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DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: The Netherlands
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u/Coffeeshopman ยท 4 pointsr/Amsterdam

It sounds to me like you have enough interest for a longer visit, 4 days isn't much time to cram in everything you're mentioning. A cheap bike(50-100 Euro) can be had at the far end of the Waterlooplein market. ( Unless its changed ) He will buy it back for half or so when you leave. Buy a good lock there and take it home with you, they have good locks at better prices than North America.

I would pass on the Iamsterdam card, perhaps more appropriate if you were there longer.

The nice thing about going to Amsterdam in the off season is that the lines are shorter or non-existant for museums and tours. Seating is available right away most of the time at Restaurants as well. Not as big a hurry to flip the table, you can stay longer.

The Rijksmuseum is a good choice, but it is big and deserves the better part of a day, get there early if you go. My personal favorite is the Amsterdam Historical museum.

The cities you mention are close by, but I'll be honest if its just 4 days and that includes your arrival and departure days, I would spend the whole time in Amsterdam, its a big city. More than enough to capture your heart and have you planning your next trip on the flight home.

I recommend 3 weeks or more to explore this gem of a Country (and perhaps a neighbor or two for day trips) A tour of the Port of Rotterdam is in order at that point.
This book DK Eyewitness guide Netherlands is worth every penny, order it now in time for your trip. If you make it to Haarlem try the poffertjes near/next to the train station.