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Diskeeper 2.0 Anti-Static Record Sleeves (50 Pack)
High-density polyethylene2.0 mil thick
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11 Reddit comments about Diskeeper 2.0 Anti-Static Record Sleeves (50 Pack):

u/tehchives · 7 pointsr/vinyl

If that's an issue you have been having, can't recommend these sleeves enough. Used to have the same problems but never with these, to the point that a few months ago I got three of these packs to resleeve everything I had in them.

u/LukeGreatGuy · 3 pointsr/vinyl

I got some of these.

I like them, they seem much safer than the paper ones. There's no resistance when I pull the LP's out, they just kinda glide, whereas just the paper sleeves seem to add some resistance which I'm guessing over time would scratch up the disk. The Mobile Fidelity brand inner sleeves seem to be the best, but the ones I got are cheaper and I don't think too that far off.

u/Saypond · 3 pointsr/donaldglover

Most recently I bought these . The ones I bought before are these round bottom sleeves. Both are pretty much the same. The square ones are a little thicker of a material than the round bottom ones. But not enough to make a difference. Just a different feel. Keep your records safe bois.

Sorry if the formatting sucks, I’m on mobile

u/elGayHermano · 2 pointsr/vinyl

Is polyethylene okay? like these

u/sampsans-ape-spray · 2 pointsr/vinyl

> Is it worth the money to get the Pluto Preamp

For the price, that's a very good preamp.

> I'm thinking of picking up used active speakers from a thrift store

Active speakers aren't easy to find at thrift stores. You'll find lots of computer speakers (which are active speakers) but don't tend to sound great. The popularity of active speakers has been a more recent thing rather than a 70s/80s thing which seems to be the era the majority of speakers found in thrift stores come from.

> Just do it manually with a plastic tub, dish soap, and rag? Other cheap, effective methods?

My method:

> I've heard that the paper inner sleeves are slightly toxic to records

No. They're just...made of paper. So tend to add static, paper dust, and possibly scuffs to the record.

> I want something effective but not too costly

I like these:

u/Rasheedgames · 2 pointsr/gorillaz

Here are the clear sleeves that I use for my picture discs and all of my records in general. They're really decent quality and they're not expensive:

u/noltan · 1 pointr/vinyl

These are the best inners for me

Slim enough to not add bulk to the entire package (frequently slimmer than the factory paper sleeves) but sturdy enough to not crumple up when sliding back in. I'll swap MoFi inners out for these if I run into them.

u/replicantx · 1 pointr/LaserDisc

I have had good luck with Diskeeper! 2.0 Anti-Static Record Sleeves. They seem thick enough and are a pretty good deal as well.

u/Travnar · 1 pointr/hiphopvinyl

It really just depends if you care more about displaying the record, as it is a picture disc and will have less of an audio quality, or if you do plan on playing it often.

If you do plan on playing it often, and putting it into something else, try these (which is also good for records with paper sleeves since paper can scratch your record a little):

u/so-very-very-tired · 1 pointr/vinyl

There's not much to explain. They're typically made out of HDPE plastic and are less prone to cause scuffing and excess static with your records. I use these ones: