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Delta Cycle Airzound Very Loud Bike Horn Air Hooter | Rechargeable Bell Siren Alarm Super dB
No batteries or cartridges requiredVolume control switchClamp for mounting on 22 - 26mm handlebarRefills with any bike pumpRefills with any bike pump--no batteries or cartridges requiredSuper loud--up to 115 dBVolume controlLifetime warranty on manufacturing defectsAir horn clamps to your bike's handlebarColors may vary
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97 Reddit comments about Delta Cycle Airzound Very Loud Bike Horn Air Hooter | Rechargeable Bell Siren Alarm Super dB:

u/scrubadub · 30 pointsr/Roadcam

An 'airzound' the button / horn mounts on your handlebars and you can pump it back up with a bike pump

u/jnish · 25 pointsr/sanfrancisco

May I recommend getting an airhorn?

As a motorcyclist that has been hit twice by motorists not paying attention, I feel like I've got some hard earned wisdom on this topic. You really have to let the pride of right-of-way go, get out of their way and let them know of your presence. Right-of-way doesn't matter anymore when you're in the hospital.

u/txgsync · 19 pointsr/bicycling

I don't care what earbuds/earphones you're wearing, when this goes off ten feet behind you while rollerblading you'll jump right the ($&*#% out of your skin...

u/kolbecheese16670 · 12 pointsr/pics

On my bike, the angle from my handlebars to 2 feet in front of the tire is different from my eyeballs to 2 feet in front of the tire.

Seriously, think about it this way; do you just barely peek over the top of your handlebars when you ride? Unless your seat is all the way down, and you have "ape hanger" handlebars...

Shameless recommendation for excellent bicycle air horn. Loud enough for cars to hear. If you bike commute, give it a look.

u/unreqistered · 12 pointsr/bikecommuting

Perhaps a loud noise maker (air horn) would have sufficed as a next step. Pepper-spray is more of a last-resort deterrent, something that should only be used when one is in peril (but only you can be the judge of that).

A loud, sudden noise will both startle the harasser and attract attention from others to your plight.

u/LetsjustbefriendsOK · 11 pointsr/Seattle

Just a heads up for any other city riders - this bike horn has saved my ass several times when traffic suddenly starts to come into the bike lane. It's very loud, so don't use it on pedestrians, but it'll definitely get the attention of motorists.

u/LanMarkx · 10 pointsr/bicycling

I consider a bell pretty much 'standard equipment' on my bikes now due to this. For whatever reason the bell seems to be get better results overall verses yelling out.

Perhaps part of it is just instinctual, the bell sound is very specific to bikes so the individual really doesn't have to think about what was just said.

Just don't be the guy using an Air Zound on the multi-use trail...

u/silentbuttmedley · 9 pointsr/bikecommuting

I can't stress enough how useful the Airzound has been for these types of sotuations. People move when you sound like a boat.

u/lavransson · 9 pointsr/bikecommuting

Awesome, congrats!

As a bike commuter of almost five years, I'll let you in on a little secret: sometimes my fellow bikers are worse that the drivers.

Case in point, I bought this cool airhorn ([Delta Cycle Airzound Bike Horn]( " : Delta Cycle Delta Airzound Bike Horn")) to attach to my bike. I remember being a little eager to use it, like a kid wanting to try out a toy. It took me a few weeks before I actually had an opportunity. Sadly, and ironically, I had to blow the horn on a cyclist who darted across a crosswalk when he had a red and I had a green. I actually had to dodge out of his way. What a jerk. I remember laughing/crying about how I got this air horn to defend myself from motor vehicles, yet the first time I used it was for a cyclist :-(

u/SgtBaxter · 8 pointsr/cycling
u/[deleted] · 8 pointsr/bicycling

Never! Many many close calls though. My secret? Blast the hell out of anyone that violates the space you are about to occupy.

Seriously, The Best Bicycle Investment I've Ever Made, besides the bike itself (ok, and my low-roll-resist street tires)

Imagine how loud you think that horn is. Now double it, then double it again. That's how loud it is. Anyone in any car can easily hear it. It helps if you have an electric air compressor .. because it is MUCH louder freshly charged at 100psi than it is hand pumped to 65. For $23 you can't go wrong!

u/MeatPiston · 7 pointsr/bicycling

These are an effective jogger alert system, even for ones that are using headphones.

u/JB1549 · 7 pointsr/ThingsIWishIKnew

Biking in the rain isn't very fun. It's not too bad, but your tires can slip on some surfaces (usually metal). I had to cross some railroad tracks on my route and the tires could easily slip on the metal surfaces.

Also, in the winter, you'll want to wear gloves, otherwise your hands will get pretty cold from the cold air.

Develop a system to make sure you packed your clothes. I've left a few times for work without packing a shirt.

You may want to invest in a bike horn. I have one like this. It helps to alert cars to your presence, but will probably scare pedestrians, so be careful.

Also, you'll probably want to wear sunglasses, otherwise debris can get into your eyes.

I'd invest in a decent quality road bike. Mine was a $1000 Trek, but that's maybe a slight step above entry level. A good quality bike will cost you over $500. Road bikes are so nice. I was able to consistently go around 20 MPH. with bursts up to 25-30. I actually used to take a lane in rush hour traffic when I lived in my downtown area. I could keep up with the stop and go traffic and it was a great workout.

Wear a helmet!

Get lights, especially for winter when it gets dark earlier.

Visibility is key when riding near traffic, get reflective tape for your bike and reflective ankle bands so cars can see you.

Bike defensively. Worse accident I got in was when I was going by an alley and a car came out of the alley and didn't see me. Luckily I saw them so was able to avoid too much damage.

Either learn to do the maintenance yourself or take your bike into a shop to get maintenance every year or so.

Anyway, good luck! I enjoyed biking into work. I need to get back into it, but it takes good self discipline to wake up early enough to bike into work. I was lucky enough to have a locker room and showers at my workplace, and a bike locker. I really have no excuses other than the fact that driving is so much easier.

u/hal1300-1 · 6 pointsr/bicycling

Not sure if this would scare them or make them worse, but you could try an airhorn or the airzound - . Its pretty loud and it may work with the other dogs of the road. ;)

u/5-4-3-2-1-bang · 6 pointsr/BikeCammers

That's an airzound. (Or a knockoff... Does anyone make a knockoff?) I have one but the can is starting to rust out, and I'm genuinely unsure if I'm going to replace it or not. (Don't like the idea of a rusty pressure vessel!)

Here's the thing... when you need one, it's great to have. But the problem I have is that the actual trigger mechanism is so fucking huge that there's nowhere to place it on my bike that's within easy reach. As a result it's wayyy off-line for my thumbs so that I have to deliberately take my hand off my bars, search for the mech, and then push it. The upshot is that I'm only able to do that when I have a few seconds warning that I'm going to need to use it (this video would be a good example); it's definitely not something that you can place to reflexively hit in an emergency.

I guess if you had a cruiser with a coaster brake or a fixie that wouldn't be a problem. But I have a gear shifters and brake levers on both sides; there's absolutely no place to fit this giant butt fucking monstrosity on my bars within easy reach.

u/Radio_Flyer · 6 pointsr/bikecommuting
u/sur_surly · 6 pointsr/bicycling

I agree. The air horns are so loud (maybe louder than a puny car horn?), and a LOT less weight.

u/titfarmer · 6 pointsr/bicycling
u/C20 · 5 pointsr/bicycling

The AirZound was designed for you

u/rmd0852 · 5 pointsr/bicycling

You can also pick up one of these. They're incredibly loud and definitely scare the shit out of peds and cars alike. Warning, people will get hostile with you.

u/opaeoinadi · 5 pointsr/bicycling

Rechargeable (bike pump) Air Horn on for $24

It's something I've had on my bicycle touring bookmarks for a while, debating the purchase.

u/seattlebikeman · 5 pointsr/seattlebike

I'd recommend a bike airhorn. Might seem absurd, but it's highly effective at:

  • Getting drivers to put down their cell long enough to proceed through the green light.
  • Clearing glassy-eyed, drooling homeless out of the bike lane (bells are often insufficient to overcome the drug stupor).
  • Setting it off in the I-90 bike tunnel for your amusement (the echo is awesome!).
u/JingJang · 5 pointsr/Denver

Get yourself an Azound bike horn:

That and a few loud "Coming through on the bike lane"!, usually clears it out.

u/CyclingFlux · 5 pointsr/bicycling

I recently was asking myself this same question, and consensus seemed to be the Air Zound is the loudest horn.

Delta Airzound Bike Horn , colors may vary

But I don't like the idea of needing an air reservoir for my horn. I have been using this for a while:

Hornit dB140 Cycle Horn with Remote Trigger

It's very loud but ruined by the sound it makes: it's a chirping noise and people look up in the trees on shared paths instead of looking back or moving over. I ordered and just yesterday received this:

ORP SmartHorn and Bike Light - BLUE

A light/horn combo, with two different sounds. It's loud, and if you get it off the Orp website they include the remote trigger for free. Haven't had a chance to try it out yet but my initial impression is very good.

u/MrMustachio · 4 pointsr/ucf

That's awesome! You're definitely free to come by shop hours and ask advice and use the tools there. We've got all the bike tools you'd need for sure.

I'm sure if you post the picture on our Facebook page you'd get lots of helpful suggestions. To start you off, I'll recommend an Airzound horn. They're ridiculously loud and refillable with your bike pump.

u/peter_k · 4 pointsr/bikecommuting

You either ride on the sidewalk (which, IMHO, is totally fine if you judge the road to be extremely dangerous... don't ever risk your life... ) or gird your loins and take the fuck out of the lane. Light yourself up like a Christmas tree, get one of these, wear a reflective vest, and get ready for stressful nonsense and road rage. The ride MAY not be as bad as you think once a few additional factors are taken into account:

  1. Traffic. Heavy traffic is your friend on these roads. I would imagine the lanes are pretty wide, so splitting them through heavy traffic will be pretty easy.

  2. Pick your route. You may be able to whittle down the amount of REALLY fast road you have to ride on by taking some short detours.
u/elzibet · 4 pointsr/BikeCammers

This is the one that I have. I've been very happy with it!

u/20thMaine · 4 pointsr/motorcycles
u/YourADumb · 4 pointsr/bicycling

What about one of those really loud airhorns? It could put someone off guard without directly causing injury.

u/Ikit-Klaw · 4 pointsr/Roadcam

definitely was the truck, but super loud bike horns do exist.

u/FartOutTheFire · 3 pointsr/Denver
u/darkstar999 · 3 pointsr/bicycling

My coworker has an air horn on his recumbent trike. It hooks up to a bottle and is refilled with a bike pump. It is loud. Something like this.

example video made me laugh :D

u/RetroTexan · 3 pointsr/3Dprinting
u/sanchopanza · 3 pointsr/ukbike
u/awesometographer · 3 pointsr/bicycling
u/physhhgdd · 3 pointsr/bicyclehawaii

Have to use the frame pump(or floor pump at home) to refill though!

u/robthebudtender · 3 pointsr/Portland

Yes, just recommended this elsewhere in the thread.

Excellent investment.

u/TacticalBeast · 3 pointsr/Roadcam

Might I suggest this bike horn
I just bought one a couple weeks ago and it has already saved me multiple times. Super loud and makes people jam on their brakes.

u/FortunaExSanguine · 3 pointsr/nyc
u/ChariotOfFire · 3 pointsr/bicycling

This is the best option. If you really want to send the drivers a message, you could get an Airzound

u/GhostInTheSteam · 3 pointsr/bicycling

Wow... put a baby carrier on there... Just wow. That is so awesome. I want to get one and paint it black with yellow flames, and put a doll in it.

As for bells. You're doing it [wrong]( "This will put the fear of god into them.").

u/lindymad · 3 pointsr/AskNOLA

One of the things I like most about living here is not needing a car. There are certainly some places I avoid biking to/through, especially at night, out of concern for my safety. If I need to go there, I just use lyft, or get a ride from a friend.

Someone else mentioned that there are no bike lanes - this is not true. There are bike lanes on some roads, but not as many as I personally would like. That said, there are a lot of pretty narrow streets, especially in the quarter/marigny/bywater that simply don't have room for bike lanes.

One recommendation I would make is to get a bike airhorn for the moments when drivers aren't paying attention/don't care about bicyclists/aren't exactly sober, which seems to happen a lot here. This has saved me on quite a few occassions.

u/MrNewking · 2 pointsr/NYCbike

Can't believe no one mentioned the airzound. $30 bucks. Basically a metal container that you fill with air (using a bike pump) and you have a air horn attached to the other end. Its the size of a water bottle and comes with mounts so its easy to install on a bike.Saved my ass many times and I've had it for years. On the horn itself, there's a pressure modulator so you can adjust how loud you want it to be. It's much louder than a car horn so if you're using it around people I suggest lowering it a bit, but it's perfect for places like the Brooklyn Bridge where people get in the path and biking up 8th Ave.

Edit: it's actually on sale so I would jump on this offer if I didn't have one already.

I can post pics of my setup if anyone's interested.

u/franklin_stubbs · 2 pointsr/bicycletouring
u/chemworldx · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Keep fighting the good fight. It might be a bit dickish if the lane wasn't so clearly marked.

For other crusaders, How about an Airzound? I've got one, and it is shit your pants loud.

u/djlemma · 2 pointsr/NYCbike

> 80db at 50cm. That's loud!!!

I don't think that the person writing that sentence has any idea how loudness is measured... because that's not loud. Usually dB is measured at 1m for a start, so that horn is only 74dB at 1m. A bit louder than a vacuum cleaner, but not necessarily as loud as normal traffic, if you believe this scale.

For comparison, this one is 115dB-

That's loud!!! But the sounds are not as cheeky, I'll admit. :)

u/ProdigalSonReturned · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Surely this is a better option, given that it doesn't require batteries.

u/tdotohdot · 2 pointsr/askTO

I've had some close calls. You can see in the stats that isn't particularly safe but I enjoy it and do my best. I got one of these for my bike and it helps to blast cabs and j walkers. much more effective than a bell, which I still use for passing etc

u/tokyohoon · 2 pointsr/japanlife

> (close overtaking, attempts to get ahead, cars pulling out immediately in front, cars merging into you, etc.).

You need an Airzound. Total game changer.

u/BikeDoctor137 · 2 pointsr/ebikes

>zoom past you and cut you off taking a right

Yep. The infamous "right-hook".

>Get a loud horn

Air Zound, yo.

u/theblindtiger · 2 pointsr/cycling

Went a whole year of being car-free since the car was broken and didn't get around to getting it fixed. Got it fixed and now it's broken again. This time going car free until I can afford to buy a new one.

Must have equipment:
Lights (front and rear), especially with winter and early dark coming in.
A trailer. I use a schwinn 2-kid trailer with the kid part pulled down off the cross-bar.
Rain Gear. Here in the Pacific Northwest, this can make or break your car-free experiment. It's much easier to get on the bike in a rainy day when you have it.
My Delta Airzound air horn. Nothing makes cars look faster than when you honk back!

Other than those, i switch panniers and backpacks depending on what I need at the time. I have foldable baskets, small bags, big bags, waterproof bags, trunk bags, handlebar bags, front rack, rear rack... You kind of end up collecting gear after a while of just being a bike commuter.

u/yakkafoobmog · 2 pointsr/bikecommuting

Try an AirZound. They're refillable too.

Though they don't fit on all handlebars so that may be a factor.

u/lilfunky1 · 2 pointsr/askTO

> Same here LOL I was like, did they mean the bikers ringing the bell? That can’t be too loud can it?

^^^^^bike ^^^^^airhorns ^^^^^actually ^^^^^exist, ^^^^^just ^^^^^sayin' ^^^^^;-)

u/Smaskifa · 2 pointsr/Seattle

> Like the "protected" bike lanes on 2ndor Roosevelt.

I haven't been on Roosevelt, but that 2nd Ave bike lane is a disaster. I only ride on 2nd for about 3 blocks, but have nearly been run over at least 10 times in the last 2 years by people turning left through the lane to enter a parking garage. They simply don't expect there to be a cyclist on their left so they don't even look. Then there's also people who ignore the red arrow at lights and try to turn left anyway when cyclists have the green light to go straight. This is what the Airzound was invented for.

For the last few months, I can't even use the bike lane anyway, since it's closed for construction at 2nd and Pine. So I usually ride in either the right lane or bus lane.

u/Sakriv · 2 pointsr/bicycling

And an Airzound horn when a bell isn't loud enough. I started off with just an Airzound, but it scares the shit out of pedestrians and isn't really appropriate if you only want to announce your presence, so I bought this bell for $9 and save my horn for people with headphones, people blocking the path who don't react to the bell, and cars. The bell is very elegant, and most people seem to recognize two quick bell rings as a bicycle approaching. Yelling is still better than risking an accident by silently zooming by a pedestrian or cyclist who has no idea you're coming, but my rides are more pleasant with the bell.

u/ngroot · 2 pointsr/bicycling

Ugh. For as crappy as a lot of our cycling infrastructure is, I'm glad that bike lanes here in most U.S. cities are in the street. Cars don't randomly run into your lane or decide that the bike lane is the appropriate place to do qi gong exercises (WTF is wrong with you folks in Chinatown?!).

For dealing with people who are inappropriately in the bike lane, I have found this to be invaluable. Scares the hell out of people.

u/pacman2k00 · 2 pointsr/CyclistsWithCameras
  1. Airzound. It mounts to your bars, a bottle holds the compressed air and goes in your wsterbottle cage. 115db horn. Can be purchased many places, but here is where I got it:

  2. Yes, often the framerates, passing speeds, angle, water drops on the lense, etc can render the few frames of the plate being visible as unreadable. Letters can be harder to define after the fact. Usually in all the whole plate, but ibwas trying to read the trucks plate before the trailer passed. I was also gassed as I had just been sprinting. Note the speedometer... this is added afterwards using GPS data.
    Learn your phonetic alphabet as well. I'll typically call it out quick then phonetically "A, B, C; 1, 2, 3, 4... Alpha - Bravo - Charlie".

  3. Yes, rear camera tells more of the story. How close was the car, how fast did they come up on you, how close were they, how long were they behind you?
    By mounting it rear facing off of your bars at an angle like mine is, it also shows perspective of close passes. It captures the rider (me), my bike, road position and the overtaking vehicles pisiton. Sometimes it can also capture the drivers face, but usually angle/glare dont yield good results on this.
    I like to have my 7 on my helmet so that if I look at someone, it looks where I do (like when I stopped to try to educate this gentleman.)

  4. You didn't ask, but hey... I always try to control my temper and be respectful. My purpose is to attempt to educate the driver as to why I was riding like I was, and give some insight. Usually that fails, but ocassionslly I get through to someone. That makes it worth it.
u/Blakwulf · 2 pointsr/montreal

Ya, i don't understand the "get off the road" mentality that people have. But if you want to have some fun with them (and also probably get your ass kicked in the process) bring one of these with you.

u/RuffsVegas · 2 pointsr/bikecommuting

It's probably an Airzound.

u/CharlesDeGaulle · 1 pointr/bicycling
u/snukb · 1 pointr/bicycling

You mean this?

u/juliaplayspiano · 1 pointr/bicycling

I expected that link to be this

u/timthomaspsu · 1 pointr/SaltLakeCity
u/_BrianFantana_ · 1 pointr/FixedGearBicycle

Anybody have any experience with something like this?
Between cars turning in front of me and people on headphones blocking paths the spurcycle bell (which I love) is just not loud enough to really get anyone's attention. I guess I could always get a regular air horn and bolt-on cup holder but I like that Airzound is refillable. Thoughts?

u/mikesxrs · 1 pointr/bicycling
u/the_last_hairbender · 1 pointr/bikecommuting

I'm not sure how often this gets recommended on here, but I had an Air Zound on my bicycle for a while. I didn't have to use it very often but when I did it really worked. Just be sure to drain the tank before dropping it off at the bike mechanic ;)

u/wrigarth · 1 pointr/vancouver

Another idea is an air horn:

Delta Cycle AH1000 Airzound Bike Horn

It gets drivers to pay attention right away.

u/jjshanks · 1 pointr/bicycling

Here is my setup

2010 Crosscheck with 2011 front fork (for the eyelets)

2x Panaracer T-Serv Protex 700 x 28

Brooks Flyer

Cateye cadence computer

Cascadia fenders

Air horn

Bell (returned several other bells that didn't fit)

If you are going to ride at night please get lights. I personally use this as my front light
I can't find a reference online to the taillight I have but those little blinkies just don't really do the trick for me.

I've been thinking about getting this computer

u/benjiman · 1 pointr/bicycling
u/cobramaster · 1 pointr/bicycling

Maybe a couple blasts on this whilst approaching would solve your problematic encounters. I haven't used one personally but I know a guy who has. Let me know how it works in case you go with it. They are relatively cheap, loud and durable apparently.

u/antarcticgecko · 1 pointr/nononono

Something like this probably

u/Purp · 1 pointr/nyc

>How do you mount an airhorn?

The one I have was made for bikes. You can recharge it it using your tire pump.

And one thing I forgot, get fenders, even if it's a racing bike, because it's probably urine.

Oh, and in case you didn't know, google maps will show you all the bike lanes and bike-friendly streets (example), you can even get directions for bikes.

u/Synaesthesiaaa · 1 pointr/bicycling

It's an AirZound. The wire is a tube that connects to the horn mounted on the hoods.

u/gringopicaro · 1 pointr/bicycling

Maybe a horn would meet your needs. Schwinn Bugle Horn

Or if you really want to annoy people, an air horn.

u/lowbiker · 1 pointr/recumbent

A loud horn has saved my butt a few times when drivers aren't watching.

u/meaning_of_haste · 1 pointr/chicago
u/tony3011 · 0 pointsr/bikecommuting
u/spasticpoodle · -1 pointsr/nononono

The person overtaking is responsible for overtaking safely.

I ride on multi use trails, as well as in traffic. Every time, and I mean EVERY time I pass someone, be it on a bike, roller blades, or walking, they get a "DING" from my bell, or if they are wearing earphones, a friendly but firm "On your left!"

When I'm on the road, however, I use my air horn... Yes, I have an air horn on my bike. Best thing EVER! You use your bike pump to pressurize a bottle that sits in one of your water bottle cages, and there is a small tube that runs up to the actual horn on the bars. You press a button, and an ear piercing shriek comes out of the horn. One pressurization of the tank will be good for a good 30 second long blast, but many many more "normal" length toots.

This is similar to what I have. It even has a volume control of sorts. (It's a valve that limits the amount of air admitted to the horn, so you can mash the button, but it won't be ear splittingly loud, in case you want to use it to give people friendly "toot toots" on the trail.