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u/uncletravellingmatt · 32 pointsr/movies

> wasn't it that the lead creator was working at pixar, and left for dreamworks after getting frustrated with production?

Almost, not exactly. Jeffrey Katzenberg (who became the 'K' in Dreamworks SKG when he co-founded it along with Steven Spielberg and David Geffen) had been chairman of all of Walt Disney Pictures until 1994. He arguably was treated very unfairly by then-CEO of Disney Michael Eisner (see the book Disney War for lots of juicy details, but Katzenberg could have been treated better if Eisner didn't feel threatened by him because he was so successful that he might have later been viewed as a potential candidate for CEO.)

Anyway, Katzenberg knew what Pixar was working on in its productions that were co-funded and released by Disney, but left to start his own animation studio. He started Dreamworks as a 2D animation studio (making hand-drawn films like 'The Prince of Egypt' and 'The Road to El Dorado') and also found a 3D animation company (Pacific Data Images) to partner with the same way Disney partnered with Pixar, and challenged PDI to make him a bug movie and get it released before Pixar's planned 1998 film. PDI succeeded at that, and Antz was in theaters a few weeks before A Bug's Life. PDI was bought by Dreamworks and kept making hit movies (including Shrek) until that division of Dreamworks was shut down in 2015 (but by 2015 the main Dreamworks animation itself was dong all 3D films, plus they had Dreamworks Asia in China.)

u/unoriginalgamertag · 9 pointsr/movies

Would highly recommend the book Disney War if you haven't already read it. It's a very detailed account of the Eisner era including what brought him in and what pushed him out. Hands down one of my favorite reads.

u/dave5104 · 7 pointsr/Disneyland

This is not on topic for what you're looking for, but one of my personal favorite Disney-related books is Disney War, by James B. Stewart.

It's about Eisner's years at Disney up through the late 90s and almost towards the end of his tenure. (Sadly, it was being written/put together right as he was on the way out.)

u/Bananazoo · 6 pointsr/movies

If you haven't, I'd highly recommend checking out the book Disney War. Eisner, riding high, had invited the author to follow his doings for a year and write on what would presumably be the continuation of his Disney success. This turned out to be the year Eisner went off the deep end, and Roy mounted his Save Disney campaign. So Eisner's victory-lap corporate biography became a chronicling of his demise and the pettiness and insanity that ruled Disney back then. It's both chilling and tremendously fascinating.

u/RobPlaysThatGame · 5 pointsr/disney

My favorites in no particular order:

Realityland - Goes into the history of Walt Disney World, with a heavy focus on the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. It covers MGM and the Animal Kingdom as well, but you can tell the author has a real ax to grind with Michael Eisner, and so the second half of the book comes off him being bitter about change. Regardless, it's worth a read and the front half on the first phase and Epcot are really interesting.

Disney War - Possibly my favorite Disney book. It covers the Michael Eisner era of the company, from him and Wells joining in the 80s to Bob Iger taking over. This book covers all of the aspects of the company, not just the parks, and is very inside baseball. I love it because it covers a lot of the projects and decisions the company makes from a business perspective rather than from a storytelling/magic/enjoyment level.

Building a Company - This is Bob Thomas' biography for Roy O Disney. I'm a fan of this one because it offers an alternate perspective on the early years, by focusing on Roy instead of Walt. Similar to Disney War, it covers a lot of the same history that you'd get out of a Walt biography, but with more of a lean on the business element.

In Service to the Mouse - The memoirs of Jack Lindquist. It's a fun easy read full of random anecdotes and memories from his time at the Disney company, all the way up to him being made president of Disneyland.

u/duck_mancer · 3 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld

Walt Disney's Disneyland is an incredibly comprehensive history of the original park. While it includes plenty of concept art it features many historical photos, planning documents, construction photos etc as well as taking the most detailed approach to the story of the park's construction and updates I've seen.

Walt Disney Imagineering is a good companion with a stronger focus on World, but this is more specific ride histories and designs than the overall park.

The Art of Walt Disney is a fantastic top to bottom look at the history of the studios and company, with plenty of amazing illustrations but is obviously art driven.

DisneyWar (already mentioned) is the seminal account of the Eisner era specifically and takes the word "comprehensive" to new heights.

The Walt Disney Studios (releasing this Sept) promises to be an excellent account of the film studios themselves and movies developed there.

As others have touched on there is a little bit of a vacuum for works that are just written histories, most have to get wrapped around "art" in some capacity to justify all of these books being $60+ 300 page hardcovers.

u/Enriquepollazzo · 2 pointsr/marvelstudios

If this interests anyone read this

rich a holes

It is actually a great audiobook if you can find it that way.

u/PortlandSays · 2 pointsr/WaltDisneyWorld
u/bretton-woods · 1 pointr/MovieDetails

Check out Disneywar by James B. Stewart which is about Eisner's rise and downfall at Disney.

u/isestrex · 1 pointr/movies

First of all, these are well known things to die hard Disney/Potter/Theme Park fans. My information comes from various sources over years of following Disney Parks and Potter World construction.

That being said, I highly recommend this book
Disney War - James B Stewart

And this article helps lend support to what I've written.