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Delta Creative Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint (8-Ounce), 0802 Textile Medium
Delta ceramcoat textile medium can be mixed with delta ceramcoat acrylic paint for a flexible, washable fabric paintIt penetrates fabric fiber for permanency and the paint won't run or bleedIt dries flexible on fabric with no cracking; machine wash with mild soap on gentle cycle and air dryPrewash fabric to remove sizing, after painting with a 2:1 ratio of paint to textile medium mixWater based for easy clean up, has a low odor and is non-toxic; available in 8-ounce bottle
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6 Reddit comments about Delta Creative Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint (8-Ounce), 0802 Textile Medium:

u/DankDarko · 6 pointsr/doctorwho

I use high quality acrylic paints with a 85/15 (add a small part water if your paints are really thick) mixture of your preferred brand's Textile Medium.

u/The_Ramen_King_and_I · 4 pointsr/cosplay

Yeah...with only two weeks left you're best bet is to make it yourself. If this is the version your daughter wants:

For the shirt: Buy a V-neck t-shirt, put a piece of cardboard inside it (to separate the front from the back), block off the stripes with painter's tape, and use a mixture of acrylic paint and a textile medium (which you can buy at Joann's near the acrylic paint) to paint the blue stripes.

For the skirt: By an orange skirt. If you can't find orange, buy a white one (probably easier to find) and dye it orange using fabric dye found at your local craft store. Be sure to check the label on the skirt to see if it is polyester or cotton and buy the appropriate dye. Follow instructions on the dye. For the circles on the side, buy some white and brown felt squares from your local craft store or Walmart. Cut out the circles. Hot glue them together and onto the skirt.

Hope this helps!

u/SugarShits · 3 pointsr/sewing

I second using paint. Since fabric paint color selection can be pretty limited I tend to use regular craft paint mixed with a textile medium. The medium will make the paint more flexible and ensures that your design will hold up to being laundered. I've painted fairly elaborate designs for costumes before and people think it's embroidery so it's certainly possible to get nice results using only paint. Make sure to use a good quality brush and practice on some scrap fabric first.

u/grizbear911 · 2 pointsr/TattooDesigns

No worries it’s literally called a fabric medium and it mixes with acrylic paint to help it bind to fabric. I just ordered a basic one off amazon. Haven’t had any problems with it yet.

Delta Creative Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint (8-Ounce), 0802 Textile Medium

u/ehsteve12 · 1 pointr/cosplay

I just used acrylic paint from the dollar store honestly, can't remember the name. But I used Delta Textile Medium
to mix it with. Which basically turns any acrylic paint into fabric paint.

u/ajwatt · 1 pointr/minnesotaunited

I'll bring the paints on Saturday, or at leat I'll try to remember to. I'll be rolling in on the DETHLOON Express, so ask for Andy. I don't think I know you yet.

The way the paints work is there are two parts, the color and the medium. The medium is sort of a base that prevents bleed. You mix the color with the medium and then brush or sponge it on. You must pre-wash the fabric to eliminate shrinkage becoming an issue.

I have several 1oz bottles of Delta brand colors and a 2oz bottle of transparent medium (media also come in pearlescent and other varieties if you want an effect). These came from Michael's, but you can also get them on Amazon (e.g. this medium )