: fixed link

u/LotusCSGO · 7 pointsr/gadgets

The cheap gaming laptop that actually has decent specs is the Dell Inspiron 15 7559, found here:

$700 for:

Quad Core 3.2 GHz (turbo) Intel Skylake CPU (i5-6300HQ)

NVidia GTX 960M 4GB

8GB Memory

15.6" 1080p IPS Screen


and actual usable ports. It's not exactly thin like the Asus K501UW-AB78, but it's cheaper, and has a much better CPU (albeit more power hungry). The Acer would be if you valued thinness and lightweight over performance, while this Dell I'm talking about is more performance oriented with components that put out more heat, and therefore require a larger battery and better cooling.

u/Michiganders · 7 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Both suggestions by Shopineer are excellent. The Acer is good if you want a longer battery life but isn't quite as powerful, and the Lenovo Ideapad is a fine mix (but not quite a great battery).

If you think you could push your budget a bit, you could get the even more powerful Dell Inspiron 7559 for $700. It comes with a quad core i5-6300HQ processor, 8gb of ram, 256gb SSD and GTX 960M dGPU. The 960M is probably more what you're looking for and can play most games on the market pretty well. The dell also has a long battery (advertised up to 10 hours), but it weighs a bit more at 5.7 lbs.

u/yogurtshooter · 6 pointsr/buildapcsales
u/everyone-is-a-victim · 6 pointsr/wowservers

Think about this; vanilla was released in 2004. Hardware since then has evolved drastically, to the point where it's very hard to find hardware from 2004. Even the worst hardware, as long as it's modern, would run vanilla just fine, even with integrated graphics.

Do you need that for school? Its price tag is beyond a ripoff.

cheaper, better, it'll run current gen. If you need the drawing portion, I recommend just buying an art tablet with it. My only problem with it personally, the only company I've come to trust is Asus. Had bad experiences with MSI and HP, dell is kinda iffy. Now if you are really willing to spend in the 1000$ area, I recommend buying a laptop from Origin PC. Not cheap, but the equivalent to a desktop.

or if the extra 600 is too much (back to the 1k you were planning to spend)

Tablets: (don't let wacom fuck you on prices, they're assholes, their shits made in China yet they still charge out the ass because their brand is well known, you can get another better Chinese tablet for a quart of the price. Doesn't seem to be an escape from buying Chinese tablets unfortunately, I have yet to find a US manufacturer).

u/areyougame · 6 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/denismeniz · 6 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Best deal out there. Please note the track pad is garbage but the rest of the system is very nice. Just bought this for my wife knowing I would inherit it in four years or so..

See decent review here ...

u/deathlokke · 5 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I have the 960 version and it's been great. For $800 I got a 250GB SSD, 8GB memory, and an i5 along with a GTX 960 and an IPS panel. It's quite a bit lighter than my previous laptop, and can run for several hours on battery.

u/DaClownie · 5 pointsr/Overwatch

That one will play it, 60fps at 1080p on high. It's the one I have for when I'm on the road

u/Direwolf519 · 5 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

This is what you want: Dell 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop (6th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5-6300HQ Processor up to 3.2GHz, 8GB DDR3, 256GB SSD, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M, Windows 10)

I actually have this laptop and I can run Warhammer on High (while plugged in) with around 30+ FPS. Some slowdowns with huge armies and lots of particle effects but generally a very smooth experience. It's a really solid laptop.

u/Orangematz · 5 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Spend a little more for this.

If not, go with this.

u/SaneBRZ · 5 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Ten bucks above your budget you can find the Dell Inspiron 15 i7559 on Amazon. Full HD IPS display, Intel i5 quad core, 256 GB SSD (it has a free 2.5 inch SATA bay), enough RAM and a Nvidia GTX 960M GPU. It will run games like Overwatch and CS:GO on the highest settings without issues.

u/muuurikuuuh · 5 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

If it's going to be your only laptop, Dell's Inspiron is one of the best for under 1000$. It leaves you room to get some good peripherals, or a monitor if you want to have it also pull double duty as a desktop.

u/thejbone · 5 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I do not advise getting him a Alienware, they are overpriced for cosmetic reasoning. I'd say go with a dell or something in that range, but it all depends on what your budget is. What is your budget and I'll see what I can find?
EDIT: is a good laptop for under 1000 dollars, but it all depends on your budget as said before.

u/KaboomOxyCln · 5 pointsr/buildapcsales

Dell 7559 for $769 $788 shipped for those that want a 960M. This one has the i7-6700HQ, 1TB SSHD, and 16GB of RAM. Refurb. Also i5 version on Amazon for $699, new.

Edit: Added Amazon link.

u/upuuyt · 5 pointsr/CitiesSkylines

I would spending $799 (552 pounds on a Dell Inspiron 7559. You may be thinking, WHY IN THE WORLD would I want an Inspiron? Keep in mind that this is not their Alienware lineup, this computer is actually reasonably priced. It has an i5-6300 HQ which well get the job done. It also has a GTX 960M which will be perfect for gaming, and 8 GBs of RAM which is sufficient for any task. Keep in mind it only has a 256 GB SSD, so I would recommend keeping some external drives around unless you don't download a LOT of stuff like me. The screen is only 15.6 inches, but that is reasonable for the price. I don't personally own this laptop, I'm just viewing it by the specifacations, but if you want more insight on the laptop check out LinusTechTip's Video

u/StormMasterBaitor · 5 pointsr/laptops

u wont get a new laptop with a 970m at that price range, the cheapest will be about $1170 or something like that, u can however get a 15 7559 dell inspiron for $800 with a 960m

u/shopineer · 5 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

If you prefer a gaming laptop with only SSD, what about the [Dell i7559-763BLK] (

  • Intel i5-6300HQ 2.3 GHz Quad-Core (6M Cache, Turbo up to 3.2 GHz)
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5
  • 8 GB DDR3L / 256 GB Solid-State Drive
  • 15.6-Inch FHD IPS, Wide-Angle, Anti Glare Screen.

    Here is the typical gaming performance of a 960M GPU:

    (scroll down to Game Benchmarks)
u/nicekid81 · 5 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

I think a few factors come into play;

  1. You probably purchased the laptop when it was just released, correct? So the retail was probably $1.2k but you got it for less, which means you got a deal from the get go.

  2. To its credit, the laptop has still modern specs. Having that been said, discontinued products have a wildly unrealistic selling price. Look up some of the "new" pricing on phones that were released before 2014, for example.

  3. There are current gen laptops with SSD, an updated processor, and same or better GPU selling for much less.

    Taking those three factors into consideration, I would say a $550-$600 USD range is realistic.

    Edit: Grammar
u/NoseFaceButt · 5 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

3 Laptops I can recommend for you.

I shall assign them nicknames.




Processor: In terms of clock speed gamey obviously has the best fucking processor, with a clock speed higher than me on LSD (I'm kidding, never do drugs, and if someone offers them to you say your mom doesn't let you.) but overall there isn't too much of a difference even though general-usey has an i5, i5's and i7's aren't very different (except that i7's cost a fuckton) unless you do a lot of photoshop/video-editing/AutoCAD.

GPU: Like the penis, it is not actually the most important part but in a man's mind it is. Gamey will easily pull of 50 FPS at GTA V ultra, but the general-usey doesn't lag far behind pulling off a respectable 42 FPS. So they're both very good, though gamey will last you longer.


OS: Win 10

Screen: All have anti-glare screens gamey is a 17", so you know the ladies like that ;) while general-usey packs a punch with his 15.6 incher and lagging far behind is Sexy, with a 13 incher.

Weight: Sexy literally weighs less and a macbook air and is thinner too. Yep pretty amazing. Heard she's on a diet.

General-usey is pretty light but not super light, I'd call it mid range.

Gamey is so heavy a crane wouldn't be able to lift it.

Battery: All have very good battery life for browing, doing uni-work etc. None would be able to pull off more than 2.5 hrs while gaming.

Storage: Sexy has an SSD so she can only store 512 GB but she has a very fast boot time. The others have a TB but probably launch apps 75% slower and boot much slower.

Personal recommendations

If I were to buy for myself I would get gamey, because weight isn't a factor for me.

Another laptop I can easily recommend is the Dell Inspiron 7559.

It has the most VRAM out of all these laptops, looks awesome, weights somewhere in between general-usey and gamey and has a fucking powerful processor.

Sorry for swearing so much, I just woke up.




Additional tips: If you plan on gaming(which you do, apparently), you should rule out Sexy immediately.

Also, inbox me your steam ID.

u/The--Technician · 5 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

This Dell 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop would be a wonderful pick for you. This laptop is actually withing your budget, does have an good battery life and will run those games you have mentioned on high settings. The laptop has brilliant quad core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, a great 256 GB SSD and of course, a gtx 960 dedicated graphics. This laptop will run the games you mentioned above on high settings.

u/The---Technician · 5 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Get this Dell Insoiron which would surely provide you with all the performance power needed to run any photo editing programs and play the games you mentioned all on ultra settings. It has a powerful quad core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, a nice gtx 960 graphics card and a fast 256 GB SSD.. It also has a nice 1080p screen resolution and a decent battery life ..It does have a full keyboard with back lighting as well as number pad.

u/PonkyBreaksYourPC · 4 pointsr/pcmasterrace

these laptops are really dreadful value, like REALLY dreadful, the second one should be like $300... crappy 5400rpm hdd, no dgpu at all... 768p screens on both...

God that's awful, don't buy either. Some of the worst value for any PC hardware I've ever seen, there is BARELY $300 of laptop in either, I wouldn't pay more than $300 for either, maybe $350 for the one with the i7... at most.

For $750 if a laptop is missing a 1080p screen there better be a fucking good reason why, and these things not only don't have a reason, they're even worse than that! 5400rpm hdds with no SSD boot drives or m.2 slots from what I can see, no dgpus... the Dell Inspiron on Amazon is $799 with a quad core Skylake i5, 960M, 256GB M.2 SSD with space for any 2.5 drive... 1080p screen.

This Dell here is so much better it's like you're comparing a laptop from 7 years ago with a new one, and it pretty much costs the exact same.

u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/Xcom

A 940M for $500 is solid value for money. I recon you'll be fine if you don't mind turning a few bells and whistles off or dropping the resolution to 720.

If you can splurge for it though (or find it on sale / refurbished) the inspiron 15 7000 would be a pretty decent upgrade at $800: amazon link

u/massivewang · 4 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

best bang for the buck right here:

you could buy another 8gb ram stick if you wanted or another hard drive (SSD or HDD) with your extra cash. In fact the frequently bought together suggestions are a great idea:

This item:Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK 15.6" Full-HD Gaming Laptop (Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce… $799.99

Kingston Technology 8GB 1600MHz DDR3L (PC3-12800) 1.35V Non-ECC CL11 SODIMM Intel Laptop Memory… $35.38

Samsung 850 EVO 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Internal SSD (MZ-75E250B/AM) $89.99

u/NpSmunsta · 4 pointsr/computers

Dell 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop (6th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5-6300HQ Processor up to 3.2GHz, 8GB DDR3, 256GB SSD, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M, Windows 10)

(Comes with an ssd and has a good graphics card for the $800 price range)
(EDIT: If you want an i7 you can switch but then you get an 8gb ssd so pick your poison)

u/Vipre7 · 4 pointsr/elderscrollsonline

Hi friend I build and mod gaming PCs and repair others. Not sure what your budget is, but first things first, that is freaking impressive you can even launch the game with that PC, as it has Intel HD graphics, not even a dedicated mobile GPU! Haha!

Anyway, I would try and dust out your laptop with some compressed air, and take the back panels out if you can to really clean it out, and replace the thermal paste on your CPU if you can. (Like $5-10). It is possible your game is freezing, spazzing out because it is overheating. You can also prop up the laptop somehow, at least the back of it, like where the battery is, to lift up the back an inch or two so it can breathe better. This can dramatically drop your temps.

But, since you need a different laptop for gaming anyway, I can help steer you in the right direction. Not sure on your budget, but this is a GREAT laptop for the price. It has a GTX 1060 8GB GPU, which will destory ESO. The 10 series GPUs from Nvidia is also the first mobile line of GPUs that are not hideous in comparison to their desktop counterparts. In fact, they are almost the same. Right now after rebate, this is $950.

Here's a cheaper option that is $660. I think it was cheaper a few weeks ago on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.

u/qwertyaccess · 4 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Maybe you just need a 15.6" that might be thinner/lighter? cause this does everything you want it to do and its $800

u/Waifu4Laifu · 4 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

frankly all 3 you're looking at are terrible for gaming.

At this price point I would go with the Dell Inspiron i7559

Meets all of your reqs and is proven to be good value for the dollar

u/by_a_pyre_light · 4 pointsr/laptops


This is a much more powerful, portable, better built laptop for only a few bucks more and it's new.

Or you can get the 15" version of the one you posted without the DVD drive and SSD for $479 new ad drop in your own SSD for $60.

u/ChrisOfAllTrades · 4 pointsr/pcmasterrace

> Guys you have to realize the Skylake Iris Pro graphics are apparently faster than the 750Ti, and nearing GTX 950 levels

GT3e has benchmarked out to be roughly equivalent to a 940M, and even if GT4e scales directly with the 150% increase in EU count it's at best going to catch the 750Ti and not surpass it.

> Any gaming laptop would be far more expensive.

i5-6300HQ, 8GB, 256GB SSD, GTX960M 4GB - USD$810

u/construktz · 4 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

I still stand by this Dell Inspiron 15 being the best one for the money.

The i5 is more than enough for 95% of people and it has an SSD.

It does, however, depend on overall budget and what you're really going to be using it for. If you aren't going to be gaming or doing anything video intensive, the dedicated GPU could be a waste.

u/h4boxer · 4 pointsr/engineering

I bought this a couple months ago as a travel laptop. Its the best value laptop i have come across, it can be had for $650 if you are willing to buy a "used" on from amazon(i learned that the used ones just have some packaging damage and aren't really used). The touch pad isn't great, and the screen is so-so but every thing else is top notch.

This dell was my second choice, also a great computer, has a better processer then the asus. I went with the asus because I was able to get it for $650 and people always speak bad about dell, looking back I think I would have preferred the dell.

u/detroyer · 3 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

The Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series is a solid option, although without SSD on the loweer models. Even the $800 model has an i5-6300HQ, 4GB 960M graphics, 8GB ram, FHD and a 6-call 74Whr battery. I would have purchased this and upgraded to SSD myself had it not been outside my budget (in Canada).

Edit: apparently Dell is selling it through Amazon at $800 with 256GB SSD - Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK ...that looks like a steal to me.

u/ruybropez · 3 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Shame you missed out on your deal. This is pretty comparable if you still want to spend more towards the high end of your budget. It comes will some dell bloat that you have to remove, but other than that it's pretty solid and you can easily add another HDD/SSD and RAM if you are so inclined.

u/lolxddavid · 3 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

I suggest the Dell Inspiron i7559.

It can play most modern games just fine like Fallout 4. I can play a modded Skyrim on ultra high with zero lag. This laptop makes no noise at all even when playing Skyrim but the fan will occasionally get a bit noisier other than the complete silence but that only lasts about 5 minutes and goes back to complete silence.

The battery life is great. I can last around 11-12 hours doing non demanding tasks like YouTube and web browsing.

u/Uberperson · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

I have been recommending this to friends. I do think people should wait another 4-6 months for cheaper laptops with 1060/1070 in them but if you are okay with a 960m(overwatch high/GTA 5 medium high) this laptop is at a historic low according to camelcamelcamel $700. My wife has had it for about a year and a half and it has run fairly well. Will probably need a bios upgrade if you experience issues. But it is the best thing under $1000. If you can jump to $1300 + go for something with a 1060 in it.

u/12k4567 · 3 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

you can get this one amazon is selling this one at cheaper price than other sellers... i5-6300hq 8gb ram 15.6 inch FHD display 256gb ssd 4gb Nvidia GTX 960M GPU

u/Uzrathixius · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

644. I highly suggest buying used through Amazon.

That being said, have you considered in home streaming? Build a desktop, stream to a laptop.

u/OddLawnGnome · 3 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

As the guy who is allergic to traditional hard drives, I prefer the variant of the Dell i7559 with a pure SSD. You lose storage space, but exponentially increase the responsiveness of the laptop. Both versions are a little heavier at 8 pounds though.

If weight is a serious concern, there is this Asus at 4.4 pounds, however you sacrifice quite a bit. Dual core instead of quad core CPU, and a GTX950M versus a GTX960M. Here's a quick breakdown of the difference, which is significant.

If you can deal with the extra weight, the performance and overall useful lifespan (how long you will want to actually keep the laptop) on the Dell make it a much better deal.

u/trainedtech88 · 3 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

within your budget this dell inspiron is available. a bit outside ypur budget this dell i would highly recommend because it is more powerfuly and would run those games you mention on decent settings.

u/madkillzm8 · 3 pointsr/ffxiv

This laptop is GREAT for it's price. I just tested it on FFXIV and it ran on high settings 50+ FPS when plugged in. I just bought this laptop primarily for school use and gaming when away from home and I use my gaming desktop when at home.

EDIT: Just saw that you said not passed 650 mark. If you can afford the extra $150, this laptop is worth it. It even comes with an SSD installed which makes things so much quicker.

u/LonerIM2 · 3 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

I would recommend this Dell Inspiron because it comes with 960M GPU which is the best you can get for this budget and will be able to play light to medium games you on medium settings with high FPS or high settings with lower FPS depending on the game, it also comes with enough ram for smooth multi tasking(8GB but I believe you can still upgrade it and be under 700), Good SSD storage (256GB) for faster booting and and overall performance,Quad-Core-i5-6300HQ-Processor which more than enough for your gaming, great value for money, and good battery life.

Pro tip: for some reason with this listing some times the higher priced seller show when you click on the link, simply click on the other sellers section to get the better deal.

u/SaxyGeek · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Here's one all I had to search was 960m in Amazon and it was the first hit. I'm not saying it's a good deal or anything (though offhand it doesn't look bad at all), but yeah they do exist.

u/ScaryJoey · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/Shaddolf · 3 pointsr/laptops
u/TaxFreePwnage · 3 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

This would fit your budget perfectly. Its a solid pc, and saves you some money as well on the budget end. As far a zheat, I would suggest guying a thin "cooling pad" that is powered via USB that plugs into the laptop and runs off that. They are about $50

u/balefrost · 3 pointsr/chromeos

If your budget is as high as $899, chances are that a lot of traditional laptops are also in your price range. I mean, just looking quickly on Amazon, I found this 13" Acer. It has the same RAM, a better processor, 4x storage, and the same integrated graphics core. I can't speak to build quality, but the screen is double-hinged, so you can use it as a (presumably very bulky) tablet. Or this one, which has a weaker processor (though still more powerfull than the Dell's) and with only a traditional clamshell design, but which is $100 cheaper. These aren't gaming laptops (though those are also in your price range), but they're also not underpowered.

Then again, the most expensive Dell CB13 is only $650 from their site, so I'm not sure where you got $899 from. Maybe you're not in the US? Nevermind, there's a second page that I missed.

I'd say that you should understand what you're getting into with ChromeOS. Stock, it's simpler and (arguably) more convenient than a Windows, Mac, or Linux box, but it's also more restrictive. Crouton works around those limitations, but now you're essentially running a second environment from within the first. And Crouton, great as it is, isn't perfect. For example, there's currently (unless it was recently fixed) a bug related to keyboards locking up while installing it.

I have a Pixel and am considering a Dell CB13 as well. (And honestly, if the Dell was around when I bought my Pixel, I probably would have gotten it instead.) But I started with a cheap Acer C720. I didn't spend a lot on a Chromebook until I knew that ChromeOS met my needs, though I still feel like I'm frequently running into things that it doesn't handle well. It might be useful to know what degree you plan to pursue. An English major might do just fine with a Chromebook, though I think I'd recommend something else to a Computer Science major.

I haven't used a Dell CB13 myself, but most signs point to it being an excellent device. The build quality is allegedly great, and the hardware is about the best you can get below a Pixel. I suppose that if ChromeOS doesn't pan out for you, you could always remove the write-protect screw and install a Linux distro on it.

I guess you have to decide how brave you are. Are you willing to take a chance and deal with the fallout if it doesn't pan out? Or would you rather walk the safe road?

u/Talon_at_Middie · 3 pointsr/sto

I recently picked this up.

For laptopping under your budget, it's able to run GTA in high/very high settings and STO maxed out.

u/reidzeibel_ · 3 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

MSI GL62-6QF, £799.96

  • i7-6700HQ
  • Nvidia GTX 960M 2GB
  • 16GB RAM
  • 1920*1080 TN display (not IPS)
  • 1GB HDD + 256GB SSD

    I'm using that laptop, bought on that same site on 31 October 2016. You can check my review here. Downside? battery sucks, I mostly use the laptop while plugged-in so it's not a bother for me. Also I don't really care about the TN panel vs IPS panel since I only need the processing power, more RAM, and extra storage.


    Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK £757.12, better screen, lower disk space, lower ram, higher VRAM, better battery.


    If you're strictly using it for gaming and doesn't need the higher processing power, higher RAM, extra disk space, the Dell is better
u/ArbyCreeper · 3 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

If you are going for high-end stuff, how about building a desktop for your dorm and have a decent laptop?(If you don't have a desktop that is) Or have both a good laptop and a desktop?

Here are some suggestions

i7 6700k-GTX 1080-16GB RAM Desktop+GTX 960m Dell Inspirion Gaming Laptop while this one has a worse laptop, it has a better desktop.

GTX 1070+i5 6600k Build +GTX 1060 ASUS ROG Gaming Laptop While this has a slightly lower performance than the previous desktop, this one has a better laptop

i7 6700k+GTX 1070+GTX 1060 ASUS ROG Gaming Laptop This will be between the first two. Either 3 of the desktop will be a good desktops for 1080p 144hz/1440p 60hz or even 1440p 144hz/4k gaming (If you lower some settings). Both are plenty powerful enough to handle all AAA in maxed settings in 1080p and 1440p. Usually the performance difference between GTX 1070 and 1080 are 20-30fps difference. There are also plenty of guides on how to build a PC on youtube, so don't worry. Honestly you save more money by building a desktop that has the same rig compared to a laptop. However, the GTX 1060 is plenty enough for gaming at 1080p 60fps(At maxed out settings in most games), as it is an equivalent of a GTX 970 or even better. So having a GTX 1060 laptop is not a bad choice either.

u/PM_ME_YOUR_DARKNESS · 3 pointsr/laptops

> Dell Inspiron 7559

No OP, but I have actually been eyeing that one. It's on sale for $660 on Amazon. Seems decent enough and has good reviews.

u/RainbowDasher · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

I've been eyeing with amazing specs for the price. Seems comparable to the XPS 15, who needs i7.

It dropped down to $750 during BF.

u/quanzi1507 · 3 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

This is a pretty solid machine for the price.

The 256GB SSD is pretty good for OS drive but for new games which could occupy more than 50GB I'd advice you get another HDD: you can buy a 2.5'' 1TB 7200rpm (HSGT/Hitachi recommended) or 2TB 5400rpm (Samsung Spinpoint recommended) (scratch that the Spinpoint is 9.5mm, the empty slot only accepts 7mm drives) on sale and install it yourself (you'll just have to undo some screws and slide it right in).

With the 960M you should be able to play [Rainbow in Full HD resolution with high settings at 40fps minimum] ( and Battlefront with same settings and res at 30fps minimum

u/Jlingsw · 3 pointsr/navy
u/MaxwellTesla · 3 pointsr/Amd

The M375 Radeon graphics is capable of some light gaming (LoL, CS..etc) so your M365X is probably on par if not slower. For 880 euros? I think you could get a far better deal. Try to look for notebooks that have GTX 960m or newer. 970m, or gtx 1060 would be ideal for portable gaming. and there are many options available for that price range. I strongly advise you to go for gtx 1060. they are desktop chips.

and that 1GB of M365X isnt gonna help but bottleneck you.

The HP EliteBook 850 G3 is a nice laptop but it has no dedicated graphics.

So if you're looking for something nice for gaming and portable for around 800 euros. here is a list that will hopefully help you.

u/Nicktyelor · 3 pointsr/buildapcsales

The lower spec 960 with only 2 GB of ram is disappointing. The Dell Inspiron 7599 is $300 cheaper and has the 4GB 960, but an i5-6500hq instead of the i7. Less ram too, but you could upgrade the Dell for cheaper than the MSI and end up with a better gaming performer overall.

u/jorgejimzc · 3 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

69 dlls higher than your budget, but I believe you may find a cheaper one at, besides apply for a dscc coupon :)

u/dandeliondreamer · 3 pointsr/TagProIRL

Oh, you could get an absolute beast for that price. Depends on your requirements too. The Dell XPS 15 9550 is $1,200. The Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK has NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M graphics (same as the XPS 15), which would play pretty much any game right now at max settings and is only $800. The ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71 has the same graphics card but a bigger screen, if that's your thing, and has 16GB RAM (overkill IMO, but the other two have 8GB).

I don't know man, depends on what you want and what you are using it for more specifically. Battery power? Slim design for portability? Ect...

u/MonHunDogma_Souls · 3 pointsr/darksouls3

Man, these people aren't helpful... OP have a reason to pick laptop over desktop, everyone know desktop is better at price/performance...

Steam minimal requirement:-

CPU:- Intel Core i5 2500 3.1 GHz / AMD® A8 3870 3,6 Ghz

GPU:- NVIDIA® GeForce GTX 465/ ATI Radeon TM HD 6870

Memory :- 8 GB RAM

Based on these requirement, your best bet is to get a laptop with minimal GTX 860m GPU. Some variant of Lenovo Y50 have this GPU.

The bad news is laptop with GTX 860m is priced at 1100 bucks. But I've seen some offers at amazon where you can get them at $899


GTX 960m is a re-branded and overclocked version of GTX 860m, btw..

Some laptops have some gimmick like 4K extra crispy resolution screen, touch screen etc, you do not want it since it only serves to increase the price without any impact on your game performance.

My advice for you is to wait until Dark Souls 3 finally released, and then ask around anyone with cheap laptop if they can play Dark Souls 3. Then buy that laptop. It is most likely you don't even need GTX 465 or ATI Radeon TM HD 6870 (both these is desktop GPU) equivalent on laptop which is GTX 860m to play Dark Souls 3 like the Steam page said. Minimal game requirement usually are overblown for some reason.

u/Veerne · 3 pointsr/darksouls3

A good gaming laptop should have a mobile i7 CPU and 960M or higher GPU minimum. What matters for CPUs is the physical core count (4 preferred), not thread count since games do not take advantage of hyper-threading. There i5s with two cores and two hyper-threaded cores which are no good, so always check if the i5 has two or four physical cores.

Laptop example:

A good gaming desktop on the other hand should have something like AMD FX6300 or higher, or Intel I5 (desktop version) for CPU and Nvidia GTX950 or higher, or AMD R9 370 or higher for GPU. GPU will have a bigger impact on performance in majority of games. A desktop will also in most cases offer a lot more performance than a similarly priced laptop.

Desktop example:

u/myninthrowaway · 3 pointsr/laptops

Uh, I don't know anything about accounting (school) other than from running my business, but I'd expect look at a computer with a quad core and decent amount of ram. Def want a numpad.

For 700ish, maybe

Not gonna be able to offer you much without Windows 10 though.

u/techneeeq · 3 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

This is your best choice and a very decent gaming laptop.

u/goughow · 3 pointsr/thesims

This is the computer I have:

Sims 4 runs like butter on Ultra settings on my laptop. Quad core i5, 8GB RAM, GTX 960M with 4gb vram, 256GB SSD.

u/Eleven918 · 3 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

Get this. You can add an extra SSD and have about 1TB of storage. Game looks great and the laptop is not too heavy. Runs on High-Ultra depending on the patch.

I forgot to add that the speakers are great. Really loud and crisp. One of the best laptop speakers i have ever heard.

u/SummonedSith · 3 pointsr/battlefield_one

It sounds like your looking at the same laptop i use, the only difference is the processor. Mine is the i5-6300HQ model. I added a few upgrades to mine though. I added 8 more gigs of DDR3 RAM and a sandisk 256GB SSD. IT ran BF1 very well during the beta at high settings with a few settings set to medium or low. The only issue I experienced is overheating, but only while playing BF1. This laptop will play most games on high or ultra. I can play The Witcher 3 on Ultra at a steady 70 FPS which really surprised me. Here's a link to the laptop i use. If you are to get it i would suggest purchasing some more RAM and an SSD.

u/thelphelper · 3 pointsr/Laptop

A good gaming laptop with that price range is the Dell 15.6Inch Gaming Laptop. It has an Intel quad core i5-6300hq processing at its best with 256gb ssd, 8gb of ram which is recommended to have for gaming and Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M dedicated graphics awesome for gaming and guaranteed to give you good fps and allow to play your games on high settings

u/DerpsterIV · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

i5 and GTX 960M


Windows 10 64 bit

Almost 7 hours battery life


And obviously as mentioned before, it has a dedicated graphics card.

$799.99 with free shipping.


u/shydrummer · 3 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

This laptop will work well for your purpose. Slightly over the $750 price you said, but good laptop nonetheless. My friend has it and really likes it for gaming and editing.

u/chopdok · 3 pointsr/buildapcforme

If you decide to go for Laptop - then this one is what I would grab. Only downside is that it comes only with a 256GB SSD. But you can always add an HDD - the 256GB SSD is m.2, which leaves the SATA bay open

u/MiddiePSU · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

i7559 with i5 - $780

i7559 with i7 - $829

I have the i5 version and love it. Added an m.2 ssd and an extra 8gb of ram and the thing flies.

Edit: I just noticed the i5 I linked has the 256gb ssd. The one I got came with a 1tb hybrid drive.

u/AdityaRav · 3 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

You definitely need a better processor and a higher ram capacity will definitely help.
However, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that quad core is absolutely not a necessity for your needs(unless you decide to game/video edit etc.,).
Since you move the laptop around only a couple times a year, neither the build quality nor weight is important since you won't be rough shodding it. Since you do some light photoshop, you could purchase i5 HQ or i7 U processor.

I would suggest Dell i7559 with i5 6300HQ processor from which is currently on a 20$ offer on amazon for about 779$ USA. LINK:

Keep in mind, the build quality is not spectacular with plastic all around.
If you want something with a better build at the same price point, you could consider Asus K501UX with aluminium build and is much lighter with equivalent battery life(6-7hrs) as that of dell goes for 799$

u/TheBlueCricket · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I am using a Dell with a 960m that runs DS3 okay at best. I have to play on low settings at 1280x720 to get mostly 60 frames, though I do still get the occasional fps hit. My co-worker has a ASUS witha 970m that will play on ultra 1920x1080 60fps. I believe my laptop would run W3 around the same level as DS3 but if you want to run a lot of games, you are going to run out of SSD space quickly.

Edit: a word

u/Sojuphen · 3 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

check out the dell inspiron 7559:

it's within your budget, and a great laptop for the price. pretty informative videos about it on youtube if you look. how soon do you need a laptop?

if you're willing to wait and be diligent on checking the dell outlet, sometimes they go on sale refurbished.

I bought the i7, ssd + hdd, 16gb ram, and 4k touch screen version on the outlet a few months ago refurbished, and only paid around ~740. it's a great laptop for the price.

u/Nomad27 · 3 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

I'll jump on this thread as another prospective buyer. Looking to upgrade off a 2009 Macbook Pro, and know very little about PCs and specs.

Also looking to be able to run Civ 6 and a few other similarly intensive games for under $800.

How does this Acer stack up to this Dell?

u/brainstrain91 · 3 pointsr/wow

You'll need to spend a bit more to get a decent computer. I use something very similar to this:

It runs WoW extremely well. Something with a GTX 1050 would also do well. Won't be able to max out settings, but the game will look nice.

u/Stiggyman · 3 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/foxtrot1_1 · 3 pointsr/askTO

Oh, well then. Why do you want a gaming laptop? For school & play? And you don't even need one specifically for gaming if it's just league.

Slapping "gaming" on an ultrabook makes it expensive. Here's the Wirecutter's recommended one for like $1,000:

My recommendation is usually to build a cheap desktop and grab a cheap laptop, but that splits the difference. You could probably grab a 13" with a 960m for even cheaper.

u/DAVdaBRAV · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Also came here to say that a light weight laptop and a gaming desktop is a very comfortable combo if you have the budget for it.

I don't have a single specific recommendation, but I have this: which is a Dell Inspiron 15" Which has enough punch to play some games under 1000 USD (the amazon page also links to the current version of it). I like it fine, but I use it as a backup for my desktop, and if I were in your situation I would prioritize something lighter for carrying everywhere and taking notes in classes.

I have been in the university setting before, and if I were to purchase a new laptop to for that use case today, I would make these my top priorities (and in this order):

  1. Keyboard layout (The laptop I linked has a built-in number pad, I like it much better than my previous laptop that did not. Also, if there is a tiny backspace, weirdly placed trackpad, etc., nothing else the laptop does will ever make up for it.)
  2. Battery life
  3. Solid state drive capacity. (Personally, I wouldn't install a spinning drive in a portable device anymore.)
  4. Weight
  5. Screen resolution (1080 > 768)
  6. Processing speed

    The other big benefit of the laptop + Desktop combo is that you can sync your coursework on both of them and if something bad happens to one (Surprise Windows update anyone?) you've already got everything on another computer with your printer already installed.
u/HypotheticalGenius · 2 pointsr/hardwareswap

I have this:

Here are pics:

I've got the 256GB m.2 sata and an additional 500 GB standard HD.

I never realized how much that matte black shows smudges til I took those pictures. Its in good shape other than that though. The only scratches I can see are on the bottom front corner, you can see them in one of the side profile pics. I bought in on March 21, 2016 and haven't had any problems with it since. I just don't need this much power in a laptop.

u/BlackOxen · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Is this price going to get any better on Black Friday? Or is the $80 off about as good as it's going to get?

Or should I spend the extra $100 and get the Dell i7555 for the 4k display and touchscreen? Not sure I'd use the touchscreen a whole lot but the 4k might be nice to have occasionally.

u/ImpatientPedant · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

You can't 'build' one yourself but I think there are sites where you can customize and add and remove parts.

Even mini ITX builds are unsuitable for bike rides, so a laptop would be the way to go. Try r/suggestalaptop as well.

I personally like the Dell Inspiron 7559 (my current laptop) as it's bang for buck. Here it is. I could not find it elsewhere. The Lenovo Y50 seems decent as well. Good luck

u/DeliriousNerd · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

I've been looking into the Dell Inspirion i7559-763BLK.
This PC has 256 SSD, a powerful Intel i5, NVIDIA GeForce GTX960M, and of course 8 gigs of ram. This laptop seems to be the best bang for the buck and its a fantastic gaming laptop for its price. It can run Fallout 4 of Ultra High settings at 30 fps so just turn down those settings and run the game flawlessly. This laptop can handle most if not all games and applications without a sweat so I'd recommend it. Read up some reviews :D

u/kataskopo · 2 pointsr/nvidia

I just bought a 960m laptop because it was just way cheaper than any 970m.

I actually wanted to buy the Gigabyte P34w but it went out of stock before I could buy it, and I think Newegg didn't accept my credit card from the country of not-america.

Oh well, it's still a massive upgrade from my 525M from 2 years.

u/Evinreud · 2 pointsr/Laptop
u/shotty293 · 2 pointsr/videos

Hmm I know I have a GeForce 8400M GS on it...not sure if it's dedicated or not. I guess I'll need to get a new laptop.

Been eyeing this one for the past month...what do you think about it?

u/nesamdoom · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/killerfrenzi · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

How is this compared to getting like an older dell 7559 used like the one here

The GL62M I've read runs really hot, especially in the areas where the hands would be.

u/AKPhenom · 2 pointsr/youtubers

I got a good laptop for $800 (now only $739.99 USD) and easy to add more ram and hard drives:

u/pancak3d · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Read the amazon reviews -- the hinge WILL break and Dell will NOT fix it. Do not buy this laptop.


u/unspunreality · 2 pointsr/LaptopDeals

Budget: $600~

Country: US

Screen size: Don't care

Screen resolution: 1920x1080 min

Touch screen: Dont care

Weight: 5lbs or lower

Main purpose of laptop: Casual assistant to my main workhorse PC, playing emulator games, watching twitch streams, reading visual novels, etc.

If you will be gaming, what are the most demanding games you will play and at what settings? Playstation emulators or darkdest dungeon/binding of isaac, basically not demanding at all.

Is battery life an issue? Nope

Other notes:


That's my current laptop. Just looking for something not as close to weight, more powerful/faster. I only use my laptop as a bed sorta deal and my current one weighs a ton and is annoying to move around. I also use my laptop to hook up to HDMI so I can put wwe streams on tv for my grandmother but HDMI ports aren't an issue cause I believe I could just buy an adapter for that? Correct me if Im wrong there.


So yeah, light weight casual laptop for cheap that is stronger than what I currently have.

u/xlazerdx316 · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Picked this up for about $750 three months ago. I love it so far, only downside is that you would have to add your own hard drive since the SSD is only 256gb.

u/ManlyGlitter · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/eirreg · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Be Quick bro, this is a great deal and you Will save a few bucks.

u/Tony_Danger · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

I'd say your best bet is one of these two:

For the £815 This DELL

  • Intel i5-6300HQ 2.3 GHz Quad-Core
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5
  • 8 GB DDR3L
  • 256 GB Solid-State Drive
  • 15.6-Inch FHD IPS, Wide-Angle, Anti Glare Screen


    For £770 This DELL

  • Intel i7-6700HQ 2.6 GHz Quad-Core
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5
  • 8 GB DDR3L
  • 1TB HDD
  • 15.6-Inch FHD IPS, Wide-Angle, Anti Glare Screen


    1st Laptop £815 - Has an i5 rather than i7, only 256GB Storage, although it's a fast SSD.

    2nd Laptop £770 - Has more, but slower, storage and a powerful i7

    Both machines have the 4GB 960m which will run games with no bother. You even get good performance out of new games like Overwatch.

    I know there is only 8GB of RAM in the machine, if you do need to bump to 16GB, you can easily & cheaply enough. I have 8GB in my desktop that I use daily for gaming, heavy photoshop for work & plenty of work within Access and Excel.
u/pokemaster787 · 2 pointsr/buildapc

$682 for damaged packaging from Amazon Warehouse Deals, (Claims used, but 99% of "used" items from AWD are just returns)

960m, i5-6300HQ. This is the best budget gaming laptop according to many reviewers.

Edit: Also has a second 2.5" hdd slot, so you can toss in a 1tb anytime for more storage.

u/Flantastical · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Depending on what you are looking for, you don't have to go all the way up to $1200. WoW is not an incredibly graphic intense game, and a 960M would be more than enough.

On the cheaper side at $780, a Dell Inspiron 7559 would be just fine. Comes with great specs for the price with a quad core i5, and a 960M. Also has a backlit keyboard and pretty good battery life. This also comes with an SSD which is great for rapid opening of programs for school, but with drawbacks in that it is not as large as many HDD's.

More towards the upper end, a Asus ROG GL502 is an amazing laptop for $1250, coming with great specs in a 970M, 4 core i7 processor and 16 GB ram. It also has great build quality, and a fantastic battery life. Also with a backlit keyboard.

u/techspectacle · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

If you can stretch your budget just $50 to $800 then the clear winner is the Dell 7559.

The 7559 represents fantastic value for money given it's specs and performance.

Its got an i5-6300HQ CPU, GTX960M GPU, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD and 15.6" Full HD IPS screen.

With the addition of a better graphics card, CPU and an SSD, it crushes the Asus you linked.

The only thing I would be weary of is its weight, at 7lbs it's pretty heavy.

u/LiberDeOpp · 2 pointsr/hardware I bought this since it seemed like a good compromise of price and not wanting to look like I was going to a lan party.

u/Fr0zEnSoLiD · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Not OP, but asking here instead of starting my own thread. I am looking for a decent laptop for around $700 also. My desire is to light game, anything like RPGs or 4X games where I can dumb the graphics wayy down to get decent frames, and to future proof with the same idea, and I am looking at this. The dell has a 960m and the Lenovo has a 950m. Is the Dell a better choice? I have never heard of Lenovo, but I am starting to hate the big laptop names like Dell... I do really like the look of the Lenovo.
Thanks for the help!

u/Belisar65 · 2 pointsr/askportland

Why not buy online?

I just recently purchased a pretty great laptop on amazon for 650. It can run pretty much anything I've tried. I can send you an Amazon link with the specs. You could save a lot of money.


u/darkknightxda · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

I would recommend this one.

It has a 960M, and a 6300HQ, and it has very good build quality, and its very very cheap at 750 USD

Or I can recomend this one

Its slightly pricier at 899, (999 with a 100 USD rebate), but its the best bang for your buck and the best design at 20 mm thin and weighing at 2 lb

Its 965M also about 30-40% faster than a 960M, and it has an i7 quad core CPU which is faster than the i5 in the dell or acer

u/joe139 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

As someone said, ONLY pick a laptop if you are moving. You can´t game on-the-go anyways cause these laptops are still heavy, get hot, and don´t have much battery. Desktop is always a better choice money-wise as well.

I, personally, have bought a laptop as well cause I need to move every 1-2 years+travel a lot. If it wasnt for that, I´d go desktop any day of the week.

With that being said, here are some choices that will prob last you a while and be a huge improvement. NVDIA´s new cards (the one with 10xx) perform close to desktop-level whereas the old ones (9xx) tend to perform much worse. My advice would be to spend the extra $200-300 bucks and get one with 1060. You´ll thank yourself later.

These seem allright. Last 2 have an SSD where you can put your operating system on, which makes it much faster (also loads games faster if you chose to save them there).

If you need to stick to 1000$, that´s allright. Look at these:

I´ve just picked these ones quickly. They seem allright, but don´t take that as a guarantee and do your own research.
Generally, do not overpay. There are laptops out there on amazon with the old graphic cards for 2000+, while you should be able to get a high-end one for that kind of money.

Note: I probably wouldnt go with Dell, it´s the cheapest one, but it lacks RAM and the 960m is quite slow compared to the others. Just wanted to put it out there because of its price as a comparison

What kind of games do you want to play, OP? And at what settings? How much fps?

u/monhies916 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I can't offer much insight into desktops but being in school I had to choose portability. I bought this dell laptop and it has been pretty good for me. It has decent specs and doesn't cost much more than a normal laptop. The best part is that it does not get that hot like my other laptops even under gaming.

u/muledog17 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

this seems like it fits what you want, costs less than the razor and could still do some gaming if you wanted to.

u/Gurrnt · 2 pointsr/GamingLaptops

What's your budget?

EDIT: Check this one, should run those games fine: ($700)

Has a quad core i5, 8 gigs of RAM, and a GTX 960M. You can easily get a much better one if you have a higher budget.

This is a much better one for $1100, graphics card is more than twice as powerful, has a quad core i7.

u/Cadellon · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

This one is a fine option if you don't want to go over 1000 USD:

It has a 960m (the 4GB version) which will serve you fine as long as you don't expect anything more than medium-high @ 1080p 30fps on the most recent games. The battery life is also surprisingly decent if you want to use it for school, and it's considerably less expensive than other laptops with similar specs.

(source: own one)

u/CincinnatiCobra · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

I have found a couple of interesting options and am hoping someone is able to provide a bit of feedback on them.

The ASUS K501UX has what sounds like a solid build and from the benchmarks I found, it appears as the 950M can handle even the most recent game releases on medium settings. Some of the cons that I have read include an uncomfortable touchpad (something I may not use frequently) and some units shipping with a bad CMOS battery.

Alternatively, there is the Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK. It is currently $70 more than the ASUS, but it has a slightly superior CPU and GPU. The build quality is mentioned as being lesser (fully plastic), but I do like the overall appearance. Reviews are similar, though slightly more negative, and I am hesitant to go with a Dell after reading more about the certificate issue and general difficulty with their bloatware.

This Dell XPS 13 9343 is also intriguing since I like the minimal bezel and the fact that the Signature Editions from the Microsoft Store come free of any added software. Unfortunately, it was $100 off as part of yesterday's deal on the site and I was clearly not ready to commit to a purchase before it ended.

Lastly, I found this ASUS GL551JW-WH71 though it comes with a 1 TB rather than an SSD which I would greatly prefer. It only comes with one HDD slot, so I would have to upgrade rather than add an additional drive. If accessing the drive bay is easy this would add less than $80 to the cost.

There is also the SAGER NP5652 with similar specs as the above ASUS but I am unfamiliar with the brand, though it appears to be recommended here.

Any additional input would be greatly appreciated!

u/AndrewMufasaaaa · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Yeah, I just realized this. I actually ended up buying this Inspiron today:

This has great specs with a great price.

u/agentsmith907 · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

[Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK 15.6" Full-HD Gaming Laptop Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX960M $800] (

[MSI GE62 APACHE-276;9S7-16J212-276 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop $989] (

u/Slayer_Acid · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

I bought this laptop 2 months ago and consistently run Fallout 4 between 40-60 fps no problem. Easily upgradable. Might be a bit more than your price range but not much. For the price, its a kickass laptop

u/psmethod · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

What about a Inspiron 15 7559?

  • Quad core i5 @2.3GHz
  • 4gb NVidia 960m
  • 8gb of RAM (upgradeable)
  • 256gb SSD (with an extra 2.5" slot for another HDD or SSD)
  • 15.6" 1080p

    The video card you'll get in most laptops will bottleneck the cpu, not the other way around, so I don't see much use going above i5 6300hq tbh. Now if you were doing more than coding and gaming, say video rendering or anything of that nature, upgrading the processor might help a bit more.
u/Not_A_Vegetable · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop
u/debose · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Or a cheaper alternative ($800) also with the 960M (but i5 processor):

u/heartscrew · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Nvidia 960M GPU, 8GB RAM, and a 6th gen i5 processor. That one was a 256 SSD as it's hard disk. If you go to the Dell site, it's a 1TB drive. Up to you with what you want (you can add another HD if you want in the future, pretty easy too from what I've read).

u/Southernbby · 2 pointsr/laptops

This Should be good. League will run excellently, Civ Beyond Eath (6th Civ game?) will run well, and Starcraft will be fine. Fallout 4 should run on lower settings well.

u/nman9939 · 2 pointsr/laptops

I don't know if these are available in India, but these two laptops are much better choices than the ones you provided. The 960m will blow either of the other graphics cards you suggested out of the water.

I think these fall into your price range, unless I am mistaken.

If you do have to choose between the two you listed, I think the HP Pavilion 15-au006tx is a better choice. It does have a worse screen and a worse processor, but in fully truthful terms, the
AMD Radeon™ R7 M440 Graphics (4 GB DDR3 dedicated) on the other laptop is utter shit. Like don't even consider it for gaming whatsoever. The 940MX is a better choice, but not a great one in itself. It will give you good FPS at moderate settings because of the lower resolution display that comes with that laptop.

Still, I think you should consider one of the two laptops I listed. The graphics card is the most important component, and their 960m is a huge improvement of the graphics cards of the laptops you gave me.

Feel free to ask me any questions you have, but I can't help you much with the availability in India.

u/stnam1994 · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

The most optimal setup for your case would be to have all your music/pictures on an external drive, and all your games and your Windows OS on an internal SSD drive. Especially if you don't need to access your music/pictures frequently, it should noticeably speed up your games and boot time.

That being said, here are some of my recommendations:

u/Elrondel · 2 pointsr/laptops

Don't take my word on it, but I did some research on this exact laptop because my friend got it as a gift. After searching through these forums and asking around, I convinced my friend to return it for equivalent credit and apply that toward either this or a new laptop in the coming year, since he's not in an immediate rush to get a laptop.

That being said, I'm looking forward to seeing what other people reply to this post. I've heard that the build quality was pretty bad for the Envy but I haven't heard many first-hand reports.

u/Ekoobs · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Best for the cash rn here

u/RNGreed · 2 pointsr/laptops

This is absolutely a better deal due to it including an SSD and the assurance that the cooling is adequate from having 2 fans along with a better processor. The RAM is more than adequate, 8GB is more than enough for any game and there would be no gaming performance benefit from buying any faster or larger ram.

The 960m is more than adequate to run AAA titles. You'll have to bump down some settings in the future, which is unavoidable in the laptop market unless you spend 3000$ on a 980/m GPU. The laptop market moves too quickly for "futureproofing" and you get severely diminished returns from laptops with a better GPU. The above laptop I suggested will play any multiplats from this generation of consoles at higher settings for many years down the road.

I know that this is the laptop subreddit but I feel I would be doing a disservice if I didn't promote building a PC since it would meet your criteria of being 1000$, maximum settings on current games and would be futureproof. When you buy a laptop there is no such thing as an upgrade path, but if you build a desktop you would be able to retain everything when upgrading and mostly just swap out the GPU. You would get many times more performance for your money as well.

Here is a resource for super-optimized price per performance for parts to build a desktop

For example, you could build the "end all" for cheaper than 900$ (peripherals not included). The 3d mark score (general overall graphics performance) of the r9 390X is 18000 while the 960m has a score of 5000.

And talking about future proof, the r9 390x exceeds the Oculus Rifts requirements for VR.

u/Elrabin · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

I have to agree, the Dell is offering similar specs for less money with better support / RMA or a 250gb SSD and a 4gb 960m vs the 2gb one on the Asus.


u/TriakisTetrahedron · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Have him save a couple hundred more and look for an amazon warehouse listing for this laptop:

They typically go for $699.99 with the used-like new status. From my understanding they are typically returns or are units where the packaging was damaged and so amazon cannot sell them as new, but are otherwise in new condition.

u/Unholybeef · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Compare against it's the top selling Amazon laptop and I'm pretty sure it's the best suggested on Reddit.

u/AnExtraordinaire · 2 pointsr/laptops

it's poor value. this utterly destroys it for gaming for the same price

u/s3rp3nt6666 · 2 pointsr/buildapc

It just sucks that there's very limited options for upgrading a laptop without really taking the whole thing apart. When I went to upgrade the RAM in mine from 4gb to 8gb, I didn't realize that I had to tear apart the whole god damn thing to get to the RAM compartment on the bottom where there should have been some little door.

Unfortunately, a great gaming / student laptop might push the $800 limit. Then again, I bought mine a couple years ago.

My buddy has the "Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK 15.6" Full-HD Gaming Laptop (Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX960M) with Windows 10" and he loves it. He can comfortably play Fallout 4 on it with no issues. He also has an external USB CD drive

Here's the amazon link to that laptop;

good luck. That model is just an idea for you.

u/chrispy808 · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Best deal imo. Decent specs and a clean look. Next video card up is 1k at least

Dell 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop (6th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5-6300HQ Processor up to 3.2GHz, 8GB DDR3, 256GB SSD, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M, Windows 10)

u/motionglitch · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Dell Inspiron 7559

Currently on sale at 659$, This is the best cheapest one you can get.

u/hallwaymaster · 2 pointsr/mildlyinteresting

Here's Mine. From what I've seen though, all of them seem pretty upgradable for a laptop. I've put a new hardrive in mine last year and doubled the ram this year.

u/fourdots · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Come over to /r/SuggestALaptop, this is what we're all about!

That said, the V15 Nitro Black, Y50, and G501 are all pretty equivalent. Quad-core i7, 960M, etc. Choose one at random or read reviews and stare at pictures until you decide which one you prefer.

They're not priced super well, though; the Dell i7559 is priced better (well, when Amazon has it in stock. It's normally $800). You'd need to upgrade the RAM to get 16GB, but that's not a big deal.

u/huntsalone01 · 2 pointsr/skyrimmods

This laptop has a quad core cpu, an nvidia 960m 4gb, 256gb ssd and 8 gigs of ram. for the price this pc is a god. Its just 800 dollars too. :)

u/Rutgerss · 2 pointsr/rutgers

Nothing specific, but there are definitely good and bad suggestions. Do not get a Chromebook, for example.

You definitely want something with an SSD and a decent display (1080p IPS display), battery life, and CPU (i5 or i7). Backlit keyboards are also nice. I personally don't care about touch screens, and prefer laptops without them, but that's completely subjective.

You won't need anything super powerful just for CS. You pretty much only need a very powerful computer if you plan to play a lot of games or do serious rendering (so 3D modeling, video editing, etc.).

For $707, this Dell laptop is a very good option. It is powerful enough to not be useless after a few years, has a backlit keyboard and a solid display, a 256 gig SSD, a 2.3 GHz quad-core i5 processor, and 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM. It can even be used for moderate gaming. The biggest drawbacks are its weight, and for you, the price.

This Acer is also pretty good, and it costs a little less, but I don't think it has backlit keys, and it has a worse display (TN instead of IPS, meaning it will have worse colors). It actually has a better CPU, though.

For $700, this ASUS is a solid choice. It is lighter and smaller, has a good display, backlit keyboard, and it even has a fingerprint reader.

You should also look at Lenovo's ThinkPads. They're very customizable and you can open them up and upgrade them in a few years if you want. The good ones cost more, though.

u/raamsi · 2 pointsr/Sims4

This is the computer I've been using for about the past 4 years, and I've had minimal issues with sims. (Larger games like Dragon Age: Inquisition need to be turned down to about Mid-graphics settings, but other than that I haven't had to go any lower)

The model I use isn't made any more, but newer models are about ~$800 i believe. For just sims, you can probably aim for $600 tops imo. Along with Dell, I have a soft spot for Lenovo and Acer when it comes to laptops being able to run games

u/litalela · 2 pointsr/makemychoice

Out of those 3, I'd go for the 3rd due to the reasons stated by /u/HBK008.

However, I think a better alternative would be this dell laptop, which is significantly cheaper than all of those and has comparable specs (same gpu as #1 and #3, i5 instead of i7 but that won't affect much). With the money saved you could throw in a bigger ssd and an extra stick of ram if needed.

u/PenguinsAreFly · 2 pointsr/southpark

The exact one I have was built on the dell website, but here it is with all of the same specs except for storage on Amazon:

u/RA2lover · 2 pointsr/laptops

6300HQ/960M/512GB SSD for $800.

256GB SSD for $100 less.

Both will be bottlenecked in RAM bandwidth as only one stick is in use, though that can be upgraded down the line.

u/Chowda289 · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

I'd like some opinions, if you will.

Right now, I'm looking at:

MSI GL62 6QF-628 ($609 after rebate)

MSI GL62 6QF-627 ($679 after rebate)

Dell 15.6" Gaming Laptop ($699, $739 if add on 8RAM)

MSI GP62 Leopard Pro-870 ($799 after coupon)

MSI GT72 Dominator G-1227 ($899, but kind of out of my price range... It's out of stock, right now.)

Or should i hold out for Cyber Monday? :/

u/EK71 · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

This Dell is $700 and has a Skylake i5 and a 960m

It's what I'd get if I were you. I'm not sure the i7 is worth the extra money.

For what it's worth I was you about 4 months ago and ended up going with a $1300 Sager NP8152-S (Clevo P650RP6). I figured I'd be more upset about not getting enough laptop than I would be about spending too much money.

I was right. The 1060 and G-Sync is amazing.

u/Supra1989 · 2 pointsr/heroesofthestorm

I highly recommend you look into building a desktop like /u/Pyrohair and /u/Nym990 suggest. The users over at /r/buildapc are very helpful. However, if you want or need it to be a laptop, I use a Dell Inspiron 7559 runs HotS just fine. The link is to Amazon, but you might be able to find it cheaper elsewhere.

u/largepanda · 2 pointsr/linux_gaming

This Dell Inspiron would be a decent choice. i5-6300HQ, 960M, 8GB RAM, and 256GB SSD for $750. Or the current gen equivalent for $50 more.

Dell has a pretty good Linux support track record, and some of their laptops (but not this one) officially support Linux.


Transparency: I'm looking at this list from /r/SuggestALaptop.

u/Heikob · 2 pointsr/RocketLeague

You could always compromise. Maybe a GTX 960m could be enough if you don't max out everything (like AA), or consider a used laptop in good condition.

The $1200 pricetag was for more high-end/premium laptops.
Dell and Acer offer options for a laptop with a GTX 1050/1050 Ti at around $800 (though i'm not fond of the screens and build quality of these). There are also brand new laptops from the previous generations (GTX 900 series) that you can probably find for much cheaper since they need to destock these.

u/Galmsortie17 · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

What Dell Inspirion did you use?

If you got a Dell Inspiron 7559 it would be a lot better than the Yoga.

The cpu and gpu are better.

u/Jack4au · 2 pointsr/playark

Dell 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop (6th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5-6300HQ Processor up to 3.2GHz, 8GB DDR3, 256GB SSD, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M, Windows 10) this will work well 700$

u/clupean · 2 pointsr/buildapc

Any laptop with a GTX960M will do: example.
Also ask: /r/SuggestALaptop

u/notwitty_username · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Hey there, sorry I didn't have a chance to get back to you earlier.

Honestly this Inspiron is a pretty good deal. If the Y50 ever goes back on sale on the Lenovo site that is a little cheaper, but still has a GTX960. Can't go wrong with a Sager though, if you don't mind the size.

You can run Minecraft pretty well on most Intel iGPUs, unless you need a more powerful dedicated GPU for other games.

u/Abdullah719 · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK 15.6" Full-HD Gaming Laptop (Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX960M) with Windows 10 - $810

This is the go-to budget gaming laptop nowadays, though stuff like CS:GO would work fine on lower configurations too.

u/Swick36 · 2 pointsr/WorldOfWarships
u/RetroEffect_ · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Linus Review

Amazon Link

Edit: seems like the other guy had the same idea.

u/MaidoMaido · 2 pointsr/buildapc

$1500 will buy you a sweet desktop, say GTX 980 and i7-6700K, or with for example GTX 970 and lots of SSD storage.

On the other hand, for around $1400-1500 you can instead get a pretty solid gaming laptop with 980M and quad core CPU which will meet all your needs. 980M is close in performance to desktop GTX 970, and recent mobile quad core CPUs are somewhere in between desktop i5-6600K and desktop i5-4590.

u/ministrsinister · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

If you want my advice, you would be better off getting a previous generation laptop and replacing the HDD with a 120 GB SSD (Solid State Drive). From what you said, you want to play Civ 5 and Amnesia, but really if you are ONLY looking to play those and use the laptop for every day computing, you likely wouldn't need more than an i5, at least a 5th Gen processor. 8GB of RAM is probably what you should aim for, as I'm guessing you wouldn't want to go through the trouble of cracking 'er open and add more, though its a nice touch when they give you the option for upgrading.

Now the first one I'm suggesting is this beast.

I have to give Dell credit, this is a solid machine, and I heard the webcam quality is decent as well. For 800 bucks, this is best bang for your buck. 960M will probably kill Civ 5 and easily run it ultra.

This is my suggestion, though I'll give you my opinion on your picks.

Now they are not by any means bad, but out of the three you chose I would not touch the Toshiba by any means. Some people may disagree, but they have a tendency for "cheapness" and no matter the quality, I would not recommend their computers. Yes, its got 16 GB of RAM, but keep in mind that is a DUAL CORE i7 Skylake, not a Quad core. You are also getting a 950M which is... eh... its not worth par-1000 dollars IMO, and its 4K screen will kill your battery life (Assuming it can run any games at QHD without struggling or bottlenecking) . At that price range for a more premium and (better) product, you might as well look at Razer's new laptop.

HP is notorious for overheating/heat problems, so unless you want sweaty palms, stay away from HP. Its got even worse specs than your Toshiba, and the 940M has the smell of.... corperate capitalism... and ... ADVERTISING! GAH!

... In short its pretty terrible for the price, if that HP was 500 bucks, i'd tell you just to get it for the price-to-performance ratio.

And Lastly, the one I'd pick is the Asus. Trusted company. Reliability, and its also got a 940M yeah but WAIT A SECOND, A TWO IN ONE?!
Yes, that is damn impressive. You are getting basically a TABLET with a 940M? This one is what I would recommend if you were going to college, this one is worth.

But there you go, I hope I helped, if you want to chat a bit more on it PM me, consider that Dell! Its killer!

u/Bekenel · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

1000 what? Ugandan Shillings? I kid but the currency can be important here.

I'll assume you mean USD. Something like this is well in that budget and will handle all of your specified games to a tee, and plenty more. But if you're only looking at playing that kind of thing, then you might want a smaller budget, since a lot of cheaper laptops will be able to handle those with no problems, none are particularly demanding.

u/Feisar2003 · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Photoshop and gaming? How about the Dell Inspiron 15 7000? Has a 256GB SSD over a 1TB HDD, so that may be a problem, but has plenty of processing power and RAM, as well as a GPU for gaming.

If you need something more work-oriented, how about a Thinkpad? The GPU isn't much, but it has all the benefits of an i7 (it is a slower U procesor, but still very good) and bonuses like a fingerprint reader and Win 7 Pro, as well as a 500GB HDD.

A Mac might do you good on everything except the gaming front, and you could always build a tower PC or something for gaming.

u/dpayne16 · 2 pointsr/buildapcsales

Yes! Let me help you as I was just helping another friend pick a laptop for the same reason.

So these are the best ones I found using that ebay deal:

  1. Asus GL551JW-WH71

  2. Asus FZ50VX-WS74

    Then there are some other options on Amazon that are in the same price range. I suggest purchasing the used versions through Amazon Warehouse for a huge discount (that's what I did and it was in perfect condition).

    These all have similar specs but vary in terms of hard drives and processors (like i5 vs i7). The first one here is actually the one I bought a year ago and currently using it right now. I haven't had any problems with it yet and it has a fantastic battery and it's really easy to upgrade parts. It comes with a 256GB M.2 SSD and also has an empty 2.5" HD slot so you can just toss in an extra HD.

    The second one comes with a drive in the 2.5" slot but you can still add an M.2 drive as well. The difference being the 1st one has an i5 with 4 cores and the 2nd is an i7 with 4 cores+Hyperthreading (so more powerful as a workstation). Same battery, graphics card and screen though.

  3. Dell with i5 + 256GB SSD

  4. Dell with i7 + 1TB HDD

    This last one is another Asus through Amazon. Similar specs as others but it has a really big SSD, although it doesn't come with a second HD bay for additional storage and instead has a CD drive.

  5. ASUS ZX53VW

    Hope this helps!!
u/evenmoreKUSH · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Why is the i7 necessary?

With the games you suggest she would be fine with an i5 or equivalent quad core and not know a difference at all.

I suggest you get an inspiron 15 7559.

I got this laptop last year. It is easy to upgrade. I put a SSD in the extra drive bay and upgraded the ram to 16gb for about $100 total. I can play all the games you mentioned on ultra. The battery is awesome and the the keyboard has a backlight.

What I really like about this laptop is that it looks professional. I can take this to meetings at work without being embarrassed by immature glowing neon colors.

The screen is an inch smaller than you would like and it packs an i5, but the cost/performance is great. Right now I think it is selling for $800 but it regularly drops to ~700 with sales.

I use mine every single day and I love it.

u/whosdr · 2 pointsr/runescape

High-ultra settings, claims ~10+ hours of battery life.

Power house of a computer too, at only $740.

u/IanPPK · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Depending on the sophistication of what you are modeling, I might recommend a laptop with 16GB of ram, a SSD for booting and modeling, and quad core i5/i7 processor + a 960m for rendering.

There's a Dell laptop that's a steal at $800 that I'll link if it's still selling.

The i5 version is still pretty good as it's not an Ultrabook i5 (HQ= quad core, U=Ultrabook following the CPU model). The i7 has a pretty long ship time (2 months), and the i5 is ready on the 6th.

EDIT: didn't look at the country of origin, I'll see if I can link an Italian retailer.

I couldn't find the same laptop on, but I found one with just about the same specifications just outside your budget.

Only thing is it is from HP, but it seems to be well rated.

u/kn1ckerb0cker33 · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Owner of a Dell i7559 chiming in.

  1. It has enough horsepower to do most of what you want. I'd upgrade the ram immediately (buy an extra stick of 8gb).
  2. Battery life is pretty good, 5-6 hours unplugged, Adobe Programs. You NEED to be plugged in for gaming more than an hour.
  3. The screen is really meh. Color accuracy isn't great and the panels most of these ship with seem to be pretty dim and some of them suffer from excessive backlight bleed. Not ideal if photo editing is your bread and butter since your colors will be all over the place (speaking as a graphic design student myself, if I had to do it over again, I'd probably look for something with similar specs but with a better quality screen, possibly forgoing the dedicated graphics since I hardly game on the go anyway).

    The choice is yours. It has power but that screen is a bit of let down.
u/blackbada · 2 pointsr/laptops

The key element of a gaming laptop is its GPU. This one has a GTX 940m. It's probably good enough for Overwatch, as it's not too demanding, but other modern games like Battlefield will require a more powerful GPU.

I would advise you to look for a Geforce gtx 960m laptop. Pretty much any model would work, but I suggest you look at these two:

Dell Inspiron 7559 -


u/darkszluf · 2 pointsr/linux_gaming

800$ US? something like this guy ?

u/cmagnificent · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Pretty sure he's talking about this.(Link from Dell on Amazon not dell page proper.)

That would also meet your requirements.

u/TacticalBastard · 2 pointsr/laptops

Then you haven't been looking in the right places ;)

Take a look at this

Not only is it priced for much less (Its a little more forgot you're not using freedom dollars) the processor is much stronger (full quad core, not a power saver) and the GTX 960M is obviously much stronger than the GT 940M. For $900-$100 you will start seeing much more powerful machines.

Edit: although the machine I listed is a little more, the vast jump in performance still says that in the 900 CND range are computers with stronger, full quad processors and at least 950Ms. I can link you to one later, currently on mobile and the one I linked is a common recommendation.

u/Spartian2000 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

If you're willing to go up into the $800 range, I fully recommend the Dell Inspiron 15 i7559. It can play most, if not all settings on high/ultra.

u/CCGigabyte · 2 pointsr/pcgaming

Is a cheap gaming laptop out of the question? You could grab this laptop for $500 and be able to play most games at low-medium settings. Or, if you can spend a little more, you could go for this laptop for $800 and play most games at medium-high settings.

If you don't want a laptop, then I would definitely go with the mini rig.


I'd go for something like this for a mini rig:

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant

CPU | Intel Pentium G4400 3.3GHz Dual-Core Processor | $58.99 @ SuperBiiz
Motherboard | ASRock H110M-ITX/ac Mini ITX LGA1151 Motherboard | $67.99 @ SuperBiiz
Memory | Crucial 8GB (1 x 8GB) DDR4-2133 Memory | $26.99 @ SuperBiiz
Storage | Hitachi Travelstar 1TB 2.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive | $59.49 @ Amazon
Video Card | Zotac GeForce GTX 950 2GB Video Card | $134.99 @ Micro Center
Case | Silverstone ML08B HTPC Case | $72.50 @ Amazon
Power Supply | Corsair SF 450W 80+ Gold Certified Fully-Modular SFX Power Supply | $84.99 @ NCIX US
| Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts |
| Total | $505.94
| Generated by PCPartPicker 2016-06-16 07:13 EDT-0400 |

This would definitely fit into an average-sized backpack.

u/bohlingc · 2 pointsr/buildapc

So you mean this one?

That's got a very good CPU that will work well for CPU-intensive tasks. The GPU is fairly weak - not a gaming GPU. It'll do OK for Fallout 3 and Smite since FO3 is old and Smite is not very demanding, but if you want to switch to playing newer/more demanding games like The Witcher or Fallout 4 it'll probably struggle.

You can get a better gaming laptop for around $800, like this one, for example. The CPU is a little bit weaker than the one in the model you listed (not a huge amount weaker) but the GPU is much much better and would allow you to play any game you wanted at a good frame rate.

If it were me, I would go with this second one I listed because you want to do gaming now and are only "looking into getting into a few years." This one will give you a much better experience now.

u/Zazenp · 2 pointsr/graphic_design

Oh don't worry, $700 won't even get you an apple product unless you already have a monitor that's decent.
I'm not going to give you a specific brand though I'm digging my Dell Inspiron 7559:
I actually replaced a top of the line MacBook Pro with this an have zero regrets except for the god awful trackpad.
Here's the main things to think about: absolutely get an ssd hard drive (it's literally faster to shut down and boot up my laptop from zero instead of letting it sleep), 8gb of ram should be plenty for what you're looking for, if you go laptop (which I actually do recommend) steer clear of Lenovo y50 laptops as they have horrid screen calibration and tend to have a color tint to their screens, make sure your computer comes from a brand with a solid warranty and reliability, something that's upgradable after the fact is always nice, touch screens are pointless for designers and only manage to smudge up the screen (no one likes taking their hands off the mouse or keyboard to poke the screen in front of them if they can help it), resolution is nice but make sure you can always plug in an external monitor, shoot for an Intel i5 processor and don't think the i7 will be a huge improvement (it's marginal unless you're trying to design in multiple Adobe programs at once), and finally, take your time and make a smart purchase.
Good luck.

u/walrus_rider · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Any of these 3. I'd probably go for #3




u/PindropAUS · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

What is your budget?

if you're talking about a lighter laptop, you will be looking at the GTX 950M/960M/965 range, there are light 970M laptops, but they are very expensive.

Besure to pick laptops which have twin fan cooling, also make sure it has upgradability in terms of memory, storage and easy maintainence. (Avoid 4K screens and touch screens (expensive to repair and overall increased GPU load))

Heres one for example that fits all I have said (Its a little towards the heavy side at 2.6KG):

Newegg (Same laptop, but configurable specs)

Pictures of behind the laptop:

Heres a list you should keep an eye on:

u/jettrio · 2 pointsr/gaming

This Dell seems to be pretty good.

u/entenuki · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

As the other guy here said, the Dell 7559 would be the best option here. It has the specs in my flair (except that 320GB HDD, that was from my old laptop) and it doesn't struggle with stuff. Expect performance similar to a i5 4460 with a 750 Ti, so it's not bad for a laptop, it weighs around 6lb, which isn't much more than what you mention. This is the Amazon link for the one in my flair and the Dell website if you want to check price there or customize it.

Also, here's GamingLaptopsJunky's review on it and even LinusTechTips did a video of it. Worth checking it out.

u/Silver-Crow · 2 pointsr/dubai

So I've recently ordered a laptop few months ago. It was this one

Since I used shop and ship I will try my best to answer your questions.

1- It is reliable, I checked the laptop as soon as I received and there no physical damages that I could see. It is still going strong few months later, I only needed it for college.

2- You can safely assume it will be less than 4KG, however just in-case, calculate if it goes over to 5KG. Better be prepared.

3- I never had this issue, if they do, just contact them with live support chat , call them, or just send them an e-mail. They reply within one or two business days.

4- Unfortunately I do not remember how much I got charged for the tax, but I believe that if your order goes above 1000 DHS, you get 5% or 10% taxes. Again, better be prepared for 10%.

So what happened is this. I ordered the laptop from Amazon, got shipped to the address in USA, and reached Dubai. Then it got stuck there. They contacted me by phone and e-mail asking me for the invoice of the order ( you can download this from Amazon as a PDF, do not worry about it ) and a copy of my ID. They processed it and it moved the next day to my emirate.

Always be prepared, the only thing I was afraid of is having it Dead On Arrival (DOA) and then I would have to ship it back.

u/maplesagewood · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

Check this one out! It's well within your budget and offers decent specs and way more 'bang for buck' than most laptops at this price range.

u/Confide420 · 2 pointsr/computers

If you are going to be gaming, you can look at the recommended specifications for the games you want to play. This will give you an idea of the amount of power you will need from your laptop. Sims 4 and WoW.

The problem is trying to find a laptop with a graphics card that is suitable to play these games that isn't ridiculously expensive. You're going to want a graphics card with around 1ghz and 2gb GDDR5 for the recommended settings. I would recommend no less than 4GB memory (ram) and a 750GB - 1TB hard drive. Both of these games also recommend an Intel i5 processor or better (i7).

Just doing a quick search, this computer should be good enough to run both of those games at the recommended settings, with a 17.3 inch screen ($999). Link. If you're looking for cheaper, you can get it with a 15.6 inch screen for $100 less ($899). Link. Here is one that is even less and should be good enough, although the amount of storage worries me a bit ($799) Link. If you would post your budget it would be easier to get a computer in your range though.

u/paperkeyboard · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Any new laptop can play Minecraft, even cheap low end ones. If money is an issue, something like this could easily play minecraft: Amazon Link. If they want to go with something better: Amazon Link 2 or Amazon Link 3. However, neither of these are gaming laptops. If all he's playing is minecraft, by the time he moves on to more graphically intense games, his laptop (gaming or otherwise) will probably be outdated anyways. But here is a good entry level gaming laptop: Amazon Link 4

u/DjangoBaggins · 2 pointsr/gaming

Yes, ideally you want a desktop. I however was in your boat about a year and a half ago when I purchased this bad boy. I got the 1TB hard drive with a smaller SSD. There is a slot for an extra stick of RAM, super easy to install, and same if you want to get one without the SSD so you can put an even bigger one in there after purchase. I only needed the RAM when I started playing PUBG. This computer is great, plays Overwatch and DOOM on ultra. I have yet to have trouble playing a game, even Witcher 3 on ultra runs smooth. This is a great little laptop. It does need to stay plugged in though.

EDIT: Well it is black friday! The next generation of that laptop is cheap as fuck right now!

u/Hawkwings77 · 2 pointsr/amazon

Here you go, it's the best you're going to get under $1000.

It comes with a 256GB SSD, and has space for a 2.5" SATA drive. And you can upgrade the RAM of course. It's got the new 6th gen i7, and the GTX 960M is a good mobile graphics card.

u/RackyBolboa · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

You could always go with the $800 model. i5, 8gb of ram, 256 gb SSD, GTX 960m. The i5 will run everything you need just fine.

u/Doctor_What_ · 2 pointsr/gadgets

Meanwhile, on the other side of the border...

That's over 1,400 US dollars, BTW.

u/dodland · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Yeah, OP if you play any games this is the right answer. I've got one being delivered today (I keep refreshing the tracking page and am considering bailing out of work early). Can't wait- I did a lot of research and this is basically $1000-$1100 worth of laptop for $800. Bought another 8gb stick of RAM for $20 and a 480gb SSD for $90.

edit: I missed the part where you said cheap, OP. $800 wasn't cheap, for me anyways. My bad!

u/ToedPeregrine4 · 2 pointsr/spaceengineers

I second the GTX 960M or 970M for sure. They perform much closer to their desktop counterparts than any earlier GPU-GPUm generation that I am aware of. There are some unicorn laptops out there with actual desktop GPUs out there as well, but they are a fair bit pricier, and have awful battery lives while using the GPU. I don't necessarily recommend one of those laptops, but I believe you should be aware of them, as I don't know your exact situation.
For the CPU, before you buy, google the exact processor that is in the laptop, as not all i7s or i5s are easily comparable for mobile stuff. Some mobile i7s are just dual cores w/ hyper-threading, for example. Check ark intel, and make sure it is a quad core.
The SSD, I absolutely recommend. If you can swing it, get at least a 240 gig SSD, as most gamers will very quickly fill a 120 gig. Even a slow SSD is much faster than a mechanical drive. (Almost always. at least)
As for the display, anything with a modern GPU in it will probably be 1080p, but it is still a good idea to check. As far as TN vs IPS, it is really up to you what you want. IPS panels are more expensive, but look better and represent colors much better. TN are faster and usually have higher refresh rates (But on a laptop, most of what you will find are 60 Hz no matter what). For a game like Space Engineers, slow response time won't make a big difference, and unless you are used to a fast TN panel, you may not even be able to perceive a difference. If you also play fast paced games like CS:GO, then you will want to go for a TN panel for sure though. It depends on what you plan to do. If your laptop will mostly be a mobile Netflix machine, you may want to go for IPS instead.

This is a pretty good starting point. Out of the box, it comes with a 256 Gig SSD and 8 gigs of RAM, but it has an unused RAM slot and an empty 2.5" slot, so you can upgrade the RAM to 16 gigs and add a mechanical drive if you so desire.

u/Sauronow · 2 pointsr/Overwatch

With the laptop bellow wich I owns, I can play on high settings.
Its is a amazing machine, you are not going to get a better price for the specs anywhere.

u/omega44xt · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

With its GTX960M GPU, it can be considered the most VFM gaming laptop

Add a HDD of your choice

u/StayFrosty7 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace
u/coolsquid1218 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

If you want the best for a low price, I recommend the Dell Inspiron
.Has a gtx 960m and a core i5, you can upgrade to an i7 for a little more. My personal laptop is this one Even though the brand is new, it has a 965m and a I7. It also comes with 2 m.2 slots and 4 ram slots, along with 2 more 2.5" hdd slots.

u/daguil68367 · 2 pointsr/laptops

Get this laptop and one of these and you should be set.

u/Lenfried · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

If you're talking about this laptop, I recommended it to a friend and he's pretty happy with it. I think it's the best value mid range laptop, just make sure to get the version with SSD in it.

u/batman7494 · 2 pointsr/pcmasterrace

Hello! I'm also in the military and I have this laptop. It's a pretty awesome machine, Skylake i5, 960m, 8gb RAM, and it come with an SSD! Screen is 1080p and is pretty good. I've had it for about 8 months now and it's still holding up well. Best of all it comes with no bloatware. Also it's very easy to add a Hard drive, you just have to remove a single screw in the back and then you just put it in the empty space. Dell 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop (6th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5-6300HQ Processor up to 3.2GHz, 8GB DDR3, 256GB SSD, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M, Windows 10)

u/Fastlanetech · 2 pointsr/SuggestALaptop

I see ...well the [Dell Inspiron 7559] ( would the best choice out there at the price range that you mentioned.....It comes with a Intel i5-6300HQ 2.3 GHz Quad-Core, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 4GB GDDR5, 8 GB DDR3L and a 256 GB ssd....tell me what you think about it.

u/exasperated_dreams · 2 pointsr/laptops

In that price range, currently the best price / performance is the dell, i was going to get it but cheapened out for a acer with a 940mx for 550. Is this type of performance good enough if not wait for 1060's based laptops to get under the 1k range which will take awhile.

u/UnluckyPenguin · 2 pointsr/UCI

Is this a good laptop for CE here at UCI? It depends, laptops weren't common 20 years ago when the same classes were taught... You don't even need a laptop, but here's what I would recommend if you could go back in time:

At the minimum you need an SSD.
Here's a breakdown estimate for SSDs by $/GB (The cheapest option is 480GB for 99.99$, but you probably want to pay a little more for a slightly better one)

Specification | Your Find | My Find
OS|Windows 10|Windows 10
CPU|Core i7 Processor (dual core)|2.3 GHz Core i5 6300HQ (quad core)
Memory|12 GB (DDR4)|8GB
Display|1080p (full HD)|1080p (full HD)
Storage|1 TB HDD|256GB SSD
Graphics|GeForce 940MX|GeForce GTX 960M
Size|15.6 inch|15.6-Inch FHD IPS, Wide-Angle, Anti Glare Screen

u/RedLine4 · 2 pointsr/laptops

$500 is too low if you want to go with the requirements you want for your laptop. Can you stretch out your budget a little bit?
This laptop might be the best one according to your requirements, if you can stretch the budget to $739.

u/Arkimedes5 · 2 pointsr/wow

This is the one I use use as a backup, it is a little more expensive that you wanted but it handles the game real well.

u/PM_ME_SOMBRA_R34 · 2 pointsr/Overwatch

No idea, the minimum graphics card for overwatch is the Intel HD 4100, it runs the game on low at 30-50, if yours is better than that it could potentially run the game at stable 60

This is the best I could find that still qualifies as "budget"

This one is much cheaper and should be able to run OW on medium-tweaked high at 60

Also if for any reason you are not satisfied with your GPU's performance you can drop the render scale, the game will render at a smaller resolution and then stretch all pixels to fit the screen, it's like negative anti-aliasing, everything will look somewhat blurry but with the render scale at 50% even a dinosaur should be able to run the game at +200, given that you are not CPU limited.

This is how the main menu looks at 50% render scale

u/nordnyS · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

What kind of games are they looking to play? The answer to this will influence how powerful your machine needs to me.

As a general recommendation for your price range, however, you're looking at an i5, 8GB RAM and a 960M (ideally a 970M). Something with an SSD would be nice at this price point, too.

Something like this could be what you're looking for and it's a little under budget. 256GB of storage could potentially be a limiting factor but you have a little extra money to work with if you want to find a machine with a little more.

You could also consider a 17.3" screen rather than 15.6". It really depends on what you specifically want.

u/tarrenson · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

I Refer 2 laptops. Here are the details below:


u/Bipartisan_Integral · 1 pointr/lowendgaming

Have a look at this.
You can play but I'm not sure about future proofing.

u/gbs13 · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

Hey Krypto!
I'm in the same boat as OP -
was looking at this Dell with installing another 256SSD and 8GB ram also MAYBE installing a "killer gaming wifi card", mainly to play wow, d3, cs:go. This setup costing under 1000. Hard limit of 1500 for a gaming laptop. Suggestions? I kinda would like it to last 3+ years for games. But mainly for school, seeing as I already have a gaming desktop

u/gruso · 1 pointr/dayz

Is that budget in USD?

i5, 8GB, SSD, GTX960M.

I'm running similar specs but with an i7 and 965M. I use the Normal graphics preset, and achieve up to 90fps at 1080p.

[edit] Lots here too:

950M should scrape you through, but go for 960M or better if you can.

u/firiiri · 1 pointr/HardwareSwapUK

I have this Dell inspiron 15 in very good condition if you are interested it also has an extra Samsung 850 evo 250GB ssd and 16GB ram Hyperx

Edit Price would be around £500

u/crovax3000 · 1 pointr/wow

If you're willing to spend another $160, someone I play with has this laptop and says it works pretty well. Really, just something with a decent dedicated gpu will make a world of difference.

u/TheStyloW · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

Wouldn't this one be slightly better for almost the same price?
Also how would the Thinkpad T450S (i5-5200U, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD) do? It would come down to about 800 USD and from what I can read it's probably one of the best programming laptops for the price? (How well would it do with the games I mentioned?)

u/SD0S · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

No personal experience with this laptop, but it looks like an extremely nice set of specs for the price (6th Gen Intel i5, 256GB SSD, Nvidia 960m, 8GB RAM, 1080p screen). I recently saw it recommended in another thread on the sub, and recently recommended it to a personal friend.

The 960m should do well for graphics and is very good for this price range. Reviews seem to like the build quality and performance, plus it has two fans so your cooling should be decent. It also comes with two storage slots. One of them, an M.2. port, houses the 256GB SSD with the OS and your files on it, while the other is a standard SATA III slot that is open for any 7mm HDD or SSD you want to add later. It also comes with only one RAM slot used, so it would be easy to add another 8GB of RAM in the other slot for 16GB down the road.

[Link] (

u/Apdodopa4 · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

This is the furthest 800 bucks goes.

You get a 256gb SSD, 8gb of ram, 1080p display, 960m gpu, new gen i5.

For reference in terms of gaming - the 960m can run Black ops 3 on high at 1080p at 35fps.

If it's too expensive feel free to give an example of your GTX 660's performance and i'll try to find a cheaper laptop match.

u/TheRealPizza · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

Here's my opinion:
It honestly depends on what you use it for. To play Dota you wouldn't need a 970M, although it would definitely be nice to have. But if Dota and video editing are the most you're gonna use it for I'd suggest getting something on the lower end of your price range. This would be my first suggestion, especially since you're looking for bang for your buck. It's got an extra slot for RAM and an HDD, so don't be put off by the RAM. It also has an SSD, which is amazing. The GPU has twice the VRAM of the Asus ROG, and it's got a newer i5, which should be close to the performance of the i7 in the Asus. The difference wouldn't be noticable in gaming anyway. It's also a Dell, and in my experience, they have one of the best build qualities.

u/lenattygawd · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

also check the dell inspiron blk is better performance for the money but the charger and the lapotp is much heavier than the KUX501

u/jxjftw · 1 pointr/swtor

I've run swtor on a lot of laptops and have found out first hand that if you aren't running an Intel proc your day is going to suck. If you can stretch your budget 200 bucks this is a stellar deal.

u/erikisonfire · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

I saw this:

Appears to be the same pc just 50 dollars left and an ssd instead. What do you think?

u/Harouto · 1 pointr/Steam

Hello everybody,

I bought a new laptop a week ago and it's awesome!

The only thing is that it also has a 256GB SSD. So I bought a 1TB External Hard Drive for my files and stuff.

I installed Batman Arkham Knight (50GB) on it and I get a kernel security check failure blue screen.

Sometimes I manage to get on the game and it just randomly show me the blue screen, sometimes it doesn't even launch the game.

Laptop: External Hard Drive:

Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

u/nolookz · 1 pointr/computers

I recently bought the Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK. Quite happy with it. I'm adding a PNY XLR8 480GB SSD for ~$125 since it has space for an additional hard drive. Less than $1000 without any company discounts.

u/m0gul6 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Thank you everyone for your time and opinions, I appreciate it.

One more question, there are used Dell Inspiron i7559 systems on Amazon:

Should I stay away from used? It would save $100.

u/MrMysterious_ · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

I'd highly recommend the new Dell inspiron i7559, ( if you're not too concerned about an ultra portable. Has great battery life, a decent graphics card (4G GTX960m), 1080P IPS display, and a quad core i5 processor, which will be sufficient for just about anything (performance isn't far off a desktop-grade i5, and a low-power i7 in an ultrabook won't even come close to touching it). Depends on what you're using it for though, but something like this will last for a few years.

Forgot to mention that it also comes with a 256GB SSD!

u/elislider · 1 pointr/techsupport

Laptop prices are pretty wildly all over the board. You could spend $300 or $3000. When you are looking for a gaming computer, the first and most important spec is the graphics card, which this has Intel HD Graphics 520 aka integrated graphics (GPU is part of the CPU). You could probably play those games at 60fps if you turned the settings way down. here is an example video with the Intel HD 520 graphics.

I recommend getting a laptop with discrete/dedicated graphics (something by ATI/Nvidia), also with an SSD drive (or you could just swap out the spinning drive for an SSD later). If you don't want to do much work and just walk into Best Buy or click a button and get a laptop, here's a few: Dell Inspiron 15 7000, Asus 17", Acer 15"

If you are willing to put in a bit of time to find a deal, my personal recommendation is to search a site like and watch for Dell/HP/Lenovo official Outlet/Refurb discounts or coupons. You can get a great laptop for 20-60% off probably, because it was a return or a "scratch and dent" (might have a small ding or nick), and they have the same warranty.

Here is a Dell Outlet search for Nvidia graphics laptops. You can get a killer XPS 15 for $900 -- edit: and then upgrade it to an SSD

u/Shimond95 · 1 pointr/swtor

I just recently got a Dell Inspiron off Amazon for around $800 that does everything great. I think it was a sale at the time, let me dig up the link.

Well crap it's even cheaper now, go figure. I ended up getting another 8g memory and a second SSD drive too.

u/tbelcha15 · 1 pointr/buildapcforme

Thank you for the reply!!

This is my current laptop I am running WoW on, I am just looking to upgrade.

> 4 cores and 8 threads for the programs you'd need to run.

I have a separate work computer so I don't do much more than play WoW and stream Netflix or Youtube occasionally.

> I recommend upgrading(in this order)- motherboard(B350 or X370, former is cheaper)

I could probably add another 100 - 150 to the budget if I am going to get a noticeable difference in performance....

I have seen Windows 10 OS on USB for a lot cheaper on Ebay, is it not recommended to go that route?

u/l30ric · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Check.this one ,I think this is the best value for money ,one
All other models mentioned will give you ,only a marginal fps rise ,if any

u/netniuQ08 · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

I think I can go as high as $800, as long as I have the comfort of mind that itll last long enough for it to be worth that. I.e. 4 years (that's a reasonable amount, right?) without it being baked enough, or simply pathetic enough that it's now too slow, outdated, underpowered, or damaged for daily use.
Priorities for specs would probably go:

Priorities for use would go:
Web surfing/researching>schoolwork/writing>watching>using random apps>retro emulation>pc gaming

I don't know what kind of tasks I'll need to do in the future, but right now I'm in simple classes, and my major is biology, not code, art&design, or engineering. I would also focus on Skyrim, indies, and emulation (nes-wii u), more than playing rise of the tomb raider on med/high.
These are some I've been looking at:




u/BynX1 · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

I bought this the other day and I'mn really happy with it. Meets all you requirements and is a great deal. You won't be able to find a GTX 1070 in this price range

u/creatively41 · 1 pointr/civ

That's a real good price on it too right now, lowest it's been on sale for. That's what I'm using right now.

u/thejunk11 · 1 pointr/LaptopDeals

Still gaming with a not so old dell inspiron 7559 (i5 6300 hq, 16 gb ram and gtx 960m); worth the upgrade for a newer rig (dell or whatever) with current gen i5 and gtx 1060?

u/Vigillance_ · 1 pointr/techsupport

So the best way to get data off the HDD is going to be to take it out of the laptop and get some kind of USB adapter to connect it to another computer.
A quick google search will find many SATA III to USB adapter cables out there.
Once plugged in via USB to the second computer, you should be able to navigate to the drive and pull off any files that you have on there. You wont be able to grab any programs that are installed, you'll just have to reinstall those on a new computer.

As for a good replacement laptop, I would suggest the Dell Inspiron 7000 series notebook.
Here is a link to Amazon:

I just purchased this laptop myself and it has been absolutely amazing so far. It's only 8GB of ram and a 250GB SSD, but there is an extra memory slot and HDD bay for easy expansion. The laptop is only $650 for prime members. It also has a GTX960M which is a great video card for the price you're paying.

Good luck!

u/dubbysmurf · 1 pointr/LaptopDeals

One last question: how big of a difference is there between a 1050 and a GTX 960m 4GB? I've found a deal on a Dell for $620.

u/ajjminezagain · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

How would that laptop compare to this one + another stick of ram and a 2.5" 1tb hdd I have from a old computer

u/Aspaa · 1 pointr/wow

Laptops don't necessarily suck at gaming, but you'll get a whole lot more value for your money buying a desktop. The differences between a $800 Laptop and a $800 desktop are quite big. Of course the laptops bring with them the convenience of being portable, which for you, being military and all, is much more valuable than the extra performance.

For gaming laptops you just need a laptop with a decent dedicated graphics card. An SSD harddrive is also recommended.

The best one on the market currently under $800 is arguably the Dell Inspiron:

Good craphics card, decent processor. Only 256GB harddrive space but its an SSD so its plenty fast. Just keep your movies, tv shows, and porn on an external harddrive and you'll be fine.

You don't need a beast PC to run WoW though, you might du just as well with a laptop in the $600-$700 range.

Hope this helps!
Edit: Used affiliate link, didn't know about it sorry.

u/xPaGe · 1 pointr/darksouls3

So i have this laptop

Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK

and a PS4.

Any advice on which system to pick this up on would be greatly appreciated!

u/YourMommasBFF · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

A 960m should be able to handle most newer games at high settings, CSGO and any Source games for sure. That being said, this would be a good option:

u/lawsongrey_ff14 · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

Is the Amazon Warehouse deal for the Dell Inspiron, This one, the best value for a GPU at only $650?

Looking for a laptop to play FFXIV Expansion where the minimum requirements are going up to a GTX 750, so a 960m seems like it'd handle it great. Just looking for the most bang for my buck but no need for a juggernaut to play AAA titles thanks to my desktop.

u/caucasianmenace · 1 pointr/skyrim

Here’s the link to my laptop. I run SE on Ultra graphics (the prompt actually recommends it). Good fps. Also, the computer has an empty slot to add extra RAM, and with the extra 8 GB RAM I put it it’s a very nice comp for the price

u/supermodus · 1 pointr/ffxiv

Just went through this myself, upgrading to a new laptop for Stormblood.

I ended up buying this laptop, and so far, it's been amazing. It runs the game at about 60 FPS with most of the settings turned up. This dips when it's unplugged, but only to about 45 FPS.

No complaints so far.

u/scranklin · 1 pointr/subnautica

I just bought [this sucker.] ( It has a GTX960M and runs the game flawlessly.

u/princewoddy · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

I missed up, having a 2 in 1 isn't that important (Nice but I don't really care). I thought it was something else.

I like the second one but I read that they have problems with shutting off when moved. What do you think about this?

u/LackOfHats · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

Found something about $125 above budget that's significantly better, thank you again!

u/slowsuby · 1 pointr/computerscience

Look on Amazon. Specifically warehouse deals. I bought my laptop on Amazon warehouse deals. Basically the package was damaged so they repackaged it. I had been watching it for a few weeks and the price randomly dropped $100 so I snagged it. Its this if you are interested:


I wanted something I could game on in my downtime and on the go. I, like you, have a good desktop PC that i built for my main gaming needs. You could probably find something like it without discrete graphics for cheaper. I'd also get one with an SSD. It's wonderful being able to power up and have webassign up and running in 20 seconds.

But yeah, my main advice is look for something on Amazon warehouse deals. You can find brand new items for way cheaper. Since you have a few months, find a few that satisfy your requirements and keep going back to them. If the price drops significantly, jump on it.

u/jbonez21 · 1 pointr/ucf

I currently have this laptop. It plays most games well and is somewhat portable using a laptop backpack at 6 pounds. It can typically be had for $650-700 from Amazon but is listed at $780 right now. Battery life is great at 3-4 hours if you're not gaming.

Dell 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop (6th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5-6300HQ Processor up to 3.2GHz, 8GB DDR3, 256GB SSD, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M, Windows 10)

u/boxvader · 1 pointr/ProtectAndServe

A price range is going to be your limiting factor. Give us a price range and wr will be able to give you something that can run it.

With that said, I recently purchased this laptop

It runs GTA:V with no problems doesn't max it at 4k but plays 1080p at about 40-60 frames depending on game activity. The base price is 779.99 but if you click used amazon is selling this laptop at a discount due to boxes that were damaged. The laptop is fine but the box is busted. The price is 721 but they take an additional 15% off at checkout bringing it down to around 620 with tax that comes to 650. $650 is a complete steal for something with this much performance.

I am not from dell or Amazon just a guy who knows a good deal when i see one. I understand a laptop may not be what you are looking for but I still thought I would share.

u/Slayton101 · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

Just got this laptop myself. Powerful fast little guy with a sleek look to boot. No bells and whistles, just the essentials

u/EvilMenDie · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

this machine is very decent, check Linus' review, I always suggest refurbs or 'used' / returns but you can buy new if you please. add to cart to see final price with 15% off

u/skudoo · 1 pointr/buildmeapc

Check out the Dell Outlet for deals on the Inspiron 7559

Comes with I5/I7 and a GTX 960M for around $500-600 usually

u/Rbennie24 · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

This is what I play on,

I get 50-60 fps easily with high settings. The game runs very smoothly and I rarely have a problem with it. When I do have problems it's usually my internet bugging out, not the laptop.

u/slayersaiez · 1 pointr/laptops

Oh sorry my link didn't paste. It's this one. Also I held the power button down for 30 seconds without it shutting down.

u/scifrye · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK 15.6" Full-HD Gaming Laptop
Has very good stats, good bang for your buck, very upgradable,
Cons are its 15.6 inch, slightly heavy, and has a number pad, battery (4 hours at normal use)

Lenovo Ideapad Y700 14"
Very good stats, well below your price point, great storage
Cons are its slightly heavy (lighter than the Dell), Lenovo bloatware and security issues, battery (6 hours reg use)

These are a couple of cheap gaming laptops

u/naezca · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

I was looking at the MSI PE60 laptop and comparing it to the Dell Inspiron i7559 you linked in the other thread. I noticed that they were quite similar, except the Dell has a 256GB SSD and the MSI has a 1TB HDD. What are your thoughts on the memory difference, as well as some other differences between the two machines that you might have noticed?


u/ophtoking007 · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop
u/fgben · 1 pointr/mechanical_gifs

I just got this for my wife: It has two drive bays (has 256gb m.2 boot drive then an open bay that I put another SSD in), but no optical, so might be a non-starter for you. I also have a USB portable monitor ( ) for a secondary monitor without a ton of cables (it's literally powerd and driven by a single usb cable).

Both are only 15.6", but really decent for a portable workstation multi-monitor setup.

Personally I have a SP4. And yeah, it's pretty cool. Monitor is considerably smaller, and if I don't scale up the resolution on it I need to squint to read code on it sometimes.

u/Alakazam · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

You're not going to find a laptop that has comparable performance to a 460 for 500-700 dollars. At that range you're looking at 960m, which the 460 beats out handily.

This is as close as you'll get I believe

u/yamc188 · 1 pointr/gamingpc

I used to have that laptop I think is this one

Dell 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop (6th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5-6300HQ Processor up to 3.2GHz, 8GB DDR3, 256GB SSD, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M, Windows 10)

u/xdanlee223 · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

I have the exact same dilemma, except I'm considering this one as well Cheaper than the other Dell but bigger SSD, i5 quadcore though..

u/rednax1206 · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

This is the laptop I picked up recently. It comes with a 256GB SSD and an empty 2.5 bay so you can add a hard drive. I don't know how demanding CSGO is, but this can handle Witcher 3 on low settings just perfectly. It's also cheaper than your two options.

u/rizombie · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

Most people would recommend this I think. If I remember correctly this is the normal price, not sure if you can find something better on Black Friday. It is a bulkier and heavier laptop due to the extra specs, so keep that in mind. (it weighs 0.5 kg more than the Lenovo one). If you've found a good deal post it here and I might be of help. I cannot give you a confident answer either since I'm not an expert but I can give you some tips as a fellow consumer.

u/ChroniclesofGoat · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

It is pretty good but the peaks are pretty lack luster due to a poor iGPU. I recommend getting this ( ) if you are willing to spend $750USD. My laptop is pretty mediocre, but I can run quite a few games, and I can max out COD4 in 720p (which is my native resolution) and it runs at at least 60fps if my CPU doesn't throttle a lot, but with a real GPU you can bring the settings up to medium 1080p and run it very well.

u/dragonsroc · 1 pointr/pathofexile

I use this laptop with a 2nd monitor playing windowed fullscreen. I get ~40-60 fps except on burning ground and it drops to ~20. Shocking and chilling is better in the high 20s-low 30s. I can stream 480p or lower on Twitch while playing and get fps in the high 20s. Not the smoothest gameplay, but not that it matters if I'm watching a stream at the same time anyway.

u/mosaic888 · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

thank you
so the one with touch screen would be even heavier than non-touch ones?
which one would you recommend to buy, the one with touch for $799, or the one on amazon with 256 g ssd no touch for $749?

u/unipega · 1 pointr/Overwatch

$700 dell laptop ( ) this is one of the lowest price points for a gaming laptop. But, you can check for others anything with a 960m or better will be just fine. Also on there is a special 15% off coupon.

u/InternetSuperJew · 1 pointr/laptopgaming

Well, honestly, for that GPU if you're insisting on buying that one -- Just get a Dell Inspiron 7559

Save yourself some money in the process.

u/gummibear049 · 1 pointr/suggestapc

With a budget of $700 you should be able to get decent gaming performance out of a laptop, especially if its just TF2.

Something like this [Dell 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop Intel Quad-Core i5-6300HQ, 8GB DDR3, 256GB SSD, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960M $700] (

I'd also check /r/suggestalaptop they might have some more recommendations

u/bfp1104 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

At the $500 mark, I found this Acer Notebook with an i5-6200U, GTX 940MX, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD

At $700-800, which I think is the sweet spot for budget mobile gaming, there is this Dell with an i5-6300HQ, GTX 960M, 8GB of RAM, and a 256GB SSD.

Relative performance, the Dell laptop would perform 2x-3x better than the Acer, but I understand that money is tight

I would donate if I wasn't broke :'(

u/Trap_Mack · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

After going and checking out the 14-16 inch laptops I decided I'd be cool with one that size if it'll allow me to run Overwatch where it was still 720p with high frames(50+ constantly). Would this be worth the extra money? Or are there better options?

u/jedimasterneo · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

There's a quad core i5 version of the same laptop with SSD for $699 in Amazon. See if this might work out better for you. Also, non-touchscreen if thats something you wanted..

Edit: added words

u/redhatfilm · 1 pointr/videography

So, i just went through a similar buying process. I was looking for a travel editing laptop - didn't have to be top drawer, but i knew what I wanted out of it. I wanted 16gb of Ram, a SSD (preferably two, for OS and edit), decent internal graphics card and an i7 processor. I manged to find [this Zenbook] ( refurbished on sale at amazon for ~$900. I snapped it up, as it had everything I wanted plus a 4k touchscreen display. If you can find an equivalent deal, or want to wait until there's a price drop again, might be a good bet. But that is overkill for what you need, I believe.

Before I found that deal, I was looking pretty seriously at [this Dell laptop] ( It's only $770 for the base, and for an extra ~$40 you can get another 8GB of RAM to install into the open slot, and the laptop even has a slot for an extra SSD / HDD - depending on if you want fast storage or mass storage, and how much cash you want to splash. So the only real sacrifice then is you're not getting an i7 processor - but i doubt that'll be a real stumbling block if you're just working with wedding footage. Shouldn't be too much heavy VFX processing needed.

In fact, it's very similar to the first link in your post above - the big trade seems to be that the one in your post has an optical drive and the Dell doesn't. However i don't know if you can upgrade the MSI same as the Dell, so the 8gb vs 16gb of ram might be an issue. Also, the MSI has a 1TB HDD, as opposed to the SSD + open hard drive slot on the Dell.

Your second link is very similar to the MSI, however it has a 5400 RPM internal drive, which i would NOT recommend for any sort of editing work.

Third link (comment) is a nice laptop, with everything you would want - but i'd argue you can get all of that from the Dell with upgrades, and save a few hundred. Again, only loss is i5 versus i7 processor.

Hope this was helpful!

u/Deidara_Senpai · 1 pointr/laptops

That is overpriced for what you're getting.

This Dell Laptop is much better in terms of power, upgradability, and price.

u/monglemeister · 1 pointr/buildapc

I can't tell. This is the laptop that I am referring to

I haven't disassembled it yet so I don't have any specific details about the parts.

u/LCIronmanX · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

Thanks for the tips!

Let's say I am a guilty gamer today, but maybe not in 1-2 years. Would these specs still be worth the value? Interesting that dropping to 8 GB RAM only saves $20. I am replacing my 6-year-old XPS 15.

What if I want to save a couple hundred bucks and will only play something like Overwatch or DOTA casually. What are your thoughts on this one?

u/gogochi · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

Hi again !

Looks like the laptop you recommended is at $728 on amazon

So i was looking left and right and saw those guys (okay I lied, im alright spending between 700/800):

Dell Inspiron i7559-2512BLK, 15.6 Inch FHD Laptop (6th Generation Intel Core i7, 8 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD + 8 GB SSD) NVIDIA Gaming GeForce GTX 960M



ASUS K550 15.6" Full HD Notebook Computer, Intel Quad-Core i7-6700HQ 2.6GHz, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950M 2GB


Seems like the Dell Inspirion i7559-2512BLK has a little edge on the graphic side of things and larger storage. 256GB is very little and I feel like the 1TBB coupled with the 8 GB SDD would work out better for me (looks like i could upgrade that SSD, a bit confused about that tho)

Would love to hear your take on this, are those a better value than the original laptop you suggested ? Cheers !

Edit : Found this one at $799 instead of $999 (that's my limit) :

MSI GL62M 15.6"

Intel Core i7-7700HQ Processor 2.80GHz


8GB DDR4-2400 RAM

256GB Solid State Drive

This one is very similar as well for same price

What do you think ? sorry lots of questions !

u/cinemachick · 1 pointr/animation

I'm using Dell's gaming laptop currently. It has a powerful GeForce graphics card (just below specs for VR) that can render any program that utilizes the GPU. I haven't had any issues, so I recommend it. :)

u/ntongh2o · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace
u/SpeedyTurbo · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Looks great, that's the kind of recommendation I was looking for. Thanks! But can you give me your opinion on this Dell laptop? It has a better GPU, and otherwise, it's not that far off from the Sager one. It's also $100 cheaper, so right now I don't see anything that's worth the extra $100 for the Sager, even though it does look cool. What do you think?

EDIT: $735 here! Seems to be a dealbreaker for me.

EDIT2: Checkout page is broken, never mind..

EDIT3: Last one, promise. What do you think of this? Good GPU and CPU and all that, but cheaper and lighter. Which of the 3 laptops is most cost-efficient?

u/PacMoron · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

Adjust your budget. This is going to be the lowest price for a decent gaming laptop I can think of. This'll run modern AAA games at medium to low settings.

Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK 15.6" Full-HD Gaming Laptop (Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX960M) with Windows 10

u/throwaway_the_fourth · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Hey /u/blowjobburglar, try this $779 laptop or this one for $699. They both have 15" screens and i7s and are around the cost of what you linked, but they have good screens and dedicated GPUs. The one for $699 has a fairly poor hard drive, but so did both of the ones you linked. The more expensive one uses a lightning-fast SSD for speedy data access.

Edit: I trust /u/PonkyBreaksYourPC and strongly recommend this one with a solid state drive.

u/hriday85 · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

Lol, you can easily play Dota 2 smoothly on integrated graphics at low settings. GTX 960M will not only crush the latest AC and COD titles on low settings, but it will be able to play those on high settings at the least.

This laptop has been popular around the sub lately and it should be good for your needs (has a skylake btw):

u/Saneto · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

For $899 you can get a better laptop: This one for example has a much better graphics card and is $100 cheaper. You want something with a GeForce 960M, that Star Wars PC only has a 940M: Here is a Fallout 4 benchmark for the 960M, to give you an idea how it runs. I suggest you do some research and take your time to decide.

u/xBlackfyre · 1 pointr/GlobalOffensive

This is a laptop I just purchased and recieved today

I'm downloading all my most played games sc2/lol/csgo/wow to make sure its everything i wanted, so ill get back to you on that.

The laptop im upgrading from runs csgo perfectly fine at 60 fps

I can't find my exact model in stores but heres one thats very similar but has a better graphic card and more memory.

But like all things, DO YOUR RESEARCH. Is my favorite site for detailed information on laptops

u/Malarazz · 1 pointr/laptops

Yeah that's one of the ones I have my eye on, I just don't like the 5400 RPM HDD and 2 GB VRAM (although the latter is probably not really a big deal since I've read most games don't use more than 2GB at 1080p).

I'm also looking into the Dell Inspiron 7559. it's pretty similar to the ASUS you linked. I've read that the Asus has a better build quality but I like that the Dell comes with a SSD. I wouldn't mind a 7200 RPM HDD but I feel like 5400 RPM is noticeably slower.

Then there's the ASUS ROG G751. Definitely my favorite of these 4. The problem is the reviews are absolutely dreadful. At my chosen specs (4720 - win10 - 970M - none - 16GB) there are only 2 reviews, both 1-egg, and both complaining about screen bleed. I would absolutely hate to get a new defectuous laptop. Even at different specs with enough reviews to bump it to 4-eggs average, there are still people complaining about screen bleed. But to be honest I'm not entirely sure how much credibility to give to these newegg reviews.

And lastly the Gigabyte P37W. This one has great specs, just like the G751 above. It's so expensive though. At $1300, I'm just $200 away from a laptop with a 980M, which seems like it would be a significant boost. What's the point? I've seen the same laptop for $1100 in a deal but unfortunately it's sold out.

I guess these are all good laptops, it's just a question of how much to spend. Whether I would find it worthwhile to spend $400 more for a 970M over a 960M - or even $350 more after that for a 980M over a 970M. It's hard to decide. Then there's the third option, and the reason I made this post, which is to wait 3-4 months and hope that they come out with new better hardware at these prices.

u/themustardtiger · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

I just got the Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK . It's lower than your budget but it runs games well enough for me. I have good FPS on games I've tested so far

u/Senor_Platano · 1 pointr/lowendgaming

What's the price? okay, $560, not bad, but if you spend a bit more than $200 you can get something that gets 50fps in Mad Max instead of 20fps, but you said really light gamer so I'd say get the $560 one, I'm pretty sure that it's the best there is for less than $600

This is good:

u/penagwin · 1 pointr/hardwareswap



The first has a 960m, second is a bit cheaper and a 950m (still about as fast as a 860m I beleive), the last is my preferred amount of portability.

u/AnotherDeadPhoenix · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

But at that price, doesn't it just make sense to go for the Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK? The SSD will outperform the ROG's 5400RPM drive, plus there's a spare drive in the Inspiron to expand storage.

u/MC_10 · 1 pointr/leagueoflegends

Ah ok, where are you looking to buy? Newegg, Amazon, Microcenter?

Edit: I added some to the first comment btw.

Here's one on Amazon that fits what you're looking for, $800. i5 (idk why the title says i7), 8GB RAM, 15.6", 1920x1080, 256GB SSD, NVIDIA GeForce GTX960M dedicated graphics card. Seems pretty nice for the price actually.

u/BluCSGO · 1 pointr/hardwareswap

If you're willing to put out the cash.

Probably best gaming laptop in its price range.

4gb vram gtx 960m

1080p IPS display.

256gb SSD

u/sk9592 · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

If you're willing to increase your budget by $100, this laptop is an excellent option:

u/skydragon911 · 1 pointr/leagueoflegends

You might want to look into look into this new laptop made by dell that was aimed for gaming for the price at $800. Dell may not be the first thing that comes to mind for laptops when it comes to gaming but this laptop looks fairly solid. Performance wise this should run league and other games easily, has decent battery life. Also i would recommend making your decision on what you desire as there are pros and cons to every laptop you look at.

Link to laptop with a $50 off promo code

Link to an amazon offer if you want to pay a bit for an SSD for a hard drive

link to a review of the laptop

u/HarryGray · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

Yeah I was looking at ;

But will there be much difference between the one you linked and this one?

u/HisRandomFriend · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

It would help if I knew what country you're in so I can link you to a site that would actually be helpful. Also I personally would still recommend building a desktop as your best option for price to performance, but if you want a laptop, again knowing your country would be helpful. It seems that is probably one of the best in your price range, although I'm not sure about international versions. I do know that the US price converted to Euros is well under €900, so maybe shipping and a plug adapter. I hope this is somewhat helpful, but again knowing your country would be better.

u/szwanger · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

Is this basically the same as the Dell Inspiron on the Lappy List? This one doesn't have a touchscreen but that doesn't matter to me:

u/Kerse · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

Hey man, I'm pretty much in the exact same position as you, and since I am, I'll just piggyback off yours.

I think these are the two best laptops I've found in the price range, and I'm looking for feedback furthermore. Neither are touchscreen, but I feel like at this price point, if you're trying to game, you're going to lose a lot by opting for a touch screen.



u/Tovagulet · 1 pointr/buildapc

This is a great option Dell Inspiron i7559-763BLK

GTX960M, i5, 8GB of RAM, Full HD, 256GB SSD

u/Arlind13 · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

well the system requirement says 3GB but I doubt i can find a 3GB VRAM card on a prebuilt laptop...unfortunately.

As of right now I'm split between these two

I'm leaning more toward dell but some reviews say they've had trouble with it and I'm just so skeptical of ordering a laptop online as I live in university housing and the mail rooms are not exactly gentle with the packages. The HP i could get in stores, however the specs are not quite as good as the dell's apart from the RAM.

u/GearsPoweredFool · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

This is one of the more commonly recommended laptops on reddit. Pretty well priced, and should handle diablo 3 + most games fairly well.

If you're looking for something stronger, I'd recommend spending more, but if you're not going to be super big into gaming, this'll do just fine.

u/Buttflip · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

Thanks for the fast response guys. I am looking more into all the gaming laptops there is. I have $1000 on hand. Is this the most ideal laptop for $1000 price range?

u/Mocha_Bean · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

>I personally don't care if my laptop weighs more because i just need to take from point a to b in a bag. Somebody might think that weight is a key factor.

Then there's no point in even arguing about it. If you don't need the Macbook's portability and build quality, then you don't buy a Macbook.

>All of these are 500 to 700 with similar specs.

All of these are also in the inch-thick 5.5 lb range. As I said, much less portability. And also much worse build quality; these appear to be plastic.

>This is 780 with better specs and weighs less. Plus they straight up stole the design of the Macbook lol.

It's 4.4 lbs and 0.85 in. thick. It's not lighter, although it is fairly light.

You have not proven anything, other than that portability costs more. And, since Macbooks are portable, they thus cost more. You haven't yet convinced anyone that they're overpriced.

u/xXGuyOnCrackXx · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Yeah portability is a key factor but it's not the end of the world. I personally don't care if my laptop weighs more because i just need to take from point a to b in a bag. Somebody might think that weight is a key factor.
Also we are talking about a jump from a i5 to an i7 which is a huge jump plus a dedicated graphics card. The built-in Intel graphics is okay for basic needs but it's nowhere close to a dedicated graphics card.

All of these are 500 to 700 with similar specs.

This is 780 with better specs and weighs less. Plus they straight up stole the design of the Macbook lol.

I just looked on Amazon because I was too lazy to go in depth but the point still stands, you can find a better deal for a better laptop at a lower price.

u/chosimba83 · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop
u/CabooseMJ8537048 · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

This is the laptop I got, and my pc specs are as follows;

Processor - AMD FX(tm)-4170 Quad-Core Processor
Motherboard - Gigabyte GA-990FXA-D3
Memory - 8gb RAM
HDD - Approx 7.5 TB across multiple drives
OS - Windows 7 Home Premium
Graphics - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780 4gb

u/ResidentBiscuit · 1 pointr/DotA2
u/HenriVictorious · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

I've heard that MSIs have a few issues here and there. What do you think of the ASUS ROG GL752VW-DH71?

Edit : also found this Dell Inspiron i7559 763BLK

u/KingofTheBasement · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

I'm pretty sure this is what they're referring to:

Great laptop for the money.

u/DustyTurboTurtle · 1 pointr/runescape

This is the #1 deal for laptops this year. It can run NXT in ultra at 60fps all day long

Don't listen to anyone that says you need a desktop these days lol. They'd also probably be the same people saying you need a GTX 1080 just to run NXT in minimum settings

Newer gaming laptops have 2 fans with giant heat sinks and lots of ducting for airflow, most notably on stuff like MSI laptops or other super high end ASUS and Alienware type stuff. Anything with an i5 processor and atleast a 960m graphics card will do amazingly with NXT, it just might get a little hot is all (so you have to cap fps to 60 instead of 100+ like some people want)

u/nnlil · 1 pointr/buildapc

I was looking at this laptop as a cheaper alternative to a 1060 one

It's definitely not ideal, but I do like being able to take it with me to study somewhere other than my room

u/undecisivefuck · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

Damn that thing looks heavy. Thanks for the advice though. I saw the cheaper model, how would that compare? Do I really need an I7? This model seems to also have a larger SSD, which is always a plus. Still unhappy about the weight and the claimed battery life though :/

u/davstri · 1 pointr/pcmasterrace

Are you talking about this one?

u/Six6-Seven · 1 pointr/wow

I definitely recommend this one.

With the SSD and the 960M you will have no problem running the game at medium-high on 1080P. I have almost the same machine (i7 version) and I am always around 100 FPS outside of Dalaran/raids.

Aside from WoW, the laptop has been great although the display is a little dull and the track pad can take some getting used to. Nothing a keyboard/mouse + monitor can't solve though.

u/GloryToMotherRussia · 1 pointr/Minecraft

This would get you a stable 50+fps in Minecraft, might struggle if you try a mod pack.

I have the i7 version of this laptop (would not reccomend the slow harddrive version,) and it's solid. You could play some AAA games on low-medium settings/1080p.

u/Anonymity_DNE · 1 pointr/SuggestALaptop

> -Nothing tiny
> -Nothing super fancy
> -Open World games, i dont need the best graphics possible but I would like it to be smooth.30+ FPS? at a decent resolution, not too picky.

Please try to provide more details. You cannot be any less descriptive than this. (Aside from "Some laptop")


Let's from the beginning. With windows, this will include any/all flavors of windows. IE. Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 etc.


What is your definition of "Nothing tiny". Anything that is 15.6"? Or is 13.3" large enough? This definition is too ambiguous to use, thus the standard 15.6" will be used until you specify.


It is noted that you want to play games, stream(Assuming stream HD videos, etc). What games have you considered/wanted to play? "Open world" games is to broad of a brush to use. IE. Watchdogs 2, Skyrim, runescape etc. are all open world games but are worlds apart in graphical needs.

Any regular laptop will be able to handle HD
streaming and web browsing without an issue.


Essentially, there are a lot of laptops that can meet your needs(aside from gaming aspect which is too vague) for less than $700 USD.

Here are some examples:

$659.99 Dell 15.6" |i5|8gb ram| 256gb SSD| GTX 960M gpu

$771.79 ASUS 15.6" |i7|8gb ram| Dual drive 750gb HDD & 128gb SSD| GTX 960M gpu

u/aDrunkChinchilla · 1 pointr/spire

I thought the same thing after seeing other tester's replies. Double checked and it's the same thing though. Not sure why. For the record I'm using this laptop:

u/hatsune_aru · 1 pointr/buildapcsales

Hrm, there used to be a 660 dollar deal on an HP laptop with a 960m and a 1080p IPS screen which is comparable to OP's laptop. This model:

edit: what i'm trying to say is, it's not a blowout deal. check on slickdeals for a 960m laptop and you'll see what i mean (take a look at the expired deals)